Chapter 39 – Angry Xi Xun

In an instant, Xi Xun was the only one left in the large supermarket.

Oh no, there were zombies.

Countless zombies surrounded the entire supermarket and the streets outside, with roaring noises coming out of their mouths. But those zombies seemed to be afraid of something, and they never dared to come in, only wandering outside.

Xi Xun glanced at the small pot in front of him.

This small pot was used by 0329 to cook instant noodles.

Xi Xun looked at it for a moment, then slowly got up, his cold eyes were unclear, and no one could see what he was thinking at the moment.

After half an hour, Xi Xun decided to leave.

There were many zombies outside, and some particularly low-level zombies couldn’t feel the powerful oppressive force on Xi Xun and the power that made the zombies afraid. They came towards Xi Xun, but they were easily dealt with by Xi Xun.

Xi Xun’s eyes were cold, and he continued to walk forward following his intuition.

At this moment, he suddenly heard a familiar voice calling for help. Xi Xun raised his head and saw a familiar small system stuck on a big tree.

Xi Xun: “……”

Seeing the host, 0329 was very excited, it shouted: “Host! Host, come and save me!”

The bottom of the big tree was crowded with zombies waving their arms.

As long as 0329 fell, it would be caught by this group of zombies instantly!

Although it would not die, 0329 was still a little scared! Originally, 0329 was thinking that it was done for, but it didn’t expect to see the host! This made it very excited!

There were more and more zombies under the tree.

Xi Xun crossed his arms and admired it for a while, until he saw a zombie about to climb up a tree. His eyes narrowed, and the next second, a cold arrow suddenly passed through the zombie’s head, and the other zombies were also solved by Xi Xun.

0329 on the tree finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Xi Xun came to the foot of the tree, he looked at the small system, and said, “Didn’t you leave? Why are you here?”

0329 said sadly: “I lost energy halfway through the flight!”

Xi Xun chuckled lightly upon hearing this.

0329 was still very aggrieved, it didn’t know why its strength was so bad, it couldn’t even fly, and it still got stuck on a big tree!

“Can you come down?” Xi Xun looked at the little system and said.

0329 hesitated, it shook its head and said, “I can’t go down by myself for the time being. It seems that there is something wrong with my body, it’s very stiff.” It might fall to its death if it jumped like this.

“Jump, I’ll catch you.”

This big tree was very tall, it probably mutated.

Hearing what the host said, 0329 was a little uncertain for a while. It was very worried that it would hurt the host. After all, the host’s hand injury hadn’t healed yet! How could it make the host hurt more?

It seemed that he saw the little system’s hesitation, Xi Xun said, “Jump.”

0329 pursed its lips, looked at the scene of other zombies coming here, and finally chose to jump first. Otherwise, there would be more and more zombies, and the host would be in danger by then!

In fact, 0329 was already ready to fall to the ground.

It felt that the host’s hand injury was so serious, in terms of human physical fitness, it was very likely that he would not be able to catch itself.

But 0329 fell safely into a familiar embrace.

At this time, 0329 didn’t know that if this happened to it half a month ago, the ending would be different. Not only would Xi Xun not pick it up, he might also find a shady tree to sit down and watch the scene lazily and casually.

0329 hugged the host’s neck.

Xi Xun put back his dislocated right arm that had been smashed because of the small system without a trace, then raised his foot and walked forward, and said in a low voice as he walked: “No energy?”

“Um,” 0329 replied sullenly.

“What should I do?”

“I can only eat more to recover first, and then catch it after recovery,” 0329 said, a bit disappointed.


It is possible that the movement just now was too loud, and countless zombies were still coming this way. Xi Xun originally wanted to use his strength to shock these zombies and make them feel scared, but these zombies didn’t seem to feel it.

This meant that there must be someone nearby.

Only when there were other people would Xi Xun’s power of deterring zombies be temporarily unusable.

But anyway, Xi Xun’s skills were already very good.

He held 0329 in one hand, and casually picked up the backpack that had been placed on the ground in the other, then turned around and kicked the rushing zombie and headed outside.

Looking at this series of smooth actions, Xi Xun’s eyes were calm from beginning to end.

He took 0329 through one street after another.

People who didn’t know the situation would definitely be shocked when they see this scene, thinking that they might be watching some blockbuster action movie.

Of course, Xi Xun’s skills were indeed amazing.

He could kill countless zombies with only a few arrows in his hand!

In the end, Xi Xun successfully found the car he parked on the periphery, and then skillfully started the car and drove in the direction of the safe area without the slightest delay.

After getting in the car, 0329 checked the host’s hand.

Xi Xun actually paid great attention to his hands when killing zombies, so he didn’t suffer any injuries to his hands. This made 0329 breathe a sigh of relief, and then carefully re-bandaged the host.

As for Xi Xun, he drove the car with the uninjured hand.



“I found that the host was really amazing, and he hadn’t panted after running for so long.” 0329 had observed other humans, and it had found that most humans couldn’t run continuously, and even some humans would be panting for more than ten minutes.

But the host could not only run with itself in his arms, but he was not flustered when he encountered so many zombies in the middle. He traveled through various streets while killing zombies, and the whole process was done in one go, and he had never been tired.


“The host’s physical strength is so good!”

Xi Xun glanced at the small system, ignoring its praise.

0329 was keenly aware of something, it peeked at the host, and after seeing that the host was silent, it silently lowered its head and looked at the host’s hand, and said, “Host, shall I take a look again?”

Xi Xun didn’t answer the small system, but when 0329 fiddled with his injured hand, he didn’t refuse either.

Looking at the scar on Xi Xun’s hand, 0329 was a little sad.

“Host, does this scar affect your ability to find a partner in the future?” 0329 asked.

“Hmm?” Xi Xun raised his eyebrows when he heard the words.

0329 continued: “I hope it won’t affect the host to find a partner. It’s really not good. When my energy is restored by more than 40%, I will fix the scar for the host so that the host will not be disliked in the future.”

Xi Xun looked lazy and didn’t say anything.

0329 continued to bandage the host’s hand again, then looked at the host and sigh: “The host was originally beautiful, but ended up disfigured for me.” In 0329’s cognition, an injury in any part of the body was a disfigurement.

But what it didn’t know was that in the human world, only a face injury was considered a disfigurement.

0329 continued to say: “I like the host very much.”

Xi Xun’s eyes darkened slightly.

“The host is really perfect, especially the eyes. The host is the second most good-looking person I’ve ever seen! But because of me, you got a little scar,” 0329 blamed itself very much.

But Xi Xun’s focus was not on other things, but indifference: “Oh? Who is the first one?”

0329 did not notice the coldness in Xi Xun’s tone.

It said: “My senior brother’s last host, he is particularly good-looking, I have never seen such a beautiful person, he is even better looking than the host, I was frozen the first time I saw him! Except for him, the host is the best-looking. No, the senior should also be very good-looking, but I haven’t seen it. Well, my senior brother is also very good-looking.”

Speaking of this, 0329 counted its fingers and said, “Then the host should be the fourth best-looking person!”


The car stopped suddenly and 0329 was a little puzzled.

But before it could ask the host why they stopped, the car door was suddenly opened, and then it was carried by Xi Xun, and put down. Then the door closed and the car sped away.

0329 was stunned at the same time.

It was stunned for about three minutes before rushing to catch up and shouting, “Host! Host! I’m still here!”

Fortunately, the car didn’t drive far.

When 0329 caught up, Xi Xun’s car was parked in front and seemed to be waiting for 0329.

0329 immediately ran over and looked at the host eagerly.

At this time, Xi Xun was sitting in the driving position with his eyes closed, meditating. 0329 glanced at him, then pulled the corner of his clothes, and said, “Host, I just said it wrong. The host is the first and the most good-looking person!”

In fact, if it really counted, 0329 thought that senior was the most good-looking.

Although it had never seen the senior before.

Because every time the senior appeared, there was a layer of light on his body, making the system unable to see his face clearly.

But this did not prevent 0329 from admiring him.

Xi Xun glanced at the cautious little system. Although he knew it might be lying, he didn’t care about it anymore, but his eyes were still cold and covered with frost.

0329 carefully grabbed Xi Xun’s trousers and climbed up.

It glanced at the host, then hugged the host and rubbed itself against him.

Xi Xun still didn’t calm down.

He looked forward, then started the car and continued to drive forward. It was just that someone set up a roadblock halfway through the journey, and the ground was covered with nails, as if they were going to rob.

Such people abound in the end times.

“Hey, kid! This road is—” The man died instantly before the next words were finished.

The companions were shocked and did not react for a while.

Not only them, but 0329 was also taken aback.

After Xi Xun killed the person, he got into the car again, but someone fired a gun towards the car. If it were an ordinary person, they would probably have been shot to the ground by now, but Xi Xun leaned slightly sideways and hid as if he had noticed it.

In the next second, a wooden arrow instantly penetrated the shooter.

0329 ran over quickly and picked up the gun.

Xi Xun didn’t care, and after he killed someone, he continued to get into the car. Seeing this, 0329 quickly followed up.

“This gun seems to work very well.” 0329 fiddled with it.

Xi Xun didn’t speak.


Xi Xun still didn’t speak, still looking ahead indifferently.

0329 finally realized something, is the host still angry? But the host didn’t hit itself. If he was angry, shouldn’t he hit itself? 0329 was a little lost for a while.

The car continued to drive ahead, but several roads were blocked. It was almost night, and there was lightning and thunder in the sky, and it seemed that a heavy rain was about to fall.

In this kind of weather, it would be risky to continue to drive.

So Xi Xun chose to stop in a damaged temple in the nearest town next to him.

“Host.” 0329 leaned over and squeezed Xi Xun.

Xi Xun was calmly drying his clothes that had just been drenched by the pouring rain at the campfire.

“Host.” 0329 poked Xi Xun’s arm.

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