Chapter 41 – Food Poisoning

Xi Xun’s expression changed slightly, he quickly came to 0329 with a heavy expression and hugged it.

The light of the little white ball was very dim.

Xi Xun didn’t know what was wrong with the small system, he called 0329 in a deep voice. But the little white ball still didn’t have any response, and the light was getting weaker and weaker.

As time passed, Xi Xun’s expression became darker and darker.

Everyone else around saw this scene.

In their eyes, 0329 was in the form of a child, so they thought that the young man’s younger brother was also sick. Some people couldn’t help sighing when they saw this, thinking to themselves that the child might not live for a few days.

Because this was not the first one.

Children’s resistance was already weak, coupled with the fact that it was very hot in summer, and many children were exposed to heatstroke or other illnesses. In the past, you could go downstairs to the pharmacy to buy medicine, but now was the end of the world, obtaining medicine was as difficult as climbing into the sky, therefore, many frail old people and children died during this period.

Just now, there was a father holding his son and crying bitterly.

The child was only seven years old, and it was said that it was caused by heatstroke and dehydration. And the child this young man was holding in his arms was obviously smaller, not to mention the resistance, it was estimated that he would not escape death.

Unless you rush into the zombie encirclement and go to the pharmacy to find medicine.

But it was too late now.

Before, the father took his brothers and family to take risks to find medicine, but there was no medicine. They didn’t know if it was robbed by someone.

From afar, Song Qing saw this scene with joy in her eyes.

She also thought that Xi Xun’s younger brother was sick, but now that the medicine in the whole town was in her space, she would naturally not help Xi Xun, and she would still appreciate this scene.

This was the price of treating herself like that in the first place!

There would be others in the future and she would return all of them to Xi Xun! Let him suffer and regret it!

‘If you want to completely restore your eyes, please complete the task as soon as possible.’

Although Song Qing’s eyes could see now, she could only see for one or two hours a day, thanks to her cousin’s boyfriend. According to the system, her cousin’s boyfriend could live to the late end of the world all thanks to his luck energy, so she found a chance to sleep with him. After absorbing Xu Lei’s luck energy, Song Qing’s eyes temporarily recovered.

But this was obviously not enough.

‘Got it, what about the zombie antidote?’ Song Qing asked greedily.

As long as she had the zombie antidote, then she would be in control of everyone’s life and death. At that time, whoever she wanted to die would die, and whoever she wanted to be obedient would be obedient.

‘Just complete the task,’ the system said.

Song Qing noticed something was wrong and said suspiciously: ‘You seem to be a little anxious these past two days, and you have been urging me.’

‘Please complete the task as soon as possible.’

The wild system’s answer was still the same mechanical words, so Song Qing couldn’t ask anything else and had to give up.

But she didn’t know that the wild system was ready to abandon her.

Just yesterday, the system sensed something locked its position. Although that feeling was only for a moment, it disappeared inexplicably in the next second, but the wild system still sensed the danger.

It intended to deplete the last value of this host.

When this host was no longer valuable, it would abandon this host to bind a new host.

But the most important thing now was to gain strength.

This host was the most greedy human being it had ever seen, and she could help itself gain a lot of soul and luck. As long as it absorbed more souls and luck, then its power would be stronger.

Another point was that it felt that although the power that locked itself yesterday was cold and majestic, it seemed very weak. As long as it absorbed this last wave by itself, even if the opponent was chasing it, it would not be afraid at all, maybe it could kill the opponent and absorb the opponent’s energy!

In this way, it might be able to replace the other party.


The other side.

“Zhuo,” Xi Xun came to the car with 0329 in his arms, and he called the name of the little system in his arms in a deep voice.

The small system did not respond, only a faint light flashed.

Xi Xun’s eyes became more and more gloomy and cold, and his gaze gradually turned to the noodles he had just cooked. Could it be that someone deliberately poisoned the noodles?

No, there was no trace of puncture in the packaging bag, it shouldn’t be.

Even if this was the case, 0329 was a system, and it was impossible for it to be poisoned by human poison. It once said that human weapons were useless to it and would not be able to kill it, so was poison.


Xi Xun suddenly thought of something, and his expression turned instantly darker than just now.

The little system once said that only he could hurt it.

In other words…was it food poisoning?

The temperature around Xi Xun instantly dropped to freezing point, and he looked at the little white ball in front of him and didn’t know what to do for a while. Xi Xun found milk in his backpack and wanted to pour it into 0329, however, it might be because of a serious injury, 0329 completely turned into a ball without any gaps.

Then there was only one way.

Xi Xun put down the little white ball, then quickly washed the pot he just used to cook noodles, and then put 0329 into the pot. He was planning to open all the milk cans and pour them to 0329 to see if it had any effect.

But he didn’t know that this scene scared countless people.

“Is he…going to eat people?!” A man in his forties was horrified when he saw this scene.

His wife was also trembling all over.

Although it was now the end of the world, no matter how morally depraved, there was no one who would really eat children!

But now they saw it.

Even Song Qing, who was watching this scene from a distance, was frightened. She didn’t expect Xi Xun to even eat people? This made her a little nauseous, and at the same time, she couldn’t help being a little scared.

People like this were inherently inhumane, no wonder her previous beauty tricks were all useless!

Fortunately, she had a system, otherwise, the consequences might be unpredictable.

“Sister Qing, are you looking for me?” At this moment, Xu Lei walked over from the rear.

Song Qing looked at Xu Lei, who was handsome in the sun, and her eyes fell slightly. Although she had no aura, her skin was very good in all aspects, just like putting on makeup and opening up her beauty, it was not comparable to other women who had no system.

She raised the corners of her lips and whispered ambiguously to Xu Lei: “Tonight, the old place.”

Xu Lei didn’t show any joy after hearing this.

He hesitated a little, and finally shook his head, and said, “No, Xiaoyu already suspects me, let’s change the day.” Xu Lei was indeed fascinated by Song Qing’s moving body, but he knew very well that he still loved his girlfriend in his heart.

In Xu Lei’s view, sex and love could be separated.

As long as the heart did not cheat, it would not be counted as cheating.

“It’s okay, cousin won’t know, don’t you want me?” Song Qing winked and looked at Xu Lei affectionately.

Song Qing’s beauty was indeed outstanding.

Even if there was no halo, her appearance was already very moving to some men. This was Song Qing’s capital.

Xu Lei didn’t hold back in the end and agreed.

But he didn’t know that the scene of him and Song Qing together was seen by Song Yushi in the distance. Song Yushi covered her mouth, tears couldn’t help but flow down, and finally ran away.


In this car, Xi Xun was still pouring milk on 0329.

0329 still didn’t respond, but Xi Xun keenly noticed that it had absorbed a little bit.

Although there was only one additional point, this was a good start.

Xi Xun fed all the milk to 0329.

But after all, there was not much milk. Xi Xun looked at the already dark sky and directly chose to drive to the supermarket to find some more milk. The supermarket in this small town was searched and emptied, but there were other towns.

As Xi Xun guessed, there were indeed other towns.

It’s just that there were roadblocks that were not easy to pass.

Xi Xun frowned and finally simply got out of the car. He went directly to another town on foot with the small system in his arms.

In fact, Xi Xun had always been like this in the first few decades of reincarnation before encountering the system.

He rarely drove and basically walked.

So even if he was going to another town 30 kilometers away with 0329 in his arms, he didn’t frown.

After three or four hours, Xi Xun finally arrived at his destination.

If it was ordinary people, they would be tired at this time and might have already fallen to the ground, but it was nothing for Xi Xun, he even had the strength to kill zombies.


Xi Xun kicked the zombie who rushed over again, and that zombie instantly hit the other zombies.

Taking advantage of this gap, Xi Xun entered the supermarket.

Someone should have been to this supermarket before, some of the instant noodles and ham sausages in it were gone. But there were still many things like milk.

Xi Xun brought all the baby milk that 0329 liked, and he continued to pour it on 0329.

0329 absorbed it relatively slowly, but Xi Xun was patient.

Fortunately, the effort paid off. After about four or five days of watering, all three boxes of milk were gone. Xi Xun stared at the small system all the time when the white light of the small system suddenly flashed.

Xi Xun’s eyes slightly moved.

But 0329 only flashed for a while and then returned to silence, but its light became much brighter, it was the same light as the previous dormant state, which meant that it came alive.

This made the ice in Xi Xun’s eyes melt slightly.

He touched the little white ball, 0329 seemed to have sensed it, it rolled in the direction of the host, and then found a comfortable place to continue to sleep.

A few days later.

0329, which had been dormant for about ten days, finally woke up.

When it woke up, it saw that it was in the arms of the host, the host lightly wrapped one hand around it, and the other hand was driving the car. 0329 didn’t know where this was, it wondered: “Host?”

“Hmm,” Xi Xun’s voice was slightly low.

“Where are we?” 0329 curiously peeked at the window and looked outside.

“On the way.”

“Oh.” 0329 nodded, but when its gaze touched the host’s hand, it said in surprise: “The host’s hand is fine!” But the scar was a bit long.

“You have been in a coma for ten days,” Xi Xun said lightly.

0329 said in surprise: “Have I been in a coma for so long?”


0329 was a little annoyed, it blamed itself: “Then the host took care of me during this time, right? The host should have had a hard time.”

“It’s okay, pay attention later.”

“Mm!” 0329 nodded seriously, while it thought in its heart that it must not eat the food made by the host in the future.

But it couldn’t be said, so as not to hurt the host’s self-esteem.

Just as 0329 sighed and thought, its sensor lit up again at this moment. As last time, 0329 was still reminded to catch the non-numbered system.

0329 was full of energy in an instant, it just wanted to leave but was directly pressed by the host’s palm.

Xi Xun said coldly: “Stay here.”

0329 looked at the host blankly. It subconsciously wanted to break free, but found that the host’s strength was so strong that it couldn’t break free.

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