The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.48

Chapter 48 – Not Allowed to Leave

0329 flailed a few times subconsciously, but the host clenched it tightly, and 0329 couldn’t break free.

In the end, 0329 stopped struggling.

Although it didn’t know what was wrong with the host, maybe the host was in a bad mood and played with itself as a decompression ball? It collected this when it scanned the human world.

According to it, human beings would be like this when they were in a bad mood and under great pressure.

They must find a way to vent.

0329 didn’t understand, but if the host was very unhappy, just let him pinch itself. Anyway, 0329 had no neck and couldn’t be pinched to death.

Xi Xun lowered his head and stared at the little white ball in his hand.

At this time, Xi Xun’s mind kept screaming with a strong desire. It was a suppressed murderous desire and anger, which urged him to kill the little white ball in his hand.

Yes, kill it or crush it. In this way, it will be seriously injured again and will not be able to leave.

Xi Xun’s eyes kept turning from dark to bright to dark again.

Whenever Xi Xun was having strong mood swings, the color of his pupils would deepen. The pupils would disappear, replaced by a treacherous vortex. One would see stars shining inside, but rather than appearing beautiful, it looked more and more eerie.

Anyone who looked at it would be scared to death on the spot.

Because it was really terrifying.

However, 0329 was surprised and subconsciously stretched out its hand to touch it. But as soon as it stretched out its hand, it realized that its body was small, and its hand was not long enough, so it had to change into its human form.

At this time, Xi Xun was still in the mood of violent anger repression.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a cold touch on his forehead, and when he recovered, he saw that the small system, that had turned into human form, had kissed him.

“Host, you are so beautiful.”

Xi Xun: “……”

At this time, even if Xi Xun had all kinds of anger, he couldn’t vent it out. He closed his eyes to suppress the inexplicable desire in his heart, and slowly withdrew the hand holding 0329, closed his eyes, and stopped talking.

But 0329 looked at the host fixedly.

To be honest, 0329 thought the host’s beauty could be ranked first! The host’s eyes were really stunning to 0329 just now. It didn’t expect that the host’s eyes would become more and more beautiful over time.

It was really beautiful.

“Host.” 0329 tugged the corner of Xi Xun’s clothes and called him.

“What?” Xi Xun asked with his eyes closed.

“Host, after you die, can I dig out your eyes and keep them? I will preserve it well,” 0329 said solemnly.

Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes when he heard the words.

He looked at the little white ball in front of him, smiled meaningfully, and said, “You try and say one more word.”

0329 didn’t understand whether this sentence meant he agreed or disagreed.

But looking at the host’s expression, 0329 guessed that this sentence should be a ‘no’, right?

This made 0329 a little regretful.

It silently returned to the co-pilot position and sat down, but after hesitating for a while, it tentatively said, “Host, can I kiss your eyes?” 0329 really liked Xi Xun’s eyes.

Xi Xun’s throat moved slightly, and his eyes darkened a little.

He stared at 0329 in front of him, 0329  probably forgot that it was now a human form.

After two seconds, Xi Xun said, “Hmm.”

0329 was suddenly very surprised, it quickly got up and came to Xi Xun, looking intently into the host’s eyes. Then, 0329 leaned over a little bit, and kissed Xi Xun softly and cherishedly.

The cool touch made Xi Xun’s eyes darker again.

Just as the atmosphere in the car gradually turned unknown, the sound of a car horn suddenly came from outside. The car in the back urged: “Why is the car in front still not going? Hurry up, will you!”

It turned out that the car in front had already negotiated with the shelter.

But Xi Xun’s car didn’t move for a long time, making the car in the back a little anxious.

The temperature in Xi Xun’s eyes instantly dropped to a freezing point.

At this time, the driver of the car behind Xi Xun suddenly felt a little cold in his neck, obviously, it was quite hot this day.

“Host! Go in, you can finally have a good rest!”

0329 was also very happy to see that they could finally go in, because after they go in, the host could sleep and rest.

Xi Xun didn’t speak, but stepped on the gas and drove in.

This temporary shelter was not too big, at most the size of a residential area. However, although the shelter agreed to them to come in, the premise was that everyone had to pay some food as the cost of coming in, and at least one pack of compressed biscuits per person.

If there were no compressed biscuits, other alternatives were also fine.

Everyone looked at each other but no one dared to refuse. After all, if they really stayed outside, they might be bitten to death by zombies.

And a pack of compressed biscuits was not much.

However, this might not be particularly much for those who were capable, but it was tantamount to making it worse for families without any labor force. Especially the teenage boy who was holding his father, his face turned pale after hearing this condition.

There were currently almost a hundred people on Song Qing’s side.

The rest of the people were scattered, adding up to almost seventy or eighty. These people had the conditions to drive by themselves, and the others were crowded together in two large trucks.

There were low cries from outside, most of them were people with children or without food.

“Stop crying, do you want to attract zombies?! Enter if you have food, and leave if you don’t have food. Our place is small, and it’s troublesome to accommodate so many of you at once. We have to live too!” the person in charge of the refuge said mercilessly.

“Wait, I have.” Some people hurriedly came over with biscuits or instant noodles.

The man with his mistress also hurriedly came over.

He only took out two packs of biscuits for his mistress and the child born to his mistress. As for the two children born to the original wife, he didn’t even look at them and hurriedly ran over with his son in his arms.

When the original wife saw this, she immediately hated it, but she was helpless.

The people who had food all walked over one after another, followed the other people in charge of the shelter to the temporary living rooms, and so on.

There were more than fifty people who couldn’t get food.

Upon seeing this, the person in charge of the shelter ordered them to be kicked away.

At this moment, the window of an off-road vehicle in front of him suddenly opened, and Xi Xun said indifferently: “I’ll pay for them.” After speaking, a few chickens were thrown out and almost hit the person in charge on the head.

The person in charge and the other younger brothers took a look and found that there were five in total. Moreover, these chickens were not bitten, they looked like they had just died and had not decayed.

This made the eyes of some people in the shelter widen.

It had been two months since the end of the world, and no one had eaten meat ever since. Now some people had green eyes when they saw chickens.

“Are these enough?” Xi Xun asked calmly.

The person in charge was stunned for two seconds and then said, “It’s enough, please come in.” And then he asked someone to let all the other fifty people in.

Inside the car, 0329 blinked and said, “The host is so nice.”

Xi Xun didn’t speak.

After those people came in, they learned that it was Xi Xun who helped, they all knelt on the ground and kowtowed to express their gratitude.

Xi Xun did not pay attention to anyone and continued to drive towards the front.

But Wu Feng’s convoy was more embarrassed, seeing everyone go in, but they haven’t yet. Although one person had a pack of biscuits, there were more than one hundred people in the fleet, which was a big expense.

Wu Feng naturally asked Song Qing to take food from the space. But Song Qing said that she was injured now and could not concentrate on using her mental power to get food out of the space.

Hearing this, the blue veins on Wu Feng’s forehead burst out.

In the end, Wu Feng had no choice but to hand over all the existing food in the convoy, which was barely enough. But he also gave Song Qing an ultimatum.

“I don’t care if you are injured or not, all the food in our team has been paid as the check-in fee today. I want to see the food early tomorrow morning, otherwise, if the people in the convoy are dissatisfied, I can’t control it, and you will be responsible for the consequences.” After speaking, Wu Feng left.

Song Qing’s face turned ugly when she heard it, but it was more panic.

Because only she knew that her space had really disappeared and the system was gone!

What should she do?

Song Qing’s eyes flickered, she could only sneak away if she couldn’t do it.

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Although this shelter was small, there were not many people, only more than three hundred, so there were many vacant houses. Xi Xun chose a cleaner house to stay in, but there was no electricity.

But there was 0329, for it, electricity was a trivial thing. It took out the electric fan and pointed it to the host.

However, the light was not turned on because of fear of being seen by others.

After all, people here would use candles, and if their lights were on, they would look very conspicuous.

Xi Xun did not refuse either.

The dim candlelight illuminated the room, but only the candle was slightly brighter, and other places were darker, so 0329 lit another candle, so that the host’s eyes would not hurt!

When it was done, 0329 came running ‘thump thump thump’.

It got into bed and said, “Host!”


0329 was stunned, and then it remembered the incident when the host threw away the food that was given to him. The host was a neat freak, but also proud, and hated the food that was given by others. This made 0329 sigh and said helplessly: “The host is so willful!”

The willful Xi Xun continued to close his eyes and meditate.

“But there’s a lot of food inside, it will go bad if you don’t eat it.” 0329 felt a little pity.


“Then what is the host going to do?” 0329 said.


0329 was discouraged, it lay on the host’s arms and thought for a while, then got up and said, “Host, why don’t we exchange most of the supplies for points in the safe zone? At that time, not only will more people have food to eat, but the host can also have a good rest without killing zombies. The host’s injuries are not yet healed,” 0329 said while feeling a little distressed at this time.

It wanted the host to recuperate well.

Although it still felt that the host binding the space would be better, after all, these supplies could make the host eat for a lifetime, and there would definitely be less and less food in the late end times.

But since the host didn’t like it, forget it.

The host must have his own reasons. Maybe it was an excuse to keep more people alive. It couldn’t expose the host!

“Hmm.” This was considered to be the idea of 0329.

“Then let me think about how to deal with these supplies. There are too many of these things, and we can’t take out too many at once, otherwise, it will make others suspect that the host has space,” 0329 thought seriously.

When Xi Xun heard this, he glanced at the little system. It seemed that he didn’t expect this little guy to be quite smart, it could even think of this.

But even if others really knew, it didn’t matter.

Xi Xun was not afraid of this.

But seeing the serious look of 0329 while planning for himself, Xi Xun let it go.

The most important thing is that it can be delayed for a month.

0329 said that if it recovered 6%, the longer the binding time, the harder it would be to unbind it, so he would buy more time, as long as it could be extended.

If it still didn’t work…

Then he could only take another way.

In short, since he broke into his world, he couldn’t leave without his permission.

No matter what the reason was.

At this time, 0329 didn’t know what the host was thinking, it was a little sleepy after planning for a while. 0329 said to the host: “Host, I’m going to sleep.”


“I found a bear pillow from the space, I won’t sleep with the host today!” 0329 said.

Xi Xun, however, did not let it, and pulled the little white ball back.

As for the pillow, it was kicked out.

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