Chapter 38 – Wild System

After that, 0329 still took care of Xi Xun in every possible way.

But human injuries were different from system injuries. Wounds like Xi Xun’s would generally take at least one month to heal, which made 0329 very sad, also because the eggs were almost gone.

They had been in this small village for six or seven days.

During this period of time, it made egg soup for the host every day, drinking it once in the morning, lunch, and evening. But Xi Xun said that people couldn’t eat too many eggs, otherwise, it would have the opposite effect, so 0329 thought about it and gave the host up to three eggs a day.

Which was three large bowls of egg soup.

“Ugh.” 0329 squatted in the kitchen and looked at the remaining eggs and couldn’t help sighing.

There were still three or four eggs left now.

The host’s injury had not completely healed, which made 0329 very worried every day. Not to mention that the eggs were almost gone, there was also only a little bit left for other foods, such as rice.

‘What can I do about this?’

Looking at the little food left, 0329 sighed again.

Unlike the sad mood of the little system, Xi Xun was in a good mood here, because he knew the eggs were almost finished.

“Host!” At this time, the small system ran over.

Xi Xun looked at it.

0329 came to the host’s side. It first checked the host’s hand injury routinely, and then carefully bandaged it after observing it. During this period, Xi Xun lay on the head of the bed at will, allowing the small system to perform various inspections.

“Host, are you feeling better today?”


“That’s good.” After speaking, 0329 gently hugged the host.

The senior brother said that humans were very fragile when they were injured, and they needed to be hugged often to feel better.

The slightly cool wind blew with the fan.

In front of the fan was a small pot of ice cubes. After all, the ice cellar was dug out by 0329. Although it was not large, it was very convenient to put things or something, mainly because it could freeze ice cubes.

Although Xi Xun didn’t know how it was done.

“Host.” 0329 sounded very low while lying on Xi Xun’s chest.

“Hmm?” Xi Xun touched the little white ball.

“Our eggs are almost gone.” 0329 was very lost.


“But don’t worry, host, I definitely won’t let you be hungry! I’m going to the mountains to see if there are wild boars or something, and then I’ll make pig’s trotter soup for the host. There is a saying among humans, ‘eat what can make up for it’. I don’t know if the host will speed up his recovery after drinking the trotter soup!” 0329 was full of fighting spirit.

“No need.”

“Why?” 0329 was a little stunned.

Xi Xun said in a calm tone: “I’m afraid you will get hurt.”

0329’s tears suddenly came out, and it hugged the host and cried: “What about you, host?”

“I’m fine.”

But 0329 was still very sad, crying for a long time.

Xi Xun let it cry, he even adjusted his posture, and finally closed his eyes and fell asleep slowly.

0329 froze after seeing the host fall asleep.

But then it understood that this was because the host wanted to retain his physical strength, so he used sleep to reduce the consumption in his body. 0329 thought the host was really smart, this was indeed a way!

So after thinking about it for a while, it was ready to take a nap.

Fortunately, there was also a gate outside the yard, so if someone dared to break in, 0329 could hear the movement, so it could sleep with confidence. In fact, 0329 was thinking too much, even if it didn’t stare at it, it would be okay.

Because Xi Xun was very sensitive to stranger’s presence.

If someone dared to break in, he would find out immediately.

But now no one dared to break into Xi Xun’s place, because everyone knew that the people in this courtyard were not easy to mess with. So the house was silent all afternoon, except for the sound of the fan blowing.

Xi Xun slept until five o’clock in the afternoon before waking up.

When he woke up, he saw the little white ball buried in his arms in a dormant state.

Xi Xun didn’t move, but looked at the little white ball in his arms.

After a long time, Xi Xun raised his hand and touched the small system. 0329 was poked and rolled to the other side.

Xi Xun stretched out his hand and fished the little white ball over again.

The little white ball exuded a faint light, which looked very beautiful and soft.

Xi Xun somehow looked at it for a long time.

If it were before, he would never stare at a small white ball for a long time, because it was boring.

“Host?” 0329 finally woke up.

When it looked at the time and found that it was almost night, it became anxious and said, “Oh no! Why did I sleep for so long? I forgot to make egg soup for the host!”

After speaking, 0329 wanted to run down to make soup for the host.

But he was caught by Xi Xun.

0329 turned its head in confusion and looked at the host.

Xi Xun looked at it and said, “I feel a little uncomfortable.”

Sure enough, 0329 became nervous when it heard Xi Xun’s words, and it quickly leaned over and said, “What’s wrong, host?”

“My head hurts a bit.”

“Headache?” This was troublesome. It seemed that the human brain was very important, just like the chip of the system.

0329 took it very seriously, and it said, “Do you need any medicine?”

“No need, I’ll just hold you and sleep for a while.”



“But the host hasn’t eaten yet.” 0329 was very tangled.

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry.”

0329 pursed its small mouth and whispered, “But I’m hungry.”


0329 glanced at the host and hesitated: “I’m afraid I’ll run out of energy in a while. I’d better cook a bag of noodles and then give the host a lot of poached soup!”

Xi Xun’s eyelids jumped and he said, “I don’t want to eat eggs.”

“Then what does the host want to eat?”

“Anything is fine, except for eggs,” Xi Xun said indifferently.

0329 sighed, it couldn’t help its wayward host, so it had to agree. After it left the door, it did not go to the kitchen, but went outside the door.

Sure enough, there were three bundles of wood outside the door.

This was put by the family who drank water before. It was to thank Xi Xun for the food and water he gave them, so they picked up some wood for Xi Xun and the others as much as they could every day.

Because now every team had to cook by themselves.

In the case of no electricity, wood was now a necessity for making a fire.

But 0329 still helped them.

Except for the first day, every time the couple took their children to deliver wood, 0329 would give them a pack of compressed biscuits as a reward.

The softer woods were used for cooking by 0329.

While the harder ones were given to the hosts to play with.

Of course, in 0329’s eyes, the host was playing with wood, but in fact, Xi Xun was just cutting wooden arrows.

In the boring time of the past few days, Xi Xun had already cut about a hundred wooden arrows.


After that, another three days passed.

The food in Xi Xun’s car was completely eaten up. Not only Xi Xun’s side, other caravans almost ran out of food, so most of the caravans also began to leave here one after another.

They were going to the town to find food, and kill some zombies in the process to get their eyes back to the safe area.

After so many days, the safe zone should be fine now.

Xi Xun also planned to leave.

But 0329 was very worried about the host’s injury. It kept taking a look from time to time, and even mentioned to the host about going to the mountains to kill wild boars to nourish the host, but the host rejected it.

“It’s okay, I can kill with one hand,” Xi Xun said.

After soothing the small system, he got into the car directly, and then bent over to carry the small system that was in a daze on the ground. After putting it in his arms, Xi Xun started the car and drove in the direction of the town.

“Host, let me drive!”

“No need.” Xi Xun drove the car with one hand, his eyes looking straight ahead, indifferent and ruthless.

It wasn’t that no one tried to stop the car in the middle, but Xi Xun never stopped.

0329 didn’t understand this. It believed that the host had his own reasons for what the host did, and it would not interfere.

The town was not far from the village, so it arrived soon.

It was just that there was a little accident this time.

When Xi Xun drove to a supermarket, he found that the supermarket was empty after entering. He didn’t change his expression, but took 0329 to the next one.

But the second, third, and even more than a dozen supermarkets were empty.

What’s more, even the pharmacy was empty.

Many people secretly drove to follow Xi Xun, thinking that the risk of following Xi Xun was lower. When these people entered the supermarket with hope but found that they were all empty, they suddenly became desperate.

On the other side, in Song Qing’s convoy.

Father Song was already starving to death, even if Song Yushi gave her father the rice soup she saved every day, it would not help. So she gritted her teeth and begged her cousin, wanting her to give her some food.

Even putting it on credit was fine.

But Song Qing’s answer was: “The team doesn’t give special treatments.”

Song Qing was now blind, so she had to tell Wu Feng about the fact that she had space.

After Song Qing’s heartthrob halo failed, Wu Feng’s sanity went online.

Of course, he didn’t know that he had been controlled before, and he just thought he liked Song Qing too much. He began to be cold to Song Qing, and tried his best to make up for his son.

But Song Qing still had another card.

She found a chance to sleep with Wu Feng. Most men were animals who’d think with their lower body. Unfortunately, Wu Feng was also such a person, what’s more, Song Qing told him that she had space.

So Wu Feng’s attitude towards her had improved a bit, at least her current status in the team had not changed.

“Cousin, after all, my parents have raised you for a few years!”

Song Qing’s face changed as soon as she heard this. She said angrily: “If it weren’t for your parents, would my mother’s house be sold?!That’s the only thought my mother left me!”

“But at that time, you were in college and had no money and could only sell the house first.”

Song Qing sneered: “Then why do they have the money to pay your tuition?”

Song Yushi was stunned when she heard this.

She felt that Song Qing was unreasonable, but she, who had always been inarticulate, didn’t know how to refute it.

“Can’t say anything, can you? Oh, what a bunch of hypocrites, it’s already enough that I didn’t retaliate against them! Their life and death have nothing to do with me. After I went to college, I owed them nothing!”

After speaking, Song Qing asked someone to drive Song Yushi out.

Song Yushi was trembling with anger, but she didn’t know what to do. She just held back her tears and went to her father’s place to see if she could let her father hold on for a while. She planned to go to another place to find some food and come back.

But what she didn’t know was that all the supermarkets in this town were out of food.

And all these supplies were collected by Song Qing.

The helper was Wu Feng, the boss of the team. Otherwise, Song Qing alone would not be able to take away all the supermarket food in the town.


Here, in a supermarket in the city center.

Because the smalltown supermarket no longer had any supplies, Xi Xun brought 0329 to the city center. The supplies in the supermarkets in the city center were always complete, because no one dared to take risks to come in.

After eating eight packs of instant noodles, 0329 finally had a full burp!

It was really hungry.

“Are you full?” Xi Xun asked.


Xi Xun nodded. Just as he was about to speak, his eyes suddenly changed when he saw the little system in front of him. The original blue eyes suddenly turned red, as if some alarm had been activated.

“What’s the matter?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

‘The existence of an unmarked system is detected, please arrest or execute immediately. Please arrest or execute immediately,’ a mechanical voice sounded.

0329 instantly turned into its human form.

The human form of 0329 had a cold and serious expression, and it was still holding the familiar law enforcement sword in its hand. 0329 turned its head to Xi Xun and said solemnly: “Host, I have detected the existence of the wild system, you wait for me here obediently, don’t run around, I will be right back.”

After speaking, 0329 turned into a beam of light and disappeared.

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