Chapter 35 – Jealousy

The temperature today was very high, and it was as high as 38 degrees at noon, which was very uncomfortable for people who were exposed to the poisonous sun. 0329 checked the information and found that ultraviolet rays that were too strong could also cause damage to the human body.

So after feeling that the temperature was gradually rising, 0329 pushed the host back to the house, preventing him from continuing to sit in the courtyard.

So Xi Xun was pushed back like this.

0329 let the host lie down on the bed, and then took out the electric fan that it had been looking for for a long time and finally found. Then it picked up the simple generator it made and plugged it in, and the next second, the fan blades suddenly turned!

Xi Xun: “……”

0329 was very happy, the small generator it made could only support a small electric fan due to insufficient materials, and more would not work.

But under the current existing conditions, it was already very good.

It planned to chisel an ice cellar out later, freeze the well water into ice cubes, and put a pot of ice cubes in front of the electric fan so that the host could cool down, which was almost the same as blowing an air conditioner.

0329 decided to do it immediately and left after putting down the small fan.

But as soon as it turned around, it was grabbed by Xi Xun.

0329 turned its head in confusion, looked at Xi Xun, and said, “What’s wrong? Does the host’s hand hurt again?” While talking, 0329 looked at Xi Xun’s hand nervously and lowered its head a few times.

“Where are you going again?”

“I’m going to chisel a small ice cellar for the host so that the host won’t be hot,” 0329 said.

Xi Xun frowned, then picked up the small system, and said, “Don’t do it.”



“It’s not troublesome, if it’s too hot, the host will have heatstroke. The host already has an injured hand that is hard to heal, and it will be even worse if you get sick again then,” 0329 said seriously.

“We’ll only stay here for a few days and then go back.”

0329 shook its head and said solemnly to the host: “Even if it is to stay for a few days, we still have to pay attention to it. The host must get better soon so that I can rest assured.”

Xi Xun didn’t speak, but his eyes darkened a bit.

After a long time, Xi Xun said slightly: “The temperature on your body is suitable for me, I’ll just hold you and sleep for a while.”

“Really?” 0329 wondered.


When 0329 heard this, it suddenly became energetic. It hurriedly went to bed and hugged the host, even patted the host on the head, and coaxed softly: “Then the host should go to sleep quickly.”

“……” Xi Xun.


Xi Xun lived the life of a baby solidly for two or three days, not only being served food, drink, and clothes to wear, but also being told stories to coax him to sleep at night. What’s more, there were two forehead kisses, one every morning and one every night.

This made Xi Xun’s eyes change more and more.

If it used to be a calm pool of water, then now there were ripples.

Although Xi Xun himself did not find out.

On this day, Xi Xun sat in the yard sharpening arrows with a knife.

Although Xi Xun had his own arrows, he would often cut some wooden arrows for spare, mainly because he was really a bit bored now. Thanks to 0329, Xi Xun’s hand injury had improved a lot now, and of course, it was also because of Xi Xun’s good physique.

And this would also be the last time Xi Xun was injured.

At least Xi Xun thought so, because he didn’t want to see chicken soup again in his life.

“Hello, can we…” a voice suddenly came from outside.

Xi Xun looked coldly and saw the young couple at the door.

And this young couple was still acquaintances, it was Xu Lei and his girlfriend from before. Xu Lei and his girlfriend originally wanted to go back to the safe zone, but they didn’t expect the safe zone to be blocked, so they had to be forced to come back again.

But it was definitely dangerous in the small town, so they decided to temporarily find a safe place in the surrounding village for a few days. It’s just that there were too many people trapped outside, and no one accepted them.

When they happened to be passing by here, they found that there was only one person in this farmhouse courtyard, so Xu Lei’s girlfriend planned to ask if they could live here temporarily.

But they didn’t expect that person to be an ‘acquaintance’!

Xu Lei’s face changed instantly when he saw Xi Xun, and he hurriedly pulled his girlfriend away. In his eyes, this person was a murderer who would kill without a blink.

After seeing them leave, Xi Xun faintly retracted his gaze and continued to sharpen his wooden arrow coldly.

At this moment, 0329 bounced out.

It was holding a bowl of very familiar chicken soup in its hand, and 0329 said sweetly: “Host, it’s time to drink!”

Xi Xun expressionlessly got up and left.

“Host?” 0329 hurriedly followed up with the chicken soup.

Xi Xun strode forward and walked quickly.

On the other side, Xu Lei pulled his girlfriend to walk far away. Xu Lei’s girlfriend couldn’t walk anymore. She stopped and said to her boyfriend, “Xu Lei, where are you taking me? We have to find a place to live first.”

“I know, let’s look for it again.”

“You shouldn’t have pulled me away just now. You have been driving all night and need to rest. Even if the other party disagrees, we can find a tree next to us to rest for a while,” his girlfriend said.

“But that’s a murderer! He killed a pregnant woman!”

“But the pregnant woman and her father-in-law and mother-in-law are not good people, and they lied to us. If it weren’t for him at that time, we might have been killed too. That big brother was actually our indirect savior.”

“I don’t deny that he saved us, but this kind of person kills people without even blinking. It’s really scary. It feels like there is no humanity at all. If a person is inhumane, is it still called a person?” Xu Lei said.

The girlfriend paused suddenly.

She didn’t know what to say for a while, so she sighed and followed her boyfriend’s strength holding her hand and continued to walk forward to see if she could find other kind-hearted people.

And this time, good luck really came!

Just as they walked to the farmhouse next to them, Xu Lei’s girlfriend accidentally saw an acquaintance. She ran over in surprise and said to Song Qing, “Sister!”

Song Qing was also a little surprised.

When she saw that the person in front of her was her cousin, her eyes narrowed suddenly.

“Sister! I didn’t expect to see you here!” Song Yushi hugged Song Qing excitedly, and tears also overflowed from her eyes, this feeling of seeing a loved one made her a little uncontrollable for a while.

But Song Qing’s attitude was not as enthusiastic as her cousin’s.

Her gaze followed her cousin to Xu Lei, who was standing behind her, which made the corners of Song Qing’s mouth suddenly curled up. She said to Xu Lei: “Hello, I am Xiaoyu’s cousin, thank you for protecting my sister all the way.”

“Ahem, this is what I should do,” Xu Lei blushed and waved his hand quickly.

“You guys are also tired, come in and take a rest first.”

Song Yushi nodded, and the excitement of seeing her loved ones alive surprised her more than anything else. But at this time, she didn’t know that it was not a good thing to meet this cousin.


Xi Xun’s side.

In the end, Xi Xun drank the bowl of chicken soup with a cold face, otherwise, 0329 would talk in his ear all night. In order to make the roots of his ears cleaner, Xi Xun chose to drink it.

At night, Xi Xun sat silently on a stool in the courtyard.

0329 looked at Xi Xun’s wound and found that it had healed a lot and finally showed a happy smile. It continued to carefully tie the gauze to the host to avoid the wound from opening again.

“Host, what do you want to eat at night?”

“I don’t want anything.”

“Then I’ll make dumplings for the host, okay?” 0329 blinked.

It knew that the host was a picky eater and he couldn’t eat well these days. If it weren’t for 0329 chasing the host all the time, the host wouldn’t eat at all, which made 0329 really worried.

So it had been studying recipes for the past few days.

0329 had learned a lot, including the gourmet dumpling.

‘The host should like it, right?’

Xi Xun looked at the well-behaved and cute little white ball, and said slightly: “Why do you know so many things?”

0329 was a little embarrassed when it heard this.

It coughed, and then said vaguely: “Because at that time, I wanted to fall in love, so I looked up a lot of information.” Not only that, it also observed the relationship between the two senior brothers many times.

0329 carefully recorded how the senior brother treated senior brother 0321.

And studied for a long time.

0329 knew that it was not good-looking, so it could only become better. The teacher said that being versatile was also a plus, so 0329 knew a little bit of everything.

“Oh? Do you have a target now?” Xi Xun asked lightly.

In fact, Xi Xun just asked casually, but he didn’t expect that the whole ball would turn a little red after the small system heard this. This scene made Xi Xun’s eyes narrow instantly.

0329 covered its eyes and was shy for a while.

After it calmed down a little bit, it whispered: “The host is my good friend. If I tell you, don’t tell anyone.”

Xi Xun showed a smile that did not reach his eyes, and said, “Okay.”

0329 paused, then whispered: “He is the first minister of the Law Enforcement System Department. I like him very much, but I know that I am not worthy of him, so my biggest dream is to hold his hand! That’s would be enough!”

0329 really liked the senior who had been reincarnated.

This had to start from the early age of 0329.

At that time, 0329 was in poor health, it could be said that it was very poor, and what it did was always half a beat slower than others. Once, when it went to collect chocolate with other systems, it was squeezed out because there were too many systems, and it just happened to roll down at the feet of a ‘person’.

At that time, 0329 was frightened, and the whole ball trembled.

It was not the first time it had been squeezed out. It was squeezed out once and also fell to the feet of a senior like this. It was 0178. At that time, 0178 kicked 0329 directly in disgust, and 0329 almost fell apart directly with that kick.

So it was very scared at that time.

It was afraid that it would be kicked out too, but at that time, 0329 had just been repaired, and if it was kicked again, it would be destroyed.

Because the energy of 0329 was too low.

Unexpectedly, it trembled for a long time and the other party did not kick it, only heard a faint sentence from above its head: “Can you get up?”

0329 hurriedly got up when it heard the words.

Although it thought it acted fast, it was actually a bit slow.

But the other party still didn’t kick it.

After 0329 got up, the other party raised his foot and left.

After that, 0329 learned that the original “person’ turned out to be the most powerful system in the system department, the mysterious senior numbered “One”. It was said that he was mysterious because he was rarely seen, and all systems admired him very much.

He happened to come back from a mission that day and bumped into 0329.

After listening to the little system’s words, Xi Xun didn’t take it seriously, and said, “Maybe he was too lazy to kick you.”

“No! Senior is very good!”


“Hmm! But the senior has been reincarnated, and I believe that the senior will be able to survive the tribulation successfully!”

Xi Xun sneered: “Who knows? Maybe he died early.”

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