The Abandoned Son Ch.66

Chapter 66 – Twin Emerald Green Lotus

Ye Fan took ten steaks and chewed them in big mouthfuls. He looked very bold, and many people around looked at them secretly.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan’s reincarnation of a hungry ghost, and said helplessly, “Eat slowly, is it enough? I’ll get more for you if it’s not enough.”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said vaguely: “No! That woman actually said that the lucky beads bracelet I gave you is ugly, this ugly monster with no vision!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” The lucky beads bracelet that Ye Fan gave him is not very good-looking, but because Ye Fan’s vision is limited, so Bai Yunxi can’t ask for too much.

Brand-name watches, he can buy as many as he wants, but the bracelet is different. This is given by Ye Fan, which can ward off evil spirits and ensure safety.

“Young Master Bai, Young Master Ye, we meet again.”

Ye Fan raised his head, blinked at the person who came, and responded, “You are the guy on the plane.”

Bai Yunxi glanced at Ye Fan, and was surprised that Ye Fan actually knew Chen Songbin. Chen Songbin is a famous entrepreneur in China who is keen on collecting and likes to participate in various auctions.

“Young Master Ye, do you have any target for coming to the auction?” Chen Songbin asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Not yet, does Elder Chen have any targets?”

“Me? I believe many people have the same target as me,” Elder Chen smiled and took out a photo.

Ye Fan looked at the photo and was stunned, “Twin emerald green lotus.”

Twin emerald green lotus is a kind of elixir. Ye Fan does not put the single emerald green lotus in his eyes, but the twin emerald green lotus made Ye Fan’s heart move, the medicinal effect of twin emerald green lotus is dozens of times that of a single emerald green lotus.

“This lotus is not simple! It is said that its seeds, dating back to the time of Dayu’s flood, the lotus seeds were in the ancient tomb, silent for thousands of years, and after planting them, they actually sprouted, it’s really powerful!”

“Even if the origin is extraordinary, it’s just a lotus flower,” Bai Yunxi said lightly.

“That’s what I said, but buying such a special lotus is also a face-saving thing,” Chen Songbin said.

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “That’s not bad.” Now, when people buy things, do they really like it? It’s more for face.

“Young Master Ye, I heard that Boss Zhang and his ex-wife have remarried. Young Master Ye has a great contribution to this!” Chen Songbin said.

Ye Fan said indifferently: “Take people’s money and eliminate disasters for people! What should be done, should be done.”

Chen Songbin smiled, chatted with Ye Fan, and left.

“Are you interested in that twin emerald green lotus?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s an elixir, I must get it.” Ye Fan secretly said, “I’m lucky!” As soon as he got the demon beast’s inner pill, he saw the twin emerald green lotus. The medicinal power of the demon beast’s inner pill is a bit fierce, if there was a twin emerald green lotus to temper the medicinal effect, it would be good.

“The price of this twin emerald green lotus will not be low,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan said puzzled: “It’s just a lotus flower, will it be expensive?”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “It will be very expensive, because there is a rumor about the twin emerald green lotus. It is rumored that eating the lotus seeds of this twin emerald green lotus can lead to immortality!”

Ye Fan frowned and snorted lightly, “Immortality? How can immortality be so easy?”

Bai Yunxi nodded and agreed, “Immortality, of course, is just a gimmick, but I heard that the decoction prepared by the twin emerald green lotus does have the effect of prolonging life.”

Ye Fan frowned and said secretly: There is no shortage of skilled Chinese medicine practitioners in this world. At the level of these people, they can’t bring out the full effect of the twin emerald green lotus, but they can bring out ten or twenty percent.

“Is there something wrong with the black pearl you bought?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“That’s not a black pearl, it’s a demon beast’s inner pill!” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi’s eyes widened in astonishment, and said, “Is there really such a thing?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes. Why not?”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “I thought that thing only existed in novels, did you take advantage of it?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! So, I have good eyesight, follow me, you don’t have to worry about losing.”

In the Cultivation Continent, the low-level monster beasts are not very valuable. After all, he is a second-generation cultivator. If his brother goes out to practice, he can bring dozens of them back. However, demon beasts with divine nature are worth money in terms of inner pills, that kind of inner pill is able to improve qualifications, such things, in the cultivation continent are not easy to find, let alone here.

“I’ll get you two more steaks,” Bai Yunxi stood up and said.

“Okay, and hairy crabs!”

Bai Yunxi rolled his eyes and said, “Okay!”

Yun Shanshan stood outside the dining area, watching Bai Yunxi bring food to Ye Fan, she bit her lip and walked away!

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Bai Yunxi accompanied Ye Fan around the exhibition area, and Ye Fan took a fancy to several Chinese herbal medicines and spent more than 20 million yuan.

“Young Master Bai, what a coincidence!” Song Qiming looked at Ye Fan and smiled coldly, “It is said that you, Third Young Master Bai, have a noble character and doesn’t play around, but it turns out that your taste is just different? I didn’t expect you to like such a worthless hillbilly.”

Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “Young Master Song is so lucky! The companions brought out each time are different, I just don’t know what Miss Li thinks.”

Song Qiming originally wanted to chase Jiang Shuya from the four major families, but unfortunately, he didn’t catch up and was engaged to Li Tong instead. Li Tong also came from the four major families. However, her beauty and status in the family were far inferior to Jiang Shuya.

Song Qiming snorted lightly, scolded “disgraceful”, and left with his female companion.

Ye Fan looked at the back of Song Qiming’s departure, and said in confusion: “Who is he talking about, the worthless hillbilly?”

Bai Yunxi closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and said, “Who do you think it is?”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Could it be me?”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Of course, besides you, who else is there?”

Ye Fan’s face sank, “This blind idiot, he actually thinks that this young master is a worthless hillbilly. He seems to be hostile to you?” Ye Fan has been with Bai Yunxi for a while, this is the first time he met someone who was so hostile to Bai Yunxi.

“There is a bit of a disagreement between us.” The four major families of Song, Bai, Jiang, and Li in Beijing are equally famous. Song Qiming has a similar status to him, so naturally, he doesn’t need to give him Bai Yunxi face.

“Oh, what kind of disagreement do you have?”

“He used to chase a beautiful woman, but that beautiful woman didn’t accept him, but instead expressed her affection for me. He probably felt that it was very shameful, so he kept fighting against me,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “This guy really has no manners!”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Who is that woman?”

Bai Yunxi kept his face calm and did not speak. The woman belonged to the Jiang family, one of the four major families in Beijing. She was also the most famous beauty in the capital, named Jiang Shuya. Bai Yunxi felt that Jiang Shuya was a very difficult woman to provoke.

When the Bai family and the Song family are about to carry out a cooperation, she provoked a few words in the middle, which made Song Qiming hate him deeply. The Bai family has always been protecting him like a baby, and seeing Song Qiming targeting him, naturally, they have a prejudice against the Song family, so the matter of cooperation naturally also ended.


“They’re moving, let’s go.” Bai Yunxi led Ye Fan into the underground auction room.

More than half of the people in the auction room were already seated.

Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan sat down according to the number.

“Young Master Bai, long time no see!”

Bai Yunxi frowned, “Miss Jiang, long time no see. I heard you went abroad, but I didn’t expect you to come back.”

Bai Yunxi frowned, always feeling that it was no coincidence that Jiang Shuya’s seat was right next to him.

“I just came back. I can’t compare to Young Master Bai. I spent two years abroad before I got my doctorate. It seems like it only took you a year and a half, Yunxi,” Jiang Shuya said with a smile.

Before Bai Yunxi could speak, Ye Fan had already spoken, “Yunxi! My chair is a bit hard, and my butt hurts when I sit on it. Let me sit in your chair instead.”

Bai Yunxi: “…Good!”

Jiang Shuya looked at Ye Fan, still maintaining a decent smile, “Little brother, you look a bit unfamiliar.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Because I just arrived in Beijing, you must not know me!”

Jiang Shuya: “…”

Yun Shanshan and Chen Kelan’s seats are diagonally opposite Ye Fan and Bai Yunxi. Chen Kelan looked at Jiang Shuya and said in surprise, “Jiang Shuya is back!”

Jiang Shuya’s reputation has spread far and wide, and she is the goddess in the hearts of many young masters in Beijing. Chen Kelan secretly said: Ye Fan and Jiang Shuya are not good things.

“Mr. Ye, you have a good relationship with Third Young Master Bai?” Jiang Shuya looked at Ye Fan and said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Yes! We have a good relationship.”

Ye Fan took out the flyer, pointed to the upper black jade seaweed mud on the flyer, and said, “This seaweed mud has a good smoothing effect! If you have money, you can buy one! Your skin looks a little rough! You are a girl, you must be deeply troubled by your rough skin oh!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” As the number one beauty in the capital, Jiang Shuya’s skin is, of course, not rough, but now the lights are dim, and Jiang Shuya’s face is a little dark.

Bai Yunxi closed his eyes and said secretly: Ye Fan, this guy actually said that Yun Shanshan is old and Jiang Shuya is rough! This idiot will really offend people to death.

“This thing doesn’t seem to be cheap. I don’t have enough money today, so I don’t know if Young Master Bai is willing to help,” Jiang Shuya smiled and said.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No, no, Yunxi’s money, that is to be lent to me first, why don’t you know how to bring more money?”

Jiang Shuya: “…”

“Yunxi, when did you have such interesting friends?” Jiang Shuya asked.

Bai Yunxi glanced at Ye Fan and said, “There are more recently.”

Jiang Shuya: “…”

Chen Kelan held her chin, observed Jiang Shuya’s face, smiled, and said, “Miss Jiang seems to be at a disadvantage.”

Yun Shanshan frowned. Facing Jiang Shuya, Yun Shanshan always felt ashamed. Seeing Jiang Shuya suffer, Yun Shanshan couldn’t help but gloat over misfortune, “Miss Jiang’s seat is next to Young Master Bai, in order to get this seat, I’m afraid It took a lot of effort, but it’s a pity…” Encountered such a nuisance as Ye Fan.


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