The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.51

Chapter 51 – Xi Xun’s Heart is Broken

This group of people was fierce and vicious. Although they had been in the end of the world for two months, they were not haggard at all. It could be seen that they were usually doing well. The group also pressed behind a few good-looking teenage boys and girls, and some of the men were mol*sting them with unruly hands.

A boy wanted to resist, but as soon as he resisted, he was beaten with an electric baton.

Seeing the way the boy twitched when he was beaten with an electric baton, those people suddenly laughed.

“Be careful, Brother Wang hasn’t used them yet.” Hearing the voices behind, a man standing at the front turned his head and chided. When the reprimand was finished, his gaze turned back and continued to look at the young man and the small child in front of him.

To be honest, this young man was indeed handsome.

It was indeed admirable for a young man to grow up like this, especially when there was no makeup in the end times.

This was much better than the star they caught before.

That star’s facial features were indeed good, but after all, he was a human being, and if he was a human being, he would have messy problems such as dull skin. So without makeup and filters, the star didn’t look particularly outstanding.

But this person…

“Stop looking!” 0329 said angrily.

0329 could see that the eyes of those people were not friendly, and thinking of this, it protected the host behind it harder, as if it wanted to completely cover the host with its own small body.

“Hey, this kid looks pretty good.”

A man with a fleshy face on the left looked at 0329 l*wdly. He had been staring at the child since he came in, and didn’t even look at Xi Xun at all.

But the next second, the man couldn’t laugh anymore.

Because a wooden arrow suddenly pierced the man’s throat without warning, the man covered his throat with a frightened expression and wanted to speak, but his companions didn’t see it because of the sudden incident.

It wasn’t until the blood continued to seep from his fingers that his companions noticed something was wrong.

“Third brother! What’s the matter with you?!” A companion in dark brown clothes next to him said anxiously to the man.

When the man opened his mouth, there was blood gushing and he couldn’t say a word.

This arrow did not cause the man to die immediately, and after torturing him for more than ten minutes, the man finally died.

During this period, 0329 had long been transformed into a human form.

It first covered the place with a barrier to prevent others from seeing what happened, and then its eyes turned red and entered a state of battle. Without exception, these people were all killed by 0329.

It only took half a minute.

This was also the first time 0329 had done it to humans who had nothing to do with the mission.

There was a rule in the System Law Department, that is, the system can’t interfere with what is happening in the human world. Unless that person is the target of your hunt, even if you see a person and think he is guilty of the worst crime, you cannot make a move.

But 0329 made a move this time, and for every person killed, 0329 would be deducted 200 points by the law as a punishment.

There were seven people in total, and 0329 lost 1,400 points.

But 0329 didn’t regret it at all, because it couldn’t stand idly by and watch this happen! Not to mention deducting 1,400, even if it was 14,000, or even 1.4 million, 0329 would still do it!

Xi Xun squinted at the corpses in the yard, and raised his brows slightly.

These people were all killed by 0329 with a laser.

So if ordinary people saw this scene, they would be scared to death. Because the ground was full of scattered corpses, or people whose upper body and lower body were separated, it could definitely make people have nightmares for months at a glance.

Standing in the courtyard coldly, 0329’s eyes gradually changed from red to blue.

After transforming back, 0329 came to the host.

“Host, don’t be afraid, it’s okay, you have me. Hug.” 0329 hugged the host and comforted him softly.

Xi Xun looked at the small system in front of him, and also slightly hugged it.

“Don’t worry, host, I won’t let others poke you,” 0329 comforted Xi Xun, and even patted Xi Xun.



“But don’t you have to leave after a while?” Xi Xun said slowly.

0329 was taken aback for a moment, and was immediately speechless.

Indeed, the end of the world was indeed very dangerous, especially for someone like his host with such amazing beauty, and those eyes, they were so beautiful that they would definitely cause others to covet them.

0329 was very anxious and embarrassed for a while.

But it didn’t know that Xi Xun’s eyes could scare people to death. No one would covet them, on the contrary, anyone’s first thought when they saw his eyes were to run away quickly.

“Then I’ll stay with the host for a while, and I’ll leave when the host is not in danger anymore,” 0329 said solemnly.

“Good.” Xi Xun’s cold eyes relaxed slightly.

At this time, the Law Enforcement Sword came again, and when it regained consciousness again, it planned to take advantage of this time to try again.

But as soon as it came over, it was instantly hit by something.

The next second, the sword heavily dropped to the side of the door and stabbed the stone.

Law Enforcement Sword: “……”

Xi Xun didn’t even look at the law enforcement sword that wanted to come over and entangle the little guy, at this time, he was thinking in his heart that he still had to find a chance to solve it unknowingly.

Of course, this was not advisable, 0329 would find out.

But he could find a way to shut down the consciousness of this sword, let it be a useless sword quietly.


The teenage boys and girls were in a coma for half an hour.

When they woke up thinking that something they couldn’t accept would happen, they were surprised to find that they were still in the previous place, not in anyone’s bed.

Everyone was in a daze, and then they all got up with difficulty.

Sensing that they had woken up, 0329 opened the door of the small garden and walked out, and said to them: “Those bad guys have been killed by my brother, you don’t need to be afraid.” After speaking, 0329 hesitated for a while and each gave them a bag of compressed biscuits.

Anyway, 0329 had a lot of food now, and there was no place to use it.

Several teenagers took the biscuits and said with tears in their eyes: “Thank you…thank you…”

0329 waved its hand, and then went back.

A thin boy in a white high school uniform held a biscuit in his hand and said anxiously: “Will we… will we be retaliated against?”

Those people were the subordinates of the boss of this refuge.

But they all died here.

Although they didn’t kill these people, they were also in it. The boss would definitely be furious when he found out, and they would definitely be worse than before.

“It should be fine for the time being…” The best-looking boy said.

He was wearing a short-sleeved shirt with letters on his upper body and blue sweatpants on his lower body. He was a freshman and the oldest of these people.

“Even if they want to catch us, they should catch the little boy’s brother first, right? After all, he killed people… he shouldn’t bother us first for the time being.” He pretended to be calm.

Although this might be a bit selfish, they were extremely scared in their hearts and no longer had the mind to care about what would happen to others. Although this person saved them indirectly, with an ostrich mentality, they just wanted to find a safe place to escape.

They didn’t want to think about anything else.

The other people didn’t refute him when they heard what he said because they were also very scared. Who didn’t want to say nice things? They often saw righteousness on TV, but this was reality.

In reality, everyone was afraid of death and of being violated.

In the end, they left here quickly, for fear that if they walked a little later, those people would arrive and take them away.

After returning to the small garden, 0329 continued to cook for the host.

Xiaolongbao was already ready a long time ago, and 0329 cooked a little bit of eight-treasure porridge for the host.

After cooking, 0329 just gave the host a bowl, and then prepared to serve another bowl for itself, but the host stopped it.

0329 looked at the host, confused.

Xi Xun said, “You and I will share a bowl.” As he said, he carried the little white ball over and put it on his lap.

“Why share a bowl? We still have more!” 0329 thought the host was afraid of not having enough to eat, but there was still a lot of porridge, enough to hold four or five bowls.

“If you and I use one, won’t we have one less bowl to wash?”

0329 was still confused.

Xi Xun said indifferently: “Every time you wash one less bowl, you can accumulate a lot of water. How many people are dying of dehydration now? You and I may be able to save a lot of good people by saving some water.”

0329 suddenly realized, it said in shame: “The host is still thoughtful. In the future, the host and I will use one bowl to eat. If you can wash one less bowl, you can wash one less bowl!”


After that, 0329 ate with Xi Xun.

The bowl was held by Xi Xun. He fed the small light ball in his arms, and sometimes he would blow it gently, which made 0329 very moved. Although it was a system that was not afraid of scalding and didn’t even know what it felt like to be scalded, 0329 was still very happy to be so carefully cared for by the host.

In the yard, Xi Xun and the system were eating together, and the Law Enforcement Sword outside slowly pulled itself out of the stone.

It was just about to come back when it noticed an invisible defensive shield forming inside the courtyard, which meant that the master was extremely disgusted with it, so the Law Enforcement Sword could not get close to its master.

Law Enforcement Sword: “……”

In the evening, 0329 finally found that the Law Enforcement Sword was gone again.

After it ran out to look for it, it found that the Law Enforcement Sword was waiting at the door, and it looked like a loyal knight. 0329 thought that the Law Enforcement Sword was guarding the door to avoid other people coming in, which made 0329 very touched.

0329 touched the Law Enforcement Sword and said, “Thank you, but you are out of energy. Don’t come out in the future, make a good recovery first.”

Law Enforcement Sword was silent.

The next second, it turned into a light and returned to 0329’s body.

This time, it really won’t come out again.

0329 returned to the house with the law enforcement sword. After returning to the room, 0329 seriously said to the host who was lying on the bed, pinching the head of the bed boredly, and breaking off a small piece of it: “Host, those people before were so bad, I guess they must have bosses and accomplices. I don’t know if they will trouble the host.”

It was a pity that 0329 couldn’t do it again, because this time it killed seven humans. If it did it again, it would be forced to shut down in place by the power of the law in its body as punishment.

“It’s okay,” Xi Xun said lazily.

0329 sighed, it buried itself in the host’s arms listlessly.

The night was silent, Xi Xun gradually closed his eyes.

After about two hours, Xi Xun, who was in a state of light sleep, was suddenly awakened by 0329. This was the first time Xi Xun was woken up by the small system when he went to bed at night. Xi Xun squinted and said, “What’s the matter?”

“Host, I’ve consumed too much energy today,” 0329 said.

“Well, so?”

“I want to drink egg soup, host, make egg soup for me,” 0329 looked at Xi Xun pitifully.

Xi Xun frowned and said softly, “Can you eat what I made? You were in a coma last time.”

“It’s okay, I will just filter it!”

Xi Xun still didn’t speak.

0329’s little hand grabbed the corner of Xi Xun’s clothes and looked at him expectantly.

Xi Xun was silent. After about two seconds, he got out of bed and said indifferently: “Are you sure you won’t be in a coma? If you pass out, I will throw you out directly.”


Seeing it like this, Xi Xun didn’t speak anymore.

He made a pot of egg soup according to the previous method of 0329, although it didn’t look very good. At this time, 0329, who had become dormant, hurriedly got out of bed after hearing ‘it’s done’ from the host.

“I drink it myself, the host should go back to sleep,” 0329 said.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Xi Xun said.

0329 had to start filtering in front of the host. Xi Xun didn’t know how 0329 filtered it. After pouring it back and forth a few times, the slightly black egg soup faded a little black.

This was considered completely filtered.

0329 started to drink, but as soon as it took a sip, it stopped immediately. No, it was obviously filtered, how could it be harder to drink than before? Could it be that the host’s cooking was getting harder and harder to drink?

0329 looked at the egg soup and pondered.

After Xi Xun saw that 0329 was indeed okay, Xi Xun went back to bed and continued to bend his legs to sleep with his eyes closed.

And 0329 continued to drink hard.

But while drinking 0329, it suddenly thought of something at this moment, and its eyes suddenly lit up.

At the same time, Xi Xun was still lying in the room.

After waiting for half an hour for the little white ball to come back, Xi Xun opened his eyes and wanted to go see what was going on. But just as he went out, he ran into the little white ball who ran back excitedly.

“Host!” 0329 hugged the host excitedly.

“What’s the matter? So happy?” Xi Xun raised his eyebrows slightly, then picked up the little white ball and put it on the bed.

“Host, you don’t have to worry about being in trouble anymore, I have already killed those bad guys!” 0329 clenched its small fist and said.

“Oh? Didn’t you say before that you couldn’t make a move?”

“I didn’t make a move,” 0329 said mysteriously.


“I secretly put the egg soup that the host just made in their supper, guess what? They were all poisoned to death!” 0329 rolled around on the bed laughing.


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