The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.56

Chapter 56 – He’s the Bad Guy

Yu Ti didn’t like to see scenes of other people arguing, or was not used to dealing with this kind of thing. So when Lu Ke wanted to forcefully carry the flour, and Yu Ti refused fruitlessly, he simply left the supermarket.

Before leaving, he handed the book in his hand to his subordinates.

The subordinates also knew what Brother Yu was thinking, so they did not frown and even made an ok gesture, indicating that the boss could go.

So Yu Ti left the supermarket alone.

As soon as he left the supermarket, the suffocating heat came on his face. The outside was packed with survivors who had fled here. There were now about 130,000 survivors in this safe zone, a large number.

Yu Ti looked around, then slowly raised his steps.

He was going to sit in the car for a while before going back to the supermarket. At that time, he should have almost bought all the supplies he should buy. Then he would go back and pay the points for the checkout.

Here, 0329 was spinning around in the supermarket like a small spinning top.

It looked at this from time to time, and then at that from time to time, as if it wanted a little bit of each.

Xi Xun, on the other hand, followed 0329 closely and looked at it.

“Host!” 0329 suddenly turned around and called Xi Xun.


“I still want to eat that ice cream,” 0329 pointed to the freezer.

“Take it.”

0329 was very happy, it sat on the freezer looking at the dazzling array of ice cream, as if thinking about which one to choose.

An ice cream was one point, and it was the same for popsicles.

In the end, 0329 chose ice cream.

Xi Xun let it go, and when he was sure that the small system had nothing else it wanted to buy, he said, “Let’s go.”


0329 walked happily holding two ice creams.

One flavor of ice cream it chose was chocolate and the other was vanilla, all of which were the flavors that 0329 liked. In fact, it liked all flavors very much, but the host said to buy two ice creams at most.

So 0329 had to buy chocolate and vanilla flavors.

“Hello, a total of 195 points,” the supermarket staff said to Xi Xun with a smile.

Xi Xun gave the other party the point card.

After the other party finished sweeping, Xi Xun took these three big bags and left.

To be honest, this scene was a bit funny. Just imagine the scene of a handsome guy with a cold face carrying three large bags of supplies in his hands.

There was a strong contrast in this picture.

And 0329 continued to walk and eat while holding the ice cream.

It might be that it was too absorbed in eating. 0329 almost bumped into someone a few times, but fortunately, 0329 always stopped at the last minute. Xi Xun’s eyelids twitched as he watched its snail-like speed.

Fortunately, they finally got to the door of the supermarket after stumbling.

In the end, seeing 0329 was too slow, Xi Xun said calmly: “Wait here.” He wanted to throw these things into the car first before picking up the small system.

“Hmm!” 0329, who was eating ice cream, responded seriously.

It might be that it was a bit hot outside, so the ice cream melted quickly, and it was all eaten within a few bites of 0329.

It looked around, then went to the trash can to throw it away.

It was just that 0329 at this time forgot that it was not tall enough. Although it could fly, it couldn’t be seen in full view of the public. Just when 0329 frowned and sighed, thinking that it would wait for the host to come and then throw it again, a smiling voice came from the top of his head.

“Do you need me to throw it for you?”

0329 raised its head, but what it saw was not the other party’s appearance, but the rich…um, black luck?

Yu Ti couldn’t help laughing when he saw the little guy looking at him in a daze.

By the time 0329 finally reacted, the ice cream cup had already been put in the trash by Yu Ti. Originally, Yu Ti wanted to touch this little guy who looked very eye-catching, but the next second, a murderous cold air him from behind!

Yu Ti subconsciously dodged, but even though the speed was already very fast, Yu Ti’s shoulder was still scratched by an arrow.

He saw an arrow poking on the wall behind.

There was a crack in the wall, which showed how strong the force was. If it weren’t for Yu Ti’s fast reaction speed, he would definitely be instantly penetrated by the arrow.

Yu Ti’s eyes narrowed.

At this time 0329 was also stunned. It looked at the host who had a cold face, then at the injured Yu Ti, and finally ran to the host, wondering: “Host?”

Xi Xun looked at the little guy, then picked it up. Before leaving, Xi Xun only said one word to Yu Ti.

—Stay away from him.

0329 didn’t hear this sentence, because Xi Xun said it with his lips, and the warning eyes were mixed with murderous intent, which made people tremble. At least when several members of Yu Ti’s team saw Xi Xun’s eyes, their first reaction was this.

Their scalp was numb and their whole body was cold.

After Xi Xun left, the rest of the team hurriedly asked, “Brother Yu, what happened?”

Yu Ti didn’t speak, but frowned and looked at Xi Xun’s back.


Inside the car.

Back in the car, 0329 still looked at the host seriously, as if asking why he did it to that person just now? The other party looked pretty good, and he helped it throw away the ice cream cup!

Xi Xun looked at the little white ball and said, “In the human world, there is a kind of wicked person who specializes in abducting and selling children, digging out body organs, cutting off hands and feet, and so on. That person just now was also this kind of person.”

0329’s face changed, and it said, stunned: “Really?”


“No wonder he has black luck,” 0329 said to itself.

“Oh? Is he black?” Xi Xun’s eyes flashed.

“Well…it should be.”

Anyway, what it saw was like this, but 0329 was color-blind and had never seen other colors, so it was not sure if it was really black.

“I see,” Xi Xun said calmly.

0329 was sitting on Xi Xun’s lap, thinking: “But that person feels so comfortable to me, it doesn’t feel like a bad person.”

“Usually, the real bad guys will pretend,” Xi Xun said.

“It turned out to be like this.” 0329 suddenly realized. The human world was too complicated. In their system world, bad is bad and good is good. There was no need to pretend.

“You are not allowed to meet him alone in the future.”


Xi Xun took 0329 to the new villa, but the new villa was still being cleaned up, and they said that he would not be able to check in until tomorrow at the earliest. In other words, they had to stay in the previous villa for one night today.

Xi Xun’s eyes were dark.

Then he turned the car and drove outside the safe zone.

0329 was very puzzled: “Host, where are we going? We’re not going back to the villa to rest?”

“Let’s not go back, let’s go out for one night first,” Xi Xun said.

“What? Where are we going?”

“Kill zombies.”

“But don’t we still have more than 5,000 points? It’s more than enough for three or four months!” 0329 was puzzled.

“Clean up the zombies outside,” Xi Xun’s words were concise.

0329 understood, the host wanted to kill some zombies to avoid danger outside the safe zone.


0329 sighed. In the past, other systems in the system department said that 0329 was the model worker of the law department, but now it seemed that the host was, and it was ashamed of itself.

The host was really too hardworking and kind-hearted!

At that time, 0329 didn’t know that Xi Xun just didn’t want 0329 to meet Yu Ti again.

That person made Xi Xun feel threatened and uncomfortable.

If it was according to Xi Xun’s previous character, he wanted to kill the other party directly. But compared to killing the other party, the strongest instinct in his heart was that he shouldn’t let the small system meet that person again.

He actually didn’t know what he was afraid of.

Thinking of this, Xi Xun’s hand holding the steering wheel suddenly stopped.


No, the word “afraid” never appeared in Xi Xun’s vocabulary. He just didn’t want to destroy everything he had now, and he didn’t want to break his impression in 0329’s heart. For this reason, he could temporarily suppress his murderous intent.

As long as the other party could be sensible.

0329 yawned a little, it looked outside, and then buried itself in the host’s arms, ready to sleep for a while.


The other side.

Yu Ti’s shoulder was injured, and the team was very nervous.

“Brother Yu, let me help you with medicine!” Lu Ke looked at Yu Ti with a distressed expression, her eyes filled with tears.

“No, men and women are different, let Xu Chuan do it.”

Xu Chuan, who was standing next to him, immediately came over to give the boss medicine, but Lu Ke squeezed aside and said, “Brother Yu, Brother Xu is a big man, and he doesn’t know how to be careful at all. Let me do it.”

Yu Ti still wanted to refuse, but Lu Ke was already crying. Her eyes were teary and her voice choked: “Brother Yu, you saved me and asked me to follow the convoy and took care of me along the way. I really want to repay you, will you give me a chance to repay?”

Yu Ti couldn’t beat Lu Ke. In addition, anyone who wanted to come over and help Yu Ti with medicine was pushed away by Lu Ke. Yu Ti simply said, “Forget it, this injury is not particularly serious, no need to put medicine on it. I’ll be fine after a night’s rest, you all go out.”

Lu Ke’s expression suddenly solidified on her face.

The house also became extremely quiet.

A minute later, Xu Chuan, Yu Ti’s subordinate, coughed and said, “Brother Yu, how can there be no medicine? It’s summer, and hygiene is not good. What should we do if you have tetanus? Let me help you with medicine.”

After Xu Chuan finished speaking, he was about to take the medicine from Lu Ke.

Lu Ke held the medicine and didn’t let go, and looked at Yu Ti and cried, “Brother Yu, did I do something wrong and you are angry? If this is the case, I apologize to you, but please take care of your body, okay?”

“Can you let go first?” Xu Chuan became impatient.

Lu Ke’s tears suddenly flowed even more fiercely, and compared to Xu Chuan’s tall body, it made her even more pitiful.

It might be that Xu Chuan moved too much. When Xu Chuan lost his patience and grabbed the medicine directly, Lu Ke suddenly fell to the ground, and her palm was also scratched by the tip of a needle and blood flowed out.

This scene scared everyone.

Yu Ti also frowned, and he got out of bed to take a look at Lu Ke’s injuries. Lu Ke’s face turned pale with pain, and an injury of about three centimeters was drawn in the palm of his hand.

“Give her medicine, and give her this tube of injection too,” Yu Ti said solemnly.

“But there is only one tube of medicine left in the safe area!” Xu Chuan said anxiously.

Everyone in the team disagreed, but Yu Ti’s attitude was firm, and he said indifferently: “I said, give it to her.”

When everyone saw this, it was hard for them to say anything.

Everyone backed out, and Chen Jing, who was ordered to give Lu Ke medicine, said: “Please don’t keep looking for things. If you hadn’t been pushing back and forth just now, Brother Yu’s medicine would have been finished long ago! Now there is no medicine not to mention that it ended up being wasted on you.”

Lu Ke snorted coldly when he heard the words: “Are you jealous of me?”


Xu Chuan and the other brothers went to the safe zone again to ask if there was any more medicine, but the answer from the safe zone was that there was none for now, but there should be tomorrow, and the safe zone sent someone out.

But the convoy couldn’t wait a day.

Xu Chuan wanted to ask a doctor to come and see him first, but there was also a shortage of doctors in the safe area.

Helpless, Xu Chuan asked who in the team studied medicine or nursing. They could take care of Brother Yu for the time being, at least he would not be infected or anything.

But no one in the convoy spoke.

Just when Xu Chuan was a little disappointed, Lu Ke spoke.

Lu Ke scolded a boy who lived in the corner: “Yu Bo, I didn’t expect you to be such a person! Brother Yu is the boss of the team, what if he has an accident with the team? Even if you are dissatisfied with me, Brother Yu has taken in everyone, do you have to do something?”

When Xu Chuan heard this, he suddenly looked into the corner and said, “Did he?”

“Well, he is my ex-boyfriend, from the Department of Medicine. But because I broke up with him, he has a grudge in his heart and doesn’t want to help.”

The people in the convoy were anxious. Now that they heard this, they suddenly looked at Yu Bo, and their eyes were full of disgust.

Although they could understand that young people were more emotional when they were in love, now, everyone in the team was saved by Brother Yu, and he could still be indifferent.

Everyone’s annoyance with Lu Ke just now had now shifted to Yu Bo.

Yu Bo’s face turned pale when he was noticed by everyone.

Now, Yu Bo had been suppressed to the extreme, he just wanted to shrink in his corner. Now being watched by everyone, Yu Bo’s body was extremely stiff.

Xu Chuan came over, and he said to Bo: “You go and treat it.”

“I, I can’t.”

“You don’t have to be afraid, Brother Yu has a good temper, just take care of the wound overnight and try not to get it infected.”

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