The Abandoned Son Ch.102

Chapter 102 — Marriage Calculation

Bai Yunxi’s office.

Ye Fan was sitting on the sofa rubbing his feet in boredom, the office had been silent for more than an hour since Ye Fan entered.

The Qi Gathering Turtle in Bai Yunxi’s office seemed to sense the tension between the two of them, and shrank in the shell, not daring to come out.

Bai Yunxi finally gave Ye Fan an unbearable look and said, “Enough! Put down your stinky feet and put on your shoes.”

Ye Fan said excitedly, “Yunxi, you talked to me!”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“Didn’t I tell you to keep a low profile? You don’t understand what the word low profile means?!” Bai Yunxi said angrily.

Ye Fan said sheepishly: “I know! How can I not know that when I’m so smart? I want to keep a low profile, but I’m too popular. Those guys have to surround me, I can’t help it!”

Bai Yunxi: “…” Ye Fan? Helpless? Ye Fan was so happy that time, right?

“Are you angry because I was interviewed?” Ye Fan asked.

“My grandpa has received dozens of calls from old friends in the past few days, basically congratulating him for having a talented grandson-in-law!”

“Then what?” Ye Fan asked curiously.

“Then? Then my grandfather fell ill!” Bai Yunxi gritted his teeth.

“Is it really bad? Your grandfather’s psychological quality is too poor. Didn’t he already know that a genius like me is pursuing you, he should have been mentally prepared?” Ye Fan shook his head and said.

Bai Yunxi: “…” prepared your head!

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said, “Your grandfather is ill? Then today I will accompany you to see your grandfather.”

Bai Yunxi: “See my grandpa?” This guy, Ye Fan, is really not afraid of adding fuel to the fire!

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Last time on your grandfather’s birthday, there were too many people, and I didn’t even get to have a good chat with the old man.”

Bai Yunxi: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, still wants to have a good chat with grandpa?

Bai Yunxi was dragged down the street by Ye Fan. Bai Yunxi had a gloomy face and couldn’t figure out how things had turned out this way.

“The mall is just ahead, what does your grandfather like? I’ll buy it,” Ye Fan said enthusiastically.

“Grandpa likes me.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I like you too, so it seems that your grandfather and I have something in common, so we will have a common language.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“Ah! There is a fortune-teller over there, let’s go to fortune-telling!” Ye Fan said excitedly when he saw the fortune-telling booth.

Bai Yunxi said with a strange expression: “You also believe in fortune-telling…”

“Of course, where I used to live, there is a Tianji sect specializing in fortune telling. The fortune-telling masters here are mixed, good and bad, but I heard that some of them do have a way,” Ye Fan gushed.

A strange light flashed in Bai Yunxi’s eyes. Before Bai Yunxi could recover, he was already pulled to the fortune-telling booth by Ye Fan.

“What do you want, little friend?”

“Calculate the marriage, if I have fate with him or not, when is the right time to get married? If you’re right, I’ll give you a thousand yuan, if not, I’ll smash your stall!”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“As soon as I saw the faces of the two of you, I knew that you two were destined in a previous life. The two of you are definitely a match made in heaven. In this world, there is no one who is more suitable for the two of you than the other. The two of you must get married as soon as possible, the sooner you get married, the greater the benefits for both of you.”

Ye Fan patted the fortune-teller on the shoulder, and said with joy: “Sure enough, the master is among people! Master, you are very accurate! You are a divine fortune teller!”

Ye Fan secretly said: Bai Yunxi’s body of Heavenly Ice Essence can only be solved by him, the sooner it is solved, the better.

Bai Yunxi: “…” Ye Fan is an idiot! If you want to be an idiot, just come alone, you still have to drag him! Divine fortune teller your head!

The fortune-teller took a look at Bai Yunxi and said seriously: “In my opinion, this gentleman has a frown on his eyebrows. I am afraid that there will be a bloody disaster soon, I am afraid it is not good!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Really? I will definitely protect him.”

Bai Yunxi: “…” Ye Fan is so easy to deceive.

“Yunxi, don’t worry, with me, I will definitely not let you have an accident,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi: “Enough, let’s go!”

Bai Yunxi frowned. Ye Fan was very famous these days. Although Ye Fan did a little disguise according to his request when he said it, he definitely couldn’t hide it. During Ye Fan’s fortune-telling period, many people around him recognized him. With Ye Fan’s identity, if they stay in this place, they will soon be surrounded.

“Yunxi, that master is so accurate, why don’t we stay and ask a few more questions?”

“Ask a few more questions, ask more questions and you should be bleeding heavily.” The common tactic of fortune-telling masters is to first say that you are about to have a bloody disaster, and then coax customers to spend a sum of money to solve this bloody disaster. Ye Fan, this idiot, believe what anyone says.

Ye Fan: “…”

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Tang Yuxuan was lying on the reclining chair, watching Ye Fan’s interview video.

“Young Master Ye, what a straightforward person!” Tang Yuxuan’s assistant couldn’t help saying.

Tang Yuxuan smiled and said, “Yes!”

Originally, he was thinking about how to deal with the scandal between Ye Fan and him, but Ye Fan clarified it at once.

“Is the jade pendant sent to my father and mother?” Tang Yuxuan’s father and mother were naturally referring to his adoptive father and mother.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tang, it has been delivered.”

Tang Yuxuan nodded and said, “That’s good, find a chance and maybe buy some more.”

To Tang Yuxuan’s level, money is just a number and a resource. Originally, he bought jade pendants at a high price from Ye Fan, but Tang Yuxuan just wanted to impress Ye Fan. After testing Tang Yuxuan, he found out that this jade pendant was of great use.

“Mr. Tang, Miss Liang Xin is here, probably coming here for you,” the assistant said in a low voice.

Tang Yuxuan said indifferently, “Got it.”

His private life has always been a topic of discussion in the media. Whenever he gets closer to a female star, there will always be a series of scandals. Previously, he also saw a newspaper report saying that he and Liang Xin are a couple, but unfortunately, the affair between him and Ye Fan was even more eye-catching, and the news of him and Liang Xin was quickly covered up.

“Mr. Tang, I think this woman wants to borrow your light to get to the top.”

Tang Yuxuan narrowed his eyes. He had encountered too many things like this, and he had long since seen it as nothing. But Liang Xin gave him a strange feeling. Tang Yuxuan felt that it was better to stay away from this woman.


Bai Residence.

Bai Yunjin was stunned when he saw Ye Fan.

Bai Yunjin grabbed Bai Yunxi and pulled Bai Yunxi aside, “Yunxi, why did you bring him here?”

“He insisted on coming over,” Bai Yunxi said.

Bai Yunjin: “…”

“Take him away quickly,” Bai Yunjin said eagerly.

Ye Fan leaned over and said inexplicably, “Brother, what did you say to Yunxi? What take away?”

“The old man is resting, why don’t you come to see him another day?” Bai Yunjin said sternly.

“I just met a fortune teller who said that I have to stay with Yunxi, so I will stay,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunjin: “…” This guy, Ye Fan, how did his head grow? After this guy talked nonsense to the media, he still wanted to live in their Bai family residence?

Bai Shiyuan took a broom and rushed out aggressively, “The little bastard is here? Where is he?”

Bai Yunjin looked at Bai Shiyuan with black lines.

Ye Fan looked at the angry Old Man Bai, widened his eyes, and said, “Old Man Bai, what are you doing? Could it be that the Bai family can’t afford housekeeping recently, so you want you to sweep the floor yourself?”

Bai Yunjin: “…”

“This broom is not for sweeping the floor! It is for you! Get out of here!” Bai Shiyuan waved the broom and hit Ye Fan!

Ye Fan: “…”

Bai Yunjin grabbed Bai Shiyuan and said, “Grandpa calm down, let’s sit down and talk!”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes! Sit down and talk! I even brought you a gift, it’s not good for you to be so fierce!”

Bai Shiyuan’s face was hideous, and he waved the broom at Ye Fan regardless, “I will kill you, you bastard!”

Ye Fan took out a talisman, and the talisman accurately landed on Bai Shiyuan’s forehead. Bai Shiyuan fell down suddenly and fainted on the ground.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan anxiously, and said, “Ye Fan, what is that? What is it for? What did you do to my grandfather?”

“Peace of mind, he fell asleep.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Bai Shiyuan fell to the ground, snoring unexpectedly, Bai Yunjin secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and secretly said: The old man hasn’t rested very well for the past two days, it’s a good thing to fall asleep now.

Bai Yunxi closed his eyes, took a deep breath, looked at Ye Fan and said, “You go first.”

Ye Fan said inexplicably: “Your grandfather is a little agitated! He looks like he is out of his mind! Don’t you need me to stay and take care of it?”

“No!” Bai Yunxi suppressed his anger and said.

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi’s disgusted face, sighed, and said, “Then okay.” Ye Fan took out a few talismans and handed them over to Bai Yunxi, “This is a tranquility talisman, if your grandfather gets agitated again, slap this on his forehead and it will put him to sleep.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Ye Fan reluctantly said: “Then I’m leaving!”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Go, go.”

“If you have anything, call me!” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi said impatiently, “Got it.”

Bai Yunfei’s big red sports car drove into the villa in a hurry.

Bai Yunfei walked out of the sports car, “Brother, I heard that Ye Fan made grandfather faint out of anger?”

Bai Yunjin: “Grandpa, he… fell asleep.”

Bai Yunfei: “…Where’s Ye Fan?”

“Yunxi let him go back.”

Bai Yunfei gritted her teeth and said, “This bastard is really… unreasonable!”

Bai Yunjin: “…”


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