Chapter 44 – Hunting the Wild System

Power could make people lose their minds, this sentence was very suitable for Wu Feng.

Before the end of the world, Wu Feng was a coal miner with great strength. Because he often fought when he was young, he dared to fight and kill zombies after the end of the world, and later he became the boss of a temporary small team as expected.

At first, he just wanted to protect his son.

But as time passed, after meeting Song Qing, Wu Feng changed. It was true that there were reasons why he was influenced by Song Qing’s aura, but it was more that he was obsessed with the sense of superiority brought about by this kind of power.

As long as he gave orders, the people below had to do it.

No one could resist this temptation.

Now that Song Qing had healing powers and there was still space, it was naturally even more impossible for Wu Feng to be separated from her. Although he knew that Song Qing was not a good thing, she also bewitched himself to throw his son away and so on.

But he couldn’t stand the fact that he needed Song Qing now, so he turned a blind eye to the past.

“It’s you…” Wu Feng’s face changed when he saw Xi Xun.

He knew how good this young man was. Although he brought a lot of people, he was not sure he could take him down. This made him hesitate for a while, wondering if he should do it.

“Boy, didn’t you hear what our boss said? Want medicine? Okay, I think your brother looks pretty good…” A man in his thirties behind Wu Feng smiled wretchedly.

When 0329 heard this, it thought the other party was complimenting itself.

But Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly became cold when he heard this, and the next second, the man was kicked away by Xi Xun. Before this was over, Xi Xun walked over like the God of Death, and then stepped on the neck of the man who was wailing in pain, and then everyone saw that the neck bone of the man was trampled by Xi Xun, and his death was extremely terrible .

The air fell silent for a while.

The other younger brothers behind Wu Feng all stared at Xi Xun with wide eyes and fear, their legs trembling uncontrollably.

The ordinary people who took the medicine in the pharmacy also froze in place.

Xi Xun didn’t look at anyone anymore, he slowly returned to the car with the little system in his arms.

But before getting in the car, he threw away the bloody shoe.

After sitting in the co-pilot and waiting for the host to get into the car, 0329 wondered: “Host, why did you want to kill him?”

“He is not a good person.”

“Really? He was just complimenting me on my good looks.”

“Because he wants you to relax, he will catch you when you relax,” Xi Xun said lightly.

As soon as 0329 heard this, it became angry.

“So don’t talk to others next time, some people are not good people, so as not to be deceived,” Xi Xun said.

“I know!” Its senior brother also told it.

“You know?”

“Yes, my senior brother said that human beings are very complex creatures, and both extremely good and extremely evil come from human beings. Being friends with humans is like opening a blind box. If you are lucky enough to meet a very kind human, the other party will become close friends with you and help you as much as possible! But if you encounter a very evil human being, then it is possible to be cheated and lose the chip!” 0329 clenched its small fist angrily.


“But I was lucky, I met the host! This is what humans call the European Emperor!” 0329 said proudly.

Xi Xun glanced at it, then started the car.

Seeing that the host ignored it, it dragged the host’s clothes and sought affirmation: “Host, am I right?”

“Hmm.” Xi Xun responded perfunctorily.

When 0329 heard this, it burst into laughter, and it said happily: “I knew I was very smart and lucky. Although the starting line is a little lower, it doesn’t matter.”


Xi Xun drove quietly until he saw the gas station.

It was the end of the world now, and there would be less oil available, so when you see a gas station, you have to add some oil.

The most important thing was that they also had to take a break.

Now the small system needed to eat three meals a day, otherwise there would be very little energy restored.

0329 squatted in a shady place to cook noodles.

As it was cooking, it heard the sound of cars coming from afar. 0329 looked up and noticed that the convoy looked familiar, it was the convoy just now.

Song Qing’s face suddenly became a little weird after seeing Xi Xun.

Wu Feng, however, frowned.

They didn’t expect to meet Xi Xun again in the gas station.

Wu Feng wanted to leave, but he hesitated for a while when he thought that the car had to be refueled.

“It’s okay, fill up the gas first,” Song Qing said.

At this time, Song Qing already had an idea in her heart, and she wanted to try Xi Xun one last time. If the other party still didn’t know what was good or bad, she would find a way to remove this hidden danger first. With so many people around her now, it would be possible to kill him.

To be honest, she was still a little reluctant.

Because the system said that Xi Xun had a very strong aura on his body, but the strange thing was that he was wrapped in something and it couldn’t be seen clearly. But it was undeniable that his luck was ridiculously strong.

Generally, there was only a small wisp of luck in the protagonist of the world.

But Xi Xun’s whole body was wrapped in luck energy, which meant that he was absolutely extraordinary. As long as she could sleep with him for one night, the benefits she’d get would be unimaginable.

For example, sleeping with Xu Lei, Song Qing could get a point of luck.

But if it was Xi Xun, it might be more than 10,000.

This couldn’t stop Song Qing from being tempted.

The wild system noticed something wrong. The sense of crisis for many years was telling it to get out of here quickly, but after hearing Song Qing’s plan, the wild system stopped talking.

Yes, it also coveted Xi Xun’s luck.

Because if Song Qing really succeeded, then it might take shape through this power of luck. The wild system couldn’t suppress this greedy desire, so it decided to stay and wait.


“Host.” 0329 had been wandering around with the bowl in its hand.


“I seem to have sensed something.” 0329 narrowed its eyes and looked around coldly.


0329 really couldn’t help itself. It finished all the noodles in the bowl straight away,  and then stood up, and said to the host: “Host, my chip is damaged, and the sensor is not working from time to time, but my intuition tells me that the wild system is not far away. I have to catch it.”



“Are you sure you’d catch it instead of it catching you?” Xi Xun said lightly.

0329 said dissatisfiedly: “Of course, I’m the one catching it!”

“You have trouble even transforming.”

“It’s okay! I have recovered 2.5%! If the battle ends quickly, it should be fine.” 0329 had calculated that it could maintain a combat state for ten minutes.

It only needed to take down the opponent in ten minutes.

But 0329 also knew that the host was worried about it, so 0329 stepped forward, hugged the host, rubbed Xi Xun’s face, and said, “Don’t worry, host, I’m very powerful, I’ll be back soon.”

But Xi Xun still grabbed the small system and said, “Let’s eat first.”

“Already finished eating!”

“Eat more,” Xi Xun said calmly.

0329 frowned. He could see the noodles fed to its mouth, but it still opened its mouth and took a bite.

‘Never mind, can’t waste food, help the host eat some first.’

In this way, the time soon came to night.

Everyone was planning to stay here for one night before leaving tomorrow. After all, there were more accidents on the road at night. Not only Song Qing’s convoy, but many cars passing by sporadically also stopped here.

Being held in the arms of the host, 0329 was a little helpless, sighing that the host was too sticky.

Suddenly, 0329 heard some noise.

It followed the sound and looked, and then saw a scene that puzzled it. At this time, Song Qing was strongly embraced by a man, she kept struggling, her voice was tinged with sobs, and unknowingly struggled in the direction of Xi Xun’s side.

This was Song Qing’s plan.

In order to have a realistic effect, she ordered the man to act like a little bit.

0329 blinked and looked curiously.

After watching it for a few minutes, his eyes went dark, and 0329 was covered by Xi Xun’s clothes.

“Get lost,” Xi Xun said coldly.

Song Qing thought it was Xi Xun who was scolding the man to get lost, which surprised her very much, so she said, “Please save me!”

Then she saw an arrow fly over in the next second—

But this arrow was not here to save Song Qing, but for Song Qing and the man. Song Qing’s eyes and hands quickly instinctively pushed the man over. The man was instantly penetrated by the arrow, but the arrow did not stop, and finally inserted into Song Qing’s shoulder.

Song Qing suddenly clutched her shoulders and screamed.

When Xi Xun’s arrow hit ordinary people, it was just an ordinary arrow, but if there was something dirty on the other party’s body, or if it was not human in itself, then the power of the arrow would be tremendously powerful.

That wild system was like a human being touched by sulfuric acid.

It instantly separated from the host’s body.

Ordinary people couldn’t see the wild system, but 0329 could! Just the second it broke away, 0329 sensed it. Its eyes suddenly turned red, then it turned into a light and chased after it.

Xi Xun stood still and watched 0329 leave.

The other side.

0329 transformed into an adult form and chased down the wild system, and the wild system was running fast in front of it. But its speed was still not as fast as 0329, who was a law enforcement system.

At a fork in the road, 0329 stopped it.

“Killing creatures and sucking luck energy, the crime should be punished. The Law of Heavenly Dao decrees death,” 0329 said coldly.

The wild system knew that it couldn’t run anymore.

It looked at 0329 in the sky, and then a black light shot over.

0329 quickly turned sideways to avoid it.

It knew that it didn’t have much time to fight and needed to make a quick decision, so it directly fought the opponent.

In fact, if it was the previous 0329, it could quickly take down the opponent.

But now, the injury area of 0329 was as high as more than 90%, and the energy was only 2%, but the opponent was in its heyday. Soon, the other party noticed that the law enforcement system was weaker than it thought, which made the law enforcement system’s eyes gradually greedy.

It wanted to devour 0329.

The more 0239 fought, the more solemn its expression was. It gathered its whole body strength in its hands and wanted to smash the opponent’s chip.

But because of the weakness of the body, it was a second slower.

But this second was an absolutely unacceptable mistake for the system!

Sure enough, the wild system dodged.

And while dodging, the other party also launched a counterattack.

However, 0329 only frowned for a moment and then suddenly summoned the law enforcement sword to resist the opponent’s attack, then it clenched the law enforcement sword tightly, and used the power of the law enforcement sword to fight the opponent again.

This was the secret weapon of 0329.

Its law enforcement sword!

The wild system sneered and continued to rush over, because it felt that the law enforcement system’s body was so transparent that it was almost unable to hold on. What’s the use of even holding a law enforcement sword?

But the next second, the wild system froze.


That sword instantly pierced the wild system!

If it were a normal law enforcement sword, it would be fine, but after the sword coldly penetrated the wild system, the wild system screamed and its whole body instantly turned into a black mist and dissipated.

The wild system was gone just like that, killed with a single strike.

0329 was stunned.

Although it knew that this law enforcement sword was very powerful, it had never been used, and 0329 had always been careful with it. 0329 only used it once against 0178, because it felt that it couldn’t beat the opponent.

Of course, 0329 really didn’t win in the end.

Xi Xun’s side.

Xi Xun, who was leaning in front of the car with his eyes closed and waiting for the small system, suddenly opened his eyes.

The next second, the sword suddenly rose into the air, as if sensing something.

“Baby?” 0329 looked at the law enforcement sword in confusion.

Law Enforcement Sword looked back at 0329.

“Baby, what’s wrong with you?” This law enforcement sword had a little character, it was very cold and lazy. But 0329 didn’t mind, because this was the sword of its senior, and 0329 had always provided for it.

Generally, as long as 0329 came back from a mission, it would coax the sword of the senior, tell it a story, and so on.

After a long time, 0329 found that it liked to be called baby.

So 0329 had always called it that.

“Baby?” 0329 blinked and looked at the law enforcement sword still hanging in the air, not understanding why it suddenly became abnormal.

Three consecutive “baby” made Law Enforcement Sword hesitate.

It looked at the horizon, and finally turned into a light, and returned to 0329.

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