The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.55

Chapter 55 – Yu Ti

Xi Xun replied with a ‘hmm’ and didn’t say anything more.

He calmly hugged 0329 and headed towards the supermarket. There were now three large supermarkets in the safe zone, and each supermarket was guarded by heavy troops, because there were always people who were desperate enough to take risks.

Anyone who dared to rob a supermarket would be shot and killed on the spot.

Therefore, the safe zone was still relatively calm now, and there had been no major riots. After all, the safe zone could be regarded as giving people a way to stay alive. Even if you couldn’t kill zombies, you could get a steamed bun and water every day when you go to build the wall every day.

At least for the time being, it would keep you alive.

If someone still wanted to go their own way and cause riots and cause innocent casualties, then they could only be killed.

0329 was being carried by the host, but it suddenly saw a bulge in the host’s throat, it didn’t know it was called Adam’s apple, so 0329 stared at it for a while.

In fact, it had seen it before, but 0329 didn’t pay much attention to it. Today, it found it good looking at a glance.

0329 involuntarily stretched out its little hand and touched it.

Xi Xun’s eyes deepened, but he didn’t stop the small system from touching him, and only continued walking forward.

“Host, there are many beautiful places on your body.”

“Is it beautiful?”

“Hmm!” 0329 gave a positive answer.

“As long as you like it.”

0329 was immediately moved, but then it heard the host say another word. Xi Xun said indifferently: “If you touch me, you are not allowed to touch others anymore, understand?”

“Why?” 0329 was puzzled.

“In the human world, if you touch my Adam’s apple and then touch someone else, the other person will die,” Xi Xun said.

0329 was stunned, it asked in confusion: “Really?”


“Is there any principle to this?” 0329 still didn’t understand.

“No, it’s just human rules.”

0329 responded calmly, and at the same time, mused: “No wonder my senior brother has never told me this. It seems that my senior brother has never touched its host here, so it didn’t know!”


“Then if I touch the host now, will the host suffer any harm?” 0329 was a little worried when it thought of this.

“No, you can touch it.”

0329 was relieved, and then said: “The host and I are indeed the best match!”

Xi Xun hooked the corners of his lips and said, “Yes.”

0329, who was recognized by the host, was very happy, and even its light was much brighter.


In the supermarket in Area A.

This supermarket was very big, and Xi Xun was holding 0329 and walking around inside. There were not many supplies left in 0329’s space now. Last night, 0329 ran out dozens of kilometers away to release the supplies, that is, those things that were mentioned today to the leaders of the safe zone.

After all, they couldn’t expose the space.

They told the leaders that there were 1,000 bags of flour, but there actually were more than 6,000 left, and 0329 put the other supplies in the warehouses of various supermarkets in the town.

It was impossible for the soldiers to run this trip to only take those supplies given by Xi Xun, they would definitely also check other places just in case. If they collected it, just bring it back together.

Even if they didn’t find it, other survivors would find it.

This could also save a lot of people.

After all, these bags of flour had only a one-year shelf life, and the host couldn’t finish eating so much in a year. If they’d turn bad anyway, it would be better to give them to those in need.

So 0329 got rid of all the remaining supplies.

It left only 90 bags of flour, as well as 300 boxes of mineral water, and other foods with a longer shelf life. One box of medicine was also left for each, but three extra boxes of trauma medicine were left, including gauze and the like, and the rest were all put back in the pharmacy.

After all, the host was easily injured.

So now 0329 was poor, or it was poorer than before, but it was very happy. After all, it could save tens of thousands of people and was of great merit to the host.

“There is lettuce here, host!” 0329 pointed to the vegetable area and said excitedly.

“Hmm,” Xi Xun also saw it.

There happened to be a greenhouse in the safe area, which was full of grown vegetables. Now that the end of the world was here, the safe zone needed to be self-sufficient, otherwise, if they finished eating the saved food, they would still face a difficult problem, so they ordered people to continue farming.

There were very few people who were buying in the vegetable area. Most of the people who came to this area were from the convoy. These people were all out to kill zombies, and they naturally had some points saved.

“Today, I will make a cold radish leaf salad for the host, and then make a scrambled egg with tomato!” 0329 picked out the vegetables it wanted while talking, and after putting them in, it glanced at other areas.

Finally, it found lamb chops from a freezer!

“Host, how about making another lamb chop?” 0329 raised its head and asked Xi Xun.

“It’s up to you.”

Lamb chops were the most expensive, 150 points a bag.

But now, Xi Xun was a rich man, and he could even be said to be the person with the most points in the entire base, so he could buy whatever he wanted.

And Xi Xun’s generosity naturally attracted the attention of others.

Almost everyone who bought in this area glanced at Xi Xun and 0329 with different expressions. There were those who gawked, those who were envious, and those who had crooked ideas.

“He has so many points, and he can buy lamb chops casually,” said a girl who was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and long pants, and looked capable. She sighed to the people in her team.

You know, this was 150 points!

“It seems that this person is very strong, maybe he is a practitioner,” the man next to her replied.

“But it’s too wasteful,” said a girl who looked delicate and weak. They belonged to the same team.

Hearing Lu Ke’s words, the two of them stopped talking for a while.

Seeing that they didn’t respond to her words, Lu Ke was a little embarrassed. She always felt that the people in the convoy were ostracizing her because she was good-looking! Thinking of this, she ran to the flour area, then walked to a man who looked outstanding in a short-sleeved shirt and was choosing supplies, and said aggrieved: “Brother Yu.”

This stunningly good-looking and elegant man was Yu Ti.

If other systems were here at this time, they would be stunned, because Yu Ti’s body was surrounded by a very strong golden-red luck energy. In addition to being the son of luck, he also had strong merits.

It was a pity that there was only one system in this world, and it was still color-blind.

Yu Ti frowned.

He stepped back a little to keep his distance from the girl, and said, “What’s the matter?”

Everyone else laughed a little when they saw this scene.

Everyone knew that Yu Ti had a very good personality, always helping others, and was patient with anyone in the team. The most important thing was that his force value was also very high, so there were many people in the team who admired him, and Lu Ke was one of them.

Lu Ke became even angrier when she heard the laughter of the others in the convoy. She said with tears in her eyes: “Brother Yu, I don’t know how I offended Sister Jing and Brother Xu. They have been deliberately squeezing me out. I am really uncomfortable.”

“Who squeezed you out?”

They were just afraid that Lu Ke would flip right and wrong, so they followed. Sure enough, they really guessed it right!

Chen Jing said angrily, “You tell us.”

Lu Ke hid behind Yu Ti like a frightened deer, and said with tears: “I just don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t mean anything else…”

Chen Jing exploded when she saw this.

She just wanted to go up and slap her twice, no, she wanted to slap herself twice! Blame herself, blame herself for saving Lu Ke in the first place. After saving her, not only did she not get any gratitude, but because of her, she and her boyfriend often quarreled and finally broke up.

Now that she had joined a new team, she came here again!

Really unlucky!

If she could go back in time, she would never go soft again!

“Okay, stop it.” Yu Ti frowned.

After speaking, he returned to the flour area and continued to calculate the supplies needed by the convoy with the other members.

Seeing this scene Chen Jing suddenly gave a cold laugh, and then said to Lu Ke: “Save your breath, Brother Yu is not like other men, do you think anyone likes a delicate type like you? Heh.”

Lu Ke’s face suddenly became very ugly when she heard this.

In fact, it was true. Although Yu Ti treated her well, the problem was that he treated everyone the same.

But she still had a chance, because she found that Yu Ti had a strong sense of responsibility and a kind heart.

The more he was like this, the easier to take him down!

So Lu Ke continued to run to Yu Ti and said she wanted to help him.

“No need to help,” Yu Ti refused.

“It’s okay, I want to help you a little, otherwise, others will always say that I am a freeloader, I really don’t want to cause you trouble, Brother Yu!” Lu Ke shook her head.

Yu Ti’s brows twisted again, but he didn’t say anything, and just left this area and went to other places, which made Lu Ke’s smile suddenly freeze in place.

Because she couldn’t carry that bag of flour by herself, and she looked unsightly while carrying the bag.

So Lu Ke was embarrassed there.

Fortunately, someone helped Lu Ke, and this person was Lu Ke’s ex-boyfriend. He looked a little bit handsome, after all, Lu Ke was very beautiful, so naturally, it was impossible to choose an ugly boyfriend.

But when she saw this person, she was disgusted.

She shook off the other party’s hand, trying to avoid him like he was a plague, and said, “Don’t touch me!”

The ex-boyfriend suddenly froze in place.

“What I hate most is people like you who cheat!” Maybe she wanted to draw a line with her ex-boyfriend, or take advantage of this scene to establish her miserable image here in front of Yu Ti, so she scolded: “I said I can’t accept a man who sleeps with someone else during a relationship, and it’s still twice. Don’t you feel sick?”

The ex-boyfriend’s face turned pale.

He did sleep with someone else, but for a reason. On the way to escape from the safe zone, Lu Ke had a fever that reached almost forty degrees or so, and for that bag of fever-reducing medicine, he slept with a man.

But he was really a straight man, he just had to.

The second time after that, they met a group of people who wanted to force Lu Ke. Naturally, he couldn’t beat four or five people by himself, and in the end, he could only choose another way if he wanted to protect his girlfriend.

He frantically shouted that he could replace his girlfriend.

Those people naturally disagreed, and most of them were heterosexual. But seeing the young who was desperate, and Lu Ke who was not in good health at the time, so weak as if she would die in the next second.

They were not yet to the point of killing people.

In addition, they hadn’t tried the taste of a man yet, so they finally agreed.

At that time, Lu Ke shrank in the corner.

After it ended, she slapped the boy directly, saying that he was disgusting, and they broke up after that.

“It’s fine if you go to bed, but you still have sex with a group of men. Don’t you feel dirty?”

Others were taken aback when they heard this gossip.

Some people looked at Lu Ke’s ex-boyfriend with interest, which made the boy’s face paler. His lips trembled a few times, and finally, he couldn’t stand the words and stares of others and fled here.

Because he himself was disgusted with himself.

No one knew what it felt like for a straight man to be forced to sleep with another man, he even wanted to die.

After seeing her ex-boyfriend fleeing, Lu Ke despised him even more.

She turned her head and just wanted to find Yu Ti, but found that Yu Ti was gone, and she didn’t know where he had gone.

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  2. Xi Xun said indifferently: “If you touch me, you are not allowed to touch others anymore, understand?”

    “Why?” 0329 was puzzled.

    “In the human world, if you touch my Adam’s apple and then touch someone else, the other person will die,” (“because I will kill them”)


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