Chapter 34 – Speechless Xi Xun

It was a team of about fifty people, they came out of the safe zone. Like Xi Xun, these people also came out to kill zombies to earn points in the safe zone, but because the safe zone was closed, they could only temporarily find a place to live for a few days.

They took a fancy to this farmhouse at a glance.

Because they smelled the aroma of cooking from inside the farmhouse, it meant that someone was here. If someone was here, then there were absolutely no zombies in it, so they chose this place.

Otherwise, if they go to find a new place to live, they would have to clean up the zombies themselves. Not to mention that it’s tiring, it’s mainly dangerous, and it’s easy to be bitten by zombies if you’re not careful.

No one wanted to be the most unlucky one.

In that case, it was better to grab the ready-made one directly. This might have been a bit immoral before the end of the world, but now no one cared about it.

“Do you hear me?! If you don’t open the door, I’ll fvcking kick it!”

The tall and sturdy man was still shouting, but the next second, the man suddenly covered his shoulders and screamed.

A cold arrow suddenly flew out from inside!

The arrow instantly penetrated the man’s shoulder, causing the man to fall to the ground and wail in pain.

Moreover, the arrow seemed to have killed a zombie, and the shoulder of the man who was shot quickly turned black. When the others in the convoy saw this, they quickly hid away, and their eyes looked into the farmhouse with a bit more fear and terror.

“We should have encountered a hard stubble, let’s go,” Wu Feng, the temporary boss of the team, ordered with a stern expression on his face.

Everyone nodded quickly.

‘Who the hell wants to stay here and be pierced by an arrow!’

However, they did not go far but chose the farmhouse not far from them, that is, they lived next door to Xi Xun and the others. After all, they were already very tired, and they could no longer waste gasoline at will, otherwise, they might not be able to return to the safe zone.

“Host, they seem to be gone,” 0329 looked outside and said.


0329 breathed a sigh of relief. Now that the host was injured, it couldn’t let others see him, otherwise, the host would be in danger. After seeing them leave, 0329 calmed down and continued to feed the host.

It seemed that the host was going to recover soon.

In this kind of apocalyptic world, people couldn’t be injured casually. The senior brother said that no matter how strong a person was, as long as he was injured, he would be taken advantage of by others and then killed.

So it must quickly take care of the host’s health to get better.

Only when the host was healthy could he be as strong as before and could protect himself well.

Everything was its fault.

If the host did not protect itself, he would not be injured.

Thinking of this, 0329’s eyes flashed with grief. It directly picked up the spoon and dug a large spoonful of bacon rice and said to the host: “Host, eat more, eat more and you will be able to recover quickly!”


But soon, Xi Xun understood what regret was.

Because the half-pot of rice was fed to him by 0329, and it cooked a lot especially this time. Xi Xun couldn’t finish it all in the end. He flatly refused: “No more.”

“Have some more food,” 0329 coaxed.

“I’m full.”

“Not full! I know the host can eat very well! Can the host eat more, okay? Eat another small bowl!” 0329 persuaded.


In fact, 0329 guessed it wrong, Xi Xun rarely ate.

Because he sometimes couldn’t eat the food he made, he only consumed food to survive every day. It was not until 0329 appeared that he ate a little more, and most of it was deliberately teasing it, because Xi Xun wanted to see it pouting and annoyed.

But in fact, he didn’t like to eat very much.

“Eat a little more, host just eat a little more!” 0329 got up with the bowl and chased after Xi Xun.

Xi Xun said coldly: “I said I was full.”

“Eat the last bit, host,” 0329 said sternly.

In 0329’s cognition, the more you eat, the faster you will recover, just like 0329. Moreover, the host often robbed it of food before, which meant that the amount of food the host could eat was very large. Now he should be feeling unwell and upset, right? Humans seem to be unable to eat when they are uncomfortable.

Xi Xun: “……”

In the end, Xi Xun reluctantly ate half a bowl because he really lost his patience.

He turned and left the table.

0329 sighed, it was not easy to force the host anymore, so it had to eat the rest by itself.

Xi Xun went back to the room and lay back on the bed, closing his eyes to refresh his mind.

At this time, the small system quietly came in. It climbed into the bed, glanced at the host and said, “Host, are you angry?”

Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at the little system with an uneasy expression on its face, and said softly, “No.”

0329’s eyes immediately lit up.

It quickly picked up a bowl of soy milk from behind and said, “Then host, drink this bowl of milk. You didn’t finish it just now.”



This should be the first time in Xi Xun’s life that he couldn’t sleep not because he was naturally alert, but because he ate too much. He was eager to go out and kill some zombies to move around so he could consume some of the food in his body.

But he couldn’t leave this stupid system here alone.

After all, there was a convoy living next door.

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed slightly, he might be able to kill the convoy living next door first.

At this moment, the small ball in Xi Xun’s arms rolled.

0329 found a comfortable place to bury in the host’s arms and continue to sleep, muttering while sleeping: “Host, eat more.”


In the end, Xi Xun still couldn’t go out, because 0329 would wake up every hour to check Xi Xun’s hand, and then choose whether to change the medicine according to the injury.

So Xi Xun just looked out the window for a whole night.

The little system kept rubbing and rolling around in his arms, while Xi Xun’s expression was indifferent and remained motionless.

The next day.

The convoy next door was already up. It was the end of the world now, no one could be lazy in bed, they had to get up and do things, such as cooking and washing clothes.

Although this farmhouse had no electricity, it had a well.

One could take a good bath or cook or something.

The early morning air was very refreshing, especially after rain fell last night.

The leader of the convoy stared at Xi Xun early in the morning.

Because the periphery of these farmhouses was not surrounded by walls, but by fences, some scenes on the opposite side could be seen a little bit. They wanted to know which team was living here, with such good skills, and whether there was any threat to them.

But they miscalculated, it was not a small team.

It was a twenty-three or twenty-four-year-old young man with a child about five or six years old. This scene stunned the boss of the team and his younger brothers.

Xi Xun’s side.

Xi Xun was sitting indifferently on a small stool, wiping the arrow in his hand. Xi Xun’s arrows were relatively special, they were all arrows directly ground with steel bars.

This was why it could kill hundreds of zombies without breaking.

“Host, drink some more chicken soup,” 0329 kept persuading Xi Xun with a bowl of chicken soup.

Xi Xun was unmoved, still staring at the arrow in his hand.

And such a scene was shown in the eyes of others. They saw a handsome guy with a cold face sitting on a stool wiping arrows, while a little milk doll was holding an unknown soup and kept persuading his brother to drink a little.

Xi Xun didn’t push 0329 away, but he didn’t drink either.

The chicken was caught somewhere in the early morning hours by 0329, and it was stewed after it was caught.

Xi Xun had already drunk eight bowls, but he couldn’t drink anymore.

“Host, just drink a little more. I checked the information of you humans, drinking chicken soup is good for your health!” 0329 saw the host turn around coldly, and then moved over and said.

Xi Xun’s expression was indifferent.

“Host, can you drink one last small spoon?” 0329 blinked at Xi Xun.

The person in the opposite convoy: “……”

They were really silent.

In the end times, they could still see the scene of being chased and fed! And it was still a scene of a child persuading an adult, which stunned the people in the convoy.

But most people saw this scene with envy in their eyes.

These people were at the bottom of the team, doing the most tiring work, but they had the least food, and they were too hungry.

But then again…

“A young man with a child dared to come out?” a tall, skinny man with a sharp mouth wondered.

“The more this is the case, the more he should not be underestimated,” another person said.

“Indeed, but how powerful can a person be? If he encounters more zombies, more than one or two hundred zombies, he will be helpless.” The man with the pointed mouth sneered.

But he was indeed afraid of the arrow yesterday.

He thought this young man had a bit of skill. But what he said was true, something would happen to that person sooner or later. Otherwise, most people in the safe zone would not choose to join the convoy.

It was because there were more people so the chances of survival were greater.

If there were few people, there would always be a time of exhaustion, and what would be waiting for them would be death.

While talking, the door behind them was pushed open.

A woman walked out slowly.

When Wu Feng, the boss of the team, heard the sound, he quickly turned around, greeted and said, “Why are you up?” Wu Feng’s face was full of tenderness, and his eyes were full of affection when he looked at the woman.

And the woman was none other than Song Qing.

Although this convoy of more than fifty people could only be crowded in this one farmhouse, Song Qing could live alone in a room. She whispered softly to Wu Feng: “Everyone is up, if I don’t get up, I’m afraid someone will gossip again.”

“Who dares to gossip?” Wu Feng’s face suddenly stiffened.

Song Qing gave a wry smile and said nothing.

Wu Feng seemed to understand something. He strode directly to one of the cars, and after seeing a teenager, he slapped him indiscriminately.

The young man covered his face and was stunned in place.

“Brother-in-law! What are you doing?!” Another man in his thirties hurriedly came over and pulled the boy aside.

This young man was actually Wu Feng’s son, named Wu Lin.

Wu Lin’s mother died early, and Wu Feng loved this son very much. Even if he was tired from working outside, he couldn’t bear to let his son suffer a little bit. Fortunately, Wu Lin was also competitive, and he was in the top ten in all of his subjects, and he didn’t spend money indiscriminately.

But then the end came, and everything changed after Wu Feng liked a woman.

Wu Lin just couldn’t accept this stepmother, and after calling Song Qing a vixen, Wu Feng slapped him twice, which made him bleed from the corners of his mouth. He even made him walk to the back of the team, Wu Lin’s uncle couldn’t believe it.

He was also a man himself and could understand his brother-in-law.

But how could there be such a big change? He didn’t want his son anymore? To be honest, if Wu Feng hadn’t remembered the past, Wu Lin’s uncle would have thought that his brother-in-law was bewitched!

“I warn you, if you talk to your Aunt Song Qing like that again, be careful I’ll beat you to death!” Wu Feng said coldly.

Although aggrieved tears continued to overflow from his eyes, Wu Lin still gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything, just looked at his father and Song Qing, who was smiling at him from behind, with hatred.

Wu Feng came back after teaching his son.

He comforted Song Qing: “I won’t let him appear in front of you in the future. Even if he eats, let him eat with other people. Don’t worry, don’t get angry again.”

Song Qing shook her head and said, “I’m not angry, I’m just a little sad.”

Wu Feng felt a little distressed when he heard this.

“Brother Wu, there’s something I don’t know if I should tell you, last time I almost got caught by a zombie, it was Xiao Lin who pushed me. I’m really scared that he will do it to me again. Brother Wu, why don’t you give him some food and let him go out on his own and be independent, he’s also fourteen, it’s time to grow up.”

But this time Wu Feng, who had always listened to Song Qing’s words, shook his head.

His eyes struggled, he kept shaking his head and repeating: “No, he’s too young… No, he’s too young, grow up a little more, grow up a little more and I won’t care about him!”

“But I’m scared,” Song Qing held Wu Feng’s shoulder, looked directly into his eyes, and said, “Brother Wu, we can give him more food. It’s the end of the world, and he himself has to grow up.”


“Brother Wu, after we get married, we will have children, one boy and one girl, okay?”

Wu Feng still struggled with his eyes.

He didn’t listen to anything about children after marriage at all. In his mind, there was only ‘Wu Lin is only fourteen years old’, and the scene where his wife asked him to take good care of him before she died. But he really liked Song Qing, which made Wu Feng’s brain explode.

“Brother Wu…” Song Qing looked at him affectionately.

The struggle in Wu Feng’s eyes finally calmed down, and he compromised: “Well, I’ll listen to you.”

The corners of Song Qing’s mouth suddenly hooked up.

This heartthrob aura was still quite useful after the upgrade, and the effect was better than she thought. Thinking of this, Song Qing turned her head and looked at Xi Xun. She had actually seen Xi Xun a long time ago, but this time, she learned to be smart and didn’t go to make a fool of herself.

She planned to try a few more people.

After she was sure that it was foolproof, she’d go to Xi Xun again. She didn’t believe that she couldn’t take Xi Xun this time!

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