The Wrong Male Protagonist Ch.46

Chapter 46 – The Law Enforcement Sword is Gone!

After everyone left, Song Qing began to keep calling the system in her mind. But the system was gone, and her space couldn’t be used anymore, and Song Qing was even more horrified to find that her skin was not as delicate and smooth as before.

This made Song Qing feel panicked.

But she still tried to calm down, thinking that maybe the system was dormant and couldn’t come out for the time being, because this hadn’t happened before.

Thinking of this, Song Qing’s mood calmed down a little.

Maybe the system would come out tomorrow, and then she would see why the space was suddenly unavailable. Nothing must happen to her space, because all the materials of the entire convoy were in it, and she had to distribute them every day.

In fact, Song Qing did not need to do this job. But Song Qing liked to see the way others wag their tails and beg for food, which gave her a kind of pleasure in her heart.

But if she couldn’t get it out tomorrow, then she would be in trouble.


Summer nights without air conditioning were very difficult. Unless the weather was cool, if it was stifling, it would be a painful torture.

Especially now that it had reached the peak of summer days.

No one could sleep well, even though they were all exhausted. But it was stuffy in the car, and everyone dared not close the car completely, otherwise, they would be suffocated, but in this way, mosquitoes would come in.

But what could they do? They couldn’t go out to sleep.

If they slept outside, they probably wouldn’t be able to stand the mosquitoes this night.

So most people stayed up until the early hours of the morning and went to bed.

0329 was not afraid, because no mosquito could bite it, and it was not afraid of cold or hot weather. So it slept soundly, and it didn’t wake up until the warm light shone on 0329 the next morning.

At that time, Xi Xun was cutting wooden arrows outside the car, next to a pot of boiling water.

Xi Xun didn’t cook anymore, but it was okay to boil water.

0329 blinked and got out of the car.

The air in the early morning was very fresh, and there was a faint dampness in the wind that blew, which made people feel relaxed. And this was also the best time of the day.

Xi Xun was still sitting on the stone, lazily sharpening his wooden arrows.

“Huh? Who’s this?” 0329 walked in front of Xi Xun with its small hands covering its eyes, then put down its small hand again, and looked at Xi Xun with astonishment.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

0329 looked as if puzzled, then suddenly realized: “Ah, it turned out to be my lovely host!”

Xi Xun knocked 0329 on the head with the branch in his hand.

0329 laughed ‘hehe’, then sat next to the host, and said, “Host, why didn’t you call me when you woke up?”

“Aren’t you tired?”

0329 suddenly hugged the host’s leg and said, “The host is so sweet! Whoever marries the host in the future will be so happy!”


“Hmm!” In fact, 0329 still didn’t understand the human world, such as marriage and gender. Because there was no gender distinction in the system world.

After speaking, 0329 suddenly thought of something.

It first frowned and scanned its body, and after discovering that the law enforcement sword was not there, it hurriedly returned to the car to find the law enforcement sword.

But it was not in the car, and 0329 was stunned for a while.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xun asked flatly.

0329 turned around in a hurry, and it said anxiously: “My senior’s law enforcement sword is gone!” 0329 didn’t bother to suspect others.

Because no one could hold the law enforcement sword of the senior.

0329 could use it temporarily because it had been with the law enforcement sword of its senior for eight million years. After it became familiar with the law enforcement sword, it reluctantly allowed 0329 to touch it. If it was someone else, it was impossible to pick it up at all, even the second minister of law enforcement, 0178, couldn’t pick it up!

Not to mention that this was an ordinary human world.

“Probably ran away by itself,” Xi Xun said lightly when he heard the words.

“Impossible! The law enforcement sword has no energy now, so most of the time, the consciousness is asleep and can’t run. And even if the law enforcement sword is conscious, it won’t run.”

“Oh? Are you so sure?” Xi Xun said.

“Yeah!” Speaking of this, 0329 paused, and then whispered in the host’s ear: “I’ll tell you a secret host, the law enforcement sword is lazy and it doesn’t like to move.”


“Hmm! It’s just as lazy and bad-tempered as the host.”

Xi Xun: “……”

0329 also immediately realized that it had said the wrong thing, it covered its small mouth, and then redeemed itself by saying, “I didn’t mean that! I mean that the host is more quiet, reserved, as immovable as a mountain, and astounding.”


0329 tried all its vocabulary in the human world to praise the host, although it was a bit messy. In the end, when the host was still looking at it blankly, 0329 had no choice but to step forward and give the host a loving hug.

All the words of explanation were put in the hug.

Xi Xun sneered.

0329 was a little cautious, it glanced at the host, and after thinking about it, it decided to go around to find the law enforcement sword first. It was actually not too worried about the law enforcement sword, because ordinary people couldn’t see the law enforcement sword, and even if they could see it, they couldn’t pick it up.

Xi Xun was not annoyed when he saw the little white ball running away.

He continued to sit still and look at its back, his eyes deep.

0329 looked back and forth on the surrounding site.

Although the end of the world had just passed two months, the ground was already overgrown with weeds, and it was not as neat as it was before the end of the world. 0329 squatted on the ground and looked carefully, calling ‘baby’ in a low voice while looking for it.

Others saw this scene and only thought the child was playing.

“Where did you go?” 0329 murmured.

The young leaves of the emerald grass were covered with cool dewdrops, which were very comfortable and soft when stepped on. Taking advantage of the coolness now, everyone was eating or cooking.

“F*ck off, still want to eat? Eat shit! I don’t have it!” a thick male voice came from not far away.

0329 raised its eyes curiously and found that it was a man who was tearing a woman’s hair as he pushed her out along with her two children. The woman fell to the ground and blood flowed from her forehead.

“Mom, are you okay mom!” The little boy hurriedly stepped forward and hugged his mother.

The woman held back tears and shook her head.

She hugged the two children and wept in a low voice.

That man was the husband of the woman, and he was married into the woman’s family. These two children, a seven-year-old boy and a four- or five-year-old girl, were the children of her and the man, and before the end of the world, the man was the boss of his wife’s company.

Originally, if the end of the world did not come, they would be fine.

But the end of the world came.

The woman couldn’t contact her husband, so she had to drive alone with her two children. She thought her husband had suffered an accident, but here, she unexpectedly met her husband, who was still holding a four- or five-year-old boy in his arms.

This was his child with his little mistress.

If it were before the end of the world, the woman would definitely not let it go, but now her two children couldn’t hold on anymore, so she could only beg for something to eat in a low voice. At first, the man gave some back, and then every time he gave it, she would be humiliated.

However, these days, he didn’t even give half of it.

When the little boy saw his mother like this, he quickly got up and went to his father to beat him: “You villain! You are not my father! You are not my father!”

The man was just impatient at first, and when he saw his son getting more and more noisy, the man threw him out directly.

The little boy was heavily thrown to the ground.

The woman went crazy when she saw this, and she hurriedly ran over and tremblingly hugged her son to check his injuries.

Although the little boy was injured in the fall, he still said sensibly: “I’m fine, mother, don’t cry.”

The woman’s psychological defense line completely collapsed.

Many people couldn’t help but sigh when they saw this scene, but no one cared.

The woman’s husband did not regret it at all.

He looked at his wife coldly and said, “These two children follow your family’s surname. They have nothing to do with me. Don’t harass me again, otherwise, don’t blame me for ignoring the last affection I have for you.”

After speaking, he hugged his son and left.

In his opinion, the one with the same surname as himself was his own child, so he regarded the children born to his mistress as treasures.

0329 squatted on the ground and frowned and looked back and forth.

In fact, it didn’t understand at all.

At this moment, there was another sound from the other side. It was a mother who was beating her child. Her child was very hungry and wanted to beg her mother for something to eat, but she was slapped to the ground by her mother.

She wolfed down her own food while the child gradually lost her breath.

Most other families were almost the same.

Like the 18- or 19-year-old son who kicked his father, taking the last food and eating it alone. Like the parents who didn’t care about the life or death of their children, and went around robbing others of food.

0329 looked at these in confusion.

At this time, 0329 didn’t understand what human nature was, and the end of the world showed human nature to the fullest.

Of course, the good side would also be shown.

For example, the mother used her weak strength to protect her children, or for example, a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy had been wiping sweat on his father, finding some grasshoppers and roasting them for his father to eat, and so on.

The people in Song Qing’s convoy watched these farces mockingly.

They had seen a lot of these for so many days. But looking at it made them a little hungry, so those people started to line up to get today’s breakfast. According to what they said a few days ago, there should be canned food today.

This made the people in the team a little excited.

Many people were consciously queuing up, but after waiting for a long time, they didn’t see Song Qing coming. Wu Feng was also a little impatient. He went to Song Qing’s RV to take a look, and then found that Song Qing was still sleeping.

In fact, Song Qing wasn’t sleeping, but now she had to pretend to be asleep.

Because her space was really gone!

Song Qing’s face was covered with cold sweat. She had nearly all the supplies in the supermarket of the entire town in her space. If she couldn’t get it out, these people would probably eat her alive.

And the system was dead! Why didn’t it show up?

She was a little uneasy, and now she could only pretend to be unconscious because of the wound and hide.

“Song Qing? Song Qing!” Wu Feng frowned and shouted.

Song Qing still didn’t move a bit, and only opened her eyes weakly two or three minutes later. She first glanced at Wu Feng, and then fainted again as if she was exhausted.

Wu Feng’s face changed, and he quickly asked someone to call the doctor.

Seeing that Song Qing was unable to get food from the space like this now, Wu Feng had to order his men to get the food that he just found yesterday. Although it was less, make do with it first.

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