The Abandoned Son Ch.95

Chapter 95 — Fans Looking for Trouble

Halfway through filming, Song Linfeng received a call from Song Qiming and had to go back to the Song family first.

“Cousin, what do you want from me? I have to shoot a movie, time is tight,” Song Linfeng said with some impatience.

“The matter of Song Yuan’s ghost marriage, you said it would be solved by you, how did you solve it?” Song Qiming asked coldly.

Song Linfeng said with some guilty conscience, “I’m still trying to figure out a way to do this, it’s almost done.”

“Song Yuan is not satisfied with the object you chose, he is making a fuss!” Song Qiming said coldly.

Song Linfeng’s eyes widened subconsciously and said, “Impossible!”

That Song Yuan was a homosexual before his death, so the object of the ghost marriage was also a man. He took Song Yuan to see Tang Yuxuan before, and Song Yuan was obviously very happy. At that time, he was still thinking that Tang Yuxuan was not only popular with people, but also popular with ghosts.

“Did you choose a man named Gao Manjin?” Song Qiming asked.

Song Linfeng’s expression changed, and he said, “No!” Isn’t that Gao Manjin the name of Tang Yuxuan’s cheap brother? He clearly chose Tang Yuxuan!

Song Qiming frowned and said, “The marriage contract has been concluded, and it is Gao Manjin! Who the hell is this Gao Manjin?!”

Song Linfeng clenched his fists and quickly understood, Song Linfeng secretly said: This guy Tang Yuxuan is powerful enough! Actually came up with this trick of replacing flower with wood! Gao Manjin is Tang Yuxuan’s eldest brother. Tang Yuxuan has no mercy at all.

“I didn’t do it well, I may have been calculated,” Song Qiming said lightly.

“This is the end of the matter, I can only find a way to comfort this ancestor.”

Song Linfeng frowned and said, “Cousin, is there something wrong with the feng shui of our main house? Why do I feel that things are not going well for me recently?”

A few days ago, there were a lot of negative news about him, unspoken rules with female stars, hiring a water army to discredit competitors, and poisoning singers who offended him, destroying their throats. Although these news were suppressed by him, it still caused a bad impression on his image. Several advertisements that originally appointed him as a spokesperson have also replaced him.

Song Qiming’s face was gloomy. The recent fortune of the Song family was not very good. If Song Yuan made such a big fuss a year ago, the Song family would have found a master and sealed this guy up, but now, the Song family is worried. There are a lot of internal and external troubles, it is not advisable to cause extra trouble.

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Inside the small hotel.

Gao Manjin clutched his neck, his face pale.

“Dad, Mom, what did you do? Did you marry me to a ghost?”

Gao Ping said agitatedly: “How is it possible? How could Dad and Mom do this?” Although Gao Ping didn’t believe in ghost marriage, he couldn’t take such a risk with a precious son like Gao Manjin.

Zhou Juan asked anxiously, “Manjin, what’s wrong with you? What happened to your neck?”

There are several black fingerprints on Gao Manjin’s neck, which looks very scary.

“Last night, a ghost pressed me and wanted to kill me. He almost strangled me, and he said he wasn’t satisfied with me being his wife.”

Zhou Juan’s face turned pale with fright at the words of Gao Manjin, “How can this happen? How can this happen?!”

Gao Manjin looked at Gao Ping and said with resentment: “Dad, I said if you want money, you can go directly to Tang Yuxuan. Why do you have to fix that ghost marriage? Did you get mine and Tang Yuxuan’s natal chart mixed up? Dad, are you trying to kill me?”

Zhou Juan hurriedly said, “How can we make a mistake? It’s impossible to make a mistake!”

Gao Manjin covered his neck and said angrily, “I’m getting married soon, but now I’m entangled by a ghost. If my girlfriend finds out about this, what should I do?!”

“Don’t worry! Dad and Mom will find a master for you, and you will be fine after exorcising the evil spirit,” Zhou Juan comforted.

With a gloomy face, Gao Ping said, “He must have done it! That bastard, the shaman is right! That stinky boy is the reincarnation of the evil star! Harming his parents, the shaman is right!”

“I should have strangled him as soon as he was born,” Zhou Juan said.

Gao Manjin listened to the complaints of his parents, and said impatiently: “Okay, it’s useless for you to scold here, the most important thing is to find that psychic medium.”


Tang Yuxuan’s villa.

“This is your wedding certificate, I got it,” Ye Fan said.

After the ghost marriage partner was changed to Gao Manjin, the couple in the Gao family became anxious. Unexpectedly, they actually contacted the psychic medium. Ye Fan has been letting the little ghost stare at the couple, and when the two contacted the psychic medium, Ye Fan happened to find someone and retrieved the wedding certificate.

“Thank you, Young Master Ye, what should I do with this certificate?” Tang Yuxuan asked.

“Just cut it in half.”

Tang Yuxuan nodded, took out a pair of scissors, and cut the wedding certificate in half. Once the wedding certificate was cut, Tang Yuxuan felt a lot more relaxed.

“The matter is settled, when will you send me the final payment?” Ye Fan asked carelessly.

“Young Master Ye, don’t worry, I don’t dare to renege my promise to you, an expert. The balance will be credited to your account within two days.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s good. In that case, I’ll give you a piece of news as a friendly reminder. The couple seems to be planning on going to court to sue you for not supporting them. They also plan to contact the media and sue you for harming your brother.”

Tang Yuxuan: “…” This is indeed what the couple would do. Ghosts are scary, but living people are sometimes more scary than ghosts!

“Thank you, Young Master Ye, for your reminder!”

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing!”


Chao Xi Company.

Ye Fan lay on the sofa and covered his face with a newspaper.

“You’re not going to film?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan shook his head, “No, my role is over. The director also said that I’ve had a lot of news recently, so it’s better to cool down first.”

Bai Yunxi smiled and secretly said: The director’s words should be subtle, Ye Fan has just made his debut, and scandals are flying all over the sky. Although anti-fans are also fans, if they are all anti-fans, it will be very troublesome.

“It’s better for you to keep a low profile these days. The Internet is full of negative news about you,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan turned over and said angrily: “Look at what’s written in this newspaper, it’s all about catching wind and shadows! What do they mean I’m stepping on two boats?! What ‘hugging thighs’ to do what I want? What ‘unspoken rules and sleeping with people everywhere’! Who are these people?! I want to hug your thighs and have unspoken rules with you, but aren’t you unwilling?”

Bai Yunxi: “…” Just Ye Fan, this death-seeking idiot, actually still wants to mix in the entertainment industry.

“After filming this scene, you should quit the circle!” Bai Yunxi said righteously and sternly.

Ye Fan said puzzled: “Why? The director said that I have great potential and a bright future?”

“Don’t you want to make 10 billion? Being a star is not as fast as eating a big household!” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right! The director said that because the funds were too tight, he could only pay me 200,000 yuan. I jumped up and down, and flew around, but he actually only gave me 100,000 yuan for a day. What a bastard!”

“You’re a newcomer, how much money do you want the director to give you? Do you know that many newcomers act with zero pay in order to become famous, and some are even willing to give money,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan said in confusion: “There is still such a fool?”

Bai Yunxi: “…Yes!”

“It seems that the entertainment industry is not easy to mix in, then, I shouldn’t get involved anymore. I am such a clean person and I have turned into a playboy for these gossip reporters. The entertainment circle is really a big dye tank!” Ye Fan said in a frustrated tone.

Bai Yunxi: “…” The entertainment circle is a big dye tank, that’s not what it means.

“Yunxi, do you want to go to dinner with me at night?” Ye Fan asked.

“Do you know how bad your reputation is right now? You still want to go out to eat, you are not afraid of being smashed?” Bai Yunxi asked coldly.

Ye Fan said disapprovingly: “How can it be so exaggerated! I’m so handsome, who would hit me?”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Ye Fan walked to the underground garage and found that many people were waiting to ambush him in the underground garage.

Ye Fan’s face turned cold, and said, “Who is it? Come out, all of you!”

“Sisters, go!”

Twenty heavily armed little girls emerged from the underground parking lot, “Sisters, the target has appeared, let’s go!”

Ye Fan placed his hands on his waist, and a dozen little girls surrounded him in a circle, hurling eggs and tomatoes at him.

Ye Fan waved his hand, and the eggs, tomatoes, etc. all bounced back, and suddenly, there were screams one after another!

Ye Fan stuck his waist, looking fiercely at a girl with a face full of rotten eggs, “You’re the leader, right? It’s really a bad world! A rookie like you can actually be the leader. Who are you? Who instructed you to come?”

“We came on our own accord!” The girl said in a righteous manner.

Ye Fan crossed his arms and said, “Came here on your own accord? Why?”

“For the sake of justice! You step on two boats, no, four, five boats, you are so shameless! How dare you touch our Xuanxuan, you bastard!” The girl was full of anger, if her voice didn’t tremble, it would be more convincing!

Ye Fan said in displeasure, “Who’s got his hands on your Xuanxuan? I only like Yunxi. I don’t want others even if they give themselves to me.”

“You are shameless! How dare you despise our Xuanxuan?!” the girl said angrily.

Ye Fan pouted and said, “You stinky girl, really hard to serve, whoever marries you will be unlucky.”

The girl cried out with a “waaah!”. Ye Fan didn’t mean to pity the flower and jade at all, and said with disgust: “What’s going on with Tang Yuxuan? Why are his fans so useless, they cry when they talk!”

When the girl heard Ye Fan’s words, she was immediately angry, “You are not allowed to insult our family Xuanxuan!”

“I didn’t insult your family Xuanxuan, I was insulting you! You stinky girl, you are all so young, go back and study hard, improve every day. Don’t come out and shame your idols,” Ye Fan said coldly.

The girl widened her eyes angrily and said, “You… you are going too far!”

Ye Fan didn’t bother to pay attention to the girl, and said, “Go and make trouble again, I’ll take you to the police station!”

Ye Fan walked to the car and became angry all of a sudden, “How dare you dirty my car!”

On Ye Fan’s car hood, a lot of eggs and tomatoes were smashed!

“Do you know that my car is the same as Yunxi’s car, it’s a couple’s car, and you dare to dirty my couple’s car!” Ye Fan said angrily.

The girl in the lead said, “You got this car under unspoken rules, you didn’t get it in a clean way!”

“Bah! What do you know? I exchanged my mini for my eldest brother-in-law’s car. I have already said it, and you still don’t understand! Stay here today, a bunch of stinky girls,” Ye Fan drove the car angrily and left.


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