The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.53

Chapter 53 – Anger

The short hair in front of the forehead floated with the man’s slight bending movement. From the position of 0329, it could only see the side face of the man, but this side face had already revealed the man’s handsome face.

Many cars parked on the side of the road would subconsciously look at that man, because he was really good-looking.

To be honest, few men looked this good.

Unlike Xi Xun, Xi Xun’s appearance was very aggressive, especially his eyes. His eyes coupled with his appearance would give people a sense of oppression and shock. But this man was not. His sword eyebrows and starry eyes did not look cold or oppressive. On the contrary, there was a kind of quiet gentleness, especially when he looked at you.

Very gentle, the kind of gentleness that was tolerant of everything.

But 0329 didn’t notice how good-looking this man was because it liked round ones.

It liked the host’s eyes, and wanted to take it.

But now was not the time to think about this, but why was there another protagonist in this world? There was only one protagonist in each world at most, this was common sense.

So 0329 was a little confused.

Just when 0329 was about to go down and take a closer look, the little white ball was suddenly grabbed by a hand. Xi Xun looked down at the small system and said, “Where are you going?”

0329 pointed outside and said, “I want to go down and take a look.”

“Look at what?”

0329 pointed to the direction of the man outside, and Xi Xun looked in the direction pointed by 0329. When he saw that it was a man, Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly became cold.

“Didn’t I tell you that I don’t like a half-hearted system?” Xi Xun said in a cold tone.

0329 paused, and then twisted its small hands.

Xi Xun didn’t speak anymore, but directly stepped on the gas and drove out.

Xi Xun had seen this person before. After all, he had been reborn for dozens of lives, and he had naturally seen a lot of people. But he didn’t remember people, because he was not interested in anyone, and only glanced at random.

And this person, Xi Xun had a bit of an impression, that person could be said to be a completely good person.

Because he died to save people in every life.

Thinking of this, Xi Xun’s face sank slightly, he couldn’t be clearer about the little system’s liking for good people.

0329 didn’t know what the host was thinking, it still glanced at the person outside before the car started.

Maybe 0329 had been watching for too long and the other party noticed it.

The man raised his head, but Xi Xun’s car had already driven out at this time, and he only saw the rear of the car. He frowned slightly, then withdrew his gaze and continued to do what he was doing before.

Unfortunately, 0329 originally wanted to take another look.

It listlessly returned to the host’s arms and continued to sit, and then began to think about what was going on. There would never be two protagonists in one world! Because luck was different from other things.

So what the hell is going on?

0329 was puzzled, it frowned and kept thinking, as if it were solving a super difficult subject. This aspect was not what 0329 was good at, so thinking about it, 0329 suddenly turned back into a dim ball in the end.

This meant that 0329 was stuck.

Xi Xun seemed to be driving along the way, but was actually thinking about other things.

He didn’t stop until they finally reached the safe zone.

The safety zone was checking everyone in the vehicle to check if anyone had been bitten or something. During the period of parking and waiting, when Xi Xun lowered his head, he realized that 0329 had become a small ball at some point, and it was also dim.

This would generally only happen when 0329 was completely asleep.

“Zhuo?” Xi Xun called.

0329 did not respond.

Xi Xun frowned, he stretched out his hand and stroked 0329, and only relaxed his frowning brows after realizing that its temperature was still the same as before. He thought that this little white ball was in the same coma as last time, now, it seemed that it should be in a dormant state.

Although he didn’t know why it suddenly entered a dormant state.

After all, it used to tell Xi Xun every time before 0329 went to sleep, except for the last time it fell in a coma.

The inspection of the safe area was still relatively fast.

Moreover, compared with a month ago, the current security zone had obviously expanded a lot and there were more people outside. Many survivors were resting under the wall, because it was a barely shady place, and other places were too hot.

Xi Xun drove in.

After leaving for nearly a month, the villa was the same as before, except that there were more fallen leaves and weeds in the yard. Oh, no, there were still changes, such as the little goldfish all starved to death.

Xi Xun picked up the sleeping little white ball and walked in.

Because he didn’t bring back zombie eyes when they went out this time, the number of points in his card remained the same. But it could still turn on the air conditioner for half an hour and take a shower by the way.

Xi Xun originally wanted to put 0329 on the bed and take a bath by himself.

But before entering the bathroom, Xi Xun stopped in his tracks.

He turned back again, and after looking at the little white ball that was still sleeping at this time for two seconds, he finally decided to take it with him to avoid any accidents.

And when 0329 finally healed itself and woke up, what he saw was the scene in front of it!

At that time, Xi Xun was taking a bath.

The heat was dense, and Xi Xun’s eyebrows were cold and ruthless, no different from before. His limbs were slender, his body lines were perfect, and his whole body was filled with a powerful explosive force, and this explosive force was obviously very attractive to 0329.

Because this explosive force set off the perfection of this body.

At least in the eyes of 0329.

After watching it for a while, the whole system was stunned.

If it were before, Xi Xun would have noticed 0329 had woken up a long time ago, but today, he had been thinking about other things, so he looked a little indifferent and distracted, and didn’t notice that the small system was secretly looking at him.


After the whole ball turned red, it covered its eyes and jumped down to get out of there quickly. But because it couldn’t see the way, 0329 slammed directly on the door, and this sound made Xi Xun’s distracted thoughts instantly come back to his senses.

Xi Xun’s face sank after seeing 0329 wake up.

He casually pulled off the bath towel and draped it over himself, but before he could say anything, he saw 0329 slamming against the door again.

It was nothing, because 0329 bumped again after getting up.

Xi Xun: “……”

At the moment, 0329’s thoughts were clearly in disarray, as it had hit the door several times in a row and seemed to have forgotten that it needed to open the door to get out.

The point was that it hit the door and then bounced on the wall.

Xi Xun: “……”

He looked at 0329 bouncing back and forth in the bathroom like a billiard ball, and his eyelids twitched.

When 0329 was about to hit the wall again, a warm palm blocked it. 0329 subconsciously opened its little hand to look, and then it saw the familiar face of the host.

At this time, the whole ball was red.

Xi Xun picked up the little white ball, oh no, little red ball, took it out, and put it on the bed in the bedroom, while he sat on the sofa and looked at the little red ball.

The atmosphere was slightly frozen and silent.

After about four or five minutes, Xi Xun asked calmly, “When did you wake up?”

0329 secretly glanced at the host and said, “Just now!”

“Speak in advance next time you wake up,” Xi Xun said.

0329 was a little surprised. The host didn’t blame itself for watching him, and because it knew that the host had a bad temper, it was a bit confused, but the host let itself go this time.

This moved 0329 a lot, and it habitually hugged the host.

But after hugging the host, it found that it accidentally hit the little dot on the host’s chest. 0329 was a little curious. It subconsciously wanted to reach out and touch it, but it was picked up by Xi Xun instantly.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and said, “Your courage is not small.”

0329 quickly covered its eyes again, indicating that it had just done nothing! It didn’t see anything either!

Xi Xun squinted at the small system for a long time.

Then, he put down 0329 and said, “Wait here, I’ll finish bathing, don’t run around.”

0329 nodded quickly.

But after Xi Xun really entered the bathroom, 0329 hurriedly ran out! In fact, 0329 didn’t know what was wrong with it. It felt that its chip was a bit hot and couldn’t calm down.

0329 ran to the small yard, intending to calm down.

“What’s wrong with me? Is there a problem with the chip again?” 0329 squatted on the edge of the small pond and said to itself.

“But the host’s body is really beautiful.”

“Don’t you think so?” 0329 asked the dead little goldfish in the small pond.

But the dead little golden fish obviously couldn’t respond to 0329.

Just as 0329 was about to go back after calming down, it suddenly heard the movement coming from next door at the tip of its ears. It subconsciously climbed to the wall and looked at it, and found that a convoy had moved into the empty villa next door.

And one of them looked familiar, it was the one it saw this afternoon!

Yu Ti also noticed 0329’s gaze.

He turned his head, and when he saw it was a child, he nodded slightly and smiled at it. 0329 also returned a smile, and at the same time, 0329 was surprised to find that the other party also had a strong aura of merit.

But it shouldn’t be.

Just as 0329 was thinking, a cold voice behind him interrupted 0329’s thoughts.


0329 quickly recovered.

At this time, Xi Xun was quietly looking at 0329, and 0329 was taken aback by the host’s eyes, because Xi Xun’s eyes were very cold at this time, it was a kind of cold with killing intent.

0329 jumped down and said to the host: “The host has finished washing?”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, but raised his foot into the villa.

Seeing this, 0329 hurriedly followed.

After returning to the house, 0329 looked at the host whose back was facing it, and said, “Host, what’s wrong with you?”

Xi Xun turned around slowly and looked at the puzzled little system.

After a while, he said, “Come here.”

When 0329 heard the words, it came closer to the host, but it was suddenly clutched by the host before it could speak.



“Who were you looking at just now?” Xi Xun stared at 0329 and asked in a cold tone.

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