The Abandoned Son Ch.162

Chapter 162 — Tour

Ye Fan, Bai Yunxi, and Mu Lianping made a slight disguise and signed up for a tour group to the Shenlongjia Mountain.

After Bai Yunxi signed up for the tour, she heard the two girls whispering, “These days, there are really all kinds of people, before, there was a guy who brought two girlfriends over to sign up for the tour, and now there’s another guy who brought two boyfriends to sign up for the tour.”

“How do you know that those three men are together?”

“Does it still need to be said? When I saw the three of them, I knew that the three of them had an affair.”

“Then see which ones are top and which ones are bottom?”

“I see that man in white clothes, noble and cold, very much like a top!”

“Really? I think he looks like a condescending bottom.”

“Is that guy in black a top? I think he looks very smart and capable.”

“Really? Why do I think this guy is so stupid?”

“The one next to him in gray clothes looks very hard-working. That one must be a bottom.”

Bai Yunxi frowned. The excited whispers of the two girls kept coming into his ears, and Bai Yunxi couldn’t help but have black lines all over his face.

Mu Lianping couldn’t help rubbing his nose. Mu Lianping’s hearing was not as good as Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan, but he could still hear the conversation of the two customer service ladies.

Mu Lianping secretly said: Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan are indeed a couple, but he is just a light bulb.

After arriving at the meeting point, Ye Fan finally met the guy who was traveling with his two girlfriends as the customer service said.

This rich second generation has a golden necklace hanging around his neck and a fashionable mountaineering bag on his back, embracing two girls, left and right, looking like a king, which made some quite envious.

The tour guide looked at the crowd and said solemnly: “Everyone, the terrain here is steep and there are many snakes, insects, rats and ants. Please be careful not to leave the team, and do not casually go into dangerous areas. Our tour group is not responsible for any problems that may arise for personal reasons.”

The tour guide made some mobilization and took a few people on the road.

The mountain road here on Shenlongjia Mountain twists and turns, and they all walk on two legs. At first, the tourists were very excited, but soon their legs became weak.

The young man who was at first envied for his fortune soon became the pity of the crowd.

The two arrogant and expensive beauties threw all their luggage to him, so this young master carried the luggage of three people.

Ye Fan looked at the golden young master, and secretly said: If you don’t have diamonds, don’t take the porcelain work ah! You don’t have enough strength, but you brought two girlfriends out. Isn’t this looking for abuse?

Golden Young Master walked towards Ye Fan and asked, “This little brother, can I ask you to help with the luggage?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No.”

“Why?” Golden Young Master asked.

“I only help my wife with his luggage.”

Golden Young Master frowned and said displeased, “I can pay you?”

“I’m worth a billion, can you afford it?”

Gold Young Master was stunned, “Worth one billion, are you kidding me?”

Ye Fan shook his head and said, “No! I’ve been charging this price lately, no bargain.”

While Ye Fan spoke in a serious manner, several tourists around him laughed, only thinking that Ye Fan was uncomfortable with the promiscuous behavior of Golden Young Master, and therefore, deliberately shamed him.

“Guide, can we go to the place where the meteorite fell?” Ye Fan asked.

The tour guide turned his head, looked at Ye Fan and shook his head, and said, “No, that place has been banned, and because the meteorite is too heavy to move, the state established a research institute on the spot.”

Ye Fan nodded, and said “Oh” in disappointment.

Several people were walking in the jungle, when suddenly a green snake jumped out. Ye Fan grabbed the poisonous snake in his hand, and several tourists screamed in fright.

“Don’t kill it. This is a national first-class protected animal. You can’t kill it. If you kill it, you will be imprisoned,” the tour guide said quickly.

Ye Fan frowned and had no choice but to throw the snake out of his hand.

A shabby-looking snake actually can’t be killed!

When several people went up the mountain, it was still a sunny day, and then it started to become cloudy in the middle of the road.

The tour guide could only take a few people and temporarily find an inn to rest.

There are few inns on the mountain, many people and few rooms, so people can only squeeze together. The place is still short of water and the conditions are very poor.

The golden young master was in pain, “What a broken place! If I knew it earlier, I wouldn’t be here.”

Ye Fan stood at the window, looking at the lightning and thunder outside, a bit of confusion flashed in his eyes.

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “This thunderstorm is a little weird.”

Bai Yunxi tilted her head and asked, “It’s weird, what’s weird?”

Ye Fan showed his mobile phone and the weather page, and said, “The weather forecast says it’s sunny today.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“This weather forecast, it’s not accurate.”

Ye Fan retracted his phone, blinked, and said, “I think it’s pretty accurate.”

In the hotel, several tourists watched the thunderstorm and were worried.

“Oh, why is it raining so hard?”

“If this rain continues like this, we’re going to be trapped in the mountains.”

“It was sunny just now, why did it rain suddenly?”

“I heard that there are demonic beasts practicing cultivation here in Shenlongjia Mountain. It’s not a demonic beast in the middle of a tribulation, right?”

“You read too many novels.”

Ye Fan looked at the sky outside, pondered for a while and said, “I’ll go out and have a look.”

Bai Yunxi looked at Ye Fan and said, “It’s thundering now!”

“I sense some aura,” Ye Fan said.

Bai Yunxi was stunned for a moment. Ye Fan said that there are very few spiritual things in this place. Since they have encountered them now, they cannot be missed. “Then why don’t we go and have a look?”

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay.”

Ye Fan flew out with Bai Yunxi and saw a man and a woman fighting.

“Ji Ping, you are going too far. When you were injured, my Shennong clan took you in and treated you. You actually forgot the righteousness and stole the treasure of our clan,” Jiang Meng said angrily.

“The patriarch of your clan is too stingy. I was born with a body of thunder attribute, and I am the most suitable person for the wind and thunder bamboo. I joined your Jiang family, and I married you at the expense of your family. I have eliminated many foreign troubles for your Jiang family. As a result, that damned old man, just because I am not a member of the Jiang family, hid the wind and thunder bamboo to death.”

Jiang Meng glared at Ji Ping and said, “You came here for the sake of the wind and thunder bamboo. Unfortunately, I had no eyes and married you against my father’s wishes, and led the wolf into the room.”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “Wind and thunder bamboo, it turned out to be wind and thunder bamboo. I just said, this thunderstorm is strange. This guy pulled out the wind and thunder bamboo and caused the thunderstorm.”

“If the wind and thunder bamboo is pulled, will it rain?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “It will! The wind and thunder bamboo leaving the ground will trigger a change in heaven and earth, and the thing is on that man.”

Ji Ping smiled at Jiang Meng and said, “Xiao Meng, one night of love is worth a hundred of friendship, I don’t want to kill you, you should go back quickly.”

Jiang Meng gritted her teeth and looked at Ji Ping, “You killed my clan brother, and today I will keep you even if I risk my life.”

“You are not my opponent, if you persist in your obsession, don’t blame me for being merciless,” Ji Ping said with a gloomy face.

“Ji Ping, I’m really blind. I didn’t see your true face earlier, and I killed my cousin in vain.”

The taotie ghost looked at Jiang Meng, licked his lips, and said, “That little girl is a descendant of the gods! The blood on her body smells so sweet.”

Bai Yunxi looked at the taotie ghost in confusion, and said, “Gods?”

The taotie ghost nodded and said, “Yes.”

“What are the gods?” Bai Yunxi asked.

The taotie ghost spirit blinked and said, “Descendants of Gods are more delicious than two-legged sheeps.”

Bai Yunxi: “…”

“Descendants of Gods are a type of human beings, but they have special bloodlines. Ancient Descendants of Gods did not need to cultivate, they were gifted and born with divine power.” Ye Fan thought about it and added another sentence, saying, “This kind of person can be refined directly into a medicine pill.”

“Refine into a pill?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Young Master Bai, you don’t need to be surprised! You humans eat animals, in the eyes of heaven and earth species like us, you are also animals. The ancestor of this little girl seems to be an Acquired descendant who ate too many elixirs and wonderful pills, so her bloodline mutated under the effect of the medicinal power. The medicinal power in her body was passed to her offspring, making this little girl smell and taste delicious,” the taotie ghost giggled.

Ye Fan blinked and looked at the taotie ghost! “You are dead and can’t eat anymore!”

The taotie ghost spirit said angrily, “Don’t always remind me of this!”

Ye Fan blinked and said, “If I don’t remind you, I’m afraid you won’t remember it!”

Bai Yunxi secretly said: In ancient China, there is a legend that Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs. It is not surprising that Shennong ate a lot of spiritual herbs. It is said that Shennong’s stomach is transparent, and you can see the changes of the spiritual medicine in his stomach.

“Can that woman be used for refining medicine?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Ye Fan frowned and said, “She? She can only be regarded as a descendant of the gods. Her bloodline is already very weak, and the efficacy of the medicine is very limited.”

“She should be a member of the Shennong clan who lives in seclusion here. Ye Fan, you rescue the girl, but don’t let her see you,” Bai Yunxi said.

Bai Yunxi secretly said: The Shennong clan is keen on peace and good at refining pills. Xu Yuanqing is friendly with the Shennong clan. Ye Fan’s medicinal herbs for alchemy were obtained from the Shennong clan. Since they met, helping is fine.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go right now.”

Ye Fan attacked Jiang Meng from behind, knocking Jiang Meng unconscious on the ground.

“Who are you?!” Ji Ping was a little shocked when he saw Ye Fan suddenly appear without a sound.

Seeing that Ye Fan made Jiang Meng stunned, he breathed a sigh of relief, “This friend, thank you for helping to make this woman faint. Friend is fond of this woman? If you like her, you can take her away. River water does not interfere with well water.”

“She’s your wife!” Ye Fan said in confusion.

“A gentleman is always ready to help others attain their aims. Since your Excellency likes her, I naturally can’t rob my friend,” Ji Ping said generously.

Ye Fan looked at Ji Ping, blinked, shook his head, and said, “A gentleman is always ready to help others, that’s not how it is used.”

Ji Ping smiled reluctantly and said, “What does your Excellency mean?”

Ye Fan smiled and said, “I knocked her out, not to help you. Smash!”

The Xuanlong Seal was summoned, and the Xuanlong Seal instantly rose to the size of a hill, and it smashed towards Ji Ping.

“Bastard!” Ji Ping had bursts of thunder light, Xuanlong Seal ignored the thunder and smashed Ji Ping to the ground. Ji Ping mobilized the energy of the whole body, but still couldn’t block the Xuanlong Seal.

Under the powerful aura of the Xuanlong Seal, Ji Ping was completely powerless to resist.

Ye Fan smashed Ji Ping flat at once, and was immediately excited.

Ye Fan found that after his strength increased, using the Xuanlong Seal again became much smoother, and the power displayed by the Xuanlong Seal was somewhat beyond Ye Fan’s expectation.

Ye Fan put away the Xuanlong Seal, and found that Ji Ping had been crushed to death. Ye Fan took off the wind and thunder bamboo from Ji Ping’s body, quickly sealed several seals into the wind and thunder bamboo, and hid it in the storage talisman.

Ye Fan flew to Bai Yunxi again, and said, “Yunxi, I feel that several descendants are coming here, let’s go quickly.”

Bai Yunxi nodded and said, “Alright.”

After a few descendants chased out, they brought Jiang Meng back to the secret realm of the Shennong clan, and Ji Ping’s body was also brought back.

After Bai Yunxi and Ye Fan returned to the team, the rain stopped not long after.

The next day, Ye Fan and the others followed the tour guide around and were called free to move around.

“Young Master Ye, did you and Young Master Bai go out on the day of the thunderstorm?” Mu Lianping asked cautiously.

Ye Fan nodded and said, “Yes, Yunxi and I went out to do a happy thing. Why? Are you interested?”

Mu Lianping smiled awkwardly and said, “No.”

Bai Yunxi’s face was dark, and he secretly said: Ye Fan, this idiot, making it sound like they did it in the wilderness.

“Why do you ask this?” Ye Fan asked.

Mu Lianping shook his head and said, “It’s nothing, I heard that the Shennong clan lost their treasure, but they didn’t say what they lost, they just asked everyone to find it.”

Ye Fan flickered his eyes, “Oh, oh. You don’t even know what it is. Even if you look for it, I’m afraid you won’t be able to find it.”

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “The Shennong clan did this, on the one hand, to retrieve the treasure, and on the other hand, it may be to convey a message that the Shennong clan no longer has the treasure.”

“Why are so many people coveting the treasure of the Shennong clan?” Bai Yunxi asked.

Mu Lianping nodded and said, “Well, I don’t know what the treasure of the Shennong clan is, but I heard that it can be refined into an artifact.”

Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said secretly: Wind and Thunder Bamboo can indeed be refined into a powerful magic weapon, but the Wind and Thunder Bamboo he obtained seems to be immature. Even if it is made into a magic weapon, it will not have much power. In the realm of self-cultivation, you can consider finding a piece of treasured feng shui land to plant it.


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River water does not interfere with well water — do not interfere with one another.

A gentleman is always ready to help others attain their aims. — The morally noble man brings the virtues of others to completion; he does not bring their evils to completion. ; A gentleman bring romance to happy ending

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