Chapter 33 – Xi Xun’s Moved Heart

Xi Xun’s vigilance was very strong. He didn’t sleep for long. He woke up after only sleeping for about an hour.

But this was already a rare thing. Because Xi Xun used to sleep lightly in the past, it had been the case since he was conscious, and this was the first time he had really fallen asleep.

And he slept for a whole hour.

However, Xi Xun, who woke up, did not open his eyes, but closed his eyes to rest.


He found that every hour or so, the little system would open its eyes and get up to observe his wound, clean it up a little, and then continue to sleep. And it seemed that it was afraid that he would press on his own wound, so it slept on his side, so that even if Xi Xun turned over, he would only press 0329, not his right hand.

He couldn’t describe what he was feeling, Xi Xun raised his hand slightly…

…and stroked the small ball that exuded light in front of him.

0329 didn’t realize it and continued to fall asleep. It consumed too much energy today and was too tired, but even so, it did not enter a dormant state.

It was afraid that there would be some danger after both itself and the host fell asleep.

It also had to protect the injured host.

Xi Xun watched 0329 for a while before slowly closing his eyes.


The next day.

Because this was the location of the center of the town, if they stayed more, it was likely to attract zombies, so Xi Xun intended to leave with 0329. 0329 wanted to control the car, but Xi Xun didn’t let it drive, but drove the car with his uninjured hand.

It’s just that something happened when the car was on its way.

They saw a lot of convoys parked on the outskirts of the town near the wheat fields of the land. These convoys surrounded a simple shelter with cars, and some people were talking about something. 0329 pricked up its ears and listened, it could hear sounds within 300 meters.

Only after listening did it know that the safe zone seemed to be temporarily closed.

It seemed that the zombies attacked the safe zone. Although the zombies were only a small wave, the risk for opening the gate was still too great, so it would be temporarily closed for three or four days and would not open until it was thoroughly cleaned.

In other words, they couldn’t go back for the time being.

Xi Xun frowned slightly after hearing the news.

“Host, let’s find a place to rest first, your injury is not healed yet.” 0329 had always been very concerned about the host’s injured hand.


In the end, under the navigation of the little system, Xi Xun entered a farmhouse in a small village. There were also a lot of zombies here, but because it was not in the city center, the number of zombies was not so exaggerated.

0329 was the first to go in and check it out.

If there were zombies, it would lead them to come out,  Xi Xun could kill one or two zombies with just one arrow.

Fortunately, there were not many zombies here.

After cleaning up the zombies in the farmyard, 0329 hurriedly helped the host in to rest. But it was too small to help Xi Xun, and it had to jump up. If there were passersby, they might think it was Xi Xun dragging a child away.

“Host, you sit down first and let me see the injury,” 0329 said solemnly.

Xi Xun sat down according to the meaning of 0329 and then handed his hand to the small system.

0329 checked carefully.

After discovering that the injury did not seem to have worsened, it breathed a sigh of relief, and then quickly changed the medicine and gauze for the host. After doing this, he walked quickly towards the car, rummaged through it, and took out a set of clothes.

This was placed there by 0329 a long time ago.

Xi Xun didn’t care much about this, but 0329 felt that he still had to prepare a set of clothes when he went out. In case there was an accident and he had to stay outside for a long time, only one set of clothes on his body would not work.

And it turned out that the preparation of 0329 was very necessary.

“Host, let me change your clothes for you. You have blood and sweat on your body. You must be uncomfortable,” 0329 said seriously.

Xi Xun’s eyebrows moved slightly.

Before Xi Xun could say that he could change clothes himself, 0329 had already picked up the shirt and patiently guided the host: “Host, put your hands into the sleeves first.”

Xi Xun: “……”

In the end, 0329 took care of Xi Xun like a baby and put on his top, but when it was the pants’ turn, Xi Xun said he would not change it. Hearing this, 0329 naturally disagreed, it felt that the host must be unwell.

But Xi Xun was resolute and said he would not change his pants.

In the end, 0329 couldn’t help the host, so it sighed and had to let the host go.

“Host, you rest in the house first.”

0329 had checked the room once, it was not considered dirty, and the sheets had been changed for the host in advance.

Xi Xun grabbed 0329, who turned around and was about to leave after giving instructions, and said, “What else are you going to do?”

“I’m going to check the car,” 0329 replied.

While driving, 0329 felt that the air circulation system in the car was a bit faulty. Now that it happened to have time, it planned to repair it and check if there was any damage to other parts of the car or something.

Better avoid any malfunctions when they encountered zombies.

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Without waiting for the host to say anything, 0329 had already walked out quickly. Now it couldn’t waste time, because 0329 was afraid that it would run out of power. Seeing it go out, Xi Xun followed slowly.

Seeing the host so disobedient, 0329 sighed.

But the host was a sick patient, and it was not good to scold the host, so it had to tell the host to sit on the steps of the door and wait for it.

0329 did not go to repair the car first, but took out the small watermelon in the car and squeezed a glass of watermelon juice, but the juicer did not listen to the instructions, so 0329 slapped it up, and the juicer ran instantly.

0329 put the watermelon juice next to the host and asked him to remember to drink it.

Then it took the tool box to repair the car.

Xi Xun looked at the gauze with a bow tied to his hand, then at the watermelon juice beside him, and suddenly laughed.

Even though he didn’t know what he was laughing at.

0329 hammered with a small hammer, appeared on the roof of the car for a while, and under the car for a while, hammering something unknown. About two hours later, 0329 came out with the toolbox.

But this was not over yet. After 0329 put the toolbox away, it went to the well with two small buckets and picked up two buckets of water.

It planned to clean the car.

The car was dirty inside and outside, and there was blood. Now that the host was injured, any little bacteria might cause infection, so it had to wipe the inside and outside of the car.

But halfway through, it saw the host’s dirty clothes.

After a pause, 0329 decided to wash the clothes first, so that the clothes would dry after he finished washing the car.

0329 immediately put the clothes directly in the basin.

It’s just that after washing, because 0329 was too short, it couldn’t hang the clothes on the rope. Xi Xun, who had been paying attention to it, walked over and picked up the small system with one hand, and finally put the clothes on the rope.

“Host, quickly go back and sit down,” 0329 frowned.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine!” 0329 said in a serious voice: “My senior brother said that the human body is the most fragile, and a little injury will worsen to death if it is not handled well.”

While talking, 0329 pushed Xi Xun to the steps and let him sit down.

This might be the first time Xi Xun had ever been silent.

0329 continued to comfort: “I know that the host will be a bit bored after sitting for a long time, but after the injury is healed, the host can do whatever he wants.” After speaking, 0329 paused, softened his tone again, and asked, “Is the host hungry? I’m going to make something to eat for the host. What does the host want to eat?”

“…anything is fine,” Xi Xun said calmly.

“Then I’ll make bacon rice! There is bacon in the car, as well as rice and pot. I’ll do it, host, wait for me here obediently.” After speaking 0329, it ran away in a hurry.

At this time, Xi Xun regretted it a little bit to be honest.

He regretted asking the age of this little system, it seemed that it really regarded himself as a child.

But it didn’t take long for 0329 to run back again.

It put a few small things made of dog tail grass on the palm of the host’s hand and said, “Host, this is a bunny, this is a fox, and this is a tiger. You can play with it.”

Xi Xun: “……”

After giving the small toy to the host, 0329 hugged the host and kissed him gently on the forehead, and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid host, I will be back in a while.”

Xi Xun paused because of the kiss on his forehead.

At this time, 0329 didn’t know that its operation had gradually captured the heart of a ‘baby’. After appeasing the host, 0329 hurriedly went to continue making bacon rice.

It didn’t know that Xi Xun had been distracted for a long time holding the dog’s tail grass.

When 0329 came back, Xi Xun was still sitting on the steps in a daze. The sun today was not very poisonous, it might be because it was a bit cloudy and it would rain, so even the wind that was blowing was very comfortable.

“Host?” 0329’s little hand shook in front of his eyes.

Xi Xun came back to his senses.

0329 looked at the watermelon juice next to him and wondered, “Does the host not like to drink?” Then it picked it up and handed it to the host.

“I drank it,” Xi Xun replied.

“Don’t you drink the rest?” 0329 asked with a blink of an eye.


0329’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he said, “Then if you don’t drink it, I’ll drink it! It can’t be wasted.”

Xi Xun chuckled and said, “Hmm.”

So 0329 drank the rest of the watermelon juice beautifully. When it finished drinking, it took the host’s hand and wanted to take him to eat.

Today’s meal was very rich.

Considering that the host was now injured, 0329 also found a large bag of soy milk powder from the car. This soy milk powder was drunk by adults and was better for the stomach.

So 0329 made a bowl for the host.

“Host, let me feed you.” 0329 looked at the host, thinking that the host might not be able to eat by himself, so it offered.

Originally, Xi Xun wanted to say no, but in the end, he said: “Hmm.”

So 0329 picked up the chopsticks to feed the host.

It’s just that it’s too small. In the end, 0329 simply sat directly on the table, thinking it would be better to feed like this.

Xi Xun’s legs crossed and he leisurely enjoyed 0329’s feeding.

But it didn’t take long for this beautiful scene to be broken by knocks on the door from outside, and only to hear a male voice saying outside: “Is there anyone inside? Our team wants to spend the night here, please open the door, if you don’t open it, I will kick it!”

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