The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.57

Chapter 57 – He’s Dirty

There were more than one hundred small towns in City B. The safe area was located on the outskirts of the city, next to a huge river, which was why developers chose to build an aristocratic villa community here.

Because the scenery here was very good, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It was precisely because of this that there were not many zombies here, and the safe zone could be quickly established. Of course, the most important reason was that the granary was here, and there was no need to worry about food in the safe area in a short period of time.

“Crunch. Crunch.” 0329’s sound of eating snacks came.

It leaned against the host’s arms and ate potato chips, while looking up from time to time to look at the host. And that wasn’t enough, it would also stretch out its little hand to poke the host’s lower abdomen or Adam’s apple.

Now 0329 already liked Xi Xun’s Adam’s apple.

And Xi Xun’s eyes fell out of favor.

As long as there was time, 0329 would touch it, and then hold the host happily and stick to him.

“Host.” At this time, 0329 just finished a bag of snacks.


“I find that I am so happy,” 0329 looked at Xi Xun and said.


“My senior brother said that the joy of life is to have snacks, to be accompanied by good-looking beauties, and to have a prosperous career! This is the pinnacle of life! I find that I have it all now!”

Originally, Xi Xun was slightly unhappy when he heard the words “senior brother”, but when he heard the word “beauty”, Xi Xun hooked the corners of his lips and said, “Oh? Is that so?”

“Hmm!” 0329 hugged the host and rubbed itself to him.

Xi Xun’s free hand touched 0329’s head slightly.

“It would be great if it kept going like this!” 0329 sighed.

“It will.”

0329 raised its shiny eyes and said, “Does the host like this kind of life too?”

“Like it.”

“Then am I quite round in the eyes of the host?” 0329 coughed dryly.

“Especially round.”

0329’s eyes lit up, and it hugged the host even tighter. In the system world, to say that the other party was particularly round meant to praise the other party for being particularly beautiful. 0329 was naturally very happy.

“The host is also very round,” 0329 also added.

Xi Xun smiled, this smile was accompanied by a low muffled laugh. 0329 couldn’t understand it, but it could feel that the host was very happy, so it hugged the host and kissed him on the face.

Xi Xun’s eyes froze, and he looked at the little white ball without saying a word.

Seeing the host suddenly looking at itself quietly, 0329 was a little puzzled and cautious, and said, “What’s the matter, host?”

“In the human world, you can’t kiss someone casually.”

“Huh?” 0329 was at a loss.

“If you kiss me, you are not allowed to kiss others anymore, otherwise, the other party will die,” Xi Xun said.

“Ah? But the host never told me that before.”

“I forgot to say it before.”

“Oh.” 0329 nodded, although it was still a little puzzled, but the host said so and it remembered it.

But then again, humans had so many rules.


After sighing, 0329 opened another pack of snacks and started to eat. Although most of the supplies were given to the safe area or placed in the supermarket, the snacks of 0329 was not moved.

Snacks were not enough for humans to satiate, so 0329 felt that it was the same whether they put it out or not, so just leave it to itself and the host to eat it! The host loved to eat snacks very much, and he’d grab it from 0329 every time.

But it put out the sugar-rich lollipops and chocolates, leaving only three boxes of lollipops and five boxes of chocolates for itself.

The car continued to drive in front.

“Host, where are we going?” 0329 asked

“Go to Town B and clean up the zombies there. By the way, you can get some more points to buy you ice cream.”

“The host is so nice!”

“Just know it,” Xi Xun said calmly.


Two hours later, Xi Xun drove 0329 to the edge of a street. He looked at the dilapidated and empty houses around him, found a house that looked cleaner, and walked in with a small system in his arms.

But halfway through, a shadow suddenly sprang out.

It was a mutated dog, in addition to roaring zombies and so on.

Xi Xun didn’t put down the small system, but killed these zombies and rushing dogs with one hand. The speed of avoiding made 0329 suspect that he was teleporting.

Fortunately, the density of zombies here was not much.

Xi Xun walked in with the small system and closed the door.

The house was a bit messy, with blood and spilled clothes and other daily necessities on the floor. But it could be seen that it was messy because of walking in a hurry, and the rest of the place was still clean.

0329 checked each room to see if there was any danger.

Xi Xun casually picked up a small fuel canister on the ground. This behavior happened to be seen by 0329 who came back, and it became convinced more and more that the host was very good. But it didn’t know that Xi Xun casually picked up the small fuel canister on the ground because of 0329.

It might be that he liked the small system more. Now Xi Xun found anything that looked a little bit like 0329 more pleasing to the eye, even if it was just a fuel canister.

In Xi Xun’s eyes, fuel canisters were much more pleasing to the eye than people.


The other side.

Yu Ti’s wound was almost infected.

It was summer, and the sanitary conditions were so poor, there was still a lack of water and medicine, etc., it was a miracle not to get infected. But because of Yu Bo’s presence, he was a medical student after all, and he happened to be studying surgery.

It was just that his hands kept shaking when he was taking care of Yu Ti’s wounds.

Xu Chuan stared at him, he was a little impatient, he frowned and said, “You studied medicine, why are you trembling all the time? Why did you think about studying medicine in the first place when you were so timid?”

He thought Yu Bo was nervous.

But it was not because of that.

Yu Bo could no longer get along with normal men, and when he got a little closer, he would tremble uncontrollably, in addition to nausea and suffocation. That kind of suffocation could drown him, and in the end, Yu Bo couldn’t stand this feeling anymore.

He barely bandaged the wound and ran out.

Yu Bo vomited, even though he only ate one meal a day, and it was very small, he still vomited it all.

“F*ck, don’t you feel disgusting?” someone scolded.

“That’s right, how the f*ck do you sleep at night?” a man asked irritably.

Although they lived in a villa, there were many people in the convoy.

If there were too many people, some might squeeze into the yard to sleep. After all, there were more than a hundred people in their convoy now.

Many people in the team didn’t want to see Yu Bo now.

Apart from what happened just now, Lu Ke’s reputation among the men in the team was pretty good, after all, most men liked beautiful girls. Everyone was shocked when they learned that Lu Ke’s ex-boyfriend actually slept with a man, and still with several people!

One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

There was no mobile phone or other entertainment now, and this gossip instantly aroused the interest of most people.

However, many people were also a little disgusted when they gossiped.

Because it was a bit disgusting…

Homosexual and still promiscuous, they didn’t know if there was any disease in his body.

So most people began to sympathize with Lu Ke, and felt that it was really bad luck for Lu Ke to have such an ex-boyfriend. So when Yu Bo just ran out and threw up, some people would taunt.

Thinking about it, too, as a member of the Department of Medicine, he vomited when he dealt with such a wound.

And he was still an adult man.

So melodramatic, just like the kind of sissy on TV.

Yu Bo lowered his head to avoid the gaze of others and the harsh voices, he barely wiped himself clean.

“Hurry back,” Xu Chuan said impatiently next to him.

Yu Bo lowered his head and didn’t speak, but walked back slowly. It was just that when he got close to a man, he still trembled, and he couldn’t even control his thoughts and wanted to protect himself.

Now that Brother Yu was asleep, Xu Chuan, who was standing lazily with his arms around him, couldn’t help but yawn.

“Stay and guard Brother Yu here,” Xu Chuan said.

Xu Chuan couldn’t hold on anymore, he wanted to go back to sleep first.

But as soon as he went out, one of his subordinates stopped Xu Chuan and whispered to Xu Chuan: “Brother Xu, Lu Ke said that this ex-boyfriend of hers has a bad private life. He’s gay and has slept with several people, so is it okay to leave Brother Yu in the room with him?”

Xu Chuan: “……”

Xu Chuan’s face suddenly changed, and he also remembered this. After all, when Lu Ke scolded her ex-boyfriend yesterday, he also heard some, but he didn’t see what Yu Bo looked like at the time, so he forgot that he was the same person as the one in the room.

So he retreated again.

When he saw Yu Bo sitting silently in a chair, he said in disgust: “You step back, don’t get so close to Brother Yu’s bed.”

Yu Bo didn’t say anything, but retreated to the corner. Even saying that this was what he wanted, Yu Bo would only have a little sense of security in the corner.

The next day.

Yu Ti slept more heavily this time, and he didn’t know if it was because of his injury.

Fortunately, his wound was carefully disinfected and not infected.

Yu Ti subconsciously stroked the painful head.

When he remembered, he realized that there was a young man about twenty-two or twenty-three years old standing next to him. The other party was giving himself an injection and changing medicine, but he didn’t know if it was because of nervousness, his hands were shaking all the time.

And… Yu Ti could feel the intent of an attack.

“Brother Yu! You finally woke up!” Xu Chuan was very happy.

Yu Ti nodded, he looked at the young man next to him who should have been guarding him all night, and said, “Thank you.”

Yu Bo didn’t speak. After seeing Yu Ti wake up, he was relieved because he could finally leave here.

After seeing Yu Bo ran away, Xu Chuan didn’t care, after all, Brother Yu was awake. He said excitedly to Yu Ti: “Brother Yu, fortunately, a batch of medicine was collected in the safe area. We are really lucky.”

“Well, you stayed all night too?”

“Hey, what is this? If it hadn’t been for Brother Yu to save me, I would have been in the mouth of a zombie a long time ago,” Xu Chuan said, laughing.

Yu Ti also smiled and said nothing.

At this moment, Lu Ke knocked on the door and came in. She was here to deliver breakfast. As the boss of the team, Yu Ti’s breakfast was the richest, with three slices of ham sausage, two slices of bread, and a bottle of milk.

Yu Ti asked her to put it on the sideboard.

Lu Ke put it down, but she didn’t leave after putting it down, but said, “Brother Yu, I was very worried about you yesterday. Fortunately, you are fine.”


“Brother Yu, why don’t I feed you? Your wound is not healed yet.” Lu Ke suddenly picked up breakfast again and walked over.

Yu Ti frowned and said, “No need.”

“Brother Yu, I really don’t mean anything else, I just want to take care of you and make you better soon.”

Yu Ti stopped talking.

He was silent for about a few seconds, then said to Lu Ke: “Miss Lu, I think I need to explain my attitude to you. I have saved you, but I have also saved others. I don’t need anything in return. If you really want to repay, then keep your distance. I don’t want others to misunderstand. It doesn’t matter to me, but you are a girl after all.”

After speaking, Yu Ti got up and left.

Xu Chuan, who had watched a scene, coughed dryly, and then brought Brother Yu’s breakfast milk, without even looking at Lu Ke’s ugly face.

The weather outside was good.

Yu Ti moved his body a little bit, and then went to check the condition of the car.

After the people around saw Yu Ti, they all greeted him.

Yu Ti had to go on a mission today, and he promised the safe zone to clean up the XX town closest to the safe zone. After the incident was completed, the safe zone would give Yu Ti’s team 500 points. Yu Ti thought this was not bad.

The most important thing was that they could also get zombie eyes by killing zombies.

If you add zombie eyes, then you should be able to get two or three thousand points on this trip.

At this moment, Yu Ti caught sight of a figure out of the corner of his eye.

The figure in this corner looked familiar, wasn’t it the young man just now?

Yu Ti frowned.

He walked over, then bent down and said to Yu Bo: “You took care of me all night yesterday, right? Don’t sleep here, go to my room and get some sleep to make up for it. I happen to be on a mission and I don’t need the room for the time being. I haven’t moved my breakfast in the room, so you can eat it.”

At this time, Xu Chuan also came to Brother Yu’s side.

He first gave the milk to Brother Yu, and then whispered to Yu Ti: “Brother Yu, this is Lu Ke’s ex-boyfriend. Lu Ke said that his private life is not very good. Don’t let him sleep in your bed. He’s too dirty.”

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