The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.54

Chapter 54 – Did not recognize the wrong host!

“Huh? I’m climbing the wall,” 0329 replied in confusion.

It didn’t know how the host started to get angry again after not seeing it for a while, which made 0329 puzzled. It found that the host seemed to be angry every day, either angry or on the way to being angry.

“Host, you are not a puffer fish, are you?” 0329 blinked and asked Xi Xun curiously.

0329 was really curious.

In order to be able to complete the task better, 0329 collected a lot of information from the human world. It knew that in the human world, animals and plants could cultivate to attain the Dao.

For example, what kind of fox demon, tree fairy, etc.

It seemed that even mountains could cultivate into mountain gods or something, so the host must have been a pufferfish in his previous life!

Xi Xun’s dark eyes were like cold pools.

He watched 0329 for a long time, then finally let go of it and pressed down the surging emotions.

In fact, Xi Xun also noticed his abnormality.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him. As time passed, he became more and more annoyed when this little white ball paid attention to others. He used to think it was just a possessiveness of his own things.

But now…

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed and thought of something.

And 0329 was also thinking. It wandered back and forth under the feet of the host several times, and then sized up the host, as if to see whether the host was a puffer fish or not.

At this moment, Xi Xun suddenly raised his steps and entered the bathroom.

The bathroom door made a loud noise, and then the sound of bathing came from inside.

This was Xi Xun forcing himself to calm down.

Otherwise, the out-of-control Xi Xun might kill 0329. Because at that moment, he really wanted to kill it.

As for the reason?

He didn’t want to see 0329’s gaze on others anymore, even though it was only occasionally, although 0329 had never changed. But before, Xi Xun didn’t care about 0329 at that time, even if it died or disappeared, Xi Xun wouldn’t even blink.

But now it was different, he didn’t know when it started…

He began to care.

Fortunately, Xi Xun had always had a calm personality, and 0329 could always interrupt him with its random thoughts, so he succeeded in regaining a little sense of reason before Xi Xun completely lost control.

“It’s over, the host has become a fool,” 0329 sadly said.

The host had just finished taking a bath, and now he was going to take another one. Shouldn’t there be a memory problem?


Xi Xun didn’t finish the bath successfully, because the villa’s electricity and water were completely cut off halfway through the bath. The whole villa suddenly went dark, and Xi Xun looked at the dark bathroom in silence.

Just as Xi Xun was about to wipe it out casually, there was a knock on the door from outside.

“Come in.”

0329 opened the door and walked in.

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows the moment he saw the small system.

Because 0329 was dressed up in a funny way at this time, the little white ball’s eyes were covered with a small strip of cloth, and a basin of water was placed behind it, and it said, “Host, you haven’t finished washing, right? I brought you a pot of water from the pond. But don’t worry, it’s clean, I filtered it for you.”

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly.

0329 after putting it away properly, it turned around and left, only to hit the wall, but soon, it adjusted its direction and continued to walk outside seriously.

After 0329 left, Xi Xun slowly looked at the basin of water.

After a while, Xi Xun suddenly smiled.

This smile was a bit different from the previous one, a bit subtle, and a bit warm.

“Host!” 0329 suddenly turned back again.

Xi Xun looked at it.

0329 coughed dryly, and said, “I think it’s too dark now, and human eyes are unable to see clearly. If the host needs my help, I can help you wash.”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, just looked at it intently.

0329 continued to ask: “Host, have you washed your hair?”

Xi Xun’s hair was washed. But looking at the little white ball in front of him, Xi Xun, in the end, replied: “No.”

So, 0329 began to help the host wash his hair excitedly.

This was the first time Xi Xun had handed over the fragile place of his body to someone else. At this time, 0329 didn’t know what this meant to it, and it continued to wash the host’s hair. It washed his hair very gently, and 0329 even changed back to its human form to help the host wash.

It could be seen how much importance it attached to washing the host’s hair for the first time.

After washing, 0329 wiped the host.

Xi Xun was left to be tossed by 0329 throughout the whole process, and even if 0329 stabbed Xi Xun with a knife at this time, it would be 100% successful.


There was the sound of thunder in the sky outside, and it was going to rain.

At this time, the villa was still dark.

0329 carefully took the host’s big hand and took the host back to their bedroom bed.



“It may rain outside,” 0329 glanced outside and said.


“Tomorrow we will give the supplies to the safe zone in exchange for points!” 0329 said.


0329 sat on the bed and looked inside the space.

The supplies inside were quite complete, there were almost more than 7,000 bags of rice and noodles. Then there were medicines and other foods. There were more than 300 boxes of ham, more than 500 canned fruits, and more than 4,000 other canned food in total.

Mineral water was the largest, with more than 10,000 boxes.

There were also about a few thousand barrels of bottled water.

“Let’s give these thousand chickens to the safe zone first, but the host needs to be supplemented…”

“I don’t need it,” Xi Xun interrupted calmly.

“I know that the host is kind, but it is still necessary to leave a hundred of them!” 0329 disagreed.

And the pig and the cow have to stay too.

The rest was easy to decide, half of the medicines were given to the safe zone. 0329 wanted these medicines to be exchanged for points, as for other supplies, just barely collect a few points.

0329 told the host of its plan and asked, “Host, what do you think?”


“Then we will go early tomorrow morning, otherwise, there will be no electricity in the villa.”



The next day.

Xi Xun got into the car with 0329 in his arms early in the morning, and then drove towards the center of the safety zone. Naturally, he had to meet with the leaders of the safety zone to discuss this kind of thing.

Although Xi Xun was not well-known among ordinary people in the safe zone, the leaders above knew this person.

After all, he was the first to stay in the villa.

The important thing was that he did not join any team or convoy. He took care of one or two thousand zombies by himself. How could this not shock the higher-ups?

This was also the reason why even after Xi Xun left the villa for a month, they did not take it back. The security zone did not want to offend such a person.

It would be better if he could stay.

So when they heard that Xi Xun was going to meet the supreme leader of the safety zone, the district chief of the security zone agreed.

The district chief was an old general in his seventies.

Despite his age, the other man still looked spirited and had a torch-like gaze.

He was followed by several officers with the rank of major or above.

These people were the current administrators of the safety zone.

“I heard you were looking for me?”


Then Xi Xun succinctly stated the purpose of his coming today. He said that he had a batch of medicines in his hand to be traded with the safe zone in exchange for points.

As soon as he heard that there was medicine, a colonel in his fifties next to him asked excitedly: “What medicines are there?!”

The most lacking thing in the safe zone now was medicine!

“A bit of everything.”

The corner of the colonel’s mouth twitched. He had never seen such a child who spoke so little. Are young people like this now?

In the end, the colonel sent someone to Xi Xun’s car to take a look.

Because Xi Xun said that the medicine was all in the car.

The medicine was indeed in the car, the rear seat and the rear compartment were full of medicine, and there were about five boxes. These medicines included cold medicines, antipyretics, gauze, and some medicines for other illnesses, all kinds, and even disinfectants. The eyes of the doctors who came to claim them were moist.

The district chief breathed a sigh of relief after knowing that the medicines were real.

“In a place next to xx town on the outskirts of City B, there are still supplies I have saved. There are about a thousand chickens in it, as well as a dead pig and cow, and other miscellaneous supplies, including medicine from a pharmacy. If you want it, get it as soon as possible, don’t worry about the number of zombies there, I have already killed them all.”

The leaders of the security zone were stunned at this time, even 0329 was stunned.

0329 was stunned because—

It had already said to the host that the pig and cow should be kept for themselves! Moreover, it was also agreed that they’d leave a hundred chickens, and it would be frozen for the host to eat slowly. Why did the host send it out all at once?

But now that they were in front of outsiders, 0329 couldn’t ask the host.

The district chief did not doubt Xi Xun’s words, because Xi Xun’s ability could indeed kill so many zombies.

“You…how many points do you want to exchange?” the district chief asked.

When Xi Xun first came in, he said that he’d use these materials in exchange for points. But he didn’t expect to receive so many, and they were all precious medicines. You know, any ordinary person would probably hide these things and take them for himself, and then win people’s hearts.

Xi Xun’s move surprised the old general, who was the district chief.

“Three thousand.”

“Three thousand?” Even the guards standing aside couldn’t help but look at him when they heard this condition.

Is this really a living Bodhisattva?!

Take the risk to kill so many zombies, get so many supplies, let alone give it to the safe zone, how can you just exchange it for such a small amount of points?!

Before Xi Xun spoke, the district chief was ready for the young man to ask a lot. He thought Xi Xun would ask 700,000 or 800,000 points in one go, but after hearing that he only needed 3,000 points, the old general was shocked.

He suddenly looked up to this young man a little bit more highly.

He even admired him a little more.

But the district chief still shook his head and said, “Three thousand is too little. I will give you six thousand points, and that villa will also be given to you. You and your brother will use it permanently.” Now, all the houses in the safe zone were rented, not bought.

Xi Xun had only bought it for half a year, and if he wanted to continue living there, he would need to kill zombies to exchange points. Therefore, this villa was given directly to Xi Xun, it also expressed the gratitude and sincerity of the safe zone to Xi Xun.

When Xi Xun heard this, something in his eyes flashed, and he said, “Change it to another one. The little goldfish in that one is dead. My brother doesn’t like it.”

0329 suddenly looked at the host with tears in its eyes.

Just as it wanted to say that it didn’t mind, it was pressed back into Xi Xun’s arms.

0329 was puzzled, but did not move.

Changing the villa was just a small matter, and the district chief directly agreed with a wave of his hand, and Xi Xun’s electricity bill was exempted for one year. In the end times, it was a luxury to use electricity casually for a year.

At this point, the deal was negotiated, and Xi Xun left the office with 0329.

The leaders of the safe zone looked at Xi Xun’s back, and some people couldn’t help sighing: “This young man is really a good person. If everyone is like this, even if they don’t have his skills, just be kind, so even if it’s the end of the world, so what?”

The old general sighed when he heard the words: “Yes.”

The end of the world had come. It was ridiculous that although many people were lucky not to become zombies, most of them had died in the hands of their companions. It was really ironic.

Outside the building, 0329 looked at the host.

Xi Xun now had 6,000 points and planned to take the small system to the supermarket to buy something. In fact, Xi Xun didn’t like to go to places like supermarkets, but he knew that the small system seemed to prefer it.

“Host,” 0329 suddenly spoke and called Xi Xun.


“Why did you give all the chickens to the safe zone?” 0329 still didn’t understand.

“They need it.”

“But the host also needs it, and I want to replenish the host.”

“Let’s leave it to those who need it more.”

0329 couldn’t say a word and became emotional. It hugged the host’s neck and choked: “The host is really the kindest human being I have ever seen. I knew I didn’t recognize the wrong host. Yesterday, I thought about it in the middle of the night!”

“Recognize the wrong host?” Xi Xun caught a certain word.

0329 froze, but it felt that the host would be fine even if it knew it, so it said, “Um! At the beginning, I sensed a very thick energy, and once I saw the host, I was stunned because of the very thick merit and virtue surrounding the host.”

“Merit and virtue?”

“Yes! There was a thick cloud of merit and virtue energy surrounding the host, and I bet it was a very beautiful golden-red color!”

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