The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.50

Chapter 50 – Master is Mad

Wu Feng understood that the other party had guessed wrong, and they mistakenly thought that Xi Xun belonged to their own team. But Wu Feng didn’t dare to deny it, because he was in urgent need of food for emergency, so he agreed vaguely.

The boss of the refuge was very satisfied and called another young man to serve him.

The door opened, and his men pushed a young man in.

The young man was obviously reluctant. But one of his legs was broken, he was walking with a limp, and his body was also injured. It could be seen that he had suffered inhumane treatment.

The boss of this refuge actually came out of prison.

Most of his subordinates were also prisoners, which was why they dared to be unscrupulous. After all, they ignored the law before the end times, not to mention after the end times. The arrival of the end of the world was not a bad thing for the wicked, on the contrary, it fueled the filth and evil in their hearts.

Wu Feng didn’t look at it much.

He only glanced at the desperate crying boy, and then strode away.

The current Wu Feng had long since embraced the concept of the law of the jungle.

So there was not much sympathy.


In the early morning, 0329 woke up drowsily in the host’s arms.

In fact, if 0329 really wanted to sleep, it could sleep for hundreds of years at once. Systems were more inclined to fall asleep all at once, just like humans sleep until dawn. Therefore, this rule of only sleeping for a few eight or nine hours was obviously not suitable for a system like 0329.

It was like a person sleeping every few minutes and then gets up, which was hard enough.

But 0329 was not afraid of hardships, and there were no complaints.

It woke up on time every day, for fear that the sticky host would worry about itself when he saw that it was not awake. Most importantly, it had to cook for the host. The host really couldn’t cook. It was afraid that the host would cook by himself one day and finally poison themselves to death.

Alas, it was enough to make this system worry!

By the time 0329 woke up, Xi Xun had already woken up, but he didn’t open his eyes. One of his arms was resting on the back of his head, and one leg was curled up leisurely, making his whole body look very laid-back.

“Host,” 0329 got up and called Xi Xun.

“Hmm?” Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes.

0329 said to Xi Xun: “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you. I have studied the recipes again these days, and I will make many delicious ones! The host can eat whatever he wants!”

“Anything is fine,” Xi Xun said.

“Okay, then I’ll make some Xiaolongbao for the host to eat! Last time, I found out that the host likes to eat meat buns very much, and I explored the space yesterday and found that there is meat in it. The meat is easy to spoil. Let’s eat meat first! I know the host doesn’t like to eat other people’s food, but you can’t waste food,” 0329 said bitterly.


Seeing that the wayward and irritable host was convinced, 0329 suddenly got up with full energy and prepared to make xialongbao.

And when Xi Xun saw 0329 get up, he also got up.

0329 looked back at the host who was following it, and sighed: “The host can follow if he wants, but just boil some water on the side.”


Seeing that the host was very obedient, 0329 was deeply relieved. It took the host’s big hand and went out.

This house was very large, with more than 150 square meters.

But because of the power outage, they couldn’t use electricity to cook, so they had to go outside to do it. Fortunately, they were in the first floor, and there was a small garden on the first floor, so 0329 planned to move things here.

As for the wood that needed to be burned, it asked the host to pick it up.

Xi Xun squinted.

He looked at the little white ball who was ordering him, and slowly got up and really went to pick up the wood. This made the Law Enforcement Sword freeze in the air, and it even wondered if it had admitted the wrong master?

Yes, the Law Enforcement Sword forcibly regained a little consciousness again.

It sensed that its master was nearby, so the Law Enforcement Sword sword needed to take advantage of this time to recognize the master.

The Law Enforcement Sword was actually deliberately left in the law department by Xi Xun that year.

It was left there to be his last trump card.

At that time, all the systems thought that it was because the Law Enforcement Department’s Senior No.1 didn’t worry about before reincarnation, so he left his natal sword. In fact, on the contrary, Xi Xun was preparing for his last life.

Xi Xun knew very well how difficult it would be for him to reincarnate.

If it were just a simple reincarnation, it would be fine, but this also included the experience of Xi Xun, so it was very, very difficult.

The last life was especially the most difficult.

So just in case, he didn’t take the Law Enforcement Sword to the trials.

Although it was risky.

Because there was a good chance that he would fall in the world ahead.

However, Xi Xun didn’t think he would be so stupid. If this were the case, then he would not be Xi Xun.

And so, the Law Enforcement Sword remained in the law enforcement department.

It waited for the moment when the master summoned it.

As long as the master had reached the last life, then it would be induced to find the master. Because the Law Enforcement Sword did not follow the previous thousands of generations, it retained its memory, and when Xi Xun had the natal sword, he could break through this last life.


There was a little accident in the middle.

In fact, the Law Enforcement Sword had already sensed that something happened to its master, and his power was off. But at that time, 0329 was going to catch 0178, and asked if the Law Enforcement Sword could follow it?

The Law Enforcement Sword knew that 0329 could not beat 0178, so it agreed.

So the law enforcement sword went to the master one step late.

Naturally, Law Enforcement Sword really didn’t fight before, because 0329 couldn’t use one-tenth of the power of the Law Enforcement Sword. But fortunately, 0329, who had a law enforcement sword to protect its body, saved its life.

Unfortunately, this also caused the Law Enforcement Sword to be injured and fell asleep.

Now that it had come to its master, it was natural to recognize the master first and help the master pass this last life.

Xi Xun had already come to the outside of the small garden to pick up branches at this time. His movements were very leisurely, and he seemed to prefer this job.

At this time, the Law Enforcement Sword came to Xi Xun’s face.

Xi Xun glanced at it, and the smile in his eyes suddenly disappeared at this moment. He stared at the ugly sword in front of him and said, “Get lost.”

Law Enforcement Sword: “……”

Then Xi Xun went on to pick up branches to play with.

The Law Enforcement Sword paused for two seconds, and then followed Xi Xun again, as if it wanted the master to hold itself. As long as the master held it, then it could recognize the master, and Xi Xun would instantly regain 10% of his strength and some scattered memories.

This was the method Xi Xun gave to the Law Enforcement Sword before he went to the trial.

But Xi Xun’s eyes became cold.

He looked at the silver and black law enforcement sword exuding ice aura in front of him, his eyes full of cold murderous intent.

The Law Enforcement Sword felt this killing intent.

It retreated subconsciously.

But Xi Xun’s eyes were getting darker and darker. The thought in his mind at this time was, ‘why not just destroy this sword here? The small system wouldn’t even know who destroyed it.’

As the master’s natal sword, it could clearly feel the strong killing intent.

This kind of killing intent used to be only for the enemy.

The Law Enforcement Sword never thought that one day its master would kill itself. What’s more, it was condensed by part of its master’s power, and it would also be seriously injured if it killed its master.

The Law Enforcement Sword was about to run subconsciously, but it was stopped.

Xi Xun’s dark pupil was actually the source of his power, and the Law Enforcement Sword itself was Xi Xun’s sword, and naturally it couldn’t escape. Just when Xi Xun was about to crush the sword, a voice sounded from behind.

“Baby!” 0329 shouted in surprise.

Xi Xun withdrew his gaze when he heard the voice of the little white ball, and the Law Enforcement Sword took advantage of this time to return to 0329.

0329 held the Law Enforcement Sword, breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Why did you run out again?”

0329 was originally cooking, but halfway through it, it found that the Law Enforcement Sword was missing again, so 0329 hurriedly ran out to find it.

As soon as it came out to find it, it saw the Law Enforcement Sword in mid-air.

“I know you want to find Senior, but you have to wait for your strength to recover a little bit,” 0329 coaxed softly.

The Law Enforcement Sword was silent.

Then it turned into a light and returned to 0329’s body.

After 0329 had appeased the Law Enforcement Sword, it saw the host standing not far away. 0329 hurriedly ran over, blinked, and smiled: “Are these the branches picked up by the host?”

“Hmm.” After Xi Xun answering, he gave the branches to 0329, and then asked, “What did you just call it?”


Xi Xun’s eyes flashed suddenly, and he said, “Oh? Is this the name of that sword?”

“No, it’s not,” 0329 shook its head and said, “I actually don’t know what it’s called, it seems to be called the Law Enforcement Sword. It is a bit willful and has a bad temper. It will only behave better when it is called ‘baby’.”

Speaking of this, 0329 tilted its head.

It found that the Law Enforcement Sword was a bit like the host, and the host also needed to be coaxed. It was really fate!

But this was also really a headache for 0329.

0329 couldn’t help sighing, and then it told Xi Xun to find more wood, because this wood was not enough. After speaking, it ran back in a hurry, leaving Xi Xun, who was looking at 0329’s back, with dark eyes.

The good mood just now was no longer there, and Xi Xun did not look for branches anymore. It just so happened that the people who had no food for check-in last night saw Xi Xun picking up branches, they tentatively came over and said they could help pick them up, and so on.

Xi Xun agreed and then strolled back into the small garden.

At this time, 0329 was lighting a fire, and Xi Xun sat aside and stared at it. After a long time, 0329 was a little puzzled, and it said in a daze: “Host, why do you keep looking at me?”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, just narrowed his eyes and looked at 0329 quietly.

“…..” 0329 felt chilly, is the host okay?

0329 thought while adding wood.

After a while, 0329 seemed to hear something outside, and after a curious look, it found that several tall and burly men were dragging others away.

There were some young boys and young girls being dragged, and there was a lot of movement.

Seeing this, 0329 couldn’t help frowning.

It didn’t understand this very well, but 0329 finally understood something when it heard the words of those people.


These people actually wanted to forcefully poke others!

0329 was very angry because it remembered that the previous minister of the Law Enforcement Department, 0178, imprisoned and poked its host! It was simply outrageous!

Just as 0329 was thinking this, a group of people rushed in.

They looked at Xi Xun and said, “You, come with us.”

0329 immediately became anxious when it saw this, it quickly ran to the host to protect him, and said coldly: “What do you want to do?!” Its host was still a baby, so he couldn’t be poked!

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