The Abandoned Son Ch.116

Chapter 116 — Exchange the Spirit Flame Fruit

Bai Residence.

Mu Lianping was skeptical about the martial arts exercises given by Ye Fan. As a result, after changing the exercises, he cultivated without the slightest delay, and he broke through all at once.

Mu Lianping was instantly excited. He lost to Yang Lengxue in less than twenty moves, which left a considerable psychological shadow on Mu Lianping.

Although Mu Lianping didn’t say anything, he still held a glimmer of hope in his heart, hoping that he could get back his lost dignity. Now that he had an opportunity that might turn him over, Mu Lianping was suddenly full of vigor and vitality.

“Grandpa, you must help me!” Mu Lianping said.

Xu Yuanqing nodded and said, “Well, if grandpa doesn’t help you, who else can I help? It’s just that this is not easy to handle! This guy, Ye Fan, is not so easy to talk to.”

Thinking of Ye Fan’s temperament, Mu Lianping couldn’t help but flash a bit of depression in his heart. That guy, Ye Fan, has always only recognized money, not people.

“I don’t know the origin of this Ye Fan, he can come up with such a precious exercise,” Xu Yuanqing couldn’t help saying.

“This guy is very mysterious!” Mu Lianping muttered.

The ancient martial arts world is not peaceful at all. A few years ago, a teenager from a declining ancient martial arts family lost a martial arts competition with someone and was so angry he took out his family heirloom sword to look for a fight.

The family heirloom sword used by that person can be traced back to the pre-Qin Dynasty. The material used for the sword is special and its power is amazing. Relying on this magic weapon, this person got back his dignity, but it didn’t take long for that person’s family to be inexplicably exterminated, and the sword also disappeared.

The ancient martial arts exercises have always been a must have for the ancient martial arts family. If Ye Fan’s exercises are complete, it is not impossible to cause a bloody storm in the ancient martial arts world.

Ancient martial arts are priceless treasures, a billion yuan is not expensive, but unfortunately he has no money!

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Ye Fan’s villa.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here?” Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunjin and asked.

“Come and see you,” Bai Yun said sincerely.

Ye Fan smiled and said, “Come and see me? I’m fine! The betrothal gift is ready, I’ll show it to you.”

Bai Yunjin: “…”

Ye Fan opened the box, and Bai Yunjin saw a box of jade pendants.

“This is a self-defense jade pendant that I managed to produce after working overtime. Look at the quality, isn’t it very good?” Ye Fan said with a look of pride.

“Yes! Yes!” Bai Yunjin had long heard that Ye Fan’s betrothal gift was this, and he was not surprised to see it.

“Yunxi said that it would be too monotonous to give jade pendants alone, so I added ten gold cards. Look at this card, it’s shiny, each one has one hundred million inside.”

“Ye Fan, you are really generous!”

“Of course, I am the golden tortoise son-in-law! ​​Yunxi is blessed to find me. You see, I put a tortoise made of gold in it to prove that I am the golden tortoise son-in-law,” Ye Fan said proudly.

Bai Yunjin: “… This guy, Ye Fan, is really creative! He hasn’t heard of any guy who gave a golden turtle as a betrothal gift!”

“I heard that you sold Xu Yuanqing an ancient martial arts technique,” Bai Yunjin asked.

Xu Yuanqing had asked for connections and tried to sell all the properties in his hands, Bai Shiyuan knew about it at once. When Bai Shiyuan pursued the matter, he soon knew that the problem was Ye Fan.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “There is such a thing, are you interested?”

Bai Yunjin shook his head and said, “It’s grandpa who is interested.”

Xu Yuanqing had saved so much money with great difficulty, Bai Shiyuan naturally couldn’t let his future grandson-in-law make his life-saving benefactor lose all his money. Bai Shiyuan immediately wanted to lend Xu Yuanqing a billion, but Xu Yuanqing didn’t want it.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Is that so? I’ll give him the second half of the book as a betrothal gift.”

Bai Yunjin: “…” So simple!

“This is not good,” Bai Yunjin said.

“It’s just an ordinary exercise, it’s no big deal,” Ye Fan said indifferently.

Ye Fan has read a lot of books in his last life, and he has seen more than 10,000 copies of ancient martial arts. The one sold to Xu Yuanqing is just a very ordinary one. However, the ordinary martial arts technique of the previous life is very precious in this life. .

Bai Yunjin: “…” Ordinary exercise? Xu Yuanqing seems to have a high regard for that exercise! How come in Ye Fan’s mouth, it was as if the exercise was garbage.

“I heard that the people of the Mu family are now living in the Bai family, do they intend to exchange pills with me or not?” Ye Fan asked with some impatience.

Bai Yunjin shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

Ancient martial arts practitioners are not easy to offend, even though the Bai family has some power in Beijing, they dare not neglect the Mu family.

“If they want to exchange, let them exchange with me quickly! If they wait until Yunxi’s physique explodes, it will be too late to exchange with me,” Ye Fan said seriously.

Bai Yunjin said with some puzzlement, “Is the spirit flame fruit related to Yunxi?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “That’s right! Yunxi’s physique is about to explode, and it will be very dangerous then. When the time comes, it will be safer with the spirit flame fruit.”

Bai Yunjin’s face changed, Ye Fan wanted to exchange fruits with the Mu family, he didn’t take it seriously, thinking that Ye Fan just wanted to buy some special fruits to replenish his body, “I see, I’ll take this ancient book back first.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”


Bai Residence

“Grandpa, you got this book so soon?” Mu Lianping said in shock.

“This thing is Ye Fan’s betrothal gift to Bai Yunxi. Old Bai accepted this betrothal gift, and it is impossible to break off the marriage. Now, I owe them a lot of favor,” Xu Yuanqing said.

Mu Lianping said in a tangled voice, “Grandpa, you won’t be rewarded without merit…”

Xu Yuanqing shook his head and said: “It’s not that Old Bai did not ask for something. Old Bai hopes to give spirit flame fruit, or we can exchange spirit flame fruits with Ye Fan for medicinal pills. I heard that spirit flame fruit is related to Bai Yunxi’s safety, Old Bai’s side wants it very urgently.”

Mu Lianping hesitated for a moment, then said, “Will the spirit flame fruits be good for Bai Yunxi?”

“Bai Yunxi’s physique is ice, and the spirit flame fruit is of fire attribute. Maybe it can improve his physique, which should be beneficial,” Xu Yuanqing said.

“In that case, I’ll go to the patriarch to discuss it and see if I can win it,” Mu Lianping said.

Xu Yuanqing nodded and said, “Alright. Not many people who have taken the spirit flame fruit for so many years in the Mu family have ended up well, and I see that this thing is not as precious as I thought.”

Mu Lianping: “…” Xu Yuanqing’s words are unpleasant, but Mu Lianping also agrees. However, it is said that the spirit fruit tree was left by the ancestors of the Mu family who had ascended during the day, which is very remarkable in the eyes of the Mu family.


Ye Fan exchanged two bottles of twenty-two Great Recovery Pills, plus three Meridian Renewal Pills, and exchanged three spirit flame fruits with the Mu Family Patriarch.

“Grandpa, Ye Fan didn’t ask for medicinal materials, but gave meridian renewal pills,” Mu Lianping said.

Xu Yuanqing waved his hand and said, “You just need to know about this kind of thing.”

“Alchemy masters usually have to deduct some pills before sending it over. Ye Fan’s three pills were probably deducted from the previous batch. Nowadays, it is difficult to find alchemists. Many are willing to be pitted but not many of them can find a good alchemist.”

Mu Lianping: “…”

Mu Shiyu walked towards Mu Lianping.

“Lianping, we’re going to go back, what are your plans?” Mu Shiyu asked.

“I plan to stay. When I come out this time, I find that it is impossible to practice behind closed doors. The world is vast, so I still need to see more,” Mu Lianping said seriously.

Mu Lianping did not tell the Mu family about the exercises given by Ye Fan. As a Mu family member, Mu Lianping practiced the exercises of other families, which was considered an act of betraying his ancestors.

Mu Shiyu nodded and said, “Yeah! I thought there were just a bunch of rookies outside, but after I came out, I found out that there are also experts.”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Yeah! Heaven and earth are so vast, it’s no wonder.”

“Lianping, how do I feel that your strength seems to have improved a lot?” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lianping smiled and said, “Is it?”

Mu Shiyu looked at Mu Lianping and said suspiciously, “You seem to be different.”

Mu Lianping looked at Mu Shiyu and asked in confusion, “What’s the difference?”

“You seem to be a lot more confident,” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lianping smiled. A long time ago, Mu Shiyu had always been the object of his envy among his peers, Mu Shiyu had the best aptitude and was most valued by his elders. However, now he finally knew that he was no worse than Mu Shiyu. He is no worse than Yang Lengxue either, but he just hasn’t encountered a cultivation technique that suits him.

Mu Lianping had been practicing with his head covered before, but he could only watch helplessly as someone who was no more assiduous than him surpassed him, and felt somewhat uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry about the great recovery pills,” Mu Shiyu said.

There are many monks and too little porridge! After the great recovery pill was distributed, only two of them fell into Mu Lianping’s hands, knowing that Mu Lianping sent back two before.

“It doesn’t matter.” His aptitude is not good, and it is common for family resources to be given to qualified people. Using his grandfather’s relations, Ye Fan should still be willing to sell medicine pills to himself.


Bai Yunxi walked into Ye Fan’s villa and saw a lot of real estate certificates spread out on the table, and a lot of real estate transfer documents beside it.

“What is this?”

“Mu Lianping sent it here, saying that it was a little thought from his grandfather, so I must accept it,” Ye Fan said.

“Mu Lianping gave it to you, and you took it?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “If he gives it to me, I will accept it, don’t give it away! It’s a free gift.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

Ye Fan looked at Bai Yunxi and said, “That Daoist Master Xu is very insightful! He has started investing in real estate a long time ago. It seems that this Daoist Master Xu can really calculate, he saw it 10 years earlier, the land price has gone up, what good foresight!”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

This guy, Ye Fan, is really… However, since Daoist Master Xu wants to give away these properties, it is not appropriate to return them. It is better to give some other things.

“Have you chosen the location of the hotel yet?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “I’ve chosen, I’ve chosen, and I didn’t spend a penny. I went to Wang Jingshi. He heard that you and I were getting engaged, and he politely said that he would arrange the hotel, plus the wine and food. He also paid for everything, good man! I didn’t see this guy so generous before!”

Bai Yunxi rolled his eyes and said, “People don’t want money, but you can’t not give something!” If you owe favors, it will be even more troublesome to pay them back later.

Ye Fan nodded and said: “I gave it, I gave him a magic weapon to protect the house, and gave him three self-defense jade pendants, and also gave him a bottle of Shiquan Dabu pills, he was very happy. So happy that he couldn’t find the north, and asked me to find him again when I got married.”

“It’s almost the same.” Bai Yunxi said. Rich people pay attention to health care, spend a lot of money on health, and Shiquan Dabu pills are a good thing.

“Actually, it’s fine if I don’t give money. Think about it! What kind of person am I now! I’m a big star! I’m having an engagement party at his hotel, that’s equivalent to advertising for him, he should give me an endorsement fee,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi said displeasedly: “Okay, please keep a low profile for me. Don’t mix with that entertainment industry of yours. What else can you do besides talking nonsense and attracting a bunch of anti-fans?”

Ye Fan said with displeased thoughts, “Don’t underestimate people too much! I don’t just have anti-fans, I also have many fans!”

Bai Yunxi said with a sullen face, “Have you had enough? You forgot, there are still people sending you blades in the past two days!”

“Yunxi! How do you think of people in a bad way? Someone sent me apples before. Maybe it was the fan who sent apples. He was afraid that I didn’t have a fruit knife to cut apples, so he sent me a blade,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi said viciously, “You only received one box of apples, but you have already received no less than five blades.”

Ye Fan: “…”


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