Chapter 238 — This kind of Monroe really has a fatal temptation…

Hill spent half a month leisurely on the Death Bird, and then went to the Dijon tribe to participate in their annual nomadic festival. The Nomadic Festival is the most important and grand festival of the Dijon tribe. Dijon people will wear hats of different grasses to participate in competitions: horse racing, martial arts, archery, and a wife carrying contest.

At the beginning, the nomadic festival was mainly to pray to the gods for good weather, and at that time, people had to die before the tournament was held successfully. Nowadays, the Dijon tribe has gradually abandoned these customs and replaced them with livestock, but nevertheless, there are still casualties at nomadic festivals from time to time.

It’s great to see the different landscapes, to feel the different cultures, to be infected by their enthusiasm. Every time, Hill feels that the world is so big and interesting, so it is so lucky to be alive, so let’s fight hard to see more exciting things.

Now Hill can be called the most powerful person on the continent. Apart from the demon realm, he indirectly controls three human empires plus an archipelago. This kind of height is naturally very refreshing. This feels like what people used to say, you can’t imagine the happiness of rich people.

…Then the “most powerful man in the continent” was caught by Monroe red-handed during a campfire party.

“It seems like some people have a lot of time on their hands,” Monroe said, then added, “although I hear Goldnia is as busy as a spinning wheel.”

“It looks like some people have nothing to do either.” Hill responded with a smirk, “I can’t believe they’re out looking for someone.”

Monroe laughed: “You.”

Hill smiled and leaned closer: “Me.”

The two looked at each other for a while, then laughed together.

There are a total of five bonfires in the middle, the one in the middle is the largest, and the stones underneath are different from the four bonfires next to it, all of which have a purpose, a Dijon elder just told Hill. Hill felt it was very meaningful, but then turned around and forgot… this is very real.

The flames were dancing, and the sparks flew into the night sky, floating for a long time before dispersing. Dijon people sang and danced hand in hand by the bonfire, and there was a circle of Dijon people on horseback in the outermost circle.

Hill and Monroe’s faces were reflected with flickering fire, bright and dark. The atmosphere at this time was too good, Hill went up to touch Monroe’s hand, and then felt empty… “Hurry up and make your hand solid,” he said.

“Why?” Monroe asked.

“I want to touch it,” Hill said confidently.

“Okay,” Monroe said while solidifying his entire body.

Hill touched Monroe’s hand contentedly: “Well, fresh and hot hands that just came out of the oven.”

“…Although you’re right in a sense, it’s terrifying to express it directly like this,” Monroe said.

“You should be thankful that I just touched your hand. Wouldn’t it be more terrifying if I touched you somewhere else and suddenly felt empty,” Hill said.

Monroe held his forehead: “I can actually understand what you are talking about right away, I really am…”

Monroe couldn’t find the right words for a while, and Hill said with a smile: “Yes, you are dirty, my Lord Paladin.”

“Ah, you got me dirty, from mind to body,” Monroe said.

Hill felt itchy all over his body for a while, and he quickly straightened his expression: “You didn’t come to me for a chat, right?”

Monroe looked at the sky: “….I actually wanted to talk to you about business, but somehow it developed to such a point.”

“My fault.” Hill hurriedly admitted that he was still a little hard on it (…).

The two got out of the crowd and took a walk along the edge of the camp. There are many mosquitoes in the grassland late at night, but of course they won’t come to bite the two demons.

“I’ve got most things on track, and the rest just needs to be nearly on track.” Hill said, “So I came out to play… No, I came out to inspect a bit.”

Monroe just looked at him.

“Cough, okay, I admit, it’s not just a matter of staying on track, I better go around to inspect and oversee. Sigh,” Hill immediately said.

Monroe shook his head and laughed: “I didn’t mean to blame you…”

“Blame me for playing too much,” Hill said.

Monroe continued to smile helplessly: “Sometimes I don’t know how to pick up your words, but every time this happens, I think you are really cute.”

“Oh, that’s what they call ‘stop talking and kiss me now’,” Hill said in a serious manner.

“Ah, since that’s the case…”

Hill closed his eyes and accepted the kiss. Although Monroe kisses very tenderly, the dark aura on his body always blows uncontrollably. On the one hand, it is because Monroe is a powerful demon, so he has this kind of aura, and on the other hand, Monroe isn’t as calm as he appears to be on the surface, and he may have long been burning with enthusiasm in his heart – this was also determined by his demonic characteristics. Hill feels excited every time he notices this. This kind of Monroe really has a fatal temptation, it’s too sexy.

After the kiss, Hill was a little unsatisfied. Although he was eager to make a move, he didn’t want Monroe to feel that he was so insatiable, so he immediately talked about the business: “So you are looking for me for the Dark Church?”

Monroe was thinking of kissing and then making love, but he didn’t expect the other party to talk about the business so inhumanely. Monroe choked and had to respond, “Yes.”


“Right now, the Dark Church and the rest of us are facing some essential problems, and these problems will gradually be exposed after entering a phase of peaceful development, as was the case with the Birds of Dawn before,” Monroe said.

“Well yes, you are quite right, although it is nonsense to say that. Cliche, oh not Monroe cliche,” Hill said.

“It always feels like you have a strong opinion of me in some respects…is it just my illusion?” Monroe asked.

“Actually, I was deliberately making trouble and acting like a spoiled child,” Hill said solemnly.

“Well… although I don’t understand it well, your coquettish way is really ingenious,” Monroe said.

Hill was entertained: “Hahaha, okay, is it ingenious? Hahaha!” After a few hahahas himself, he said, “Are you referring to the foundational problem of the Dark Church?”

“Yes.” Monroe said, “You know, the Dark Church has always lacked the foundation for the stable development of believers.”

“Is the Plague Islands okay?” Hill asked.

“Only the Plague Islands is better,” Monroe replied.

“Can the focus be completely shifted to the Plague Islands?” Hill asked.

“Then can you and I just fall in love platonically after that?” Monroe asked rhetorically.

“I don’t think so, okay, I understand that my question is stupid,” Hill said immediately.

Monroe coughed: “I knew you would say no, but I didn’t expect it to be so straightforward…”


“Then I will continue, the other is that some of the original believers of the Dark Church are time bombs themselves. You can probably remember what they did,” Monroe said.

“Well, but I thought you were more inclined to call them double-edged swords,” Hill said.

The stars were high in the gray night sky, and the lake coveted them, stealing some of the starlight to lay on top of itself as the night breeze blew through and washed it away.

Monroe stood by the lake, and continued in the same tone of casual conversation: “They’re a double-edged sword when I need them.”

“Oh, it looks like you’re going to unload and kill the donkey.” Hill squatted down and picked up a stone and made a beautiful splash.

Monroe’s eyes followed the splash: “That’s a bit of a tough word to use.”

“You are going to kill them, so don’t care if it’s hard to hear or not.” Hill sat down directly on the rock by the lake.

“That’s true.” Monroe walked over to Hill, but didn’t sit down. He always sat in a sitting position and stood in a standing position, a habit left over from when he was a paladin.

“But here comes a serious question, do you believe that turning back is the way to go? Will you forgive?” Hill gripped the weeds on the ground with his hands.

Monroe took several seconds before saying, “Yes, that’s a harsh question.”

Hill laughed and didn’t pursue the question, but skimmed over it himself, they always give each other such space in their dealings with each other: “But at least give it a chance. There’s a difference between the Dark Church and the Church of Light, but I think you already know that.”

“Yes,” Monroe replied.

“Then, back to the question at the beginning. Since you asked me for help, let me handle the whole thing. I really like this feeling of fighting and stepping on people to pretend to be X.”

Hill’s remarks made Monroe a little helpless. Although he already knew the other party’s temperament, talking about serious things and using such words, it is really… “Then so many people will be injured.”

“Of course not,” Hill said with a smile.


“Because half of me will kill people directly,” Hill continued.

“Cough, work hard,” Monroe said.

“It’s okay, I’ll work hard later, and you’ll work hard tonight,” Hill said.

It was a meaningful statement.

After tonight.

Hill looked over the profile of the old priest of the Dark Church and pulled out one of the pages, “I think we can bury him as a nail in the coffin.”

Monroe looked at the man’s information: “Do you think he is reliable?”

Hill smiled and said casually, “I can make him reliable.”

In a word, there is a deep meaning hidden behind it.

——read at

The planning of “Peter Pan” is almost at an advanced stage, and Hill has set out to complete the script.

The original Peter Pan is a literary work created by James Barrie and was originally a stage play. It mainly tells the adventures of Peter Pan, Wendy, and her younger brothers. The film was shot in 2003, and the top special effects of the time seem a little out of date, but the story itself and its adaptation are still pretty good.

Love, growth, and freedom. “Peter Pan” is a beautiful fairy tale for children, it is alsol a beautiful fairy tale for adults, but it is full of helplessness and sadness. The review said “people can not refuse to grow up, when you are not a child, you lose your imagination, your body will become increasingly heavy, some simple and beautiful things will gradually be forgotten by you, and in the end, only the worldly disturbances remain. The movie implies such a meaning, but you need to look carefully to detect it. Overall it is still a beautiful fairy tale… probably?

——It seems that Hill has always been fixated on these things lately.

The confusion and loneliness, rebelliousness and dreams in growing up are blended together, the children will never grow up on Neverland, and happiness is their eternal pursuit. On Earth, Neverland has become a spiritual symbol.

The preliminary preparations are almost finished, and now all that is left are the actors. The protagonists of this movie are all children. It is not easy to find such young actors.

Hill rotated the pen and looked at Alice over there, she was sitting properly, and the succubus, Sam, was braiding her hair.

“It seems that Alice can play the heroine?”

“Will that human not turn crazy?” Irvine asked, referring to the Pope of Light.

“The other party will think that I deliberately found someone who looks similar to his dead daughter to scare him,” Hill said.

“Indeed,” Irvine nodded.

“Can I act in movies too?” Alice showed a longing expression.

“It seems to be possible…” Hill thought for a while and then shook his head, “No, no.”


Hill coughed and said seriously: “There is a kissing scene in it.”

This really made everyone laugh, and even Alice showed a helpless smile.

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched and threw a dagger to Goldnia over there: “What are you laughing at?”

Goldnia caught the dagger and controlled his smile, but there was still a smile on his face: “How can My King attack me and not attack the dark elf? Al is the one who laughs the most.”

Hill answered honestly: “I feel that he will be directly stabbed by the dagger without dodging, and then happily say ‘this is the pain My King gave me.’”



Everyone laughed even more this time.

Dark Elf Albrecht felt offended: “Am I so perverted?” After saying this, he thought for a moment, and said, “Oh um, it seems like I am so perverted.”


“What should I say…”


The atmosphere at Blackrock Tower today is good.

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