Chapter 42 – 0329’s Past

“Host?” 0329 held the host’s big hand on top of its head, blinked, and said, “Is the host worried about me?”

Xi Xun lowered his head and glanced at Xiao Xuan.

0329 continued: “Don’t worry, host, I’m fine, I have a secret weapon!”

Xi Xun still didn’t say anything.

After seeing this, 0329 thought for a while, then it motioned to the host to release itself, and then it climbed into the backseat and took out two packs of potato chips, and said, “If the host doesn’t believe me, I swear by these two packs of potato chips! If I can’t come back, let me never eat potato chips!”

Xi Xun: “……”

Of course, the two packs of potato chips were not put back either, instead, 0329 opened it directly and fed the host a piece first and then ate one itself. While eating, 0329 said: “Most of the wild systems are very evil. If they are not caught early, they may cause disasters, and the human world will be greatly affected by then.”

Not only that, but it was mainly for performance!

0329 was a well-known workaholic system in the law department of the system. If he saw a wild system and didn’t catch it, it would be like losing points for nothing, which would make 0329 heartbroken.

“But having said that, I didn’t expect that there would be a wild system waiting for me to catch when I fell into this world,” 0329 turned into a palm-sized human form, holding its chin in thought.

“Do you like to catch these?” Xi Xun asked calmly.

“That’s right! Because I want to save points!” This was 0329’s greatest obsession and its greatest motivation.

“Oh? How many points do you have now?”

0329 paused, although the senior brother once said not to tell the points to other systems, the host should be okay, right?

After all, the host treated it so well.

So 0329 said: “I have 80 million points now.”

“Eighty million?” Xi Xun raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah!” These points were all earned by 0329’s hard work, plus it had no expenses, so it had earned 80 million points in the past 50 million years.

“Quite a lot,” Xi Xun said indifferently.

“But it’s still a lot worse. I heard that it takes 300 million points to reincarnate, but it’s okay, just do it slowly,” 0329 sighed.

At this time, Xi Xun had already driven into the mountains.

It was getting darker and darker, and the lights couldn’t be turned on anymore, since it would attract zombies or other things. So Xi Xun found a secluded place to park the car, ready to rest in the car for the night.

He hadn’t slept much in the past few days. Although Xi Xun was in good health, he also felt a little tired.

He needed a light sleep for a while to recover slightly.

“Is the host sleepy?” 0329 noticed that the host’s face seemed a little tired.


“Then I’ll tell the host a story, and help the host to fall asleep,” 0329 discovered that the host had a small problem. It was difficult for him to quickly enter a state of sleep, and needed to be coaxed to fall asleep by himself for a while.

This was only discovered after the host’s hand was injured.

The host was so pitiful.

“Hmm.” Xi Xun put the seat down, put his legs lazily on the steering wheel, and then said, “Don’t talk about Snow White, I’ve heard it eighty times.”

“Oh.” 0329 suddenly felt a little lost.

The stories it had stored were not particularly numerous, and the stories it had told the host before were from storybooks.

There was nothing else except those.

Eh? No! It had other stories to tell.

0329 looked at the host and said, “Then host, let me tell you my old bedtime story!”


Then, 0329 told the host all the stories of the systems, the famous detective system, the happy system, and the evil system.

Xi Xun’s eyelids jumped when he heard it.

In the end, he stopped 0329 and said, “I don’t want to hear this.”

If it was others, they would probably get angry now. After all, he was still picky and choosy about bedtime stories. But 0329 was very patient, it said: “Then what story does the host want to hear?”

“Tell me about yourself.”

“What?” 0329 didn’t understand what the host said.

“What happened to you before.” Xi Xun said slowly.

Now, 0329 understood, the host wanted to hear what happened to it when it was working as a combat system in the law department. Just like how it liked to hear its senior brother talk about what happened when it was in the mission world.

0329 naturally did not refuse, it said: “Okay!”

So 0329 told the host everything that happened during its past battles, but it tried to choose some less scary and bloody ones during the process, for fear of scaring the host.

“So you get hurt often?” Xi Xun asked.

0329 nodded and said, “Combat systems are often injured, and we would often be in danger, but fortunately, I have survived!” 0329 is very proud.

Xi Xun raised his hand slightly and caressed 0329, his eyes deep.

0329 couldn’t understand human emotions. When it saw the host touching itself, it thought the host wanted to hug again, so it opened its little arms and hugged the host.

But Xi Xun didn’t know that this was just the tip of the iceberg.

0329 had been disabled since birth, it was blind and its body was weak. Even after its eyes were treated, it was color blind, and it was almost destroyed because of its disability.

But 0329 didn’t want to die, so it worked very hard to live.

And it turned out that hard work was useful.

It not only became the toughest combat system step by step, but later became the candidate system for the minister of Law Enforcement.

This kind of perseverance was not something that ordinary systems could have.

At the beginning, 0329 was basically injured every time it came back from the mission. The most serious time was when its body was split by four-fifths. Fortunately, the chip was still there so it survived.

This was why it could save 80 million points.

Because combat systems could earn high points.

“Actually, I lied to the host about something, I’m sorry,” 0329 whispered suddenly.

“Hmm?” Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed.

“Actually, I was scheming. When I found the host and asked to make a contract, I deliberately turned my light up a little bit, so that the host could not see my original appearance.”

“Original appearance?”

“Hmm.” 0329 nodded, and then after hesitating for a while, it showed the host its original appearance. Xi Xun saw that after the light disappeared, 0329’s body was covered with scars of varying shades.

The system was composed of more than a billion codes, and each code symbol of 0329 was of different shades. This meant that it had been seriously injured continuously, and the recovery time couldn’t keep up with the number of injuries. It had been injured for tens of millions of years and it had become like this.

That’s why 0329 was not very good-looking.

In the last system heartthrob election, 0329 was the least beautiful among the tens of thousands of law department systems that existed, with the lowest number of votes. If it wasn’t for the senior brother who voted for him, then 0329 would have zero votes.

Looking at the host, 0329 said anxiously: “Can the host accept me like this?”

This was something that 0329 had been hiding for a long time.

Xi Xun was the first host it bound to, and the first human who treated it so well. 0329 liked him, so it didn’t want to keep secrets from the host, but it was afraid that the host couldn’t accept such a version of itself.

It was afraid of losing its host, but it didn’t want to lie to him.

Xi Xun didn’t hate or fear it as 0329 imagined. He looked at the small system in front of him, his eyes getting deeper and deeper. He caressed 0329 with an unprecedented gentleness.

After watching for a while, 0329 made sure that the host did not dislike it. This made 0329 hug the host excitedly and said, “I knew that the host sincerely treats me as a friend. The host is so kind.”

In the system department, the older systems at the top of the ranking did not like the appearance of 0329, and the systems younger than 0329 were very afraid of its appearance, so 0329 had always been very lonely.

But now it finally had a human host friend!

When it returned to the law department, it could also tell the senior brother that it had met a very good host!

There was no moon tonight, making it even more dark and gloomy.

0329 was a little sleepy as it talked, and finally fell asleep directly in Xi Xun’s arms. After it went to sleep, Xi Xun looked at the small system that had entered a dormant state unsuspectingly.

His eyes were dark and his fingers stroked the shallow scars on 0329’s body.


The other side.

In these ten days, Song Qing did not rest. Because the medicine in the entire town was in her hands, many people died, and the souls of those who died were absorbed by the wild system.

And Song Qing’s eyes were completely restored.

But in order not to appear too abrupt, what she said was that she had a power, and it was a healing power. She had said this as early as when she slept with Xu Lei, so Xu Lei believed it.

Xu Lei was also with Song Qing because of this.

Because of her ability, who’d dare not listen to her? So Song Qing quickly recruited a lot of people around her.

But she didn’t know what a terrible thing it was to pretend that she had abilities in an apocalyptic world. Because she would be noticed by the government, but Song Qing didn’t care.

Because she had a system.

“Song Qing, I beg you, please give me a bag of antipyretics.” Chen Bing knelt on the ground and begged Song Qing.

Just two days before, the child had a fever, Father Chen’s family desperately went to another small town. Because they also heard that the pharmacy in the nearest town was empty, they had to go to a farther town.

As a result, Song Qing’s convoy was there when they arrived.

Song Qing’s convoy occupied all the medicines in that pharmacy and no one else was allowed to enter. Father Chen was so angry that tried to rush in, but was beaten up by Song Qing’s team.

Moreover, in order to get to this small town, Mother Chen died.

Mother Chen was still thinking about her grandson’s medicine before she died, so Father Chen was not only desperately fighting for his grandson, but also for his wife.

But there was no way, there were too many people in Song Qing’s team.

There were nearly four hundred people.

Helpless, Chen Bing had no choice but to stop Song Qing, knelt on the ground and begged her, she only asked for a bag of antipyretic medicine for the child.

Song Qing looked at Chen Bing, who was kneeling at her feet, feeling very happy.

Disdain and ridicule flashed in her eyes, then she bent down and hooked her lips, and said, “Fine, but you have to do one thing.”

“What is it?” Chen Bing said through clenched teeth.

“My men have had their eyes on you for a long time, I’ll give it to you if you stay with them for one night, how’s that?” Song Qing said ruthlessly.

Lin Jun was already dead, and it was Song Qing who killed him.

Originally, she thought that if Lin Jun was as obedient as before, she would reluctantly accept him as a dog, but after he was hit by the arrow, he seemed not to be attracted by her aura, which made Song Qing murderous.

So she asked her subordinates to push Lin Jun into the zombie group.

As for Song Qing, she had to t*rture her slowly.

In short, she would never make it easier for the couple who killed her in her previous life.

After listening to Song Qing’s words, Chen Bing was stunned on the spot.

Because she didn’t expect Song Qing to be so vicious at all, it was even beyond her imagination.

But thinking of her young child, Chen Bing held back tears again.

She couldn’t help it anymore, she really couldn’t help it anymore.

At this moment, a girl walked up to Chen Bing. Song Yushi whispered to Chen Bing: “I’ll see if I can steal a bag of antipyretics for you at night. Wait for me in front of our convoy at night.” After speaking, she didn’t dare to stay for a long time and left quickly.

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