The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.49

Chapter 49 – Song Qing’s Fall

0329 was wrapped in the arms of Xi Xun. In fact, this hug was a bit tight, if it wasn’t for 0329’s relatively hard body, it was likely to be strangled.

“Ugh.” 0329 was a little helpless.

But it was hard to refuse the host, it could only find a more comfortable position and start to hibernate.

And after it lay dormant, Xi Xun opened his eyes.

He looked at the dimly glowing little ball in his arms and lightly caressed its body.


The night was quiet and still, without a single sound.

But this was abnormal in summer, especially when this place was still in the suburbs, there should at least be some insect chirping sounds, but there was no such thing here.

Under the curtain of night, it was as if the place itself was asleep.

Most people rested in their own rooms. Although it was still too hot, it was better than being outside. In fact, many survivors had died in this hot weather, and now it was good enough to have a room for them to rest in the summer.

Everyone is tired and falling asleep.

Song Qing sat anxiously in her room. Her previous wound had already festered, and the pain was so painful that Song Qing hadn’t slept much in the past two days, and her eyes were full of bloodshot.

In addition, without the halo, her skin was in very bad condition now.

Her skin began to become sallow and rough, and her eyes became hollow and dull because of the loss of the special effects of the third-level contact lenses. In addition, there was already an unpleasant smell on her body because of injuries and long periods of not taking a bath.

The men who had always liked and followed her in the past were also a little distant from her, which made Song Qing hate very much.

But this was not the important thing now.

But how should she get the so-called food out?

Thinking of Wu Feng’s words before, Song Qing was flustered all night. She had been calling the system for two days, but the system had not responded, and it seemed that it was not coming back.

She had to think of a way to get out of it.

Song Qing’s idea remained the same, and in the end, she forced her sick body to pack a few things before planning to leave. There were some medicines and foods, such as instant noodles and ham. Song Qing maliciously teased a girl who wanted to give her brother medicine.

She asked the girl to go to the zombie group to kill a zombie.

In the end, the girl died in the mouth of the zombie and failed to come back, she was torn and swallowed alive. Song Qing felt it was too boring, and forgot to put these foods back, which just came in handy now.

Song Qing carefully opened the door of her room.

The door made a soft sound.

Song Qing’s heart beat faster, she took advantage of the night and hurriedly ran outside, but she ran into a person head-on after taking two steps.

“Xia Duo…”

The other party looked handsome and had perfect facial features. Song Qing knew him because Song Qing had been secretly in love with him for several years. This was her senior in college, and she was also the brother of the dead girl.

“You’re still up?” Song Qing reluctantly squeezed out a smile.

Xia Duo looked straight at Song Qing, and that look suddenly made Song Qing feel creeped out. In fact, Xia Duo had a very good personality. He was a school heartthrob in the university and was more friendly to people.

But Song Qing chased him hard for a long time and he refused to agree.

Song Qing always felt that he looked down on her family background, after all, his family background was very good. And when she met Xia Duo again some time ago, the previous feeling suddenly came back.

She hinted to Xia Duo, but Xia Duo still didn’t agree.

This made Song Qing’s face a little uncomfortable, so she deliberately tortured Xia Duo and asked the people in the convoy to trouble him, beat him or something. Later, his sister joined the convoy with him, who was semi-unconscious and weak.

His younger sister was pretty good at killing zombies.

Originally, Song Qing wanted to cure Xia Duo so he’d accept her after he knew what she did. But after hearing that his younger sister was actually an adopted daughter, Song Qing’s killing intent came up.

Xia Duo had always taken good care of his sister before.

Was it possible that he liked his adopted sister?

So Song Qing killed his sister. At that time, his sister shouldn’t have died, but Song Qing ordered the door to be closed. Now Song Qing no longer felt guilty about depriving others of their lives, she was even obsessed with the pleasure of controlling their life and death.

“You…” Song Qing wanted to say something else.

But before she could finish speaking, Song Qing was slapped to the ground by Xia Duo in an instant. This slap was so ruthless that Song Qing’s already injured shoulder was split open, and her head hit the door.

“What do you want to do?! Somebody! Help!” Song Qing was not afraid at first, even if she was slapped. Because Xia Duo was a gentleman and never made a move against a girl.

But after turning her head and seeing the axe in his hand, Song Qing panicked and her face turned pale.

“Somone! Help! Help!” Song Qing shouted in fear.

At this time, she was really scared.

But it was useless. Xia Duo took the axe and slashed directly at Song Qing, as if he had lost all reason.

In fact, Xia Duo and his sister were just ordinary brothers and sisters.

And his sister had a boyfriend.

When the end of the world broke out, he happened to be at home on vacation. After discovering the end of the world, he took his sister and fled to find other relatives. But his sister died for him and was still eaten by zombies. Xia Duo, who just woke up, learned about this and felt it hard to accept.

He slashed Song Qing again and again, even if the blood splashed on his face and body, he didn’t stop.

The screams broke the peaceful night.

Wu Feng and the people in the convoy hurriedly got up after hearing the screams outside. They thought it was a zombie attack, and didn’t expect to see a scene of a man slashing Song Qing.

The other party seemed to be torturing Song Qing alive, he kept slashing at her arms and legs, and one arm had already been cut off. This scene made many people stunned.

“What are you still doing in a daze?! Go and save her!” Wu Feng shouted.

Song Qing was holding the supplies of the whole team in her space, nothing must happen to her!

Everyone hurried up when they heard the words.

Thanks to the blessings that had been experienced in the last days, these people were not very afraid even if they encountered this kind of scene. Many people went up to stop Xia Duo, while others went to save Song Qing.

Song Qing had already bled too much at this time and passed out in a coma.

Fortunately, there was the surgeon in the convoy, and the surgeon hurriedly dealt with Song Qing’s wounds. It was just that the conditions in the last days were limited and there was no anesthetic, so he could only do the surgery like this. As for whether she could live or not, it was up to her.

Even if she survived, she lost an arm.

Xia Duo was still held by others. Xia Duo’s eyes were bloodshot and he kept roaring towards Song Qing, and in the end, they had to knock him out with a stick.

But the one who hit him also knew what vicious thing Song Qing did.

So even if Xia Duo did this, he had more pity for this man, after all, his sister was killed. If his sister was killed like this by others, he would probably do the same.

“Seriously, how nice it would be if he slashed her a day late, I haven’t eaten yet, and the flour hasn’t been distributed yet,” a man in green short-sleeved clothes standing next to him said irritably.

They didn’t know if Song Qing could take the food again with this injury.

“Hey, what about this person?” another man said.

“Throw him in a room first and lock it. Let’s see what Brother Wu will do with him later. But having said that, why did Song Qing run out in the middle of the night? Isn’t she unable to get up because of the pain during the day? Why can’t she just concentrate on entering the space and take out things?”

“Who knows.”

These people were also confused, could it be that she got up to go to the toilet?


The next day.

It might be that he was afraid that Song Qing would die and the supplies in the space would completely disappear, so Wu Feng ordered the doctor to save Song Qing at all costs.

And the surgeon also knew the seriousness of the matter.

The most important thing was that the supplies promised to him by the convoy had not been given yet, so even for himself and his family, he would do his best.

And Song Qing was really saved, but she was crippled.

But in the end times, disability was more terrifying than death.

Perhaps because there was no anesthetic, Song Qing was awakened by pain the next day. When she found out that her right arm was gone, Song Qing went crazy.

At this moment, a knife was placed on Song Qing’s neck, and Song Qing was dumbfounded for a while.

Wu Feng threatened, “Take out all the supplies.”

He didn’t know if Song Qing could still live, and now while she was awake, he naturally told her to hurry up and hand over all the supplies.

Song Qing was afraid, but her mouth said, “Wu Feng! You dare to do this to me!”

“Cut the crap! Hurry up!”

Naturally, it was impossible for Song Qing to hand it in, because she couldn’t hand it in at all. But she didn’t dare to say that she had no space, otherwise she would be abandoned.

Wu Feng continued to threaten Song Qing, but Song Qing still refused to give it.

“You and I are now grasshoppers on a rope, if I die, I’ll pull you along! So you better keep taking care of me and don’t think about throwing me away, otherwise, you won’t see half of the food!”

Wu Feng was so angry that he almost killed Song Qing.

But thinking of those supplies, he still didn’t do anything, and only said: “I will give you three days. If you still can’t get it out, I will kill you then!”

After speaking, he pushed the door and went out without looking at Song Qing’s expression.

And after he went out, the people in the convoy surrounded him.

“Brother Wu, the brothers haven’t eaten until now,” a burly man said discontentedly.

Wu Feng explained, “Song Qing is still not well.”

“Then what should we do? You can’t make us hungry, right? What about the agreed flour? Where is it?” These people began to make trouble, and even some of them looked at Wu Feng with fierce eyes.

For them now, food was life.

In the past, Song Qing didn’t care about the deaths of more than a dozen people every time they went out. Wu Feng also took it lightly and said that there would definitely be casualties in killing zombies.

In order to support their families, they endured it, even the dead had their relatives and friends.

But if they don’t give it, don’t blame them for making trouble

Wu Feng was actually a little confused in his heart. He reluctantly said, “I’m going to discuss with the person in charge of this shelter today to see if I can borrow some temporarily. Don’t worry.”

Hearing this, everyone’s faces barely looked better.

After that, Wu Feng really went to find the boss of this refuge, a fat man in his forties. When Wu Feng arrived at the place, a young man was kneeling at his feet, serving him.

The boss was enjoying it, smoking a cigarette.

After Wu Feng came in, he pretended to smile enthusiastically: “I heard that Brother Wu is looking for me, what’s the matter?” As he said, he kicked the young man who was serving him, and scolded: “Can’t you see that a distinguished guest is here? Trash without eyesight!”

The young man did not get angry when he was kicked, but trembled.

He hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy, and then retreated in a panic, not even daring to take his clothes.

Wu Feng was slightly distracted when he saw this scene.

Seeing Wu Feng distracted, the boss of the refuge couldn’t help but smile and said, “What’s the matter? Brother Wu has taken a fancy to him? I’ll ask him to serve you at night?”

Wu Feng said, “Haha, forget it. I came to you today to negotiate a deal with you. Brother Wang, see if you can lend me food for three days first, and I will pay you back ten times after three days.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“Our team is in a bit of trouble, and we are out of supplies for the time being, but just wait until we get through this difficulty.”

“Why bother so much?” The boss of the refuge smiled.

“What do you mean…?”

“Why don’t you and I cooperate? I saw Brother Wu bring more than a hundred people in. If these people all enter our base, the strength of the base will be greatly improved. Then you and I will be the local tyrant here. What does Brother Wu think?”

Wu Feng’s heart suddenly felt hot.

He was also forty—almost fifty years old, and he had been despised by others after working on the construction site all his life. The reason why he cooperated with Song Qing was for power. Once power was possessed, no one would let go of it, even if it was just the boss of a team.

Wu Feng’s eyes darkened, and he said, “Then what are the conditions, Brother Wang?”

“Haha, since Brother Wu is so refreshing, I won’t hide it. I, for one, have a little hobby, and yesterday, I heard from my men that a few people in your car are not bad looking, especially the pair of brothers.”

Wu Feng didn’t understand what it meant at first.

After he understood it, his face changed.

If he guessed correctly, the other party should be talking about Xi Xun.

But the boss probably never saw Xi Xun in person.

Xi Xun’s face was indeed good, but his aura was too strong. Whoever met his eyes would have their whole body feel cold, like falling into an ice cellar, and as if facing death, they couldn’t help but tremble.

And Xi Xun’s aura would make people subconsciously ignore his appearance.

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