Chapter 37 – Song Qing Goes Blind

Song Qing was blind, and when she woke up, she collapsed instantly after learning the news!

She kept calling the system in her mind.

About five minutes later, the system finally appeared, and it said mechanically and coldly: What does the host need?

‘My eyes! Are my eyes blind?!’

‘The host’s eyes were blinded by an unknown force, and the heartthrob halo had lapsed,’ the system replied.

‘No, no, no, no! This is not true!’

But the system’s reply was still the same, that she was blinded by external forces and lost their effect. This formulaic answer made Song Qing crazy, she collapsed and said: ‘Is there any way?!Is there any way to fix it?!’

This time, the system did not repeat the previous sentence.

It paused strangely for a while, and then said: The host can continue to capture luck energy, such as obtaining the opponent’s luck energy through the integration of the human body, or indirectly or directly killing young children. The younger the child, the higher the power gained.

‘But I had a halo before, but now it’s gone…’

The system didn’t care about this, it only repeated this passage mechanically.

Song Qing gritted her teeth and said, “Will my eyes recover by then?”

‘You can regain your sight by completing the task.’

Song Qing breathed a sigh of relief, then clenched her fists. She didn’t know what was going on with Xi Xun. Maybe it was because he was the one who destroyed the world and had strong luck, so her halo was useless to him?

But no matter what, Song Qing hated him this time.

She would make Xi Xun regret it!

At that time, no matter how much he pursued herself, it would be useless!

Song Qing never doubted the identity of her being the heroine. God let her be reborn and gave her the system, these were all standard features that only heroines in novels had.

Maybe what she traveled through was a ‘wife chasing crematorium’ novel.

She had also read a lot of novels about ‘wife chasing crematorium’. Wasn’t it just about the male protagonist abvsing the female protagonist in the early stage, regretting it in the middle stage, and then chasing his wife in the later stage?

Song Qing’s expression was fierce.

She changed her mind. She wanted to change the male lead. Anyway, there were many men, and Xi Xun would regret it by then!


Outside the door, Song Yushi stood at the door with complicated eyes.

She was actually worried about her cousin.

But at this time, there was a deep complexity in her heart. Because just last night when she was cooking with the people in the convoy, she suddenly found a man in the corner who looked familiar.

She walked over and took a look only to find out that it was her father!

Her father was in a semi-coma from heatstroke, and he also had injuries on his knees. It might be that he hit something. This made Song Yushi both surprised to see her father and distressed.

Then she took care of her father all night without sleep.

Fortunately, they were currently in the farmyard. There were wells in the farmyard, and there was no limit to the amount of water.

Finally, her father woke up.

When he woke up, she asked her father what happened. How could he become like this? In the past two days, she had probably understood her cousin’s status in the team. Even if it was not convenient to give her father special care, she had to at least give him some water to drink, right?

After all, after her aunt passed away when her cousin was fifteen, her cousin had been living in her house.

And both her father and mother treated her cousin very well.

At that time, because the house was relatively small, her father, who was a teacher, often lived in the school, so that the house was not crowded. Of course, it was mainly because her cousin was a big girl at the time, and her father had to avoid suspicion.

After listening to his daughter’s words, Father Song gave a bitter smile and said, “I don’t know what’s going on.”

His wife died on the road because of dehydration.

At that time, he wanted to beg Xiaoqing to give her aunt some water, but Song Qing said that the water had to be used for cooking, and she couldn’t break the rules for her aunt. In the end, his wife died in Father Song’s arms, and Father Song almost collapsed at that time.

If it weren’t for the daughter who he was still thinking about, he would follow his wife.

“Dad, did you and Mom… hide anything from me? Otherwise, how could my cousin… how could this happen?”

Although Song Yushi felt that her parents were very nice and loved her very much from childhood, reason still had the upper hand. She wanted to ask if her parents were hiding anything from her first. She didn’t want to rush straight over to question her cousin and then wrongfully accuse a good person.

After all, there were too many such things. Her parents loved her very much, but maybe they treated her cousin differently.

But she still felt that her parents were not such people!

Father Song fell silent after hearing this.

After a while, he said, “There is only one thing. It’s your cousin’s college matter. Your mother and I don’t have much money in our passbook. We can only pay your tuition for the time being, and we can’t pay Song Qing too. So I discussed with her to sell the house left to her by her mother, so that her tuition and living expenses for college would not be a problem, and the money for selling the house would also be given to her. She was very angry at the time, and then she broke off contact with your mother after going to university.”

Song Yushi was taken aback, no wonder her cousin ignored herself after she went to college.

So that was the reason.

But… wasn’t it too much to just let her mother die because of that?!

So Song Yushi’s mood was very complicated at this moment.

She stood at the door and watched for a while before finally leaving.


The other side.

Xi Xun got up early in the morning, and he was sitting on the steps contemplating something.

As for 0329, it was happily washing the car.

“The sun winked at me~~I’m a small system that works hard and doesn’t cling to people~~” 0329 sang while washing the car.

Xi Xun: “……”

The more 0329 sang, the better its mood became.

“Don’t ask me where I came from~~ I want to pick the most beautiful flowers and dedicate them to my little host!” After speaking, 0329 really took the time to pull out a few dog tail grass for Xi Xun and put it in the palm of Xi Xun’s hand, and then continued to sing and wash the car.

Xi Xun: “……”

The weather in the morning was generally good and the air was good.

Although the outbreak of zombies in the summer seemed to be stronger than in winter, after all, if it were winter, most people would probably freeze to death. But now it was not much better, many people had been sunburned, or suffered from heatstroke, and so on.

The most important thing was the rotting corpses everywhere.

If it weren’t for the army in the safe zone often cleaning up the corpses of burned zombies, even if City B was not breached by zombies, it would cause the plague due to sanitary reasons and thus fall.

Xi Xun thought the safe zone in City B was not bad.

He had the idea of wanting to live in this safe area permanently, mainly because the small system also liked it.

Just thinking about it, 0329 suddenly leaned in.

“Host,” 0329 looked at Xi Xun mysteriously.


“Is the host’s injury better?”

“Hmm.” Xi Xun’s eyelids jumped when he heard the word injury.

Just yesterday, Xi Xun drank fish soup given by the small system.

He thought he would be fine after drinking the five bowls of fish soup, but there was still chicken soup after that! At that time, Xi Xun pretended to go to bed early because of the pain of the wound, thinking that he would not need to drink after sleeping.

As a result, 0329 was like feeding medicine, gently feeding a small spoon of chicken soup to Xi Xun who was sleeping.

And it worked so hard all night to feed him all of it.

0329 checked the information! People in a coma could drink medicine like this as long as there were no such large pieces in it. So 0329 also filtered the soup again, just like water, trying to prevent the host from choking.

So Xi Xun was forced to drink a few bowls of chicken soup last night.

And he finished it all while ‘sleeping’.

“Host, there is still half a pot left. I wanted to add some water, but I was afraid it would not be nutritious. Host, drink the chicken soup first, and then finish the chicken,” 0329 told Xi Xun.

“You drink it, don’t you need energy?” Xi Xun said lightly.

0329 was immediately moved, but it still insisted: “The host is injured now, I can’t grab food from the host, let the host drink! You will heal faster after drinking it!”

“You should drink it.”

0329 shook its head and said, “I know the host has a kind heart, but the host needs chicken soup to nourish now.”

“You drink it.”

Just as 0329 and the host were humbling themselves to each other, a sound of falling to the ground suddenly came from the gate. What Xi Xun hated most was people stepping into his territory, so when he sensed someone coming, he looked coldly at the entrance.

Standing at the gate was a family of four.

The one who fell to the ground was the father, who seemed to be suffering from heatstroke. That wife rushed to support her husband, and the two children beside her, a daughter and a son were looking at their father nervously.

They had fled from other places to come here.

They originally wanted to enter the safe zone, but they never thought that the safe zone had been closed and no one would be allowed to enter.

But they had run out of ammunition and food.

The woman wiped away her tears, knelt on the ground, kowtowed, and said, “This little brother, can you give us something to eat? We can do things, if you have any hard and tiring work, we can do it! Just give us something to eat, even if you just give us some water to drink!”

In fact, the woman’s family came out of the farmhouse on the right.

She saw Xi Xun’s brutality yesterday, but she really couldn’t help it. The boss of their convoy would not let anyone drink from the well unless he dedicated his daughter to him for one night.

He was simply a beast! Some of the other families in the convoy chose to accept their fate because they were too thirsty.

But she couldn’t do it.

Even if she and her husband died of thirst, they couldn’t do it!

The husband’s attitude was the same after he knew about it, so he naturally would not agree. So even if he had suffered heatstroke or even died of dehydration, he still dragged his sick body and left with his wife and children.

When 0329 heard this, it looked up at the host.

Xi Xun lightly responded.

0329 blinked, and then said to them: “My brother said yes!”

The couple was overjoyed.

The woman quickly kowtowed and said, “Thank you, benefactor, thank you, benefactor!” While saying that, she also asked his daughter and his two-year-old son to kneel down, the little boy didn’t understand anything but knelt down like his parents and sister while biting his fingers.

They drank a lot of water, especially the man with heat stroke.

After drinking the water and feeling better, the family helped each other to leave, but before leaving, the couple bowed again to thank Xi Xun for the water.

“Stop,” Xi Xun said suddenly.

The couple’s backs suddenly stiffened, and the woman guarded her daughter and son behind her and her husband with some anxiety, and then trembled: “Benefactor, does the benefactor have any request from us?”

“Take this bowl of chicken soup away,” Xi Xun said coldly.

0329 raised its head in confusion and looked at the host.

Xi Xun said calmly: “They are not in good health, they need this bowl of chicken soup even more.”

0329 suddenly realized.

It held the host’s hand tightly, and said in a complicated tone: “The host really is too kind, but you will suffer like this. In the future, the host should protect himself more!”

After speaking, 0329 came down and then brought them the chicken soup.

0329 naturally wouldn’t prevent the host from doing good things, it would never interfere with any decision of the host. Of course, doing good was the best, after all, it could increase merit! But not everyone was worthy of help.

0329 couldn’t tell right from wrong.

But the host could tell, if the host wanted to save someone, he would definitely save a good person!

“For you,” 0329 handed it to the woman.

There were also two small pieces of chicken in that bowl of chicken soup, which was like a pie in the sky for them. Not only that, but 0329 also gave a rice ball after seeing the human cub.

It was a rice ball made by 0329, the size of a fist, and it was very soft.

“Thank you, thank you, child! Thank you too, little brother!” The couple accepted tremblingly.

0329 waved its hand, indicating that it was okay.

The couple gave the chicken to the children, they drank some chicken soup, then finally kowtowed in front of the gate to thank them, and then left with the children.

After 0329 went back, it kept blinking at Xi Xun.

Xi Xun glanced at it and said, “Why do you keep looking at me?”



“I find that the host is getting better and better,” 0329 sincerely said.


“Mmm!” 0329 said while serving the rest of the chicken soup to the host.

Xi Xun did not refuse this time, anyway, it was the last bowl.

After drinking it, everything would be over.

Xi Xun checked that there were no more chickens in this village.

“Host, do you know? I found a lot of eggs in this village yesterday. I checked the information. The nutritional value of eggs is also very high, so I will make egg soup for the host!”


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Song Qing: This must be a ‘wife chasing crematorium’ novel!

Me: No, this is ‘ML running away with the ball’ novel. XD

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