The Abandoned Son Ch.161

Chapter 161 — Eight Level

Yang Lengxue looked at the rising barrier, and said with some doubts: “What kind of barrier did Ye Fan use that it can’t be destroyed?”

“It’s like the methods of those cultivators in the past,” Yang Hong said.

Yang Lengxue’s face changed. Ancient books recorded that there were some miraculous people in the history of China, they could fly to the sky and disappear, call the wind and rain, and have some very miraculous skills. However, thousands of years ago, all these people disappeared, they should have already left this world. Why would Ye Fan know the means of those people? Could it be that Ye Fan got the inheritance of those guys? If so, it was really good luck.

Yang Hong couldn’t help but feel anxious when he saw that the formation could not be destroyed easily. Ye Fan killed Ji Wen, who was from the Heaven’s Palace, so Yang Hong didn’t dare to underestimate Ye Fan’s strength.

The reason why he came here was that he couldn’t stand the temptation of the medicinal pills, and secondly, he felt that Ye Fan would definitely be weak after refining the medicinal pills. If he couldn’t break the formation and let Ye Fan recover, then everything would be over.

“Pill refining shouldn’t be over yet. The person in charge of the formation is not Mu Lianping, right?” Yang Lengxue said.

Yang Hong shook his head and said, “No, it should be Bai Yunxi.”

There was a bit of gloom in Yang Lengxue’s eyes. She has been training hard for more than 20 years to get to where she is today. What about Bai Yunxi? He became this strong just because Ye Fan likes him. She really doesn’t know what Ye Fan is thinking, he has to like a man.

“It’s done.” Ye Fan received the thirty-six medicinal pills into the storage talisman prepared in advance.

Under the continuous attack, cracks appeared in the big formation.

The taotie ghost looked at Ye Fan and said, “Ye Fan, how are you? Have you become weak?”

Ye Fan snorted lightly, and said, “You are weak.” Ye Fan took out the pre-refined Spirit Tonic Pill and swallowed it.

The spiritual energy in Ye Fan’s body had been consumed by 80% to 90% because of alchemy, and after taking the Spirit Tonic Pill, he barely recovered 20% to 30%.

“Look at my… power!” Ye Fan made a move, and the damaged protective formation began to flash a brilliant light.

“Explode!” The protective formation turned from defense to offense, and exploded. A column of light spread out in all directions, and bursts of screams came out.

Ye Fan self-destructed the protective formation, and the power of the protective formation was instantly raised to the limit. People who had been hiding in the dark and wanted to take advantage were seriously injured.

“Up, up, up!” The ghost flag rose with the wind. Ye Fan waved the ghost flag and in an instant, the cold wind blew and the ghosts flew out. The ancient martial arts practitioners, who were waiting to take advantage, couldn’t help but flee.

Ye Fan held the ghost flag and chased down the ancient martial arts practitioners.

“Ye Fan, stop chasing, let’s go too.” Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan signed a double cultivation contract, so he knew that even though Ye Fan looked vigorous, he was already at the end of his strength.

“There is a gun incident in this place, and the police will come soon. It’s not safe to stay here,” Bai Yunxi said.

Although it is said that the police always arrive late after the accident, it has been so long, so it is almost time to arrive now.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go.”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “The car was broken, you come and bring Mu Lianping, I will follow you.”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ye Fan stepped on the flying sword and flew in mid-air. Mu Lianping was carried by Ye Fan like an eagle catching a chicken.

Ye Fan turned his head and blinked at Mu Lianping. Mu Lianping asked in confusion, “Young Master Ye, is there something wrong?”

“You are a little heavy, it’s time to lose weight,” Ye Fan said.

Mu Lianping looked at Ye Fan, smiled reluctantly, and said, “You’re right, Young Master Ye, it’s time for me to lose weight.”

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Xiao Residence.

Xiao Chi hid in the room with a dodgy expression.

“Has everyone left?”

Mu Wan nodded and said, “Yes, they are gone, but I think they are still very reluctant ah!”

Xiao Chi said in embarrassment: “What can I do? I already told them that Ye Fan and Yunxi eloped, and I can’t find anyone.”

Mu Wan sighed and said, “What in the world did Ye Fan do? Why are so many people asking about him?”

Xiao Chi narrowed his eyes and said, “This guy, Ye Fan, seems to have made a big move recently.”

Mu Wan: “…”

“These guys, why don’t they go to Old Bai?”

Mu Wan smiled helplessly, and said, “You really think they didn’t look for him? I’m afraid Old Bai’s house is more lively.”

“Otherwise, let’s go out for a trip first and come back after a while?” Xiao Chi suggested.

Mu Wan nodded and said, “Alright!”


Bai Residence.

“Cousin Shiyu, where do you think Ye Fan and the others went?” Mu Lan asked.

Mu Shiyu shook his head and said, “I don’t know.”

“Cousin Lianping is lucky enough to be able to follow Ye Fan around.”

Mu Shiyu smiled, Mu Lianping’s luck really made him a little jealous.

With Mu Lianping’s indomitable cultivation speed now, his strength will definitely be higher than him in the future. However, this is Mu Lianping’s luck, and envy is useless.

“I heard that the Yang family took action when Ye Fan was concocting alchemy, but they didn’t get anything good,” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lan smiled and said, “Ye Fan even killed Ji Wen of Heaven’s Palace, what is a Yang Hong?”

Mu Shiyu’s cell phone rang, and when he received a call from the clan elder, Mu Shiyu’s face suddenly changed.

“Cousin Shiyu, what’s wrong?” Mu Lan asked in confusion.

“The elders have news,” Mu Shiyu said.

Mu Lan said excitedly: “There is news, could it be that the Immortal Mountain has been found?”

Mu Shiyu nodded and said, “The elders and the others really found the Black Tortoise and the Immortal Mountain in the sea, but the Black Tortoise rolled up a huge wave that overturned the elders and others’ boat, and after that, it suddenly disappeared.” The Black Tortoise didn’t rush to kill them all, but only overturned the elders’ boat. Most of the ancient martial arts practitioners on the boat were good swimmers, so they didn’t have too many casualties.

However, the Black Tortoise is so powerful that it is useless even if they find the Immortal Mountain.

Mu Lianping said that Ye Fan was not uninterested in the Immortal Mountain, but felt that his strength was not enough to step on the Immortal Mountain. Ye Fan felt that his strength was not enough, then the others will definitely have no chance.


Yang Hong hid in a hotel, treating his wounds.

“This Ye Fan, where the hell did this monster come from?”

Yang Lengxue handed the bandage to Yang Hong, “This Ye Fan is very strange, he should have the inheritance of the ancient immortals.”

Ye Fan self-destructed the protective formation and the protective formation exploded with astonishing power in an instant. Yang Hong was the first to be attacked because he was so close.

“The medicinal pill that Ye Fan refined is definitely a good thing,” Yang Lengxue said.

Yang Hong smiled bitterly and said, “A good thing is a good thing.” However, who can grab the medicine pill from Ye Fan’s hands?


Ye Fan swallowed a pill, and suddenly a strong spiritual power was formed in his body. Ye Fan said excitedly: “This pill is good.”

As long as the medicinal power of these pills are absorbed, advancing to the ninth level of Qi cultivation should not be a big problem.

Ye Fan distributed a pill to Mu Lianping, and Mu Lianping couldn’t help feeling like he had obtained a treasure.

“Young Master Ye, where are we going now?” Mu Lianping asked.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Why don’t we go back?”

Bai Yunxi shook his head and said, “No, don’t go back.” If they go back at this time, they will have to constantly deal with visitors from all walks of life, and there will be people from all walks of life coming to make friends, which isn’t good.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, let’s not go back. Let’s find a hotel to stay first.”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Well, good!”

Bai Yunxi found a hotel and rented a guest room with a false identity.

After the two settled down, they lived in seclusion and hid in the guest room. Mu Lianping lived next to the two and was responsible for buying and delivering meals every day.

Mu Lianping carried a large pile of food and walked into the hotel.

The two receptionists in the hotel stared at Mu Lianping all the way and watched Mu Lianping leave. Mu Lianping had a little goosebumps.

“It’s him. This guy is weird. He has to buy a lot of food every day. Can he finish it all by himself?”

“Maybe he didn’t eat it alone.”

“To buy so much, ten people can’t finish it! Is he engaged in some illegal activities? For example, pyramid schemes, where a large number of people are imprisoned.”

“Maybe he can eat a lot. On the live broadcast, there are often people who can eat a lot.”

“That’s not quite right either! This guy doesn’t even throw out the trash.”

The two receptionists looked at each other and kept guessing.

Mu Lianping walked upstairs quickly and couldn’t help feeling a little depressed. Most of the food he bought went into Ye Fan’s stomach. As for why Ye Fan didn’t throw out the garbage, he really didn’t know very well. There are many strange things about Ye Fan, and not throwing away the trash is really nothing.

Mu Lianping didn’t know, because Bai Yunxi hated dirt and mess, so Ye Fan put all the things he had emptied into the storage talisman and cleaned them regularly.

Ye Fan stayed in the hotel for a few days, either in double cultivation or in meditation. After absorbing six medicinal pills, Ye Fan’s cultivation finally entered the eighth level of Qi cultivation.

Ye Fan moved his hands and feet, and couldn’t help but feel a little excited, “Finally entered the eighth level, now it’s good, I can use the Xuanlong Seal.”

The Xuanlong Seal consumes a lot of spiritual energy. In the past, every time Ye Fan used it, the spiritual energy was directly exhausted, so Ye Fan did not dare to use it casually.

Mu Lianping knocked on the door, Ye Fan opened the door and let Mu Lianping enter the house.

“You bought the food?” Ye Fan said.

“Young Master Ye, I bought everything you said. Young Master Ye, what are your plans now?”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “Well, I plan to go to Shenlongjia Mountain for a walk. I heard that that place is very mysterious. I saw on WeChat Moments that a meteorite recently fell there. They can’t move it no matter how, so I will go and move it.”

Mu Lianping smiled and said, “Many things on WeChat Moments are fake. For netizens, even if there is no wind, there will be waves, and there will be big waves.”

Ye Fan shook his legs and said, “There’s nothing else to do anyway.”

“Is Young Master Ye still interested in the Immortal Mountain?”

Bai Yunxi glanced at Mu Lianping and asked, “Could it be, Lianping, do you have the latest news about the Immortal Mountain?”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Yes.”

Bai Yunxi asked with great interest, “What kind of news?”

“Elder Mu’s and the others found the Immortal Mountain, but the Black Tortoise rolled up a huge wave, overturned their boat, and then disappeared without a trace.”

The taotie ghost smiled and said, “Although the tortoise with a shriveled head is greedy for life and fears death, it is not something you two-legged sheeps can covet. That tortoise has a good temper, if it were our dragon clan, we would’ve swallowed you in one bite.”

Mu Lianping: “…”

“Are your elders okay?”

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “My clan elders are all right, but two people who went with them drowned.”

Ye Fan nodded and said: “If you want to make a fortune, you must be ready to take the risk. I don’t even dare to provoke that four-horned turtle now, those guys are very courageous!”

Mu Lianping: “…” According to Ye Fan’s words, could it be that the Immortal Mountain can only be dreamed about, and can’t be moved at all?


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