The Abandoned Son Ch.65

Chapter 65 – Underground Auction

“Young Master Ye, you are here, you haven’t been here for several days,” the front desk lady greeted Ye Fan warmly when she saw Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yunxi sent me to look at the old man. I had no choice but to go. I couldn’t get away for several days. Is Yunxi here?”

“General Manager Bai is up!” the front desk lady said enthusiastically.

“Has any goblins come to look for Yunxi these days?” Ye Fan asked seriously.

The front desk lady smiled and said, “Yes, yes, but we did not let them in according to your instructions.” The front desk lady had a headache, the people who came to Bai Yunxi were all wealthy and famous ladies, and she blocked them all here, it’s very offending ah!

Ye Fan nodded, “Okay, I’ll go up.”

Ye Fan opened the door and walked into Bai Yunxi’s office lightly.

Ye Fan entered the office and collapsed on the sofa in the office with a big grin.

Bai Yunxi has the habit of locking the door, but this morning, it was accidentally unlocked.

Seeing Ye Fan coming in, Bai Yunxi breathed a sigh of relief unconsciously.

Bai Yunxi walked to the door and locked the door, “Are you alright, you seem to have a smell on your body.”

Ye Fan stood up, took off his clothes, and took off his trousers, leaving only his shorts!

“I’m injured!”

Ye Fan’s arms and legs were hit by bullets, and on his glorious skin, there were several more holes. Bai Yunxi wondered how this guy Ye Fan had run here with gunshot wounds.

Bai Yunxi was shocked by Ye Fan’s undressing, but seeing Ye Fan’s wounds, he couldn’t complain, “You were shot? Why don’t you find a hospital for treatment?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No, scars are a man’s medal. Do you want to see my medal?”

Ye Fan raised his leg and stretched his thigh in front of Bai Yunxi.

Bai Yunxi wanted to say, your feet are so stinky, but for Ye Fan’s sake, he silently endured it.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan’s face and secretly asked, “Did Ye Fan deliberately get shot in order to show off his medals?”

“Don’t you have a jade pendant that can bounce bullets? How did you get shot?” Bai Yunxi said, taking out an emergency kit to help Ye Fan deal with the wounds.

Ye Fan pouted and said, “Their bullets are a bit fast! Besides, there are too many people.”

Ye Fan frowned and felt that he had underestimated the people of this world. Although there are not many masters in this world, the weapons are really powerful. A slightly more powerful warrior with a weapon can threaten his life, this time, he almost capsized in the gutter. He must find a way to advance to the fourth level of Qi training as soon as possible, so that he can have more self-protection ability.

Although he is very powerful now, it is only relative to ordinary people. The ninjas he encountered during the battle this morning were very powerful.

Bai Yunxi took out a bullet from Ye Fan’s body, “This is a Thunderhawk’s bullet.”

Bai Yunxi frowned, the penetrating power of the Thunderhawk pistol was very strong, Ye Fan was shot, but he was still alive and well. After Bai Yunxi took out the bullet, Ye Fan’s wound quickly recovered.

“Your wounds heal quickly?” Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Yes! My physique is quite special!”

Bai Yunxi nodded, “Oh”, and said, “Be careful.” The speed at which Ye Fan’s wound recovers, if someone who cares finds out, he might have to be sliced and studied.

“Have those J country people been resolved?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! When I was leaving, I called the police and asked them to clean up the mess.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Bai Yunxi took out the bullets from Ye Fan’s body one by one, and put a blanket on Ye Fan. Ye Fan was probably tired and fell asleep while lying on the sofa.

When Ye Fan fell asleep, he couldn’t stop grinding his teeth, and he didn’t know if he was hungry.

After settling down Ye Fan, Bai Yunxi began to deal with official business. After a while, a knock sounded on the door, and Bai Yunxi got up to open the door.

“Second sister, why are you here?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“I came to see you, ah! Do you know, today, in a mansion in the suburbs, twenty-one ninjas died, the news has been blocked, those individuals, should be the people who attacked Grandpa, those guys were put in a pot, Grandpa can also… feel relieved.”

Bai Yunfei frowned, “What’s that sound, who is snoring?”

“Second sister!” Bai Yunxi called out, feeling a little guilty for some reason.

Bai Yunfei soon found Ye Fan sleeping on the sofa, Ye Fan turned over, revealing his naked body, Bai Yunfei couldn’t help turning his head, “Yunxi, you!”

Bai Yunxi smiled awkwardly and said, “Sister, it’s not what you think!”

Bai Yunfei: “…Forget it, I’ll find you another day.”

Bai Yunxi sent Bai Yunfei away, held his forehead with a headache, picked up the blanket, and put it on Ye Fan.

Bai Yunxi scratched his hair irritably, looked at Ye Fan’s sleeping face, and wished he could go up and twist it twice!

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Military Zone.

Twenty-one corpses lined up.

“Captain, these people should be ninjas from J country. The wounds of these people are very strange. They should be under the hands of a martial arts master,” Hu Lin said.

Chen Yan nodded and said, “I see.”

Ye Fan’s cynical face appeared in Chen Yan’s mind and he thought: “Ye Fan probably thought that he couldn’t stay by Bai Yunxi’s side without solving this group of ninjas, so he eradicated these people! I heard that this guy believes that nothing is more important than his date! Being detained next to Xiao Chi seems to have upset this guy a lot.

“Captain, do you think it could be him?”

Chen Yan glanced at Hu Lin, secretly feeling that Hu Lin and himself should be thinking of the same person, “It should be.”

“Ye Fan’s ability is really unbelievable. Moreover, the jade pendant and talisman in his hands are equally amazing. Why don’t they recruit him into the Dragon Group? I heard that the Dragon Group is very short of manpower.” In fact, there are many capable people in the country, but many capable people belong to some hidden world sects. Those sects pay attention to self-cultivation and seclusion, and they do not come out very often.

Chen Yan shook his head and said, “The higher-ups think that Ye Fan’s character is not up to standard.” Bad people are not terrible, but, bad people with tremendous strength are terrible, nonhuman offenders and ordinary people are simply not comparable.

Hu Lin said with some pity: “It’s a pity.”


“Awake?” Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said.

Ye Fan opened his eyes, the injuries on his body had almost recovered. Ye Fan thought, go buy some spiritual medicine to make pills to defend himself, this time, if he had some medicine pills to treat his injuries, he would not be so miserable.

“Are you off work?” Ye Fan asked.

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Yes, you have slept for several hours.”

Ye Fan nodded, “Oh”, rubbed his stomach, and said, “Have I slept for a long time? No wonder I’m hungry.”

“There is an underground auction tonight, do you want to see it with me?” Bai Yunxi asked.

“Auction? Where will it be held?” Ye Fan asked.

“At the Lanting Hotel.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “I haven’t heard of it.”

“Let’s go.” Bai Yunxi said.

When Bai Yunxi drove to the Lanting Hotel, there were already many exhibits on display in the Lanting Hotel.

The Lanting Hotel originally had an exhibition today, but the real good things were put up for auction in the underground auction at night. There is a problem with the origin of many things in the underground auction, so only people with special channels can get the invitation.

When Bai Yunxi entered the hall, many people greeted him, but Ye Fan was ignored naturally.

Ye Fan strolled around the exhibition hall and was attracted by a stall selling pearls. He spent two million to buy a black pearl.

Bai Yunxi stood behind Ye Fan and asked, “What did you like?”

Ye Fan spread his palm and Bai Yunxi smiled and said, “A black pearl! This one of yours seems to be artificially produced, how much is it!”

“Two million!”

“You’ve been fooled!” Bai Yunxi laughed and said.

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “You think too much, how can a shrewd person like me suffer?”

Ye Fan was holding the black pearl and couldn’t help but feel a little excited. Ye Fan did not expect that he would actually encounter the demon beast inner pill in this auction. Ye Fan estimated that this inner pill belongs to a sea beast, after the death of the sea beast, the inner pill was sold as a black pearl. Fortunately, it was found by a discerning person like himself, otherwise, the pearl would have been cast secretly.

When he eats this inner pill, he should be able to advance to the fourth level of Qi training. The spiritual energy in this world is so thin that he wants to cry! If you want to advance, you can only collect all kinds of rare treasures.

Ye Fan was very suspicious that the inner pill in his hand belonged to the mysterious turtle with Xuanwu blood, because this inner pill had a touch of divinity.

In Cultivation Continent, only when the inner pill reaches the Nascent Soul level can it have the divine nature. However, the inner pill he got seems to be only at the level of foundation building, not even at the level of foundation building, so it should belong to a failed foundation building monster.

This level of inner pill can have divinity, which shows the aptitude of demon beast with this inner pill. Unfortunately, the upgrade of demon beasts requires more resources than cultivators. The current Earth cannot support the promotion of demon beasts. Ye Fan suspected that the monster with this inner pill may have been struck to death by the heavenly lightning.


“Big Brother Yunxi.” Yun Shanshan walked towards Bai Yunxi, followed by Chen Kelan.

“Miss Yun, you are here too,” Bai Yunxi nodded lightly at Yun Shanshan.

Yun Shanshan glanced at Ye Fan, and a bit of coldness flashed in her eyes. Yun Shanshan went to Bai Yunxi several times, but she always ate closed doors. Later, Yun Shanshan inquired, only to know that Ye Fan did not let the front desk ladies casually let people go to see Bai Yunxi, and Bai Yunxi actually agreed.

Yun Shanshan tugged Bai Yunxi and said, “Big Brother Yunxi, who sent the lucky beads bracelet in your hand? It’s not a good thing at first glance. I chose a watch for you, see if you like it.”

Bai Yunxi glanced at the brand of the watch, and knew that it would not come without 5 million, “Miss Yun is very polite, thank you but no need. This watch is very valuable, Miss Yun should give it to those in need.”

Yun Shanshan looked at Bai Yunxi and felt lost for a while.

“Yunxi, there’s a buffet over there, I’m hungry, let’s go eat something.” After Ye Fan said this, his stomach screamed in response.

Yun Shanshan looked at Ye Fan with a bit of disgust on her face.

Bai Yunxi nodded and followed Ye Fan, “Okay.”

Yun Shanshan looked at the backs of Ye Fan and Bai Yunxi and felt bitter for a while.

Chen Kelan glanced at Yun Shanshan, sighed, and said, “Shanshan, give up, Bai Yunxi really has no interest in you.”

Yun Shanshan took a deep breath and said, “I still want to try again!” It’s okay to lose to the next person, but what is Ye Fan! A r*pist with low moral character.

Looking at Yun Shanshan’s face, Chen Kelan knew that Yun Shanshan would not let go easily, “Maybe the problem is not with you, but with Bai Yunxi. I have known Young Master Bai for many years, and he seems to have never had a relationship with a woman.”

Yun Shanshan’s face sank and said, “How is that possible? Yunxi is not abnormal.”


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