The Abandoned Son Ch.79

Chapter 79 – What a coincidence? Your surname is also Bai!

“Old Bai, do you want me to help you dissolve the stone?” the shopkeeper came out and said respectfully to the old man.

“Old Bai, your surname is Bai, and my wife’s surname is also Bai, what a coincidence!” Ye Fan said cheerfully.

“He’s not your wife,” Bai Shiyuan said agitatedly.

Ye Fan said displeasedly: “He will be later!”

“It’s still very early for you to say this,” Bai Shiyuan said, displeased.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Shiyuan in confusion, “Sir, it’s my wife, why are you so angry?”

Bai Shiyuan couldn’t hold back his anger, “Do you know who I am?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I’m not sure.”

Bai Shiyuan: “…” Ye Fan, this bastard, doesn’t even know who he is.

“I’m Bai Shiyuan,” Bai Shiyuan said with gritted his teeth.

“How did you come up with such a name, it’s very tongue-twisting! However, it sounds familiar to me. Ah! I remember, you are Yunxi’s grandfather…” Ye Fan said with a smile on his face.

Bai Shiyuan: “…” Ye Fan, this bastard!

“I said, grandpa…”

“Who is your grandfather…”

“Old Man Bai, you can just give me this jade. When I make money from it, I will give it to you as a betrothal gift in the future. You are definitely not at a loss. We will be family in the future, so don’t be stingy!” Ye Fan approached Bai Shiyuan and said.

Bai Shiyuan: “…”

The shopkeeper looked at Ye Fan curiously. He knew Bai Shiyuan. The shopkeeper never thought that someone would talk to Bai Shiyuan like that.

Bai Shiyuan looked at Ye Fan with a twisted face. Before, Bai Yunxi asked Ye Fan to protect Xiao Chi for a period of time. Every time Xiao Chi mentioned Ye Fan, he always looked like he was in pain, and he always said that staying with Ye Fan for a day will make you live a few months less. Bai Shiyuan thought Xiao Chi was exaggerating before, but now, Bai Shiyuan realizes that Xiao Chi is not exaggerating at all!

“Old Bai, this is your future grandson-in-law? Old Bai, this is Yunfei’s boyfriend? So Miss Bai likes this type, looks really vigorous ah?” the shopkeeper asked.

Bai Shiyuan: “…he’s talking nonsense.”

Ye Fan frowned and said, “I didn’t! I abide by the law and don’t tell lies! I’m with—”

“Shut up!” Bai Shiyuan interrupted Ye Fan, a little angry.

“Fine, I won’t say it! Then this jade…”

“No!” Bai Shiyuan found that staying with Ye Fan will also make one’s IQ suffer a steep decline.

“I’ll exchange Shiquan Dabu pills with you!” Ye Fan used his trump card.

Bai Shiyuan’s face suddenly turned to the color of pig liver, “No exchange!”

“Why? Don’t you like it? Old Man Xiao asked me for a lot of them. I was worried that Old Man Xiao was eating too much, but then he told me that most of them were what you wanted,” Ye Fan said, a little puzzled.

Bai Shiyuan: “…” This bastard, Xiao Chi!

“Okay, okay, here it is, here it is, take it,” Bai Shiyuan said angrily.

Ye Fan showed a bright smile and said: “Oh, that’s good, Yunxi said you are rich! You are so rich, don’t be too stingy, we will be a family from now on.”

Bai Shiyuan: “Will you shut up?!”

Ye Fan puffed out his cheeks and said, “Old Man Bai, your line is exactly the same as Old Man Xiao!”

Bai Shiyuan: “…”

Ye Fan said to the shopkeeper on the side, “The old man gave me the jade, help me wrap it up.”

The shopkeeper looked at Ye Fan, not expecting things to turn out like this.

“Do you want to solve the stone, little friend?” the shopkeeper asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No.”

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Chao Xi company.

“The quality of this jade is really good!” Imperial green, a rare and superb jadeite!

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! It’s very nice.”

“Did you buy it?” This guy, Ye Fan, seems to like cheap stuff!

“No. It was given to me by your grandfather.”

Bai Yunxi’s eyes widened, and said, “My grandfather? A gift for you? Why would my grandfather give it to you?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t know either, maybe it’s because he likes me.”

“Like you?” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yeah! Yunxi, why are you looking at me like that? Everyone likes me, I’m such an excellent person!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” You are really confident!

Bai Yunxi remembered that when he went home yesterday, Bai Shiyuan seemed to be in a bad mood, and he didn’t say anything when he asked him. Was it because he had suffered a loss when he met Ye Fan?


Ye Fan returned to the villa and found that Cai Zhenjun was waiting at the door again.

“Rookie, why are you here again?”

“Boss Ye, I’m not Rookie, I’m Cai Zhenjun (Cai Highly Talented/Handsome), you can call me Brother Jun, too!” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan: “…” Brother Jun? Dream on!

“What do you want?”

“I want to ask you to be my brother’s bodyguard for half a month,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “Half a month, that’s too long. I’m a person who wants to accompany my wife the most.” Before, he had been with Xiao Chi for a while. The old man disliked the East and disliked the West, and was very difficult to serve.

Cai Zhenjun said anxiously: “Young Master Ye, how about one hundred million, I will give you one hundred million!”

“One hundred million, you have that much money?” Ye Fan asked.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “I’ll have it when I sell the yacht, luxury car, and villa in my hands.”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun and said in surprise: “I didn’t see it! You are actually so rich.”

“It’s okay, it’s just that my parents are more generous.”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun in disbelief and said, “What’s wrong with your brother? Why do I have to follow him for half a month?”

“I’m not very clear. When he came back from abroad, he was targeted by people from the International Killer Organization. Young Master Ye, do you know about Gene Warrior?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

“Gene warrior, what is that?”

Cai Zhenjun shook his head and said, “I’m not very clear either, I heard that there are some ancient martial arts practitioners in the country who can defeat a hundred alone, but these people can’t easily do it. Gene warriors are something similar, after genetic mutation, some have great strength, and some can use elements such as flame and water.”

Ye Fan said in surprise: “Can they throw a fireball?”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Well, there seems to be such a person? However, I just heard, I’m not very sure if there are any exactly”

Ye Fan was a little confused, and thought to himself: Could it be that there are cultivators abroad? “Did your brother mess with the gene warriors?”

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Maybe, in short, according to the information I got, my brother seems to have got something he shouldn’t have. The National Dragon Group has also sent someone to protect my brother’s safety, also because they are worried about things falling into the hands of people abroad.”

“What about that thing?” Ye Fan asked.

Cai Zhenjun shook his head and said, “My brother didn’t say.”

Ye Fan: “…”

“Okay, Yunxi has been very busy recently and has no time to talk to me. I can protect your brother for a while. As long as the money is in place, I can start working,” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Okay, okay, Boss Ye, my brother is a bit strict. When you go to protect my brother, can you not tell my brother that you are the bodyguard I hired?”

Ye Fan asked inexplicably, “Uh, why?”

“My brother has recently been surrounded by three layers of bodyguards inside and three layers outside, and hates bodyguards very much,” Cai Zhenjun said with distress.

“Then, how are you going to tell your brother?”

“Just say, you are the taekwondo coach I hired!”

“Boss Ye, do you still have that self-defense thing?” Cai Zhenjun asked.

“You want a self-defense jade pendant?” Ye Fan asked.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Three million per piece,” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun frowned and said, “The price has gone up again!”

“You get what you pay for! The quality of things has also improved,” Ye Fan said.

Cai Zhenjun nodded and said, “Okay!”


Cai Zhenjun took Ye Fan to see Cai Shuai!

Cai Shuai was being watched by quite a few people, and Cai Zhenjun was only let in after a good deal of persuasion.

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun and said suspiciously, “Your brother has a lot of bodyguards!”

“Dad invited a lot of people to protect my brother. They follow him everywhere, even when going to the toilet, but…” But they were all wine bags and rice bags, and I was afraid that they would not be of much use at the critical moment.

As soon as Cai Shuai saw Cai Zhenjun, he scolded his head and face, “Brat, what have you done?”

Cai Zhenjun said puzzled: “What have I done?”

“Why did you sell your car and house?” Cai Shuai said dissatisfied.

Cai Zhenjun smiled and said, “It’s nothing, just lost a bet recently! So, sell it for emergency!”

“You were gambling?!” Cai Shuai looked at Cai Zhenjun with anger and pounced to beat Cai Zhenjun.

Cai Zhenjun hurriedly hid behind Ye Fan and said, “This, am I just gambling? Brother, don’t you still gamble on jade? Why are you only allowed to gamble and not me?”

Cai Shuai discontentedly said, “Nonsense, you have reason to gamble?”

“Well, I didn’t lose all of my money in gambling. I also hired a coach for you, look who this is? This is my Brother Ye, I specially invited him over to coach you. I think, relying on people to protect you is not quite good, the most important thing is to improve your own strength. Brother Ye is a black belt in taekwondo, I spent a lot of effort to invite him over.”

Cai Shuai looked at Ye Fan and said unhappily, “How much money have you fooled my brother!”

Ye Fan shook his head, found a chair, sat down, and said, “I am law-abiding, honest, and trustworthy, I never fool people.”

Cai Zhenjun hurriedly nodded and said, “That’s right, big brother, Boss Ye is a person with great ability, you must not be negligent.”

Cai Shuai rolled his eyes and looked at Ye Fan coldly: “What can you teach me?”

Ye Fan looked at Cai Shuai from top to bottom and said, “I think your qualifications are average. I’m afraid you won’t learn anything in a short time. At most, you will learn a few skills. Of course, I can also teach you some other things…”

Cai Shuai smiled coldly and said, “For example…”

“For example, respect for the teacher, courtesy, and principles. I am now hungry, you, as an apprentice, shouldn’t you prepare a table for me, ah?”

Cai Shuai: “…”

Cai Zhenjun looked at Cai Shuai’s iron blue face, and quickly said, “Boss Ye, wait for me and I’ll pass the food to you!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Hurry up!”


Cai Zhenjun happily went out the door, looking like he had been sold and was still helping others count the money.


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