The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.52

Chapter 52 – Who is he?

When 0329 went at that time, the boss was eating with Wu Feng. Wu Feng was worried about the Feast at Hongmen, so he just drank some wine and sat with an apologetic smile on his face.

In fact, there was only one general content, to catch Xi Xun.

After knowing that Xi Xun had killed several of his people, the boss of the shelter was extremely angry. He didn’t care about the lives of those subordinates, but Xi Xun’s move was obviously a provocation to him, and it would make everyone in the refuge question his authority as the boss.

At first, the boss of the shelter first went to trouble Wu Feng.

But Wu Feng repeatedly stated that Xi Xun was not from his team. When the boss of the refuge heard this, he thought that person was so courageous and must have had some ability to walk alone in the last days. Although he brought a younger brother, it was the same with or without him, and it could even be said that this younger brother was still a burden.

So he planned to kill Xi Xun.

As a result… Halfway through the supper, the boss’s complexion suddenly changed, and then fell to the ground clutching his chest, vomiting black blood, convulsing for more than half an hour before dying in pain.

Everyone else at the dinner table ended up the same, except Wu Feng.

Because Wu Feng didn’t move his chopsticks much.

He was instantly frightened when he saw this scene, and rushed back to his convoy.

At that time, 0329 was still laughing on the bed, and Xi Xun just looked at it expressionlessly.

After a while, 0329 also noticed something was wrong.

It looked at the host in confusion and asked, “Is the host unhappy? The trouble is over, shouldn’t the host be happy?”

Xi Xun’s expression was indifferent.

He looked at 0329 for a while before withdrawing his gaze and returning to the bed, covering his eyes with his arms and resting.

0329 blinked blankly.

It glanced at the host, then climbed to the host’s shoulder and asked, “What’s wrong with you, host? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

Xi Xun still didn’t say anything.

0329 guessed that the host must be sleepy, so he didn’t speak.

So it patted the host on the back with its little hand and coaxed: “If the host is sleepy, rest early.”

The silence in the room was a little scary.

After patting for a while, 0329 felt that it should sleep too, so it planned to find a comfortable place to sleep in the host’s arms as before. The result, it was lifted up by Xi Xun as soon as it lay down.

Xi Xun grabbed the little white ball and put it on the bedside table.

0329 was confused.

Although it didn’t know what happened, it still hibernated in place after thinking for a while.

After waiting for it to sleep, Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes.

Xi Xun looked at the little white ball, his eyes narrowed and darkened, but in the end, he didn’t do anything to the little white ball, only raised his hand and pinched the little white ball, who was sleeping soundly.

Probably because he felt that it felt good, Xi Xun took the little white ball over again and played with it in his hand for a while.

After playing with it, he put it in his arms.

As for Xi Xun, he slowly closed his eyes and prepared to sleep for an hour or two to rest.


The next day.

Because of the sudden death of the boss of the shelter, the entire shelter was in chaos for a while. Mainly because the powerful subordinates who followed the boss of the refuge also died on the same day, and the remaining thugs were useless, so chaos ensued.

The people who had been locked in the basement before were also released.

These people were both men and women, but they all had one thing in common, they were young and beautiful.

But this had nothing to do with Xi Xun.

Because after eating breakfast, Xi Xun was planning to take 0329 back to the previous safe area.

“Host, we have to go back to the safe area quickly, otherwise, all the meat will go bad,” while sitting on the host’s lap and eating noodles, 0329 advised the host like an adult.


“I wonder how many people can be saved by these foods!” 0329 said happily.

Xi Xun didn’t speak, and continued to feed the small system.

0329 took a bite of the noodles, and then continued: “But the host must also remember to protect himself and not do good things often. My teacher, my teacher said that it is not good to do good things deliberately.”


“I will sleep for seven days after I go back!” 0329 suddenly raised its little hand and said.

Xi Xun ignored it and continued to eat noodles calmly.

0329 raised its head and glanced at the host, and whispered: “The host has been unhappy since yesterday, is it because of those people who died? Host, don’t feel bad, the death of a bad person can save a lot of good people.”

It recently discovered that the host was getting kinder and kinder.

In the past, the host would kill bad guys, but now, his heart would get uncomfortable even when the bad guys die.

Speaking of this, 0329 turned around and hugged the host.

“Don’t move,” Xi Xun said lightly.


“The noodles are going to spill.”


0329 then obediently sat down and continued to eat noodles. Because 0329 ate with small bites, just like a child, it couldn’t eat too much at once, so the noodles would always be bitten off.

Xi Xun didn’t care, but ate the rest of 0329’s noodles.

After eating, Xi Xun took 0329 and was about to drive out of here, but as soon as they came out, he saw two eighteen or nineteen-year-old boys and two girls of the same age standing next to his car.

These were the people who were rescued by 0329 yesterday.

They were standing there anxiously at this time, and when they saw Xi Xun striding over, they rushed over.

Xi Xun’s eyes turned gloomy.

“This brother, thank you for saving us. We forgot to thank you yesterday.” It was Sun Peng who spoke first, the other boy was named Gao Hai, while the two girls timidly remained silent.

“Something wrong?” Xi Xun asked indifferently.

If 0329 were not there, Xi Xun would not have this kind of attitude, although he knew that even if his attitude was not good, 0329 would find a reason to turn it around for himself.

In 0329’s eyes, he was perfect.

But the fake would eventually be exposed.

In that case, then make the fake real, he could restrain himself and properly pretend to be a good person.

“Well, thank you very much for saving us. We all know you are a good person, so can you take us away with you? My home is in District XX of City A. I want to ask you to save my family, too.”

“My home is in City C, please.”

“And my family, too. My house is also in District XX of City A, but it is a big city with a relatively dense population. Be careful when you go, you must rescue my brother, my parents, uncle, grandma, and my cousin. I can write you the address of each community.”

“My house is a little farther away, I’ll write it to you too.”

Several people quickly talked about the situation of their own family, and did not care if Xi Xun would agree. In their opinion, Xi Xun was a good person, and since he could save them, he would definitely save their family.

“But please send us to the safe area first, we will wait in the safe area, thank you,” Gao Hai said to Xi Xun gratefully.

“Get lost,” Xi Xun’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

In fact, Xi Xun had encountered this kind of thing countless times in the previous decades of reincarnation, but every time he encountered it, he still became more and more disgusted with this insatiable kind. If he didn’t have a small system in his arms now, he would have killed them a long time ago.

Xi Xun really hated humans, without any exception.

Several people were shocked by Xi Xun.

After they recovered, Xi Xun had already gotten in the car and left, and he didn’t mean to take them with him at all.

“It seems to be a fake good person,” Sun Peng said irritably.

“Yesterday, his little brother gave us biscuits. I thought his big brother should be a good person, but he turned out to be a greedy person who was afraid of death.” The girl on the left in the flowery dress was disappointed.


On the way, 0329 looked at the host and said, “Host, those guys just now were bad guys, right?”

“Hmm?” Xi Xun glanced at it.

“I don’t know why, I don’t think they’re good people!” 0329 said angrily.

Xi Xun chuckled softly and did not speak.

0329 hugged the host and whispered: “I feel that the host is in a bad mood, they must have hurt the host. I have heard other systems say that in the human world, words seem to be more capable of killing people than force. I guess they must have killed the host, but I didn’t see it. I was negligent.”

Xi Xun raised his eyebrows.

0329 was still hugging Xi Xun very sadly and said, “I don’t know how to protect the host. In the future, the host will wear earplugs so that he can resist the invisible attack.”

0329’s fighting ability was very powerful, but this one touched its blind spot.

It really didn’t know how to protect the host.

Xi Xun touched 0329’s head and didn’t speak, but his expression softened a bit. He lowered his head and said in a deep voice: “As long as you keep following me, no one can hurt me.”

“Really?” 0329 raised its head and said blankly.


0329 didn’t understand the logic in this. Could it be that its own existence could increase the defense of the host?

But since the host said so, 0329 nodded seriously.

It decided to accompany the host until the host died of old age here!

It just so happened that it didn’t want the host’s eyes to fall into the hands of others. It was planning to wait for the host to die of old age and dig off his eyes to preserve them for the host. It was just that it didn’t know if the law department would summon itself, so it tried to hide the signal as much as possible after it recovered from its injury.

Otherwise, the law department would find it, and it would have to go back.

The car drove quickly towards the safe zone, this time it went smoothly, and there were no more accidents.

It was just that there were still roadblocks in front of me.

This was the norm.

Usually, it was either a big tree or a car just stuck there. There were seven or eight men clearing the roadblocks, while others were waiting on the side. There were about forty or fifty people parked here, all of whom seemed to be going to the safe area.

0329 looked at the window and found an acquaintance at this glance.

“Uncle!” 0329 shook its little hand.

Father Chen, who was resting next to the car, subconsciously turned his head and saw 0329 as soon as he turned his head. Father Chen was also very happy to see 0329, he smiled at the child.

0329 hadn’t seen Father Chen for many days, and he looked much older than before.

Chen Bing was beside Father Chen, and after seeing 0329, she barely squeezed out a smile. But 0329 still found something wrong. The child she had been holding in her arms was gone, and it didn’t know what happened.

Lin Jun was also there, he was not dead.

At that time, Song Qing asked someone to push him into the crowd of zombies, but the person in charge of handling the matter really couldn’t bear it. In the end, he secretly let Lin Jun go, and only told Song Qing that Lin Jun died when he came back.

But in fact, he didn’t kill Lin Jun at all, because he couldn’t do such a heartless thing.

The roadblocks were quickly cleared.

As for the latecomers, they couldn’t pass by for free since they didn’t help to clear the roadblocks. At least they had to give the people who cleared the roadblocks something as a reward. This was reasonable. After 0329 looked at what other people gave, it also took out a pack of biscuits and gave it to the people outside, and also gave an extra bottle of water.

“Thank you.” The men were very happy, and they quickly divided these things, and then took them back to their families separately.

Xi Xun was still holding his chin with one hand, resting with his eyes closed.

0329 subconsciously wanted to wake up the host to indicate that they could go. But at this moment, 0329 suddenly paused, because it felt a kind of affinity fluctuation, which made it take a look outside.

And this look at 0329 was stunned, because it saw a person.

0329 didn’t know this person.

But… he had luck energy that belonged to the male protagonist.

The person was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt on his upper body, with a gentle temperament and a straight posture. Even 0329, who was completely inconsistent with human aesthetics, had a very comfortable feeling when it saw him, it was an indescribable good feeling.

At this time, he was handing out food to some children.

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Feast at Hongmen; (fig.) banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest

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