The Abandoned Son Ch.101

Chapter 101 — Ye Fan’s Interview

Inside the villa.

“Little Uncle, how did you come in?” Wu Haoqiang blinked and asked.

“I’m too popular, every gate was blocked by people, so I climbed over the wall and entered,” Ye Fan said.

“Little Uncle, that liar is chasing after me. Liars nowadays are too powerful, they still chase people after deceiving them,” Wu Haoqiang said with some resentment.

Cai Zhenjun mourned for Lin Xiao in his heart. People with no vision, that’s how they end up!

“Don’t pay attention to them. Just a card with 1.1 million, they still suspended it, they can still act a little arrogant, you can see that they have no money,” Ye Fan said with disdain.

Cai Zhenjun: “…” For ordinary people, 1.1 million can make them struggle for a lifetime before earning it.

Ye Fan’s phone rang, Ye Fan looked at the name displayed on the phone, and glanced at Wu Haoqiang, “It’s your dad! Probably calling to check up on you.”

Wu Haoqiang blinked and said, “Hey! Dad is so annoying!”

“Isn’t it!” Ye Fan nodded in agreement, and said, “But I still have to deal with him.”

Cai Zhenjun: “…”

“Cousin, is something wrong?”

“Yes, Xiaoqiang fell down yesterday. Don’t worry, with me here, how could I let him fall?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that Xiaoqiang is a little overweight. You should control his diet a bit.”

“Okay, I won’t take him to a bar or a karaoke hall. I’m a law-abiding person. Xiaoqiang will follow me and will never break the law. You can rest assured, you still don’t trust me?”

Cai Zhenjun: “…” They just can’t believe you!

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Inside the hotel.

Lin Xiao looked at Lin Jie, her face full of embarrassment, “Auntie, won’t the Cai family help?”

“Cai Shuai is not willing to help.”

She went to see Cai Shuai today. Cai Shuai was very respectful of Ye Fan. Knowing that she had offended Ye Fan’s nephew, he refused to speak up for her.

However, Cai Shuai gave her some information. Cai Shuai said that Ye Fan likes money, and as long as she has enough money, she can impress Ye Fan.

Lin Jie used a little connection, and found out that Cai Shuai seemed to have encountered a little trouble before, which was solved by Ye Fan. In order to ask Ye Fan to help, Second Young Master Cai sold his house, car, and yacht under his name, and Cai Shuai paid another large sum.

Lin Xiao rubbed her forehead with a headache. She no longer doubted Ye Fan’s ability, but Ye Fan’s price was a bit expensive, and the other party didn’t have a good impression of them, so he might not be willing to take action.


Xinyue Community Gate.

“Young Master Ye, can you accept an exclusive interview with our radio station?” the female reporter looked at Ye Fan full of nervousness and asked, it’s hard to finally see Ye Fan after squatting for hours.

Ye Fan put his hands in his trouser pockets, nodded dashingly, and said gracefully, “OK, it just so happens that I am free, you can ask.”

“Young Master Ye, what do you think of the incident of the Xuanxuan Fanclub encountering ghosts building walls in the parking lot?” The female reporter went straight in, and the first question was very sharp.

“They have a poor sense of direction and got lost in the underground parking lot.”

“Do you think they just got lost?” Nearly twenty female fans! Lost together in the underground parking lot for almost three hours? This reason, it doesn’t make sense.

“Of course, I think these girls are top road idiots. I suggest they carry a compass when they go out!”

Female reporter: “…” In today’s high-tech development, the compass seems to have been replaced by navigation.

“Young Master Ye, you bravely rescued the child who fell from bungee jumping at the amusement park. May I ask how you were able to catch that child in such a short time, and what was the relationship between that child and you, and what did you feel at that time?”

“It’s not difficult to catch that kid! He’s my nephew! I felt that he’s too fat and should be given a vegetarian diet!”

Female reporter: “…”

“Young Master Ye, someone said that they saw you jumping off a building half-built by Dingfeng Group. What do you think of this?”

“He may have nearsightedness or astigmatism and will need a better pair of glasses.”

“Young Master Ye, it is widely rumored that you and the actor Tang Yuxuan have a close relationship. What do you think of your relationship with the actor Tang?”

“Coworker, I’m also a star now, although I’m not very famous,” Ye Fan said modestly.

“Young Master Ye, I heard that your car was given by the Eldest Young Master Bai, why did the Eldest Young Master Bai give you the car?” The female reporter smiled and said.

“He didn’t give it to me! I exchanged my mini for it,” Ye Fan said innocently.

“Why did Young Master Ye replace the mini?”

“Because some people say that the mini is girly and not suitable for the manly me.”

“What is the relationship between the Eldest Young Master Bai and you?” the female reporter asked.

Ye Fan smiled and said proudly, “He is my future brother-in-law!”

“Future brother-in-law, Young Master Ye, are you pursuing Miss Bai Yunfei?” the female reporter asked excitedly.

Ye Fan frowned, shook his head, and said, “I don’t like that fierce stinky woman!”

The female reporter was so excited by Ye Fan’s words that she almost fell over. Ye Fan actually said that the second lady of the Bai family was a fierce stinky woman.

“In that case, the one you are chasing is?”

“Of course it’s Bai Yunxi!” Ye Fan said as a matter of course.

“Young Master Ye, do you think you can win the heart of Third Young Master Bai?” the female reporter asked.

“Of course, we are meant to be.”

“Do you think Bai Yunxi’s family will agree to your pursuit of Third Young Master Bai?”

“Yes, his grandfather, Old Man Bai, likes me very much. He even gave me a piece of rough jade. His grandfather, Old Man Xiao, also likes me very much. He praises me as a unique talent!”

Female reporter: “…” You are indeed a unique talent.


The TV series filmed by Jiang Hui has almost entered the final stage.

Recently, Jiang Hui can be said to be in pain and happiness. The happiness is because Tang Yuxuan and Ye Fan have joined the show, making the attention of this drama very high. He doesn’t need to spend any money to promote it, so many people are waiting for their drama to come out, and the ratings are absolutely guaranteed.

The pain is because there are endless doubts from outside, saying that he will do anything for hype, even promoting feudal superstition. But in general, Jiang Hui is happier.

“Lu Ying, where is Liang Xin?” the director asked.

Lu Ying frowned and said, “She went into the dressing room.”

Jiang Hui frowned and said, “Going into the dressing room again! She seems to have been retouching her makeup a lot recently!”

Lu Ying nodded and agreed.

“Director, Director, Young Master Ye is in the headlines again.” The assistant director hurriedly walked to the director’s side.

Jiang Hui frowned and secretly said: Although Ye Fan doesn’t have any works yet, the amount of attention focused on him is really not small.

The interview about Ye Fan has been pinned to the top, and the number of views has exceeded 100 million.

Jiang Hui looked at Ye Fan, who was in high spirits in the video, with a distorted face. Won’t Master Bai get a stroke after seeing this interview?

There are already thousands of comments under the video.

“Twenty people got lost in a parking lot for three hours, is Young Master Ye telling a joke?”

“Exchange mini for Bentley, I also want such a brother-in-law.”

“The third young master of the Bai family is a well-known beauty! Is he really a pair with Ye Fan?”

“He actually dared to say that Bai Yunfei is a fierce stinky woman, does he want to marry Bai Yunxi or not?”

“Master Bai really agrees that his grandson is with a man? It’s not scientific.”

“Is it true that Ye Fan jumped off the building?”

Jiang Hui looked at the comments and was apprehensive. After Ye Fan came to make a cameo appearance, Eldest Young Master Bai called him a few times and asked him to minimize Ye Fan’s exposure. However, Young Master Ye is still famous at the speed of light, but this can’t be blamed on him ah! Ye Fan has his own protagonist halo, and he can’t stop it! He has tried his best.


Ye Fan walked into Chao Xi Company, and the employees at the bottom looked at Ye Fan in unison.

Ye Fan walked to the front desk in confusion and asked, “It’s only been a few days, don’t you recognize me anymore? Why are you staring at me?”

The front desk customer service hurriedly said: “We know, of course we know. Young Master Ye, you have become famous recently, and everyone’s opinion of you is different. It is inevitable to look at you more. Young Master Ye, some people know that you and our Boss Bai are very close, and some even come here to squat.”

Ye Fan blinked and said complacently, “I am indeed very famous recently.”

Front desk ladies: “…”

Ye Fan looked at the two front desk ladies and said, “How is it? Do you want my autograph?”

“I want it, I want it.” The front desk lady was stunned for a moment and quickly responded.

Ye Fan smiled and said brightly, “I’ll sign one for each of you before I become a superstar. When I become a superstar, I won’t be free.”

Front desk ladies: “…”

Ye Fan signed an autograph for the two of them and walked onto the elevator.

An employee next to the two came over and asked, “How does it feel to get the signature of the future superstar?”

Front desk ladies: “…”


Bai Residence.

Bai Shiyuan put his hands on his back, and walked around the room full of anger.

“Grandpa, do you want some tea?”

“Drink your head. Tell me, why did you exchange your Bentley for Ye Fan’s mini? How much is a mini, do you even know how to count? You do this kind of loss-making business, do you want to lose all of our Bai family’s property?!”

“As soon as Ye Fan opened his mouth, I didn’t know how to reject him.” Bai Yunjin secretly said: He can’t be blamed for this! How can he be Ye Fan’s opponent? If Grandpa met Ye Fan, wouldn’t it be the same?

Ye Fan, this bastard, said that the girly-looking mini is not suitable for him who is full of heroic spirit. He said this as if he was implying that he, Bai Yunjin, was girly, so he should drive this kind of car!

Xiao Chi looked at Bai Shiyuan, sighed, and said, “Old Bai, I told you to stop walking back and forth, sit down and calm down.”

“Old Xiao, you praised him for his talent, look at how proud he is! As soon as you praise him, his tail will go up in the sky.”

Xiao Chi smiled bitterly and said, “What do you know? I was not complimenting him at all, I was being sarcastic, sarcastic! But that stinky boy, he doesn’t understand sarcasm at all, and he takes it seriously!”

Bai Shiyuan: “…”

Xiao Chi looked at Bai Shiyuan and said, “Old Bai, don’t blame this and blame that, didn’t you send a rough jade stone to Ye Fan?”

Bai Shiyuan’s face was gloomy, and he said a little embarrassedly: “Isn’t that because… I can’t help it?”

Xiao Chi snickered and said, “See, you still can’t do anything about Ye Fan.”

Bai Yunjin looked at the silent Bai Yunfei and asked, “Sister, are you alright?”

Bai Yunfei smiled and said, “I’m okay, what can happen to me?”

Bai Yunjin looked at Bai Yunfei’s smile, and a little chill flashed in his heart. The wooden armrest next to Bai Yunfei had been forcefully dug with a few fingerprints.

Bai Yunjin: “…”


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