Chapter 31 – Xi Xun’s Killing Intent

At that time, 0329 was sitting on the host’s lap watching this scene.

It had some little doubts.

In the world of the system, there was no such thing as ‘respecting the elderly and loving the young’. Because the system would not be old, there was only a distinction between seniors and younger generations. And the predecessors were naturally powerful systems, and the younger generation didn’t need to give way at all.

So it didn’t quite understand what the couple meant.

And the last thing it didn’t understand was that it didn’t feel like there was a baby in that human’s belly. The system’s eyes were similar to x-rays, and even more thorough than x-rays.

And that pregnant woman didn’t have a baby in her belly.

‘Isn’t the human baby in the belly? But senior brother once said that human babies are all in their stomachs.’

This made 0329 suddenly ponder.

Just as 0329 was thinking, its body was suddenly covered by a shadow, and then the bun that 0329 was holding in its hand was bitten by Xi Xun, and the bun was only one-third of it in an instant!

0329’s eyes widened, and it didn’t dare to be distracted anymore.

It carefully covered its own bun, then quickly ate it.

It was planning to think about it after eating.

Otherwise, when it finished thinking, the bun would definitely be eaten by the host long ago!

Seeing that the little system started eating its bun and stopped staring at the other side, Xi Xun faintly retracted his gaze, then stretched out his hand and carried 0329, who had gradually moved to his calf in an attempt to hide away, back again.

0329 had no way to hide, so it had to take a big bite and eat the rest in an instant.

But 0329 choked.

Xi Xun was amused by 0329’s appearance and handed it a bottle of water.

0329 quickly took it and finished drinking.

After drinking it, 0329 let out a long sigh. It was a little lost about the steamed stuffed bun that it had just eaten in one bite. 0329 liked to keep the food and eat it slowly, so that it could enjoy its delicious taste for a longer time.

And just when 0329 was sad, a bun appeared in front of it.

It was in Xi Xun’s hand, and it already had Xi Xun’s bite.

0329 naturally didn’t dislike it. It quickly took the host’s hand and took a bite of the bun, and then ate it like a little hamster. The corners of Xi Xun’s mouth were slightly raised, and then he took a casual bite.

But he would feed 0329 from time to time.

And 0329 was also attentively waiting for the host’s feeding, as long as the host’s arm fell, it hurriedly took a bite of the bun. After going back and forth, 0329 forgot to pay attention to the outside things, and only the delicious bun was left in its eyes.

At this time, the situation on the side of the little couple had also escalated.

After the middle-aged couple finished scolding, the young couple was suddenly a little overwhelmed and a little ashamed. They were even thinking of letting them borrow it. But in the end, reason prevailed.

This was the only transportation they had.

Without this motorcycle, they would have to go back on foot. If it would just make them tired, it would be fine, but what if they encountered zombies on the way, they’d really die.

So Xu Lei gritted his teeth and said, “No, you can’t borrow it.”

The girl hugged her boyfriend’s arm in fear.

The middle-aged couple’s eyes suddenly became ruthless when they saw that the two teenagers were not willing. The next second, they suddenly took out lime from their pockets and sprinkled it on Xu Lei and his girlfriend, and then the convoy that had been parked on the left also rushed over as if they had received some signal.

Xu Lei’s spirit had been highly tense because of the zombies during this period of time, so when the couple sprinkled lime, he quickly turned his head and avoided it. And it was when he dodged that he received a heavy stick on his body.

“Xu Lei!” the girl cried.

This team was actually a group. They knew that many people would come to kill zombies to earn points, so these people were waiting here, specifically to grab the eyes of zombies and kill people.

But they also knew how to choose people, for fear of kicking the iron plate.

For example, the kind of good people, they would choose them first, because the more kind, the easier it was to b*lly them.

Because this kind of person was bound by moral concepts in their heart.

Even if it was unsuccessful at that time, if you kneel on the ground and beg to show that you have a pregnant woman on your side, the other party would choose to let them go.

They had already killed many people in this way.

“Host.” 0329 turned its head and looked at the host, as if he wanted to ask the host if he wanted to help.

Xi Xun still ate the meat bun indifferently, as if he hadn’t seen what was happening outside.

Xi Xun hated humans very much, this was not just talking casually.

At this time, the young couple whose kindness was rewarded by hatred was similar to Xi Xun’s previous reincarnations. No one liked the scene where every time they saved someone, they were rewarded with betrayal by the saved human beings.

What’s more, his dozens of reincarnations had the same ending.

Xi Xun didn’t hold a grudge, but it was true that he didn’t have a good impression of all human beings.

For example, the young couple now.

If they survived, would they still choose to give food to the couple next time they faced the situation? Definitely not anymore, this was only one time.

In fact, Xi Xun had also seen this young couple from his previous dozens of reincarnations.

After all, the development of the world was different in every world. This young couple sometimes died early, but occasionally they could live to the end.

And the pupils of their eyes facing Xi Xun also showed the same thing as always.

It was fear.

So they also acquiesced to the killing of Xi Xun. Like most of the silent people, they all acquiesced to Xi Xun being burned to death.

Even if Xi Xun was the savior who saved the world.

Of course, any normal person would be scared when they saw this pair of eyes, and Xi Xun had no emotions about it.

But he would not save humans anymore.

He watched the world coldly. If it hadn’t been for a small system that suddenly appeared in this life, Xi Xun would have killed everyone long ago.  Help? That’s impossible.

If 0329 were not by his side at this time, he might have killed everyone outside because he got annoyed.

But he didn’t want to scare this little system.

After all, it called him an angel every day. Although Xi Xun didn’t know why it thought he was a good person, Xi Xun liked the adoring look in the little system’s eyes every time it looked at him.

So Xi Xun just ignored the scene outside.

But at this moment, a long knife appeared in front of Xi Xun, and the long knife went straight towards 0329. Xi Xun held the blade almost instinctively, and the bright red blood dripped down the blade drop by drop.

0329 was stunned for a while.

The man holding the long knife was also taken aback. He didn’t expect anyone to catch the blade directly. He originally wanted to kill the brothers, after all, Xi Xun was the only adult here, and they were easy to kill. After killing them, all the supplies in the car would be his own.

But unexpectedly, the knife was stopped before it could stab the child.

At this time, he was not aware of the danger.

Xi Xun stood up slowly from the car, and as for 0329, Xi Xun placed it in the co-pilot.

“Host!” 0329 subconsciously wanted to follow.

“Wait here,” Xi Xun gave a cold order, and then the door was closed.

The next second, the man was sent flying by Xi Xun’s kick, and the blood-stained knife fell to the ground. At this time, everyone else also looked at Xi Xun, and when they saw Xi Xun’s cold eyes, everyone shuddered.

Including the young couple who had been beaten to the ground, there was also an uncontrollable fear from the bottom of their hearts when they saw this scene.

These people rushed over when they saw it.

The result was obvious, the person who rushed over first had all his ribs crushed by Xi Xun’s foot, and then Xi Xun raised his foot and directly crushed that person’s head!

It was really crushed!

This terrible and bloody scene made everyone’s eyes widen. They seemed to feel that death was coming towards them step by step, and everyone was so frightened that they couldn’t move a step and completely froze in place, like falling into the cold abyss of hell.

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