The Abandoned Son Ch.77

Chapter 77 – The Infant Spirit

“Uncle, how is your 10 billion plan going?” Wu Haoqiang asked curiously.

When Wu Haoqiang asked this, Wu Sihan couldn’t help but prick up his ears. Wu Sihan is also very curious about Ye Fan’s affairs now, but he was embarrassed to ask.

Ye Fan touched his chin and said: “Ten billion, it’s a bit difficult, but I also made a few transactions when I was in Beijing, and the account was almost 200 million. Your little uncle, I, want to work hard, but your little aunt has to drag me down and let me eat soft rice!”

Wu Haoqiang widened his eyes and said, “Eating soft rice is a good thing! I also want to eat soft rice.”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “It’s really a good thing, but I always feel ashamed by eating soft rice like this! When your little uncle finished this business in hand, then there will be five hundred million income, when the time comes, little uncle will buy you candy.”

Wu Haoqiang said with admiration: “Five hundred million, little uncle, you are going fly! Dad works hard and earns only a few million a year. Dad has no money to spend and needs to rely on grandpa’s subsidy. It makes me very tight! Little uncle, you are much better than my father!”

Wu Sihan: “…” How did he give birth to such a thing, eat inside and out.

Ye Fan was so flattered by Wu Haoqiang, he was a little flushed, “Geniuses like your little uncle are a minority in the world after all. Here, this card is for you, there are five million in the card, take it and spend it.”

Wu Haoqiang took the money card, and his eyes were full of admiration, “Little Uncle, you are so generous! Dad is not as generous as you!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right! Can your father compare with me? Follow your little uncle to have meat to eat.”

Zhang Xuan: “…”

“Five hundred million business?” Wu Sihan couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What kind of business?”

Ye Fan touched his chin and said, “It’s just that someone was possessed by a ghost, and it refused to leave. She made the human host lie on the bed as a vegetative person. This time, I’m going to see if the ghost still has some relatives, and if so, let the ghost’s relatives persuade the ghost to reincarnate quickly.”

Wu Haoqiang bit into his chicken wing and asked while chewing, “Can you find it?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said: “If I can’t find it, it may be a little troublesome. It’s rare to find a big task worth 500 million. I’ll do my best and leave it to fate. If I can’t find it, I can only try other methods.”

Wu Sihan looked at Ye Fan with some worry, and said, “Cousin, be careful.”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, it’s alright, at most, it’s just a few little ghosts less than three hundred years old.”

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Early the next morning, Zhang Xuan urged Ye Fan to go out.

As soon as the car drove out, it was blocked by several cars. Ye Fan frowned and said, “Why did you suddenly stop?”

“The Ye family’s car blocked the road, I’m afraid I’ll have to deal with them for a while,” Wu Sihan sighed and said.

During this period of time, the Ye family would often come to their Wu family to talk about cooperation. Old Man Wu suffered a loss from the Ye family before, how can he be willing? And now that Ye Fan had returned, the Ye family would not miss the opportunity even more.

Ye Fan said displeasedly, “Where do I have that free time?”

Ye Fan opened the car window, threw out a wind talisman, and said, “Retreat.” Several cars blocking the road were pushed aside by an unseen force.

“Drive,” Ye Fan said.

Wu Sihan, who was immersed in awe, was reminded by Ye Fan and immediately told the driver to drive.

As soon as the driver’s car opened, several cars from the Ye family followed.

Ye Fan looked at the cars behind him with a cold face and said, “It’s really endless.”

“Explode,” Ye Fan threw out a talisman again.

There was a sound of tires exploding one after another, several cars from the Ye family suddenly broke down on the road.

Seeing that no car was following, Ye Fan raised his legs lazily, “It’s resolved.”

Wu Sihan looked at this scene in surprise. Although he knew that Ye Fan had some special skills, he still felt a little incredible when he saw it with his own eyes.

“Cousin, you are amazing!”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “This is nothing. It’s just a trivial skill.”

Wu Sihan: “…”

“Damn, how could all the tires blow out?” Ye Shaohui couldn’t help saying.

“It’s Ye Fan, it must be him,” Ye Ling said.

Ye Shaohui felt a little creeped out in his heart, “This guy, Ye Fan, is so evil now!”

Ye Ling nodded and said, “Yes.” Cai Zhenjun admired Ye Fan so much, Ye Ling checked Cai Zhenjun later and found that this guy was famous among the second-generation wealthy circles in Beijing.

“It seems that Ye Fan has a deep prejudice against our Ye family!” Ye Shaohui couldn’t help saying.

Ye Ling nodded and said secretly: If this goes on, the Wu family will gain all the benefits, and the Ye family will not be able to get anything.


When Wu Sihan and the others arrived at Qicheng, someone had already come to greet them.

Wu Sihan got closer and saw that it was Kang Yan. Kang Yan was one of the biggest bosses in Qicheng.

“Master Zhang, you are finally here,” Kang Yan greeted him enthusiastically, grabbing Zhang Xuan’s hand and shaking it.

A few years ago, Kang Yan was attacked by an evil magic. At that time, he happened to meet a Longhu Mountain Celestial Master who was traveling and helped Kang Yan solve the problem. When people are rich, they are afraid of accidents. Kang Yan was very much in awe of capable celestial masters.

Back then, after the Celestial Master of Longhu Mountain helped solve the problem, he left. People from Longhu Mountain usually don’t go out of the mountain gate, and Kang Yan couldn’t get in touch with him if he wanted to. This time, people from Longhu Mountain asked about the ancient house, Kang Yan immediately felt that the opportunity was coming, so he waited here early in the morning.

Wu Sihan frowned, looking at Kang Yan in surprise.

Kang Yan’s net worth is very high, and his business is very big. This guy came forward to greet Zhang Xuan in person, which shows that Zhang Xuan’s origin is definitely not simple.

“Cousin, is this Zhang Xuan really a great dancer?” Kang Yan asked in a low voice.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Of course, can I still lie to you?”

“Where did he come from?” Wu Sihan asked.

“Longhu Mountain.”

Wu Sihan: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, made the high person from Longhu Mountain sound like a quack, causing him to neglect him.

Zhang Xuan was a little moved by Kang Yan’s enthusiastic attitude. He didn’t feel it when he was being complimented all the time. However, he was always treated as a straw bag by Ye Fan, and now he felt very good when he met someone who regarded himself as an expert.

Ye Fan walked to Zhang Xuan’s side, interrupting, “Business, business, 500 million, 500 million!”

Zhang Xuan: “…”

Kang Yan glanced at Ye Fan inexplicably, “This is?”

“This is my assistant, Ye Fan!”

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Obviously, I am the leader, and you are the assistant.”

Zhang Xuan turned his head to look at Ye Fan, lowered his voice, and said, “Do you still want to earn 500 million?”

Ye Fan frowned and replied reluctantly, “Fine, for the sake of money, if I’m an assistant, I’ll be an assistant.”

Zhang Xuan: “…” Ye Fan, this money fan!

“Young Master Wu is here too,” Kang Yan looked at Wu Sihan and said hello.

“Hello, Boss Kang, the last time I saw you was at Old Tang’s reception. It’s been a long time since I saw you.”

“Young Master Wu is getting more and more spirited. I heard that the Wu family has recently received several large orders, and the business is doing very well!” Kang Yan said.

“Boss Kang, you flatter me.”

“Why is Young Master Wu here?” Kang Yan asked.

“Master Zhang’s assistant is my cousin,” Wu Sihan said.

Kang Yan was stunned for a moment, and said, “So that’s the case. Your cousin can be Master Zhang’s assistant at a young age, and he will definitely have a bright future in the future!”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Yes! Yes!” His cousin, who is doing well now, has a bright future indeed.

Ye Fan turned his head and looked at Wu Sihan with a scowl on his face, Wu Sihan felt a little guilty for some reason. Kang Yan highly praised Zhang Xuan, but Zhang Xuan asked for help from his cousin, which shows that his cousin is really powerful! When did his cousin become so powerful?

“Young Master Ye, hurry up and find it, don’t you want to rush to the capital to chase after your wife after finding it?” Zhang Xuan said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, yes, one day is like three autumns apart. I’ve been away for a long time, he should miss me.”

Wu Sihan: “…”

Kang Yan said suspiciously: “Young Master Ye has a sweetheart?”

Wu Sihan nodded and said, “Yes, there is.”

“I don’t know which girl it is. She is so lucky to be favored by Young Master Ye.” Kang Yan has been in the business world for many years, and it is natural to see that Zhang Xuan and Ye Fan have a good relationship. It was the foreign aid that Zhang Xuan invited over, and being able to be invited as a foreign aid by the people from Longhu Mountain, it can be seen that he has some skills.


The ancient house of Shi family had fallen into disrepair after many years.

“This place has not been rebuilt.” Zhang Xuan found that the Shi family’s old house was in a good location, and many high-rise buildings had been built around it, but the construction of this place had not started.

“Before, some people thought about rebuilding, but this place is a bit evil. Every time they want to rebuild this place, something incredible will happen,” Kang Yan explained quickly.

“For example, what kind of thing?” Ye Fan asked.

“For example, for the guy involved in the excavation, the children in the family will have a high fever for no reason. As long as the excavation work is stopped, the high fever will subside,” Kang Yan said.

Zhang Xuan frowned and muttered, “Is there such a thing?”

Ye Fan took out the ghost flag and waved it, frowning immediately.

“What’s wrong?” Zhang Xuan asked.

“Infant spirit! There are many infant spirits in this place,” Ye Fan said. Infant spirits are formed by those babies who died too early, and there are a dozen or so gathered in this place.

Zhang Xuan frowned and said, “The struggle in the back house is really terrifying!”

Ye Fan said with some puzzlement: “It shouldn’t be! Infant spirits don’t have much resentment, and they should dissipate quickly.”

Ye Fan and Zhang Xuan walked into the ruins, Zhang Xuan was stunned for a moment, and said, “Hey, the evil qi here is like a tide.”

Ye Fan glanced at Zhang Xuan and said, “What did you say?”

“This place was originally supposed to be a blessed land, but when the spiritual veins were destroyed, the blessed land became a disaster land. There is this evil qi in this place. These infant spirits may be too weak so it was bound by this evil qi, so they cannot reincarnate.”

Ye Fan narrowed his eyes and said, “There are many little ghosts here, but no adult ghosts were found.”

When that woman killed her son, his son should be almost nineteen years old, and the mansion is full of little ghosts, so he should not be here.

“Will there be that woman’s grandson here?” Zhang Xuan asked.

Ye Fan touched his chin and said, “I don’t know, maybe he’s here. However, the children are all about the same size, I don’t know which one is him. Put them away first.”

Ye Fan threw out a stack of talisman records, and the dozen or so infant spirits in the mansion were put away by Ye Fan.


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Meat Ticket – The kidnapped person to be exchanged for money (I forgot to explain this in the previous chap) And “Torn Ticket” means the kidnapped person was killed.

Eating inside and outside – flattering outsiders, can also be used when someone is working as a spy for a rival company

Eating soft rice – doing nothing/not working hard but can eat and drink / like being raised

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