The Abandoned Son Ch.96

Chapter 96 — Ghosts Building Walls

“Female fans stood up for their idol and encountered Ghosts Building Walls!”

On the forum, there was a post which made a lot of uproar! Overnight, thousands of floors were built underneath.

“Ghosts Building Walls, is it true?”

“It’s absolutely true! Yesterday, the leader of the Xuanxuan Fanclub led nineteen members to fight against Ye Fan, and they were trapped in the parking lot for three hours. During that time, hundreds of cars came in and out of the parking lot and didn’t find them, and no one heard their calls. After the incident, the leader of the Xuanxuan Fanclub uploaded the video of the parking lot, and there were three hours of video taken.”

“The video was uploaded, someone didn’t make a call?”

“It is reported that the cell phone signal of the Xuanxuan Fanclub leader failed inexplicably yesterday, and the signal was restored after three hours. The shocking thing is that the cell phone signal of the other nineteen members also failed at the same time.”

“According to the insider of Ye Fan’s crew, Ye Fan can fly! He doesn’t need to tie hanging ropes when he plays light-step scenes!”

In the forum, those who broke the news, those who jeered, and those who questioned, all quarrelled and it became a pot of porridge!

“Did you bully a group of little girls yesterday?”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said, “No. It’s them who bullied me! You don’t know, they made my car into what kind of mess, causing me to spend fifty yuan to wash the car!”

“What did you do to those girls?”

“Nothing! I just set up an illusion array in the parking lot and trapped them for three hours,” Ye Fan said.

“Now, the forum is going crazy with a lot of noise, they suspect you are not human!”

Ye Fan pouted and said, “These little girls just know how to listen to the wind and the rain. It’s just a few little girls babbling on the Internet, it should be fine after a while.”

“There’s a little girl in here that’s different.”

“Why is she different?”

“One is the leader of Tang Yuxuan’s fans club! It is said that among the fans, she is quite prestigious. Everytime she shouts from the top, there are countless people who respond,” Bai Yunxi said.

Ye Fan squinted his eyes and said, “Those cowards actually have such a thing as prestige, is that stinky girl smearing me?”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “No, it’s actually the opposite. That girl thinks you’re amazing and wants to idolize you!”

Ye Fan tilted his head and said, “Nowadays, little girls’ brains can still go back, it’s amazing!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” No matter how amazing it is, it can’t be more amazing than you!

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Filming set.

“Director, a group of fans is outside, they are clamoring to see Ye Fan,” the assistant director said.

Jiang Hui frowned and said, “Fans? Blast them away!”

“Director, it seems to be those die-hard fans of Tang Yuxuan,” the assistant said.

“You mean, those girls who went to trouble Ye Fan, and then were trapped in the underground parking lot for more than 3 hours?”

The assistant nodded and said, “Yeah! I heard that they smashed Young Master Ye with rotten eggs but they were the ones who got hit instead, and they were trapped in the parking lot for 3 hours.”

The director shook his head and secretly said: Those little girls are really brave, dare to offend anyone. This Young Master Ye can fly and his martial arts is not weak. Unfortunately, Young Master Bai doesn’t want him to use Ye Fan for hype, otherwise, the attention of his drama can rise up to two levels.


Ye Fan drove the car and returned to the villa.

“Young Master Ye, you’re back! Lu Ying said, you’re on fire! Young Master Ye, you’re really amazing! In whatever you do, you’re amazing! Your popularity right now isn’t for nothing,” Cai Zhenjun said, full of compliments.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, “Little things, little things. Yunxi said that I have a lot of fans now, but most of them are anti-fans, so he told me to keep a low profile these days.”

“Antis are also fans! What fans are not fans,” Cai Zhenjun said with a big grin.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right, it’s the so-called ‘the more you hate, the more you love’! I seem to be a celebrity now.”

“Young Master Ye, there are rumors about you all over the Internet now. Some people say that you are a person from another world, some say you are proficient in calligraphy, some say you are a liar, and some say you are a martial arts master, able to defeat thousands with one move.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “There is no need to say what these boring people say, I am recently considering an important matter, you help me think.”

Cai Zhenjun asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

“Tell me, how can I make Yunxi have unspoken rules with me, ah?”

Cai Zhenjun was taken aback, how could this guy, Ye Fan, discuss such a private issue with him carelessly?

“This… this, Young Master Ye, first of all, you can improve your charm.” For example, don’t wear slippers when you go out, and you can also throw away the shirt that is full of holes.

Ye Fan crossed his legs and said with high spirits: “I’m already charming by just standing ah! I still need to improve?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…Well, although you are indeed very attractive, Young Master Ye, you have to keep improving!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Well, that makes sense.”

“There is also the atmosphere! Once this atmosphere arrives, everything will be ready.”

“So what kind of atmosphere do you think is better?” Ye Fan asked.

“I think it’s better to have a drink or something,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan tilted his head and said, “Drinking, Yunxi doesn’t like me drinking. He said that I’m disgusting when drunk. Is there anything else?”

“No more,” Cai Zhenjun said.

Ye Fan looked at Cai Zhenjun displeased, “No more? Your head is too simple.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

“Tell me, how do you usually trick girls into sleeping with you?” Ye Fan asked.

“It’s easy, I’ll send them a LV or Chanel, and it’s solved.” This method can’t be used against Young Master Bai. If this method is used on Young Master Bai, Young Master Bai will definitely give a big ear slap to Young Master Ye.

“LV, Chanel, what are those things, do they work?” Ye Fan frowned.

Cai Zhenjun said with a bitter face, “Those are all brand-name bags, and they work for ordinary people. Young Master Bai is not an ordinary person!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right! I’ll just think about it myself. I’m a handsome guy who is powerful and smart. What do you think Yunxi thinks of me?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” Where did Young Master Ye’s self-confidence come from? “Maybe Young Master Bai is waiting for you to take the initiative!”

Ye Fan gave a high five and said, “It’s possible! I should be more proactive.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”


Inside the small hotel.

“Mom, Dad has been out for so long, why hasn’t he come back yet?” Gao Manjin asked with a frown.

Zhou Juan said with some difficulty: “I don’t know either.”

Zhou Juan is just a rural woman with limited knowledge. After Gao Manjin was entangled by ghosts, Zhou Juan felt a little restless.

Zhou Juan stayed in the room for a while and received a call, her face changed.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Gao Manjin looked at Zhou Juan’s face, and immediately panicked.

“Your father has been imprisoned!”

Gao Manjin widened his eyes and said, “What happened to Dad?”

“They said he stole someone’s card! Your dad picked up a card on the road with a string of numbers on the back, like a password, so your dad went to the bank to withdraw money. When he came out of the bank, he was arrested for stealing the card. The police said that he would be sentenced.”

Zhou Juan’s face was pale and her body was trembling, “How can these people be like this? He picked it up, how can they say it is theft?”

Gao Manjin stood up and said angrily: “It’s him, he must have designed the trap! Originally, he should have been married to that ghost, but he changed it to me. Now, he’s not done yet and sent Dad to jail, his heart is really cruel.”

Zhou Juan heard what Gao Manjin said, and thought it was very possible. How could this bank card be so easy to find, but Gao Ping picked it up, and there happened to be a password on the back of this bank card!

“I will never let him go,” Gao Manjin said.

Zhou Juan was also full of resentment towards Tang Yuxuan, but everyone in the world had a mentality of bullying the soft and fearing the hard. When Zhou Juan saw that Gao Ping had entered the jail, she was a little cowardly.

“Otherwise, forget it. He is a big star, rich and powerful, how can we fight him?” Zhou Juan said.

“Mom, you’re going to just let it go?! Dad is already in jail, and it’s possible that I, too…” Although Gao Manjin’s conditions were not very good, he was very high-minded. Now that he is married to a ghost, Gao Manjin can be said to be furious.

Zhou Juan said a little embarrassedly: “Mom doesn’t want to forget it, but there are so many bodyguards, we can’t get close at all!”


Inside the hotel.

“Boss, it’s done. Gao Ping has already entered,” Tang Yuxuan’s assistant said.

Tang Yuxuan nodded and said, “Very good.”

“Boss, Gao Ping went in, but Gao Manjin doesn’t seem to want to give up,” the assistant said.

Tang Yuxuan rubbed his fingers, Gao Manjin was nothing to worry about. It had been more than ten years since he was sold by the Gao family, and the Gao family couldn’t produce any effective evidence. However, if Gao Manjin and Song Linfeng unite, then things can get troublesome.

“Go and find some trouble for Song Linfeng.” If Song Linfeng was too busy to take care of himself, he would naturally have no time to trouble him.

He heard that several senior officials of the Song family have been demoted. Injure one and you injure them all. If the Song family collapses, Song Linfeng will not have a backstage and will not be rampant for long.

“I understand,” the assistant said.

“On Gao Manjin’s side, it’s fine if there is no change. If this guy doesn’t stop, send him in too,” Tang Yuxuan said solemnly.

“Okay, boss, I’ll find someone to keep an eye on him.”

“By the way, I heard that Gao Manjin has a girlfriend?” When Gao Ping found him before, he told him that Gao Manjin was getting married, had a college student girlfriend, and they still needed a house for marriage.

“Yes, she’s pregnant, but I don’t think that woman is a good person, and the child in her belly is not Gao Manjin’s,” the assistant said.

Tang Yuxuan sneered and said, “This guy, Gao Manjin, really thinks he’s capable.” A guy who only knows how to eat his old parent’s food, what innocent college student is willing to follow him? “Find a time to tell him about that woman.”

The assistant nodded and said, “Okay.”


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Ghosts Building Walls – ghosts build walls to make you walk in circles / also Ghosts Covering your Eyes or Ghostly Blocking Walls

Thousands of floors were built underneath – A forum post is like a building, floors are the same as comments – they are called floors because every comments have the number of floors in front of their usernames to show who posted first, and they use the floor number instead of usernames when they want to reply, like “what 5th floor said was right”

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