Chapter 32 – The feeling of being cared for

Everyone in that convoy was killed by Xi Xun, and none of them were spared. The ground was full of minced meat and blood, terrifying like hell on earth, to the extent that you have to hit a mosaic at a glance.

The young couple also looked at Xi Xun with racing hearts and fear, for fear that he would also kill them.

But Xi Xun was not interested in them.

After killing those people, Xi Xun turned around coldly.

Upon seeing this, Xu Lei hurriedly took his girlfriend’s hand and hurriedly left the place. At this moment, his legs were soft, but he was even more afraid that if he stayed for a bit longer, he and his girlfriend would also be killed.

Now he had already forgotten about the matter of digging the eyes of the zombies before.

If Xi Xun really enjoyed killing people, he didn’t need to pay them at all, just let them dig out their eyes and then kill them. What’s more, if it weren’t for Xi Xun just now, he and his girlfriend would have been killed by the people in that convoy.

But even if he understood this, he would still be afraid to stay.

This was human instinct.

He and his girlfriend were just ordinary people, and they couldn’t stay under the same roof with someone who just killed so many people.

The sound of the motorcycle starting sounded in the dark night.

Xi Xun naturally knew that the young couple had run away, but he was used to it.

They ran away just right.

He actually didn’t like others to stay within 100 meters of him, since it would always make him feel uncomfortable.

“Host,” a low voice sounded.

Xi Xun lowered his head and looked down, and then saw the little system looking down at his bloody hand. Xi Xun thought that the little system was also afraid of him just like that young couple.

He frowned slightly.

Just as Xi Xun was about to say something, he saw 0329’s eyes turn red.

It held Xi Xun’s hand and choked: “I’m sorry, host, I made you hurt.” The white little ball kept crying, and there was not much sadness in this scene, and instead made Xi Xun raise an eyebrow.

But Xi Xun held back and did not smile to break the atmosphere.

0329 sobbed while blowing Xi Xun’s bone-deep wound in his palm. After waiting for a while, a dazzling white light suddenly appeared on 0329’s little hand, which was healing Xi Xun’s wound.

But 0329 took almost a month to recover 3%.

It couldn’t be completely cured at all.

It even said that if its power was less than 1%, it would die.

Seeing the light of the small ball getting weaker and weaker, Xi Xun’s hand healed slightly by about a centimeter. Xi Xun held down 0329 and said calmly: “There is no need to heal. Isn’t your energy almost gone?”

After hearing the words, 0329’s eyes suddenly filled with tears.

At this time, the host was still thinking about itself, how could this make 0329 not moved? Except for the teacher and senior brother, no one had treated it so well, which made 0329 very uncomfortable.

0329 didn’t know what pain is, but it once heard other systems say that the sensation when the system is dying is similar to the pain that humans feel when they are injured.

0329 had tasted the sensation of near death, and it knew it well.

Now the host had suffered such a big injury for itself. Human beings have always been fragile, a little injury without proper treatment may deteriorate to death. The more it thought, the sadder 0329 became.

Xi Xun touched 0329 with the uninjured hand, and comforted in a soft voice: “I’m fine.”

0329 naturally didn’t believe it, after all, this wound was too deep.

“Just take some medicine,” Xi Xun said.


0329 didn’t know what the medicine was, but after Xi Xun explained it, 0329 understood.

“Then let’s go find medicine quickly!” 0329 said immediately.

Xi Xun responded and prepared to drive, but was stopped by 0329. 0329 said that the host was injured, it could control the car, and the host could sit with peace of mind.

Xi Xun’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t refuse.

After waiting for the car to start, Xi Xun looked at the serious little white ball in front of him, and suddenly said, “Aren’t you afraid?”

“What?” 0329 was confused.

Xi Xun’s gaze glanced at the messy bloody ground outside the car.

0329 suddenly understood something.

It quickly raised its little hand and touched his face, and comforted: “Host must not feel sad and blame himself. My teacher said that the person who kills people is not necessarily a bad person, and the person who saves people is not necessarily a good person. Those humans were so bad just now, the host was actually doing a good thing by killing them, which saved many good people from poison.”

Xi Xun was not interested in this, he just stared at 0329 and said, “How about you?”

“Me? What about me?” 0329 asked in confusion.

“What if one day you find out that I am not a good person? What would you do?” Xi Xun said calmly.

“But the host is a good person,” 0329 was very puzzled.

“What if I’m not?”

0329 suddenly became confused, it didn’t understand why the host kept asking hypothetical questions. It pondered for a while, then raised its head and said, “But the host saved me. He is a good person to me. No matter what the host is, I am very grateful and like the host.”

“Really?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes.

“Yeah!” 0329 continued after a pause: “If there was no host, I would have already self-destructed due to energy depletion, and there is a human saying about regenerative parents! The host is a good person! This is not going to change!”

Speaking of this, 0329 suddenly thought of something, it raised its head and said seriously to the host: “Host, why don’t I recognize you as a father!” This was the greatest way 0329 could think of to repay.

“…” Xi Xun’s smile faded, and he said coldly: “No need.”

0329 was suddenly a little lost.

It didn’t know what the host likes, so it didn’t know how to repay the host to make the host happy, so it had to say: “Then I’ll make more delicious food in the future!”


After that 0329 then concentrated on driving the car, while driving 0329 also said: “In the future, don’t block the knife for me, host. I am very strong. Even if there is a danger, the host can use me as a shield. Human weapons can’t hurt me.”

When 0329 said this, its tone was very serious.

Except for the host with strong luck that could cause damage to 0329, the rest of humans were not a threat to 0329.

Xi Xun did not answer, but raised his hand and touched the little system.


The car soon arrived at a small pharmacy, which was the place with the least number of zombies that 0329 found by turning around seven or eight times.

“Host, is this it?” 0329 scanned a medicine.

The medicine was for disinfection.

Xi Xun nodded.

0329 quickly put these medicines in a small box, and then found a lot of gauze and other medicines. During this time, only 0329 had been walking around busily, while Xi Xun leaned against the door and watched it as it carefully read the medicine manual and then deciding whether to put it in.

“Host! I’m done!” 0329 said hugging the small box.

“Hmm.” As he spoke, Xi Xun had already shot a zombie who wanted to break in with an arrow.

0329 was not allowed to kill zombies.

Unless it was endangering its own life, 0329 could kill one or two. But in other cases, 0329 couldn’t help the host kill zombies, nor could it use space to help the host store real food and other things.

Although it was a combat system, there was no room to help at all.

But even if it could do it, it was not allowed to do so. Because this would disturb the order of mankind, it was equivalent to cheating.

This was also a very sad thing for 0329.

Because it couldn’t help the host with anything, if it did, this kind of cheating behavior would cause the host to be marked with karma by the law, affecting his luck and merit.

So 0329 couldn’t do anything.

It could only chat with the host and cook delicious food for the host.

But any human could do these things. So it was really useless, 0329 thought in frustration.

Until they arrived at their temporary residence, 0329 was still very sad.

This was a residential building. After 0329 detected that there were no zombies, he brought the host in.

After Xi Xun came in, 0329 let him sit on the bed.

Then 0329 went to move the water up, and then used clean water to clean the edge of the wound for the host, and then a little bit of medicine. He exhaled while taking the medicine, and comforted: “It will be fine in a while. Host, endure it first, the pain will disappear soon.”

Xi Xun leaned lazily on the head of the bed, he didn’t seem to be in pain at all.

In fact, it was very painful.

However, Xi Xun had a little problem that was not known to anyone.

That is, the more it hurts, the more it can stimulate the desire to kill in his body. Therefore, Xi Xun rarely let himself be injured. He was afraid that once he was injured, that strong desire to kill would make him kill everyone.

At this time, 0329 became a human form and gave Xi Xun medicine.

0329 felt that its small body was not very convenient.

Xi Xun kept looking down at 0329, and 0329’s gaze was all on Xi Xun’s injured palm. It dealt with the wound very seriously, not noticing that the host had been looking at itself.

After 0329 tied the gauze, it finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The building was out of power, and 0329 used its own energy to turn on the air conditioner. Although it was a bit wasteful to consume energy because of this kind of thing, 0329 still felt that the host could be a little more comfortable in this way.

After all, it’s too hot, and it’s not good for the host’s wound.

“How old are you?” Xi Xun asked suddenly.

0329 blinked when it heard the words, and said, “According to our system calendar, I am now 50 million years old. What about the host?”


0329 froze for a moment, it said in a daze: “The host is still a baby?”


0329’s brows frowned suddenly.

Immediately afterward, it put the host’s hand away carefully and then ran out.

Xi Xun didn’t know what it ran off to do.

When 0329 came back, it was holding a fairy tale book in its hand, which Chen Bing had given it before.

When 0329 got into bed, it said to the host: “Let me tell you a story, host. When I was young, my teacher used to tell me stories. At that time, I was injured in training and split half of my body, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I listened to the story.”

Xi Xun’s eyelashes drooped slightly to hide the emotion in his eyes, and he said, “Okay.”

0329 was very happy, it let the host rest on its leg, then opened the storybook and began to tell the story seriously.

In fact, the rhythm of 0329’s storytelling was very bad.

It was very serious, and the tone would not fluctuate with the plot. If other people heard it, they would find it very boring.

But Xi Xun listened quietly with his eyes closed.

In this way, 0329 talked for about two hours, and when the story was finished and it was ready to change to a new book, it found that the host in its arms unconsciously fell asleep.

Seeing this, 0329 naturally couldn’t continue anymore.

It was afraid of waking up the host.

0329 carefully closed the book, and then changed back to the body without disturbing the host, holding the host and closing its eyes. However, it did not enter a dormant state, because then the host would be in danger.

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