The Abandoned Son Ch.76

Chapter 76 – Returning to the Wu Family

Zhang Xuan’s speed was very fast, and he soon found clues from the museum’s materials.

“Young Master Ye, according to my brother’s and my investigation, this mansion should be located in Qicheng,” Zhang Xuan said.

Ye Fan blinked and said somewhat unexpectedly: “Qicheng? It seems to be next to Cangcheng!”

Zhang Xuan nodded and said: “Yes, if we want to go to Qicheng, we will pass through Cangcheng, or we can stop in Cangcheng for a while, your maternal family is a local snake in Cangcheng, maybe you can ask them.”

“That’s right! I was just about to go back and have a look. My chubby little nephew, this kid seems to be starting school soon. I don’t know if that stinky boy has encountered any trouble recently,” Ye Fan said thoughtfully.

“The longer this is delayed, the more disadvantageous it will be. Otherwise, Young Master Ye, let’s set off immediately.” Zhang Xuan asked Ye Fan nervously for his opinion, for fear that Ye Fan would suddenly come up with some whimsical ideas.

Ye Fan nodded and said neatly, “Alright.”

Zhang Xuan looked at Ye Fan in surprise, and said, “Young Master Ye, you are so quick to agree!” Ye Fan being so cooperative, really let him feel somewhat unaccustomed ah!

“Yunxi said to leave the capital early, saying that it’s not good for me to stay here, in fact, I’m not afraid of someone finding fault,” Ye Fan said, a little depressed.

Zhang Xuan’s eyelids twitched when he heard Ye Fan’s words, and thousands of thoughts flashed in his heart. Bai Yunxi was worried that someone would find fault with Ye Fan at this time. Who would Young Master Bai worry about?

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes, it was clear that Bai Yunxi was worried that the Shadow Killing Sect would make a move on him, so he asked him to hurry up and leave.

However, Ye Fan felt that if it was someone who coveted Song Pinyuan’s position, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Song Pingyuan was weak, and those who were similar to Song Pingyuan were certainly weak, so Bai Yunxi’s worries were really a bit unnecessary. “Although, I think there is little need, I think I’d better listen to Yunxi’s words.”

Zhang Xuan nodded and said with approval: “Yes, if you want to chase after Young Master Bai, you have to listen to Young Master Bai’s words…”

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Ye Fan got off the plane and was picked up by Wu Sihan in a high-end Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle.

“Cousin, are you busy lately?”

“A little busy, these days, the Wu family’s business is very good, it is inevitable that it will be busy.” But no matter how busy he is, Ye Fan can’t be left out in the cold.

Tang Yongjin took good care of the Wu family. Some time ago, the Wu family encountered a little problem with materials and Zhang Siliang took the initiative to contact the Wu family to help solve it. Thinking back on the phone call of Zhang Siliang asking for Ye Fan’s contact information, Wu Sihan certainly understood that Zhang Siliang would help because of Ye Fan. This cousin of his, he can really mix well outside.

The Ye family had probably also discovered Ye Fan’s abilities, and their intestines should be green now from so much regret.

“Cousin, who is this?” Wu Sihan looked at Ye Fan and asked.

“This is Zhang Xuan, a great dancer. He doesn’t have any great skills. He is doing errands with me,” Ye Fan said.

Zhang Xuan: “…” He is a young talent from Longhu Mountain! The younger generation of Longhu Mountain all looked up to him, and he was not as bad as Ye Fan said.

Wu Sihan nodded at Zhang Xuan, vaguely feeling that Zhang Xuan is not as simple as Ye Fan said!

“Cousin, you came back in a hurry, what’s the matter?” Wu Sihan asked.

Ye Fan took out a piece of paper and said, “Cousin, have you seen this house?”

Wu Sihan shook his head and said, “I don’t have much impression, but the architecture style of this house is a bit like Cangcheng’s, it should be around here, maybe grandpa knows.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Alright then, go back and ask Grandpa.”

The Wu family knew that Ye Fan was coming back and had long prepared a reception banquet.

“Little Uncle, you’re back, I missed you so much.”

“Oh, really? Little Uncle has been so busy chasing his wife lately that he didn’t care about you. You haven’t been tied up as a meat ticket lately, right? Looking at your fat and white appearance, you look like a meat ticket suitable for tying,” Ye Fan said.

“Little Uncle is really annoying, and I still spend my pocket money to help you raise turtles.”

“How is my turtle?”

“Your turtle eats well, sleeps well, very well. Grandpa likes that turtle very much and took it to his room. Grandpa said that since the turtle was brought back to him, his insomnia was much better,” Wu Haoqiang pouted.

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows and said secretly: Ordinary people can’t feel the existence of spiritual energy, but being in a place with strong spiritual energy is good for people.

Before, when he left, Ye Fan wanted to take the Qi Gathering Turtle with him. However, because the plane did not allow pets to travel. Ye Fan came back this time, he has already reached the fourth level of refining artifacts, and he can now refine the spiritual beast bag. Ye Fan intends to refine a spiritual beast bag and take the Qi Gathering Turtle away.

A big turtle was carried out, Zhang Xuan stared at the big turtle a few times, and the big turtle gave Zhang Xuan a look of disdain.

“Young Master Ye, you turtle looks good, it must be very nourishing after stewing it!”

“Stew? It’s okay, but it’s a bit of a waste.” Ye Fan thought for a while.

The big turtle glared at Zhang Xuan angrily, its limbs slid quickly, splashing water on Zhang Xuan’s face.

Zhang Xuan wiped his face, a bit of shock flashed in his heart, this turtle seemed to be hostile to him, could this turtle understand human words?

Zhang Xuan followed Wu Sihan to see the old man of the Wu family.

“Old man, have you seen this house?” Zhang Xuan handed the drawing paper in his hand to Wu Tengming.

“I’ve seen it. This is the main house of the landlord of the Shi family. However, at that time, the four old houses were all smashed to pieces. Now, that place has been turned into ruins. It is said that the house is somewhat full of evil spirits.”

“The master of the Shi family is in the porcelain business, and the business is quite big, but the Shi family’s house is not very peaceful.”

“The Shi family has a family head who has married more than a dozen concubines. The children are either stillborn or die not long after birth.”

“There are only two children who can grow up safely, one is the main wife’s son, and the other is the concubine’s son. When the noble concubine’s son was nineteen years old, he could not escape the catastrophe and died. It is said that the noble concubine’s son was killed by the main wife. After this person died, Mrs. Zheng also passed away because of her uneasy conscience.”

“After the concubine’s son died, the Shi family only had a direct son left by Mrs. Zheng, and the head of the Shi family pinned all his hopes on him. Everything was fine for a while. And it was probably because life was too smooth, the main wife’s son also died a few years later in the Willow Lane.”

“The owner of the Shi family has a generation of outstanding people. In the end, no one inherited the huge family business. It was the side-branch who inherited it! Everyone said that the Shi family may have suffered a curse.”

Ye Fan: “…” What curse? It was just some jealous women. In the final analysis, the Shi family’s patriarch is incompetent. He has so many wives, and he can’t control it. No matter how many babies were born, they died one after another.

Zhang Xuan said excitedly: “That’s right, that’s the place we’re looking for, can the old man help point me in the direction?”

Wu Tengming nodded and said, “Of course, but it’s not too early, why don’t you stay and have a casual meal together?”

Zhang Xuan agreed quickly: “Okay!”

The chef of the Wu family is good at cooking, and Ye Fan eats with relish.

“Is this little friend married?” Wu Houxuan asked curiously.

Zhang Xuan shook his head and said, “No.”

“Is there an object?”

“No.” Many people in Longhu Mountain only got married after leaving school in order to pursue the Dao, and some did not get married at all. His age is still considered young.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “Uncle, don’t ask, I haven’t even found a wife yet. Look at how ugly he is, can he have a wife?”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Ye Fan, this bastard.

“Little friend, Ye Fan likes to talk nonsense, don’t take it to heart. Little friend, you are a handsome man at first sight.” Wu Tengming read countless people, and vaguely felt that Zhang Xuan’s background was not simple.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Grandpa, handsome men should be like me, your standard is too low.”

Wu Tengming: “…”

Wu Haoqiang handed the peeled hairy crab to Ye Fan with a flattering smile, “Little Uncle, didn’t you go after Young Master Bai? Did you catch up?”

As soon as Wu Haoqiang said this, the expressions of the people at the table changed a little.

“Not yet, but your little uncle, I, is a person with perseverance and determination. Just wait, next time I come back, I will bring your little aunt back with me,” Ye Fan said with a bright face.

Wu Haoqiang nodded vigorously and said, “Little Uncle, you are so powerful. If Auntie has vision, he will definitely be moved by you.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, your uncle, I, is so good, people with vision will definitely embrace me.”

Zhang Xuan couldn’t stand Ye Fan’s boasting, rolled his eyes, and said, “Young Master Ye, I heard that you have a fiancée, but it seems that she has withdrawn from the marriage!”

Ye Fan frowned and said: “Don’t mention that woman, such a vulgar person with no vision. Thankfully, she broke off the marriage, saving me trouble. How can she be worthy of a peerless handsome man like me?”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Ye Fan wears a pair of slippers all day, yet he dares to call himself a peerless handsome man.

“Master, the Ye family’s people are here,” the housekeeper came in to report.

Wu Tengming frowned. After Ye Fan left, the old man of the Ye family came to him several times, and he talked about bringing Ye Fan back to the Ye family several times, also said to share part of the shares to Ye Fan in order to pull in Ye Fan. That stingy old man also considered money as his lifeblood. However, Ye Fan’s vision is so high now…

“Ah fan, what do you think?” Wu Tengming asked Ye Fan.

The strength shown by Ye Fan was far beyond Wu Tengming’s expectation, the old man of the Wu family does not dare to neglect his grandson now.

“Let them leave, I’m short on time and I don’t have time to greet them,” Ye Fan said.

Wu Tengming nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ye Fan touched his chin and secretly said: The people of the Ye family are really annoying! How cool it was when they banished him from the house! Now it’s sticky!


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Meat Ticket – kidnapped person to be exchanged for money. “Torn Ticket” means the kidnapped person was killed.

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