Chapter 45 – Uncontrollable Emotions

When the feeling disappeared inexplicably, Xi Xun wrinkled his eyebrows. But he didn’t pay much attention to this matter, he just continued to close his eyes and leaned in front of the car, and waited.

And when 0329 came back, he saw such a host.

It was already dark at this time, and although it was very hot, most people chose to stay in the car or in a tent because there were mosquitoes outside, but Xi Xun was obviously not afraid.

Mainly because none of those mosquitoes bit him somehow.

It was a pity that it was too dark and no one saw this scene. But even during the day, no one would probably pay attention to whether others would be bitten by mosquitoes.

“Host!” 0329 excitedly threw itself into Xi Xun’s arms.

Xi Xun opened his eyes.

0329 hugged the host and said very happily: “Host, I am so happy! I didn’t think I could still earn points by being stranded in a small world! This is what humans always say, ‘If you don’t die in a disaster, you will be blessed afterwards!’”

“Happy?” Xi Xun looked at the small system.

“Mm!” 0329 hugged the host and said with joy: “This wild system seems to have done a lot of bad things, and there are many karma obstacles on his body. After executing it, I sensed that I had two hundred more points!”

“Really?” Xi Xun picked up the little white ball.

“Yeah!” 0329 said.

“Hmm.” Xi Xun carried 0329 into the car, and strangely enough, none of the mosquitoes that were buzzing around flew into the car.

The door was closed, and the warm lights in the car slowly lit up.

0329 held its little chin and sighed: “It would be great if there is always such a good thing.”

“Do you like it?” Xi Xun lay lazily in the driver’s seat.


It was a pity that there weren’t always such cases in their line of work as combat systems. 0329 hit pure luck this time, because no wild system would stay in one world for a long time, which was equivalent to courting death.

In the past, 0329 spent most of its time hunting down wild systems, and even the longest tracking of the wild system took 0329 more than three hundred years.

This was the first one who didn’t run away and stayed in place waiting for him to catch it. It was a pie in the sky!

Of course, it might also be that 0329 was too weak.

That was why the wild system didn’t sense the danger, so it didn’t run away?

“Well, I see.” Xi Xun nodded, and then knocked the small system’s head again.

0329’s little hand covered its head and flattened its mouth.

Xi Xun closed his eyes lazily, but in fact he was thinking about one thing.

In fact, Xi Xun had always encountered messy systems in his dozens of reincarnations, rebirth and transmigration systems. That was because the world would restart every time Xi Xun died, and too many restarts caused gaps or cracks in the world.

It was also known as the appearance of bugs.

Then there were reborn people or traversers, etc.

This was why Xi Xun was not surprised when he saw a glowing ball for the first time.

Because he had seen a lot of messy things a long time ago.

In every life, one or two or three or four ugly things would come together. But 0329 was different. The reason why 0329 could stay was because there was no trace of impurities in its body.

It was very clean, a cleanliness that Xi Xun had never seen before.

Xi Xun’s eyes were different from normal people. In his eyes, humans, animals, and plants had a trace of impurities, and this was karma.

Every creature had more or less traces of impurities, but all of them had it.

Of course, this was normal.

After all, no one could be perfect unless they were free of evil thoughts and desires. But even if they were indeed free of them, it was useless, because the mistakes they made in their previous life or many generations ago were also recorded in their current body.

So far, Xi Xun had never seen a completely clean one.

Until he met this little white ball.

This meant that it had not killed any creatures by mistake since its birth, nor had it done a bad thing. And since it its birth, it had never had negative and dark emotions such as evil thoughts or hatred.

But now…

Xi Xun’s legs overlapped lazily. He thought this little white ball was not bad, and he liked it very much.

Since it liked to catch messy systems.

It just so happened that he remembered that there were such things in every life, and currently, he perceived that there were two more.

It should be very happy when it learned about it.

“Host, the points this time also have your credit. If you hadn’t bound me and given me the strength to live, I wouldn’t have been able to catch that wild system, so I’ll give you 100 points.”

“Oh?” Xi Xun opened his eyes and looked at the small system in front of him.

0329 sat next to Xi Xun.

“Then I want more points,” Xi Xun teased the little white ball.

0329 was taken aback for a moment, it hesitated for a while, and then said, “Okay! How much does the host want?”

“One hundred and ninety-nine.”

0329 was dumbfounded, it pursed its lips and hid in the corner, and did not speak.

Xi Xun thought the little guy was going to sulk.

But to his surprise, 0329 came over a minute later and looked at Xi Xun with difficulty, and said, “Host, can it be one hundred and ninety? I want to leave ten points for the repair fee.”

Ten points are required for the registration fee to go to the maintenance department.

0329 thought it was better to save a little bit.

Xi Xun’s eyes deepened slightly, and he raised his hand and touched 0329’s head.

0329 blinked, it didn’t know if it meant to agree or disagree. It only sighed and thought to itself that it would be all for the host, after all, it was the host who saved itself.

It was just that 0329 was inevitably still a little lost.

“Will the wild system give you two hundred points if you arrest that one?” Xi Xun suddenly spoke slowly.


“Your law department seems to be very good at squeezing you,” Xi Xun said.

“No, the reward points are determined according to the level of the task and the strength of the arrested system.” Speaking of this, 0329 paused, looked at Xi Xun, and said mysteriously: “Host, let me tell you one thing.”

“Say,” Xi Xun also lowered his voice to cooperate.

“Do you remember the senior I told you about last time? Let me tell you, he is very strong! He even caught the Lord God back then! Do you know the Lord God? It is a high god who governs three thousand worlds, large and small. Not only is his divine power strong, but he also has a high status. At that time, that Lord God killed three thousand worlds of living beings, and it stands to reason that the Law Department wanted to arrest and bring justice, but no system could pick the mission up, because they couldn’t beat him.”

“Then?” Xi Xun said flatly.

“And then the senior stepped in! He is the only system that can catch even the Lord God! So far, no system can surpass him.”

“Maybe he’s just superficially strong,” Xi Xun said lightly.

“No! He’s really amazing,” 0329 explained for the idol.

“Such things as legends can naturally be faked after a long time, you have not seen it with your own eyes, so how do you know if it’s true?”

“But the deeds of the senior are engraved in the law enforcement department!”

“It’s just sanctimonious.”

“…” 0329 looked at the host in silence, and then asked, “Does the host not like the senior?” It always felt that the host seemed to be a little hostile to his senior.

“No, it’s just that my wound is cracked and I’m in a bad mood.”

When 0329 heard this, it was really distracted. It hurriedly went to check the host’s wound and found that it was indeed cracked a little bit.

“I didn’t even find out! Host, wait here, I will get the medicine for the host.” After speaking, 0329 hurriedly went to the back seat and rummaged around.

In fact, the wound was just inadvertently cracked by Xi Xun himself.

He didn’t want to hear the senior in the small system’s mouth anymore, but looking at its appearance, he knew that it respected the so-called senior very much. In this case, if be said he was disgusted, it may cause the small system to be unhappy, just like last time.

So he had to divert the attention of the little white ball first.

But Xi Xun still made a blunder, after the small system rushed back with gauze and medicine to change for the host, it talked about its senior again. It even took out the law enforcement sword and sighed: “If I didn’t have the law enforcement sword of my senior today, I might have been in danger.”

“Really?” Xi Xun was impatient.

“Mm!” 0329 continued to talk endlessly, as if it wanted to introduce its favorite senior to the host, and it also hoped that the host would like it!

Xi Xun slowly closed his eyes.

Later, 0329 was also a little tired, and unknowingly fell asleep. But maybe what it just said was too exciting, and it forgot to take the law enforcement sword back. Most of the consciousness of the law enforcement sword was in a sleeping state. Because the energy of 0329 was very low, the law enforcement sword couldn’t keep its consciousness awake. This time it woke up because 0329 was in danger.

And now that the crisis had passed, the law enforcement sword had fallen into a deep sleep of consciousness again, so it was quiet like an ordinary long sword.

After 0329 fell asleep, Xi Xun opened his eyes slightly.

He glanced at the law enforcement sword coldly, then raised his hand and took it over, opened the car window, and threw it out.

The law enforcement sword who felt the master’s breath and just wanted to recognize the master: “?”


The other side.

Song Qing’s shoulder was infected soon after being pierced by Xi Xun’s arrow. This made Song Qing very scared and she kept cursing the doctor in the team who saved her, saying, “Give me pain reliever now! Do you even know how to treat patients? Do you only know how to eat for nothing, you useless piece of trash?!”

The doctor’s face turned blue when he heard the words.

Before the end of the world, he was the most authoritative surgeon in the B City General Hospital and a famous surgeon. It was just that Song Qing didn’t respect his profession as a doctor, and at the age of 60 years old, he was even scolded by this little girl, which made it a little difficult for the doctor to accept.

But he couldn’t help it now, after all, he was under their roof.

The doctor suppressed his emotions and finished treating Song Qing, then explained all the medicines and asked people to take them.

None of the younger brothers moved after hearing this.

“Why are you still standing there? Are you all dead?! Why don’t you go get them?!” Song Qing scolded.

One of the younger brothers hesitated for a moment and said, “Sister Qing, don’t you have healing abilities?” He thought that Sister Qing would use supernatural abilities, so what did she need the medicine for?

Song Qing’s face changed, and then she said, “I am too weak to use it out now, so go get it.”

After hearing this explanation, the younger brother hurried out.

But the younger brother came back not long after he went out, which made Song Qing, who was already in a bad mood because of the pain, even more angry. But before Song Qing could curse, Wu Feng, who followed his younger brother in, frowned and said, “Take what medicine? Don’t you have all the medicine?”

Not only medicine, but other supplies in the convoy were all at Song Qing’s space.

Song Qing frowned.

She didn’t really want to take the medicine in her own space, didn’t she find a little today? She originally wanted to keep the medicine she found today. But seeing Wu Feng’s face, Song Qing didn’t say anything more.

But when Song Qing was about to take the medicine from the space, she was stunned.


Her space was gone.

This caused Song Qing’s face to lose all color in an instant, and her face was as pale as paper.

Wu Feng noticed something was wrong, and he said, “What’s the matter?”

When he saw Wu Feng’s slightly puzzled and suspicious eyes, Song Qing forced herself to calm down and said, “It’s nothing, nothing, I’ll take the medicine myself, you all go out.”

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