Chapter 36 – The Heartthrob Halo

0329 had a cold war with Xi Xun. The reason was that what the host said made the little system unhappy, so it didn’t talk to Xi Xun again that night or even the next morning.

Xi Xun’s expression was indifferent, he didn’t care about 0329’s attitude at all.

For Xi Xun, he could never bow his head to please a person, let alone a ball.

There was no flattery or apology in Xi Xun’s dictionary.

0329 sat sullenly in the corner, it poked the grass on the ground hard. But 0329 regretted it after poking it. ‘Is it a little too much?’ Even if it was angry, it shouldn’t be angry at others.

So it helped the bent grass up again.

0329 lowered its head and began to reflect on itself. The teacher once taught it not to do what it didn’t want others to do to it.

It almost committed this.

After self-reflection, it raised its head and glanced at the host, and saw that the host was still sharpening the arrow coldly, as usual. 0329 was suddenly a little sad and lost.

But 0329 didn’t know that Xi Xun had been paying attention to it.

After seeing the little white ball finally sighed and turned back into the house, Xi Xun then indifferently converged the look in his eyes, but the low air pressure around him became more and more tense.

After a few minutes, there was a ‘tick’!

The wooden arrow in Xi Xun’s hand was pinched off.

But Xi Xun didn’t know it. His eyes were gloomy and cold at this time, the kind that people wanted to escape from at a glance.

It just so happened that someone came to the door at this time.

Because there had been a lot of convoys or survivors in this small village recently, and Xi Xun had everything, so some people naturally targeted Xi Xun, who was carrying only one child.

Although daring to take a child alone in the last days proved that this person was definitely not simple, there were still people who would take a chance.

The end of the world had come, and the suppressed darkness in many people’s hearts had been released. In the past, only those who were desperate or naturally greedy would rob, but now everyone would basically rob.

So several men rushed in together.

They wanted to kill Xi Xun and take the supplies because they were so hungry and each of them had only eaten a little in the past few days. Hunger could make people crazy, and when one was this hungry, there was no morality left!

But as soon as the first man stepped into the yard, a cold arrow passed through the man’s throat in an instant. The man suddenly fell to the ground, blood spilling out.

Several companions who were with the man were shocked at once.

This was the first time they had seen arrows as weapons! And he didn’t even use a bow, how could he kill people from a long distance with an arrow in his hand?!Is this a fvcking human?!

While everyone was in panic, Xi Xun had slowly raised his feet and walked towards them.

At this time, the convoys of other farmhouses were watching this scene.

They, like these people, had been eyeing this farmhouse for a long time, in fact, no one could stop eyeing it. It felt like when they were playing a game, and there was always an EXP jumping not far from them.

In the eyes of most people, Xi Xun was a piece of fat.

But most people were still a little wary, after all, if he dared to be alone, that proved that he was capable. So the big teams were waiting and watching, planning to see the situation and talk about it. But a small team, or a few people together, couldn’t help it.

And the result of this inability to hold back was obvious.

Xi Xun killed the men who wanted to grab food. This scene was a bit bloody. Many people who saw it shivered subconsciously and couldn’t help but feel a deep fear.

‘Has this person practiced martial arts before? So strong?’

Xi Xun’s move was very effective, it deterred many little minions who were about to move.

No one would probably dare to come during the time Xi Xun lived here.

But what the surrounding team didn’t know was that Xi Xun was not making an example, but simply in a bad mood, extremely bad.

And those people just hit the muzzle of the gun.

The courtyard returned to the previous silence, and Xi Xun returned to the courtyard. He sat on a small stool and continued to cut the wooden arrow in his hand. No one could tell from his cold eyebrows what he was thinking at the moment.

“Cack! Cluck!”

At this moment, a chicken caught by 0329 suddenly screamed. These were the few surviving chickens found in the village by 0329 before. At that time, the chickens flew to the refrigerator and other high places, while a bunch of zombies raised their hands and roared below.

Finally, 0329 caught these surviving chickens back.

Two had been stewed in the past few days, and the last one had not been stewed yet.

“Cluck cluck, cluck cluck…”

The more the rooster crowed, the more energetic it was, and the sound was extremely ear-piercing.

Xi Xun raised his finger, and the next second, the chicken’s throat was pierced by Xi Xun’s freshly cut wooden arrow.

The chicken died.

Everyone who had greedy eyes when they saw the chicken was shocked. They understood that Xi Xun was warning them, so they didn’t dare to look anymore, but returned to the house.

For fear of provoking a powerful enemy for themselves.


Time passed quickly, and it was evening in the blink of an eye.

Xi Xun was still sitting on a small wooden stool in the courtyard.

He cut the wooden arrow for a day. During this period, 0329 had never been out, not even a shadow, which made Xi Xun’s eyes sink more and more.

After about half an hour, Xi Xun got up.

He put down the wooden arrow and walked into the house.

But as soon as Xi Xun walked in, he suddenly froze in place, because he found that the small system was gone.

Xi Xun’s eyes instantly became extremely cold.

He looked around but there was no trace of the small system, Xi Xun withdrew his gaze, he turned around, and walked directly outside, intending to take a look outside the courtyard.

But there was silence outside the courtyard, and there was no light belonging to the little white ball.

“Xi Xun,” a gentle voice sounded.

Song Qing walked to Xi Xun’s side, she took out a few boxes of medicine, and said softly: “Xi Xun, I saw that you have a bandage on your hand. You should be injured. These are my—”

“Get lost,” Xi Xun interrupted.

Song Qing’s smile stiffened. She tried her best to suppress the anger in her heart and continued: “Don’t misunderstand me. I’m just helping you because your brother is still young and I don’t want him to lose his brother…”

As soon as these words fell, Xi Xun looked at her.

Song Qing was overjoyed.

The moment Xi Xun raised his head to look at herself, Song Qing focused all her attention and looked into Xi Xun’s eyes affectionately. Whenever she gazed at others so affectionately, the other party would be fascinated by her heartthrob halo.

Although it would take some time for people with strong willpower.

But now that her aura had been upgraded, she didn’t believe she couldn’t win Xi Xun this time! Look at Wu Feng, he was fascinated by her now, so much so that he didn’t even care about his most beloved son.

Not even just Wu Feng, she used several people to experiment.

All succeeded.

She felt that it was time.

But before her pride lasted for a few seconds, Song Qing suddenly screamed with pain in her eyes! Song Qing covered her eyes in pain and fell to the ground. There was blood oozing from her fingers, which meant that her eyes should be blind.

Xi Xun didn’t even look at her, so he raised his foot and left.

No one knew that as long as it was evil, it couldn’t invade Xi Xun, and it would even be backlashed heavily.

At this time, the surrounding people were attracted by the screams.

After seeing what happened, everyone was shocked for a while.

“Is this person crazy? Such a beautiful woman, he could even go down and blind her.” Everyone thought Song Qing was blinded by Xi Xun’s arrow.

Although they said that, no one dared to fight for justice.

Including those who liked Song Qing before, they didn’t dare to stand up now, and only looked at Xi Xun in fear.

Xi Xun walked forward with a cold face.

In fact, he didn’t know where to go, he just followed the general direction of his intuition in his heart and walked forward. It wasn’t until he saw a familiar little white ball that Xi Xun suddenly stopped.

At this time, 0329 was holding a struggling big fish in its arms.

After seeing the host, 0329 was obviously a little confused, especially when it saw the host’s wound that had burst open again. 0329 ran over anxiously and asked, “What’s going on?! Why did it open again?”

Xi Xun did not speak.

0329 suddenly guessed something, it felt that someone must be trying to trouble the host again!

This made 0329 very angry but helpless.

So it had to hold the fish with one hand and the host carefully with the other, comforting: “Host, let’s go back first, I will bandage your wound.”



Although he had been away for a while, no one dared to break into Xi Xun’s yard. Everyone felt that Xi Xun should be baiting them, in order to kill people, so no one was fooled.

It was also thanks to the afternoon scene that shocked them.

After going back, 0329 changed the medicine and gauze for the host, and then it carried the big fish into the kitchen.

Xi Xun had been sitting quietly during this period.

After a while, 0329 came out. It carried a bowl of crucian carp soup and placed it next to the host, and then it raised its head and looked at the host seriously.

Xi Xun also looked back at it, and no one said a word.

After about three minutes, 0329 said, “Host.”


0329 paused, then said slightly: “I was wrong before, don’t be angry with me, host.”

Xi Xun’s fingers abruptly froze.

0329 continued: “I thought about it, the host probably didn’t mean that. The host wanted to tell me that the tribulation is so difficult, and I might not be able to pass it. I shouldn’t question the host because of this sentence. After all, the host was so good to me before. It is my fault.”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, but his throat moved slightly.

“But host, the way you speak is also very bad. Don’t talk like that in the future, okay? Because I will be very sad,” 0329 said somewhat sadly.

Xi Xun lowered his eyes, and after a long time, he said, “Hmm.”

This was an indirect admission of his mistake.

0329’s eyes lit up instantly, and it hugged the host directly, rubbed itself to the host, and said, “I knew the host didn’t mean it like that. The host also hopes that the senior is alive, right?”


Xi Xun stroked the little system slightly, but a cold light flashed in his eyes.

He really shouldn’t have said that.

After all, it was just a non-existent system, and so what even if it existed?

Just kill it.

0329 didn’t know what the host was thinking, but was very happy to hug the host tightly. At this time, it suddenly heard a noisy sound, which came from the courtyard next to them.

More importantly, 0329 heard what they were talking about.

0329 immediately understood what happened.

It got up and looked at the host angrily and said, “Host! Did they bully you?” When it came back, it saw the blood at the door. Looking at the range of that pool of blood, how much blood the host had to shed!

Xi Xun lowered his eyes and said nothing.

In the eyes of 0329, this was equivalent to the host’s acquiescence. It held the host’s face distressed and said sadly: “My poor host, I just went out for a short while and you were bullied by others again!”

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