The Abandoned Son Ch.80

Chapter 80 – Black Belt in Taekwondo

Cai Shuai looked at Ye Fan and said with some doubt, “What means did you use to trick my brother.”

“A simple-minded one like your brother still needs to be tricked?” Of course, he, Ye Fan, didn’t care to cheat a stupid fork like that.

Cai Shuai took a deep breath and said, “Hurry up and leave.”

Ye Fan shook his head and said solemnly: “That’s not good, I have received money, if I don’t stay here, I will be unprofessional! This will tarnish my reputation as a practitioner, not to mention that your brother only paid the deposit, the balance has not yet been paid.”

Cai Shuai: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Shuai and said, “Don’t look at me like that. The money your brother spends is only enough for me to watch you for fifteen days. After a few days, I will disappear.”

“Thank you so much! I can’t stand even one day!” Cai Shuai said angrily.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “Young man, why are you so impatient? This is not good!”

Cai Shuai: “…”

Cai Zhenjun brought a pot of chicken soup over and said, “Brother Ye, there just happens to be chicken soup in the kitchen. You can try it. This chicken soup is delicious.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, then I’ll try it.”

Cai Shuai said angrily, “You idiot, this chicken soup is stewed for mother to nourish her body…”

Cai Zhenjun frowned and said, “Then let the kitchen cook another one.”

Cai Shuai: “…”

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan and said in a pleasing manner, “Young Master Ye, how does it taste?”

Ye Fan nibbled at the chicken leg and said, “It’s okay.”

“Brother, eat slowly, I’ll ask the kitchen to make you something else,” Cai Zhenjun said flatteringly.

“Hurry up! Only when you have enough food can you have the strength to work,” Ye Fan said.

“Yes, that’s right, I certainly won’t starve you.”

Cai Shuai looked at Cai Zhenjun’s flattering appearance and wished he could go up and kick Cai Zhenjun.

“You are a black belt in Taekwondo?” Cai Shuai asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I am highly powerful, a black belt in taekwondo or whatever is not in my eyes.”

“Can you beat him?” Cai Shuai pointed to a person beside him.

Ye Fan glanced at Jiang Bin and said, “Who is this guy?”

“The assistant my father hired for me!” Cai Shuai said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “A weak assistant, how can he be compared to an expert like me?”

Jiang Bin frowned. He was nominally Cai Shuai’s assistant, but he was actually sent by the Dragon Group to protect Cai Shuai. The National Dragon Group was also interested in Cai Shuai’s stuff, however, Cai Shuai did not mention it, and the Dragon Group’s people were not good at forcing.

Jiang Bin glanced at Ye Fan coldly, but did not speak.

“Brother Jiang, what is Second Young Master Cai thinking? Why did he bring such a person here? Ye Fan is not a problem, right?” Chen Li asked Jiang Bin.

“This guy may have cheated for money. Second Young Master Cai is just concerned.”

“Brother Jiang, now that the Cai family is in such a mess, why does Young Master Cai still attract wolves into the house?”

“Forget it, I heard that the two brothers of the Cai family have a good relationship, so Second Young Master Cai should not have any intention of harming the Eldest Young Master.”

No matter how Cai Shuai opposed Ye Fan, Ye Fan still lived in Cai’s house and became Cai Shuai’s head coach.

Cai Shuai was sitting in the cafeteria, and Ye Fan was sitting across from Cai Shuai reading comics, with a “giggling” laughter from time to time.

Jiang Bin next to Cai Shuai looked at Ye Fan speechlessly.

“When can you get out of here?” Cai Shuai said impatiently.

Ye Fan put down the comic book and said, “Wait until I get the final payment.”

Cai Shuai: “…”

“Aren’t you the coach my brother hired? What are you trying to teach me?” Cai Shuai felt that Ye Fan was a veritable rice bucket.

“I see that your roots and bones are not good, you can’t learn even if you die, so you don’t need to waste time, right?” Ye Fan drank a sip of milk tea and said casually.

“Then you still don’t get out!”

“Although I can’t teach you Taekwondo, I can still teach you other things,” Ye Fan said calmly.

“Respect teachers and respect Taoism?” Cai Shuai asked sarcastically.

Ye Fan raised his head, looked at Cai Shuai, and praised: “Tsk tsk, although you can’t be taught and your roots are not good, your understanding is still okay!”

Listening to Ye Fan’s praise, Cai Shuai almost vomited blood.

“Waiter, add two more cups of milk tea and put less sugar,” Ye Fan ordered to the waiter again.

Cai Shuai looked at Ye Fan in confusion and said, “Don’t you like sweets?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! But I’m someone who wants to chase after my wife, so I need to pay attention to my figure.”

Cai Shuai: “…” After eating so much all day, how dare you say anything about paying attention to your figure.

“Chasing your wife? Which unlucky bastard has you taken a fancy to?” Cai Shuai asked.

Ye Fan looked at Cai Shuai in confusion and asked, “How is it unlucky to be fancied by me?”

Cai Shuai: “…” Isn’t it unlucky enough to be seen by you?!

Cai Zhenjun walked in with a stack of comic books and said, “Boss Ye, I’ve brought you everything you want.”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “Good, your brother is old and annoying, if I don’t have these spiritual food, how can I stay here?”

Cai Shuai: “…” If you can’t stay, then you can get out!

Cai Zhenjun looked at Ye Fan full of flattery, and said, “Boss Ye, what else do you like to read? Just tell me, my brother is very annoying and neglectful. For my sake, you bear with me a little bit.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Don’t worry, a prime minister’s heart is big enough to sail a boat in, I won’t bother with your brother.”

Cai Shuai looked at Cai Zhenjun, and said, “Second brother, you brought such a person here because you are sincerely trying to suffocate me, right? Do you think I’m not annoyed enough now?”

“No, brother, Boss Ye is a black belt in Taekwondo,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Cai Shuai looked at Cai Zhenjun and said, “Believe it or not, I’ll mark you with panda eyes!”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Shuai and said sternly: “You are a big brother, why are you so rude? It’s not good!”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes, big brother, it’s not good for you to be like this.”

Cai Shuai looked at Cai Zhenjun, only to feel that he was out of breath!

A cold light flashed in Ye Fan’s eyes.

“Be careful.” Jiang Bin pulled Cai Shuai, but unfortunately, it was a little too late.

Ye Fan’s hand swept past Cai Shuai’s ear, a bullet was pinched in Ye Fan’s hand. A large hole had been opened by the whistling bullet on the glass window on the side of the coffee shop.

With a move of Ye Fan’s wrist, the bullet flew back along the original path.

Cai Zhenjun blinked, somewhat unable to return to his senses.

Ye Fan glanced at Cai Zhenjun and said, “The killer is on the opposite rooftop, have someone check it out, and as we agreed beforehand, the loot is all mine.”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Of course, of course…”

No need for Cai Zhenjun to order anything, someone already went to fetch the things over.

Cai Shuai stared blankly at Ye Fan, who was drinking milk tea, and swallowed his saliva. At this point, what can he still not understand? Ye Fan is really a master, that brother of his specially invited over to protect his safety, however, he has been treating him as a huckster.

People who can catch bullets with their bare hands are definitely not ordinary people.

“Brother Jiang…” A soldier came to Jiang Bin’s ear, whispered a few words, and looked solemn.

Ye Fan glanced at Jiang Bin with a dignified face, and said, “What’s the matter?”

“The people from the Palace of the Kings of Hell have taken action,” Jiang Bin said.

Ye Fan blinked and said, “The Palace of the Kings of Hell, this name is very domineering!”

Cai Zhenjun frowned, “The Palace of the Kings of Hell. If the so-called Kings of Hell wants you to die at the third night, they will not keep anyone alive until the fifth night. Those who are targeted by the Palace of the Kings of Hell will surely die!

“What is that?” Ye Fan asked while looking at the wooden sign.

“The assassins in the Palace of Kings of Hell have different grades, and the identity cards are also divided into four types: silver, purple gold, gold, and yellow. The killer who came this time is just a silver medal killer,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan nodded and said “Oh, it’s only a silver medal! No wonder, it’s so weak. I just don’t know how the gold medal is?”

“Young Master Ye, are you going to back down?” Cai Zhenjun asked cautiously.

Ye Fan glanced at Cai Zhenjun and said, “I’m the kind of person who gives up halfway? But you, hurry up and get the final payment ready, when the time comes, if you don’t have the money to pay me, I’ll beat you into a pig’s head!”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

Cai Shuai glanced at Cai Zhenjun, and a bit of warmth flashed in his heart. Cai Zhenjun suddenly sold cars and houses to ask for help for him, but he lied that he lost the bet because he was afraid that he would not be able to save face.

Jiang Bin took a few people out to take care of the aftermath, “Boss, the killer fired the gun at the hotel across the street, but when we went over, the other party had a bullet embedded in his eyebrow and had already died.” The distance between the two buildings is more than 100 meters! What kind of ability is this to kill the killer with a single bullet at hand?

Jiang Bin nodded and said, “Second Young Master Cai has no skills, but he shouldn’t be stupid, this guy Ye Fan is an expert.”

He should have discovered it long ago, but the behavior of this guy Ye Fan is really beyond words, making people unable to accept that this guy is an expert.

Ye Fan followed Cai Shuai downstairs and got into the car.

Cai Shuai sat beside Ye Fan, looked at Ye Fan twice, but did not speak.

The car drove out, and not long after, it was attacked by two cars.

“Brother Jiang, the brakes seem to be broken,” the driver who was driving the car said to Jiang Bin who was on the passenger side.

Because Cai Shuai was stared at, every time before getting on and off the car, plainclothes police officers would check whether there was a bomb on the car, but the brakes were not checked much.

Cai Shuai’s expression changed, and Ye Fan said worriedly: “If the brake is broken, it will be troublesome. If the brake is broken, it is easy to run a red light. If you run a red light, six points will be deducted. If you deduct 12 points, you will need to retake the driver’s license! Too much trouble.”

Cai Shuai: “…” The focus now is to retake the driver’s license? This guy, Ye Fan, is really not here to be funny?

“Bang! Bang!” the sound of gunshots rang out.

“Damn, actually shooting in this kind of place.” Jiang Bin couldn’t help but curse angrily.

Ye Fan opened the car window, threw out a few blasting talismans, and the car that was chasing the two exploded in an instant.

Ye Fan looked at the two exploding cars behind him through the car window, frowned, and said, “It exploded like this, it is estimated that some spoils of war were burned to ashes.”

Cai Shuai looked at Ye Fan and said, “Young Master Ye, no matter how much my brother promises you, I will double it. Please, think of a way, we are about to hit someone.”

Ye Fan threw out a talisman and said, “Deal.” The car stopped suddenly.

Jiang Bin looked at Ye Fan and couldn’t help but say, “Young Master Ye, you’re a Celestial Master!”

Ye Fan shrugged and said, “Sort of.”


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