The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.47

Chapter 47 – The Space of the Wild System

“What do they mean? Didn’t they say that we will eat well after we finish this time?” After hearing that they were still going to those dry biscuits today, some people in the convoy couldn’t help but complain.

“I don’t know, it should be because Song Qing was injured.”

“Then ‘till when do we have to wait? And they didn’t give each person half a bag of flour as promised,” some people were dissatisfied.

Most of them had their families with them. The weather was so hot now, and five people had to share a bottle of water, how can they be so stingy? If that were the case, why would they still follow Wu Feng’s convoy and work? It would be better to move bricks and build walls for the safety zone!

The reason why they followed Wu Feng was because of the half bag of flour.

In fact, if Song Qing’s space was not lost, it would be a piece of cake for her to give out half a bag of flour to each person, because there were about 300 tons of flour in her space, not to mention various other supplies.

It was precisely because of this that these people followed Song Qing.

Or else, why would they go to the supermarket when eight or nine out of ten people die in there? Losing twenty or thirty people for what?

It was all for this half-bag of flour to support the family!

Everyone looked at each other and decided to wait, waiting for Song Qing to get better before asking for their half bag of flour. Because that half bag of flour was equivalent to the life of a family! They could only endure it first.

The other side.

0329 was still lying on the ground while moving and calling the law enforcement sword ‘baby’, but still did not see the shadow of the law enforcement sword, which made 0329 more anxious.

“Zhuo,” Xi Xun suddenly called 0329.

0329 tilted its head and looked at the host.

Xi Xun looked at the little system lying on the ground, and said indifferently: “Haven’t found it yet?”

“Hmm.” 0329 sighed.

“It may be looking for your senior, don’t keep looking,” Xi Xun said.

“Impossible, its consciousness is sleeping.”

“Anything is possible, or maybe it woke up and wanted to go out and have a look.”

Hearing what the host said, 0329 felt that it made sense.

But it still decided to look for it again, and when it was sure that there was really nothing around, it would go to other places to see.

Xi Xun saw the little white ball still leaving towards the distance, the smile in his eyes gradually faded down.

This was Xi Xun’s expression when he was unhappy.

It was a pity that the small system didn’t know, but even if 0329 knew it, it wouldn’t care. Because in its eyes, the host was always angry and upset, 0329 was used to it! Who made the host younger? It, the great system, had to tolerate it.

But now, it was important to get down to business, and the law enforcement sword couldn’t be lost!

It needed to find the law enforcement sword quickly.

But things didn’t go perfectly, 0329 almost dug up the ground and still did not find the law enforcement sword.


When 0329 was searching, it suddenly saw a gadget. It was a small stone, but it was not an ordinary stone. It was a space stone of the system, 0329 had seen it many times.

Because the doomsday system next door often carried this small broken stone.

The small broken stone was their space.

Every doomsday system had many, so many that once there was a dispute with other systems, they would throw small stones at each other frantically, and sometimes they could pick up a few by walking around them.

0329 took the small stone in its hand and studied it.

In the next second, 0329’s eyes suddenly shot an ice-blue beam of light into the small stone.

And when it entered the stone, 0329’s eyes widened suddenly.

So many things!

The first thing that caught 0329’s eyes was the flour that looked like a hill, which was very high. The second was tens of thousands of boxes of mineral water, various snacks, quilts, clothes, and daily necessities, etc.

But these were nothing! The most important thing was—

A lot of chickens!

It should be that all the chickens left alive in the whole chicken farm were put here, there were a thousand of them, which made 0329’s eyes suddenly turn green.

In addition, there were a few pigs and cows and so on.

As soon as 0329 grasped the small stone. Its eyes kept changing from blue to red to blue again, which was a phenomenon that 0329 couldn’t control due to excessive surprise.

It quickly ran in the direction of the host.

At that time, Xi Xun was still looking at the boiled water coldly, as if thinking about something.

At this moment, he was suddenly hugged by 0329.

The coldness in Xi Xun’s eyes melted slightly.

He looked at the little white ball hugging him tightly, narrowed his eyes, and said, “What’s the matter?”



Holding the host’s hand, 0329’s eyes lit up, and said, “I just found a treasure! I guess it should have fallen after the wild system died!”

“Oh? What is it?” Xi Xun picked up the little white ball.

0329 hurriedly showed the thing to the host.

But its host was a human so he should not be able to see it. After all, this space stone could only be opened by the power of the system. So it explained: “This is a space stone with a lot of daily necessities in it, and the most important thing is – there are about a thousand chickens in it!”

Xi Xun’s face suddenly sank.

0329 was not finished yet, it continued to say happily: “There are pigs and cows! Although there are fewer, just one each, but I can make trotter soup for the host! Is the host happy?”

“Didn’t you go to find the law enforcement sword?” Xi Xun said.

Hearing this, 0329 suddenly became annoyed and said, “I almost forgot about it! Host, keep the small stone for me first, and I will continue to find the law enforcement sword.”


After putting the small stone in Xi Xun’s palm, 0329 ran away again.

Before leaving, it kissed Xi Xun on the forehead.

This was 0329’s way of comforting the host so that the host could stay here and wait for it.

After all, its host was relatively sticky.


After looking for the law enforcement sword for two hours, 0329 finally saw the law enforcement sword on a big tree.

This made 0329 ecstatic.

It carefully climbed up and then came down with the law enforcement sword in its arms. When it came down, it wiped the law enforcement sword’s body and said, “You also lost energy halfway through the flight, so you got stuck on the tree, right?”

There was no movement in the law enforcement sword.

0329 continued to murmur: “Don’t fly if you don’t have the strength. I know you want to find the senior, but now is not the time. Be good, you will meet your master in the future, don’t be sad.”

If the law enforcement sword’s consciousness was not asleep at this moment, it would probably be silent.

0329 was happily holding the law enforcement sword and was about to go back, but it suddenly felt that something was wrong after taking two steps. When it turned its head and took a look, it found that it was a zombie without a lower body crawling on the ground.

This surprised 0329, and then ran quickly.

Because behind that zombie, there were dozens of zombies coming this way.

“The zombies are coming! Run!”

0329 reminded everyone while running, and the others hurriedly got in the car after hearing it. And 0329 also came to the host, at this time, Xi Xun was squinting at the stone quietly.

“Host, run! The zombies are coming!” 0329 said loudly.

Although it knew that the host’s skills were very good, he would still be tired, not to mention that the host had just experienced a fierce battle before and his arm was scratched.

And Xi Xun obviously didn’t intend to kill zombies this time.

He answered and took 0329 to the car.

All cars were running in one direction, although Xi Xun didn’t want to go with others, there was a car following his car in the back, and there was also a car in front of him, so he could only drive forward for now in the middle position.

0329 was in a very good mood today!

Not only was the law enforcement sword okay, but also because it got a space, there was so much food in the space!

“Host, you should not worry about being hungry in the future!” 0329 was very happy.

Xi Xun looked lazy.

0329 continued to hold the small stone and said: “So when I’m gone, I can leave the host with peace of mind!”

Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly condensed, and asked solemnly: “Are you leaving?”

“Yes, I can contact the headquarters after I have recovered 6%. The headquarters should send a system unit to pick me up. At that time, I won’t have to share the luck energy of the host.”

Although 0329 only used a little luck, it felt that it was still a bit damaging to the host.

This made 0329 feel guilty all the time.

Fortunately, the host didn’t mind.

Xi Xun didn’t speak, but looked ahead calmly with his eyes, but the coldness that condensed all over him was extremely chilling. 0329 could actually see a little bit, it found that the host seemed to be surrounded by something, like fog.

But 0329 thought it was merit and luck. But it didn’t know that it was a fluctuation caused by Xi Xun’s extremely bad mood.

That kind of fluctuation would drive Xi Xun’s sealed power.

If the mood swings reached a certain level, it might even break the seal that imprisoned Xi Xun’s power.

“Host,” 0329 called out to Xi Xun.

Xi Xun didn’t speak.

0329 thought the host hadn’t heard it, so it yelled again, but Xi Xun still didn’t speak. Now 0329 noticed something was wrong.

It knew that the host baby was angry again.

0329 sighed.

At this moment, it seemed that a temporary shelter had been reached. The car in front of it went to negotiate, and all the cars stopped. Taking advantage of this free time, 0329 said to Xi Xun: “Host, are you unhappy?”

Xi Xun didn’t speak.

0329 stretched out its little hand and pulled the corner of Xi Xun’s clothes, and Xi Xun turned his head. He looked at 0329, and then said in a flat tone: “Are you sure you want to go?”

“Huh? Hmm!” 0329 nodded, then seemed to think of something, and said, “Could it be that the host is reluctant to part with me?”

Xi Xun didn’t answer, a kind of acquiescence.

0329 suddenly hugged the host with emotion, and he said, “Actually, I am reluctant to leave the host either.”

Hearing these words, the coldness in Xi Xun’s eyes dropped a little.

Xi Xun hugged the ball and said, “Really?”

“Yes, but I have to go. If I stay for a long time, it will cause damage to the host. I was bound to the host at that time because of the near-death stage. If my body recovered more than 6% and didn’t unbind, it would be difficult to unbind by then.”

“It’s okay.”

0329 said solemnly: “No, I know the host is kind-hearted, but I can’t use the host’s kindness as an excuse to squander your luck energy! My senior brother told me before—”

Before 0329 finished speaking, a cold voice suddenly came from its ear.

“I said, don’t mention your senior brother.”

Then the little white ball was coldly held in Xi Xun’s hands without much resistance.

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