Chapter 40 – Inappropriate for the Small System

The rain slowly slipped down Xi Xun’s hair. The firelight swayed, coupled with Xi Xun’s cold side face, to be honest, this scene was really beautiful and evocative.

It was just that his pupils ruined everything.

Perhaps it was because Xi Xun was in an extremely bad mood at this time. Xi Xun’s pupils were particularly prominent at this moment, and the thunder and lightning outside made it even eerier. If it was an ordinary person who saw it now, they would be scared to death, but 0329 was fascinated.

0329 blinked and looked at the host for a while.

Xi Xun remained silent with a cold face.

After a while, a small hand suddenly appeared in front of Xi Xun, holding a bottle of baby milk in its small hand.

Xi Xun looked at the small system indifferently.

0329 handed baby milk forward again, and it almost reached Xi Xun’s lips. It said seriously: “Host, don’t be angry, I’ll give you baby milk. This is delicious.”

But Xi Xun withdrew his gaze and continued to look at the fire.

0329 blinked in confusion, then it came to Xi Xun’s eyes, and then put its arms around the host.

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed suddenly.

0329 rubbed itself against the host and comforted: “The host is the best-looking human I have ever met. I didn’t mean that before. The host is a human being, and humans limit the beauty of the host. If the host is a god or a system, it is definitely the most beautiful!”


“Um! The host’s eyes are really the most special I have ever seen, and I especially like the host’s eyes.” As it spoke, 0329’s blue eyes flickered a lot quickly, which was a signal of insufficient energy.

The small white ball suddenly became a little weak.

Xi Xun caught 0329, who almost fell into the fire due to lack of physical strength, and frowned slightly. Then he seemed to think of something. He picked up the baby milk that the little system had just handed to him and fed it a few sips. Only then did 0329 barely open its eyes.

“Out of energy?” Xi Xun asked.

“Hmm,” 0329 responded weakly.

There were some foods found in the supermarket in the backpack, and these were all put in by 0329. He took out a bag of ham sausage and put it in the little system’s arms, and said, “Eat.”

0329 hesitated a little, and said, “But the host still has to eat.”

“It’s fine, eat it.”

0329 hesitated, but in the end, desire prevailed, and it took the bag of ham sausage happily. But it might be because of hunger and lack of energy, 0329 clumsily tried to open the wrapper of the ham sausage and failed several times.

This made 0329 a little anxious.

Seeing its stupid appearance, Xi Xun took it over.

0329 for a moment, it thought that the host had regretted giving it to itself, so it had to watch bitterly.

However, after the host opened the wrapper, he gave it to itself.

This made 0329 stunned, and then moved.

So the scene after that became 0329 eating and Xi Xun tearing off the ham package and handing it to the little system. This was actually the first time Xi Xun had done this kind of thing because Xi Xun’s character was extremely impatient.

He rarely did such trivial things that were considered meticulous.

“Thank you, host!” 0329 recovered 0.3% of its energy after eating, and it was very happy.

“Are you still hungry?” Xi Xun asked.

0329 shook its head and said, “I have eaten a lot today, and I have reached the upper limit. If I eat again, I won’t regain my energy.” This was to prevent the system from going to a world at will in order to replenish its own energy, and then absorb all its luck energy at once.

Yes, absorbing luck energy was the fastest way to get energy.

But 0329 was a regular system.

It was only bound to the host and would not absorb his luck. Although its basic daily standby time was maintained by eating food, the recovery would be very slow.

But 0329 thought this was also very good, at least it was still alive!

“Is there any way to recover quickly?”

0329 was thinking that the host was for its own good, he wanted it to recover quickly, so it said, “It’s okay! I am also very good like this now.”


0329 glanced at the host, and saw that the host was inexplicably unhappy again, which made 0329 sigh.

‘Senior brother is right, human emotions do change so quickly.’

“Eat food like humans to get energy. As long as it is the food given by the host, it can give me a little energy! Other than that, it is luck energy, but luck energy cannot be borrowed, and it will cause damage to the host unless it is shared luck energy.”

“Sharing luck energy? How to share it?” Xi Xun said in a light voice.

0329 was very moved, but it shook its head, and then said: “Actually, I don’t know this. I have asked my senior brother before, but my senior brother told me that small systems should not listen to this, and said that it is not appropriate for small systems. I have been thinking about it for a long time and I still haven’t figured it out.”

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed slightly, as if he understood something.

0329 sighed after speaking, it was not particularly smart in the first place, and the senior brother still played riddles with it.

Forget it, let’s drink baby milk first!

After drinking, 0329 had a little burp, and it said to Xi Xun, “Host, shall we rest first?”

But Xi Xun didn’t answer it, he was walking and thinking about something.

“Host?” 0329 said, confused.

Xi Xun was still distracted and didn’t hear what 0329 said.

0329 frowned, it saw that the host was thinking about things very seriously and it was not good to disturb him, so it had to find a comfortable place in the host’s arms and prepare to sleep temporarily for a while.

By the time Xi Xun recovered, 0329 had already slept for two hours.

Xi Xun glanced at the small system in his arms, his eyes dark and cloudy. The cold wind outside was constantly blowing in with the rain. Although it was the summer season, it was a bit cold at this moment.

But Xi Xun was not afraid of this cold air.

After looking at it for a few minutes, he withdrew his gaze, then casually found a place to sit and fell asleep.

The cold rain was getting heavier and heavier. 0329 didn’t like to hear the sound of rain, so it kept moving around, and in the end, it got directly into Xi Xun’s clothes.

Xi Xun suddenly opened his eyes, and he pulled out the small system.

0329 was a little dazed.

“What are you doing?” a cold voice came from above.

At this time, 0329 still had some confusion about the situation.

After Xi Xun and 0329 looked at each other for a while, Xi Xun said, “Don’t move, do you hear me?”

“Um!” 0329 nodded in confusion.

Xi Xun closed his eyes again. It was just that before going to sleep, he took the coat that was drying by the fire, he seemed to know that the sound of rain would disturb 0329’s sleep, so he covered it over its body.

Sure enough, 0329, who was covered by the coat, slept honestly.

It fell asleep in the arms of the host, and in the end, it even unknowingly ended its light sleep state and entered a deep sleep.

It couldn’t control it because it was so tired.

The next day.

When Xi Xun woke up, the small system was still asleep. Xi Xun did not wake it up, but packed up the things in the backpack on the ground casually and held the small system ready to leave.

At this time, the sky was still misty and raining lightly.

Xi Xun planned to go to the gas station to add some fuel first. Fortunately, there was a gas station not far ahead, but when he was refueling, he found that there was not much oil in the gas station.

0329 finally woke up.

After it woke up and saw that the host was not there, it froze for a while, and only after a scan did it find that the host was refueling the car. While refueling, he also solved the zombies coming their way.

There were not many zombies, and they were all killed in a few minutes.

When Xi Xun finished refueling and got in the car, he was a little wet from the rain, including the injured hand.

0329 was very anxious after seeing that the host’s hand was also wet by the rain.

Because humans couldn’t touch water if they were injured, it was afraid that the host would be infected.

0329 quickly changed the gauze and put medicine for the host.

Xi Xun was tossed by the small system, he continued to look ahead driving the car without squinting.

Four or five hours passed quickly. Xi Xun successfully left the city center with 0329, and on the way, he also found some medicines in the pharmacy, including many snacks and milk.

This was the happiest thing for 0329.

But Xi Xun did not go back to the safe area and drove the car to the small town. He planned to kill hundreds of zombies here, or about a thousand, so that he wouldn’t have to come out to kill zombies in a short time.

Save the trouble of going back and forth.

“Host, you are still injured now.” 0329 was still very worried.

“It’s okay.” Xi Xun didn’t care about this little injury.

But he still had to pay attention to it. So even if he saw the little system find a plastic bag to wrap his hand in, Xi Xun just glanced at it and didn’t stop it.

If he wanted to kill a thousand zombies, the fastest speed was about two or three days, so Xi Xun first found a place to be stationed.

But what he didn’t expect was that there was already a convoy stationed here.

And they were all familiar teams.

For example, Song Qing’s convoy stopped here, including several convoys that had lived in that small village together before. These people add up to about one or two hundred people.

Song Qing’s face changed when she saw Xi Xun, and a touch of fear and resentment quickly flashed across her eyes.

These convoys originally wanted to drive them away when they saw a car coming near them, but when they saw that the person was Xi Xun, no one dared to speak up.

Heh, who dares to drive this person away? It’s probably those who don’t want to live anymore.

Xi Xun got out of the car.

0329 was held by the host, and it also looked around. Just as it was about to say something, 0329 found that its sensor rang again, which made it frown.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xun noticed the abnormality of the small system.

“Host, I just seemed to sense the existence of the wild system again,” 0329 whispered.


“But I don’t have enough energy, I don’t know where it is.” Speaking of this, 0329 was a little distressed again.


It was already evening at this time, and because there were more people, 0329 couldn’t cook, so the host could only do it. Xi Xun didn’t refuse, he just took the noodles and put them in the pot one after another.

0329 squatted aside and waited to eat.

Although the food cooked by the host had the same taste, now there was food to eat!

But this time, 0329 miscalculated.

0329 didn’t know if it was because its energy consumption was too weak during this period of time, when Xi Xun cooked the noodles and handed them to 0329 in a small bowl, 0329 instantly froze as soon as it took a bite.

The next second it vomited directly, and then passed out in a coma.

Xi Xun: “……”

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