BH (QT) 218.2 – Educated Youth (3b)

Chapter 218.2 – Educated Youth (3b)

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Gu Mingxiu was thinking about things in his heart. At the same time, he didn’t know if it was because of the egg, he felt his body was full of strength.

“Is it delicious?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“It’s delicious,” Gu Mingxiu said.

“When was the last time you ate eggs?” Yan Jing Ze asked with a smile. He wanted to know a little bit about Gu Mingxiu’s situation at home.

“During the New Year,” Gu Mingxiu thought for a while and said.

“That’s really a long time.” Yan Jing Ze’s expression remained unchanged, still with a smile, but his heart was on fire.

This Gu family, they all basically rely on Gu Mingxiu to support.

In other people’s homes, such things as eggs will be eaten by the children, but they will not forget the hard worker at home. In this busy farming season, it is not uncommon for hard workers to eat an egg every day.

What about Gu Mingxiu? It’s been half a year since the New Year, and he hasn’t even eaten an egg!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t show anything, he chatted with Gu Mingxiu a few more words, and then left the field.

He first went to his house to look at it.

The toilet has been cleaned and put away, but the room has not been cleaned at all. Gu Yubao is still lying on his bed…


Yan Jing Ze went up, grabbed Gu Yubao, threw him to the ground, and started beating him.

The original owner learned a little medicine before going to the countryside.

The original owner’s parents had a premonition and knew that something was going to happen to their own family, so they specially let the original owner go to learn medicine.

They plan to let the original owner go to the poor mountain area and become a barefoot doctor to get some achievements, and then they can ask their connection for help, and after a little operation, they can recommend the original owner to go to a university.

But the original owner was not willing to go to the poor mountains. He didn’t study well when he was studying medicine and didn’t have the ability to be a barefoot doctor at all.

But even so, Yan Jing Ze already knew how to beat someone without causing accident.

Gu Yubao is fifteen years old. When Gu Mingxiu was at this age, he has long carried the burden of his family. This guy is so good, he has nothing to do all day long, and even asks for good food and drink… Really should be beaten!

Gu Yubao has never done a proper job before, that’s why he was lazy and didn’t help Yan Jing Ze tidy up the house. But he didn’t expect Yan Jing Ze to come back suddenly and grab him and beat him.

He was beaten silly, begging for mercy, and then he heard Yan Jing Ze say: “Wash all my sheets and quilts, or I will continue to beat you.”

People like Gu Yubao, who are dominant at home, are actually soft-legged shrimp outside.

After being beaten by Yan Jing Ze… he immediately became honest. He first removed Yan Jing Ze’s quilt and took it to the river to wash.

Yan Jing Ze returned to where he was working and continued to work.

At noon, the village prepared food for the workers, that is, those sweet potatoes that were damaged during the digging process.

These sweet potatoes were burned in a pot, and everyone at work could eat them. Yan Jing Ze also ate a lot.

The original owner used to live in Beijing, and in winter, he likes to eat roasted sweet potatoes.

But this thing is good as a snack, and it is really unsatisfactory to rely on it to fill the stomach.

While gnawing sweet potatoes, Yan Jing Ze came to the corner of Gu Yulan, who was hiding the sweet potatoes secretly.

When Gu Yulan saw him, her face showed a little panic.

Gu Yulan is younger than Gu Yubao, only thirteen years old.

Gu Mingxiu started earning work points with his stepfather at a very young age, but to be honest, there are not many girls in the village who started working in the village at the age of twelve or thirteen like Gu Yulan.

Girls at this age generally do housework and watch the children at home. Because of this, many people in the village think Gu Yulan is very sensible.

But she is not.

Gu Yulan… likes to steal things.

“You stole my pen yesterday,” Yan Jing Ze whispered.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Gu Yulan showed horror in her eyes. Although she likes to steal things, she is still afraid of being discovered by others.

“I saw you stole other people’s pencils and food in the village before…” Yan Jing Ze said slowly.

Gu Yulan’s thin body trembled.

“Your hands and feet are not clean. The people in the village can actually tell a little bit. If I tell them about you stealing the pen, they will definitely believe it.” Yan Jing Ze first made a conclusion and said: “My pen is what my mother gave to me. It’s very expensive. It costs more than one hundred yuan. If you steal such a valuable item, you will go to jail.”

The people in Shangmu Village were all timid. They get scared when they hear about going to jail. Gu Yulan trembled even more: “I didn’t steal…”

“Should I call people now and let them come and search you?” Yan Jing Ze laughed.

Gu Yulan had always looked down upon the lazy Yan Jing Ze, and felt that Yan Jing Ze was not capable, but at this moment…she was really frightened by this person.

Yan Jing Ze said, “Return the pen to me.” Gu Yulan would definitely put such a valuable thing on her.

After all, these years, basically every house is not locked. Everyone closes the door with a bolt at night, and opens the door directly during the day.

Gu Yulan quickly took out the pen and returned it to Yan Jing Ze: “Don’t tell them…”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t agree, but said, “I’ll show you something.”

Yan Jing Ze took out Gu Yubao’s notebook and showed it to Gu Yulan: “Look at what your brother wrote.”

People of Gu Yulan’s age have all gone to elementary school, and they have recognized a few characters. The characters written in Gu Yubao’s book are often written in the village slogans.

It’s just that the slogan in the village is “Beat the imperialism of XX country”, but Gu Yubao wrote “Support the imperialism of XX country”.

For a time, Gu Yulan’s three souls have lost two souls in fear.

“If I show this thing to others, your second brother will not end well. Your whole family will be dragged down. You will definitely not be able to marry a good family in the future,” Yan Jing Ze said.

As far as he knows, apart from stealing things, Gu Yulan is also a very selfish person who knows how to plan for herself.

In the original historical trajectory, she stole the pen and was used by the original owner to threaten Gu Mingxiu. She was very guilty at first and worked hard to help Gu Mingxiu reduce the burden.

But when the original owner said that Gu Mingxiu was gay, she was afraid that the original owner would tell people about her stealing and affect her future marriage. After being threatened by the original owner with a few more words, she turned around and falsely accused Gu Mingxiu.

Anyway, there is nothing good about her.

At this moment, Gu Yulan was scared to tears, she never expected that Gu Yubao would dare to do such a thing.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t say a word, and watched her distraught look quietly. After a while, he said, “I am very lazy, you should know?”

Gu Yulan nodded her head.

Yan Jing Ze said: “From tomorrow, I will let Gu Yubao go to work, you keep an eye on him, let him work well, and give me the money when he earns it.”

Gu Yulan was afraid that Yan Jing Ze would make some terrible request. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be such a request and almost burst into tears.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “By the way, you better stop stealing things in the future. I hate petty thieves the most. If you are caught by me again… Heh!”

Gu Yulan hurriedly said, “I will never steal anything again.”

Yan Jing Ze didn’t count on Gu Yulan to change, and he didn’t mind that Gu Yulan didn’t change. As long as Gu Yulan didn’t cause big troubles and hurt Gu Mingxiu. He would be satisfied if she could watch Gu Yubao work to help Gu Mingxiu reduce the burden.

Yan Jing Ze took the sweet potato and walked away.

The meal was eaten in the field. Everyone scattered in twos and threes, but they were not far away. Many people saw Yan Jing Ze talking to Gu Yulan, and also saw Gu Yulan’s ugly face. Yan Jing Ze left as soon as he left. Someone asked Gu Yulan: “Gu Yulan, what did Yan educated youth tell you?”

Gu Yulan said, “He didn’t say anything…”

She doesn’t want to say anything now, just wants to be alone.

Gu Mingxiu actually saw this scene, he wanted to ask, but he didn’t know what to ask.

He is embarrassed to ask Yan educated youth, Gu Yulan… His sister has never liked being controlled by him.

When he was torn, Gu Mingxiu saw Yan Jing Ze walking towards him.

“Yan educated youth…”

Yan Jing Ze said: “Shall we go for a walk?”

Gu Mingxiu stood up and followed Yan Jing Ze to the distance.

Yan Jing Ze took Gu Mingxiu to the ridge and said to Gu Mingxiu: “Yesterday, your sister Gu Yulan stole my pen.”

Gu Mingxiu was called out by Yan Jing Ze. Originally, he was happy and shy, but he didn’t expect to hear such a sentence suddenly…

He recalled the expression on Gu Yulan’s face when Yan Jing Ze was talking to Gu Yulan before, and he knew it was true. He was extremely ashamed for a while and flushed, “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay, she has already returned it to me,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“I’m really sorry, I will teach her,” Gu Mingxiu said again. His sister actually stole Yan Jing Ze’s things, Yan Jing Ze would definitely hate him… Gu Mingxiu felt more uncomfortable the more he thought about it for a while.

“It’s really okay, but you really should teach her a lesson, and your brother, you also have to teach him,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Huh?” Gu Mingxiu was stunned.

Yan Jing Ze took out Gu Yubao’s notebook again.

He originally didn’t want to tell Gu Mingxiu about this, but Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan might find Gu Mingxiu if they couldn’t solve the problem. He might as well just… be the first to sue the wicked.

Gu Mingxiu also learned how to read, when he saw those characters, he was completely stunned, and his legs felt weak.

His brother actually wrote this kind of thing.

“He should be writing for fun, but writing this kind of thing is really too bold.” Yan Jing Ze looked as if he was in pain.

“I…” Gu Mingxiu’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. this is not just something bold, this is something that will kill him!

Yan Jing Ze said soothingly, “Don’t be afraid, I will tear it up right away.” After speaking, he tore the page in front of Gu Mingxiu, tore it into pieces and threw it into the ditch next to him.

If this thing is really seen by people, it will hurt Gu Mingxiu, he definitely should tear it off.

“Yan educated youth…” Gu Mingxiu saw that Yan Jing Ze was so generous not to mind, he was moved for a while.

Yan educated youth is really a good person!

The “good person” Yan Jing Ze smiled and said, “However, your younger siblings are like this, they really need to be disciplined… You are very busy, should I help you discipline them?”

“How can this be done? I will beat them!” Gu Mingxiu said.

“You are my friend, I should help you, and I’m afraid it’s useless to beat them.”

“Friend…friend?” Gu Mingxiu’s mind was blank, and he looked at Yan Jing Ze in disbelief.

“Yes, you are my friend, I like you very much, so I want to help you,” Yan Jing Ze said, feeling a little shameless after speaking.

But Gu Mingxiu’s younger brother and sister really need to be cleaned up!

Like? Gu Mingxiu’s mind was even more blank.

Yan Jing Ze said again: “From now on you will tell the outside that your younger siblings will study with me… Don’t worry, I will take care of them.”

Gu Yubao and Gu Yulan will work hard every day and earn more work points!

“Then I will give you grain,” Gu Mingxiu lowered his head and said.

“No. We are friends. I will not be happy if you settle the accounts with me so clearly,” Yan Jing Ze said.

How could he be willing to eat the few food items in Gu Mingxiu’s house?

He had already decided to think of ways to sell the pen in his hand.

The original owner didn’t sell it because he didn’t like the money he was offered. But even though it’s too small, at least he can get some money back for dinner.

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Three Souls – three immortal souls in Daoism, representing spirit and intellect

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