Chapter 43 – The host is a snake, right?

The next day.

Although only one night of short hibernation would not make a good recovery for 0329 at all, it was better than nothing.

At that time, Xi Xun was looking at the pot outside the car, frowning and distracted.

He was wondering if he would cook the noodles by himself or wait for the small system to wake up and cook it. Originally, looking at 0329’s weak appearance, Xi Xun planned to do it by himself, but thinking of the incident that happened not long ago, he became silent again.

“Host!” 0329 ran over and hugged the lovely host.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xun glanced at it obliquely.

“It’s nothing.” It was just very happy. Especially after it had an honest talk with the host last night, this meant that it had no secrets from the host!

“Hmm.” Xi Xun responded casually.

0329 squatted down and said, “What is the host doing?”

“Preparing to cook noodles.”

0329 paused, and then said seriously: “Host! You’d better go rest first, I’ll do it!”

Xi Xun did not speak.

In order to avoid the host really having to cook, 0329 quickly grabbed the pot and covertly pushed away the host.

Xi Xun didn’t care about the little white ball either. He casually found a place to sit down, and then watched 0329 cook noodles.

The aroma of instant noodles came slowly.

0329 took a closer look, then went back to the car to get something.

Xi Xun didn’t care at first, but his face suddenly changed when he saw the small system coming out with four eggs in its hand. He didn’t even know that 0329 actually put eggs in the car, he didn’t even know where it was hidden.

0329 cracked the eggs one by one.

It cracked three eggs for the host and one for itself.

Xi Xun looked at the eggs in the bowl for a long time without saying a word, and finally said softly: “My hands have almost recovered, you can eat it.”

“No, it’s not completely healed yet,” 0329 insisted.

“It’s all right now.”

“Host, don’t be willful, be obedient.”


In the end, when he couldn’t say anything back anymore, Xi Xun simply got into the car. 0329 stood under the car and looked at the host helplessly, and finally sighed and said, “Then I will feed the host, okay?”

Xi Xun still leaned against the back of the chair and closed his eyes to meditate, without saying a word.

Seeing this, 0329 stopped talking.

Just when Xi Xun thought that the little system had given up, his lips suddenly became hot. Xi Xun opened his eyes slightly, and then he saw 0329, who had turned into an adult form, holding a poached egg and feeding it to himself.

0329 blinked and looked at Xi Xun, its short snow-colored hair blowing in the wind.

They were very close, so close that Xi Xun could see its translucent skin and eyelashes.

In fact, the human form of 0329 belonged to the handsome kind, a bit like a happy little milk dog type. But the blue mechanical eyes, short snow-colored hair, and cold expression made it look very oppressive, as if it would mercilessly stab you with a sword in the next second.

It was like a humanoid weapon without feelings.

Unfortunately, it was Xi Xun who was sitting here, he would naturally not be frightened by the human form of 0329.

On the contrary, he was slightly surprised.

“Host, just take a bite, okay? Open your mouth, ah~~” 0329 coaxed slightly with the noodle bowl.

Xi Xun: “……”

The two stared at each other for a long time, but in the end, it was Xi Xun who lost the battle and reluctantly took a bite.

“The host is amazing, will you take another bite?”


Finally, Xi Xun finished the three poached eggs and a bowl of noodles. And 0329, after feeding the host, happily changed back to his original body and ate its own noodles.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance.

He was thinking about the possibility of killing all the chickens in this world.

It was already noon when 0329 was finished.

Xi Xun continued to drive, while 0329 continued to sleep in Xi Xun’s arms. It had now recovered four percent of its body’s self-healing, but its energy was only one percent, and even this one percent was because of its binding to the host.

If it was not bound to the host, 0329 would not have lasted this long.

Of course, if it weren’t for binding to the host, 0329 would not have eaten that bowl of noodles, causing its chip to be damaged and almost scrapped.

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Four hours later, a small town to the east.

At this time, it was raining heavily outside. Fortunately, the wind was not too strong, but the sky was slightly dark. Xi Xun drove the car and continued to drive forward. Xi Xun’s driving skills were not bad, as long as he didn’t hit a big roadblock, he could basically drive over anything.

Even if it rained, it did not affect Xi Xun’s driving.

0329 leaned on the car window to enjoy the rainy scenery all the way outside, and looked away when it got tired of looking at it. It nestled in the arms of the host and began to be in a daze, and after being in a daze for a while, it hugged the host.

Xi Xun didn’t change his expression from beginning to end.

After hugging the host for a while, 0329 suddenly said, “Host.”


“I found something,” 0329 said mysteriously.

“What is it?” Xi Xun was still driving the car with one hand and didn’t move his eyes away from the front.

After all, it was raining, he needed to be fully focused on driving.

In fact, if there was no system in the car, he would not be like this. Because even if the car crashed, it was not a big deal for Xi Xun, he could make sure he wouldn’t get hurt, and even if he did get hurt, he wouldn’t care too much. But now there was a small system, so he was driving seriously.

He couldn’t just let the car crash and let this small system fall apart.

“I found that the host’s body smells so good!” While talking, 0329 continued to rub against the host, and then continued to hug the host contentedly.

Xi Xun: “……”

“And the host doesn’t sweat often. I see other humans sweating, but the host rarely does.” Speaking of this, 0329 suddenly paused, it whispered: “Host, you are not a snake, are you?”

Xi Xun said in a faint tone: “Didn’t you say that I was an angel more than half a month ago? Now, it’s a snake.”

0329 was a little annoyed: “I didn’t mean that!”

In order to avoid the host from getting angry again, 0329 thought for a while and said, “I just think the host’s body has no other smell and it looks good, especially here!”

0329 touched Xi Xun’s abdomen. It liked to sleep here very much because it was very comfortable to sleep there.

At this time, 0329 still didn’t understand what abdominal muscles were.

Xi Xun ignored it.

0329 continued to explore the host’s body, and finally, 0329 found that the host’s clavicle was also very good-looking. Although it didn’t know it was called a clavicle, the protruding bit was very interesting, and it poked it several times.

Xi Xun: “……”

But after playing for a while, 0329 became uninterested, and its gaze turned to the host’s hands.

It still liked the host’s hand the most.

The host’s fingers were very long, the joints were relatively prominent, thin and powerful, and the explosive power was extremely strong, as if there was some huge power in it, which could attract 0329’s attention.

“The host’s best-looking part is the hand. I must find a way to remove this scar for the host,” 0329 said to itself.

“Didn’t you say that my eyes looked good last time?” Xi Xun said.

“They all look good!”

Xi Xun glanced at it, but said nothing.

It was still raining outside, and 0329 took a small blanket from the co-pilot to cover itself. Then it hugged the host’s hand tightly, and its love was self-evident. If people saw this scene, they might think it was holding a pillow.

And Xi Xun also allowed it, letting it fiddle around with his free hand.

“Host,” 0329 said again.


“I feel like I’m so lucky to have met such a good host,” 0329 sighed.


“Mm!” 0329 paused, then it suddenly got up, then looked at the host’s eyes intently, and added seriously: “I like the host very much. The host is my little heart.” It was what other humans liked to say.

0329 had good hearing and could hear a lot of information.

When it lived in the courtyard before, it heard a boy next door say that to a girl. At that time, the girl asked the boy if he liked her, and the other party said he liked her very much, and then he said this.

0329 remembered, it realized that this was what humans would say to express their likes.

Xi Xun’s eyes changed slightly, and his fingers also abruptly froze.

Seeing that the host had no expression, 0329 thought that what it said was useless. Just as he was about to explain the source of this sentence, he suddenly realized that the world was spinning, his eyes went dark, and then there was a loud bang!

Xi Xun’s car hit a tree that had collapsed on the side of the road.

0329 was stunned.

However, 0329 was not injured. One second before the collision, Xi Xun used his hand as a cushion to prevent the little white ball from getting hurt. At the same time, Xi Xun also reacted extremely quickly to control the car and avoided important positions, so he did not suffer any injuries.

But the front of the car was still hit a little bit badly.

Xi Xun kicked open the deformed car door and came down, and 0329 jumped down with him. They stood in the heavy rain and looked at the car that hit the tree in silence for a long time.

“Will you still talk next time when I’m driving in the rain?”

0329 hung its little head guiltily.

In the end, 0329 volunteered to repair the car, because it was the fastest to repair the car, it could use a laser or something. It happened that there were several scrapped cars not far ahead. 0329 decided to dismantle some parts of other cars to repair their car, so that it would be repaired soon!

Xi Xun did not refuse, because he was killing zombies.

These zombies were all attracted by the huge sound of the crash, there were about fifty or sixty of them. In fact, fifty or sixty zombies were easy to deal with, but in addition to those zombies, there was also a lion-sized animal that rushed over. Fortunately, Xi Xun dodged quickly and was not bitten.

0329 subconsciously wanted to help, but was stopped by Xi Xun.

“You fix it first.”

Hearing this, 0329 rushed to repair the car quickly.

It transformed into an adult form, squatted on a big tree with a toolbox and quickly repaired the car. In order to be able to fix it quickly, it didn’t care about the appearance of the car, so as to fix the car as quickly as possible!

Fortunately, the effort paid off, and 0329 finished repairing it.

After 0329 was done, it quickly returned to the car and started the car. At first, the car could not start. After 0329 kicked the car, the car finally reacted.

“Host! I fixed it!” 0329 stuck out its head and shouted.


There were many mutant animals in the mountains, and it was obviously impossible to kill them all at such a speed, so after hearing the small system call himself, Xi Xun took the opportunity to kick a wolf, and then quickly got into the car, and stepped on the gas to leave.

Only after driving for more than ten kilometers did he completely lose them.

At this time, Xi Xun was completely drenched, and drops of water continued to flow down Xi Xun’s hair, wetting the driving position.

0329 ran to sit on the passenger seat.

“What are you doing sitting there?” Xi Xun saw 0329 deliberately staying away from him, which made him narrow his eyes.

“I just wiped away the rain. The host’s body is wet now. I’ll go over when the host is dry!” 0329, who had changed back to a little white ball, said while holding a bag of snacks.

Xi Xun chuckled when he heard the words.

The next second, he directly raised his hand and carried the little white ball, and wiped it on himself.

0329, whose body instantly became wet, was stunned.


Xi Xun’s car entered the town an hour later, but unfortunately, when Xi Xun arrived, there was already a large convoy stationed there. Xi Xun’s first destination was the pharmacy. His arm was scratched a little. Although he felt it was nothing, 0329 kept frowning.

So Xi Xun finally had to come to the pharmacy.

The main reason was that he didn’t want to be fed by 0329 for another month.

“No one can enter here. The things in the pharmacy already belong to our team,” the man standing outside with a stick said coldly to Xi Xun.

But as soon as this sentence fell, the man was instantly kicked away.

Everyone else rushed over with weapons when they saw it, but the result was conceivable. In just two minutes, more than 20 people stationed here either died or were kicked away, a few fell to the ground and wailed as if they couldn’t stand up.

This scene made the ordinary people watching nervously outside the pharmacy breathe, a little excited and nervous.

They also came to get the medicine, but they didn’t let them in.

But most people who’d risk their lives to get medicine must be to save lives, so even if they couldn’t get it, they were reluctant to leave. Now that the young man with only one child broke in, a man in his thirties gritted his teeth and rushed in.

He had to get the fever medicine to save his father.

Even if he was killed by that powerful young man after entering, he couldn’t care less.

But the man didn’t expect that the other party didn’t hit him.

After Xi Xun finished taking his medicine, he took 0329 out. It seemed that he was not interested in the remaining pile of medicine. This gave hope to the people who were dying against the wall. It seemed that this young man was not going to hog all the medicine.

So they all rushed in to help their relatives get medicine.

“Everyone put down all the medicine! I have already said that this pharmacy belongs to our team! Are you deaf?! If you want to die, just take it!” a voice sounded outside.

It was none other than Wu Feng who came with his men.

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