BH (QT) 218.1 – Educated Youth (3a)

Chapter 218.1 – Educated Youth (3a)

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“Even if you beat me to death, I won’t write it!” Gu Yubao insisted not to write.

He is not stupid. He naturally knows that if he really writes something like this, he will have a big handle in Yan Jing Ze’s hands.

These days, many things cannot be written indiscriminately.

In their place, the native dialect of “10,000” is the same as “breaking the law.” Someone wrote “Long live XX” and accidentally wrote “Long Live 10,000” and was arrested to be disciplined.

Gu Yubao noticed that Yan Jing Ze didn’t carry a murder weapon. He knew that if Yan Jing Ze wanted to kill him, it will not be so easy. He turned his eyes around for a while, carefully observing the surrounding environment, and wanted to find a chance to escape.

However, as soon as he was thinking about running away, he was punched in the nose by Yan Jing Ze.

A person’s nose is a very fragile place on a person’s body. After getting punched in this place, the blood came out of his nose immediately, dripping down.

Gu Yubao has never been beaten like this before and was confused for a while.

Yan Jing Ze glanced at Gu Yubao and said with a smile: “You better behave, or I will really beat people.”

“You…” Gu Yubao felt that his nose was very sore, and tears burst out of his eyes.

Yan Jing Ze looked at his miserable appearance, feeling a little happy: “You don’t have to write, I will take your notebook and write in your notebook, and others will not doubt…”

With that said, he opened Gu Yubao’s notebook.

Gu Yubao’s characters are really ugly, and such ugly characters… are quite easy to learn.

Yan Jing Ze flipped the notebook to the first few pages, planning to find a few of Gu Yubao’s characters, and imitate them later… Thinking of this, Yan Jing Ze easily learned Gu Yubao’s characters and practiced it on the notebook.

With this practice, Yan Jing Ze was shocked.

He could actually write exactly like Gu Yubao!

He is really amazing!

He secretly praised himself a few words. Yan Jing Ze also found that he just flipped through it, and all the things in Gu Yubao’s notebook were all recorded in his mind.

This… is he a genius?

Yan Jing Ze became more excited as he thought about it, and for a moment, his face showed excitement.

Gu Yubao saw that Yan Jing Ze was like this, and couldn’t help but shrink his neck, a little scared.

What does this Yan educate youth want to do?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t want to do anything. After reading it, he brushed it up and wrote things like “so-and-so is not a good thing”, “down with so-and-so”, “support imperialism” and so on, in the back of the notebook.

He talked to Gu Yubao about homosexuality before, mainly because he thought of things in the memory of the original owner and deliberately disgusted Gu Yubao.

He didn’t really want Gu Yubao to write a love letter. Compared to a love letter to a man, it is definitely more “stimulating” to use reactionary speech.

In recent years, many people will write things like “down with the imperialism of so-and-so country” in their notebooks. Gu Yubao wrote them before. He followed Gu Yubao’s writings, but split the content into various reactionary speech…

Yan Jing Ze wrote a few words and showed it to Gu Yubao: “Gu Yubao ah, I didn’t expect you to dare to write such things! You must be arrested and disciplined. Wait, you might be a secret agent developed by the enemy. You should be shot.”

When Gu Yubao saw those words, his whole body was struck by lightning, and violently struggled to get up: “You…”

He wanted to curse at him, but Yan Jing Ze covered his mouth: “You want to call someone, let them see what you wrote?”

Gu Yubao didn’t say a word.

Yan Jing Ze wrote some more things in that notebook, then let go of Gu Yubao: “Gu Yubao, you’d better listen to me in the future, after all… your little life is in my hands.”

Gu Yubao’s nose was injured, the blood from his nose were still falling down, and tears were constantly pouring out of his eyes. He wiped his blood and also wiped his tears. As a result, his face was covered with blood: “What on earth do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything, I’m short of someone to wait on me,” Yan Jing Ze said as he took out an aluminum lunch box from Gu Yubao’s bag.

This aluminum lunch box was originally owned by the original owner, but not long after the original owner came here, he sold it to Gu Mingxiu. At that time, Gu Yubao fell in love with this lunch box and had to let Gu Mingxiu buy it.

Opening the aluminum lunch box, Yan Jing Ze saw a box full of rice with some pickled vegetables and boiled sweet potato on one end.

Yan Jing Ze swallowed.

The original owner has run out of food. After he traversed, he only ate the two sugarcane tips that Gu Mingxiu gave last night. He was already too hungry.

Now this rice…

Yan Jing Ze went to look through the schoolbag again, and this time, he found a pair of chopsticks and an egg.

Gu Yubao even had eggs to eat… Yan Jing Ze put the eggs in his arms and started eating the box of lunch with chopsticks.

When he was eating, he saw Gu Yubao staring at the notebook he was holding under his arm, and Yan Jing Ze said: “I can write these things once, I can write them twice, three or four times. I can also write it to the door of your school… Say, do you think people can recognize this as your handwriting?”

Gu Yubao’s face turned black.

The original owner hadn’t eaten enough rice for a long time. Yan Jing Ze ate up the rice with pickled vegetables and boiled sweet potato, then returned the lunch box to Gu Yubao, and said to Gu Yubao: “You follow me back.”

Gu Yubao clutched his nose, followed Yan Jing Ze and walked back.

Yan Jing Ze brought people back to the village, and met several villagers. These people didn’t greet him when they saw him, but they were very concerned about Gu Yubao: “What’s wrong with you, Yubao?”

“He accidentally fell.” Yan Jing Ze smiled.

The villagers looked at Gu Yubao sympathetically—how serious the fall must be to have a face full of blood!

Yan Jing Ze took Gu Yubao directly to the house where he lived, and said, “Gu Yubao, you are responsible for cleaning up my room today. The toilet must be poured and washed, and the sheets and quilts on the bed must be washed… Don’t even think about seeking help from others, you have to do it yourself. Don’t try to play tricks. If things are not done properly, I will also beat you.”

“You…” Gu Yubao looked at Yan Jing Ze angrily. He had never emptied a toilet since he grew up!

“Hurry up!” Yan Jing Ze looked at Gu Yubao coldly.

The original owner came from a big city, and the people in this village were already frightened by his identity, and his previous move did indeed scare Gu Yubao.

Gu Yubao, a rural boy who was only fifteen years old, was aggrieved and poured the toilet for Yan Jing Ze.

The old Gu family house where Yan Jing Ze lives is the center of the entire village. Someone in the village saw Gu Yubao coming out of Yan Jing Ze’s house carrying Yan Jing Ze’s toilet. They were very surprised: “Gu Yubao, what are you doing?”

Gu Yubao, who was carrying the toilet, didn’t speak, but Yan Jing Ze said: “The junior high school in town has been closed recently. Gu Yubao intends to study with me and help me with some work by the way.”

“Study with you?” The villagers were a little confused.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I am a high school student, and I am more than enough to teach him.”

These days, graduating from high school is definitely a high level of education, and the villagers were impressed with Yan Jing Ze for a while.

But Yan Jing Ze is actually a bit helpless.

After all, even if he graduated from high school, he couldn’t change his status quo.

The elementary school teachers in Shangmu Village are locals, they have a bit of knowledge, and they are kind to others. The discipline in this village is not serious, and so, the elementary school students in the village still chase their teacher’s buttocks and shout “stinky old man” all day long.

In fact, these students don’t necessarily know what they are doing, but this is really hurtful, and it also shows that scholars are worthless these years.

As for Gu Yubao… he was already outraged at this point.

This Yan educated youth is too good at making things up!

How can he be so bad!

No matter what Gu Yubao thinks, he can only carry the toilet into the pond in the village specially used to accumulate fertilizer, and then go to the big river that flows to the sea to wash the toilet.

If people in Shangmu Village want to drink water or clean things, they go to the small river that flows into the big river to wash. If they want to wash the toilet, wash diapers, etc., then they go to the big river to wash.

Yan Jing Ze threatened Gu Yubao with a few more words, telling Gu Yubao to clean his house, and then he went to work.

When he went, many people had already started to work, and he was the last to come.

But he at least came, didn’t he?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t go to do the work of plowing the ground that men did. Instead, he found Gu Mingxiu, followed Gu Mingxiu, and picked up sweet potatoes with the women.

Villagers: “…”

Different types of work have different work points.

In order to earn more work points, some women went to turn the ground specially, but he was fine, and even went to pick sweet potatoes…

Yan Jing Ze also knew that it wasn’t appropriate for him to do this, but he really didn’t know how to plow the ground.

Moreover, the original owner had thought of working many times before, but every time he did it for half a day, he would be sore all over for several days… He felt that it would be better for him to adapt slowly.

What’s more, following Gu Mingxiu’s body, looking at Gu Mingxiu’s slender back… It’s really exciting.

Gu Mingxiu: “…” Every time he turned his head, Yan Jing Ze was staring at him. The look in his eyes was not right, which really made him feel very strange.

But he didn’t know what to say.

Yan Jing Ze noticed that Gu Mingxiu was uncomfortable, but he didn’t take back his gaze at all.

The original owner doesn’t like Gu Mingxiu, but he likes him!

It just happened that Gu Mingxiu liked him too, he wanted to develop his relationship well with Gu Mingxiu.

Everyone can take a break from work until half of the morning.

Everyone went to drink water under the shade of the tree next to them.

Gu Yuxian took advantage of the end of class to lead Gu Yukang to come and give Gu Mingxiu water.

The water was packed in a gourd, Gu Mingxiu took the gourd to drink, and Gu Yuxian took Gu Yukang to pick up sweet potato roots in the field.

Gu Yukang was dumb and silly, just by looking at his eyes, you’d know that he was a little bit wrong.

Gu Yuxian picked up the sweet potato roots for a while, and didn’t accompany him, he was not happy: “Sister! Sister!”

Gu Yuxian could only turn around to coax him.

It’s a pity that fools are not so easy to coax, and sometimes even more difficult to coax than normal people…

Yan Jing Ze sighed secretly, this Gu family is really difficult.

Thinking about this, Yan Jing Ze came to Gu Mingxiu who was sitting alone, took out the egg he had snatched from Gu Yubao in the morning, and secretly stuffed it into Gu Mingxiu’s hand: “Here you go.”

Gu Mingxiu was stunned: “Egg?”

“Don’t make any noise.” Yan Jing Ze smiled, “Give you something to eat.”

“No, I can’t take your egg.” Gu Mingxiu quickly returned the egg.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The original owner has taken many things from Gu Mingxiu, and Gu Mingxiu doesn’t even accept an egg…

After peeling the shell secretly, Yan Jing Ze said to Gu Mingxiu again: “Mingxiu, open your mouth and show me, there seems to be something on your teeth.”

Have something on his teeth? Gu Mingxiu opened his mouth embarrassedly, and Yan Jing Ze put the peeled egg into his mouth: “Eat it! Don’t spit it out. I don’t want to eat the one that has gotten your saliva.”

Gu Mingxiu stared at Yan Jing Ze, closed his mouth and ate the egg, his mouth bulged.

He did not expect that Yan educated youth would actually give him an egg to eat.

How could he eat other people’s egg for free? He will go home later to feel the chicken’s butt to see if the three chickens can lay one more egg so that he can return it to Yan educated youth…

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