Chapter 30 – This Kind Man

The points system in the safe zone was still very useful. With points as bait, many people were willing to take risks to kill zombies in exchange for points to survive, because it was really too little to give a steamed bun for a day of building a wall.

Not to mention men, even women couldn’t eat enough and could only barely live.

Not to mention that most people brought old people and children, so they could only choose to kill zombies. And this was also the result that the safe zone wanted, otherwise no one would kill the zombies, and sooner or later, this place would fall by relying only on the army’s bullets.

Because most people chose to kill zombies, a lot of zombies died outside the safe zone.

And four or five thousand people have died so far.

Although there were at least 100,000 zombies in the entire city center of City B, this was obviously not enough.

“Host, it’s almost noon,” 0329 said to Xi Xun.


“Where are we going?”

“To the town.”

Now there were still scattered zombies on the periphery of the safe zone. Most people chose to kill one or two and quickly returned to the safe zone, fearing that they would be discovered by the zombies if they stayed farther away.

Xi Xun didn’t like the existence of others in his own territory.

So he went to a place with many zombies.

It’s also interesting to say that since the outbreak of the end times, Xi Xun has brought the system to the safe zone, and only about 4,000 zombies have died outside the safe zone. Among them, more than 2,000 zombies were killed by Xi Xun himself, and the remaining 2,000 were killed by tens of thousands of people in the safe zone.

It took more than half a month for tens of thousands of people to kill two thousand zombies.

Moreover, in the process of killing zombies, thousands of them were scratched or bitten to death by the zombies normally, resulting in the killing of the two thousand zombies but not lessening their numbers and even adding more teammates to the zombie group.

If this continued, this safe zone would have to fall sooner or later.

Xi Xun didn’t want to change places for the time being, he was more satisfied with his current life. Such as sitting on a swing every day and watching the little system make bamboo dragonflies seriously, or studying recipes.

That being the case, he intended to clear the surrounding zombies.

In this way, this safe zone would not fall for at least a month.

The car quickly reached the vicinity of the town.

The road was very smooth. There were no abandoned cars or corpses that fell on the road blocking it. Obviously, the safe zone burned all the corpses and the cars were disposed of.

This was a smarter approach, otherwise, it would be very troublesome later.


There were a lot of zombies in the town, probably tens of thousands or so. It can be seen that some people in the town did not escape, so at least thirty or forty percent of the whole town turned into zombies.

This was a huge number.

“Wait for me here,” Xi Xun said lightly while unbuttoning his seat belt.

“Host, let me go with you!” 0329 said.

“No, wait here.”

0329 thought the host didn’t want to put itself in danger. This moved 0329 very much. It nodded solemnly, indicating that it would obediently wait for the host here!

After that, Xi Xun got out of the car and left.

It’s just that the difference this time is that he blocked the car, which Xi Xun would not have done before.

0329 was a little bored.

It looked at the window for a while, and then decided to sleep for a while.

And this waiting lasted for about seven or eight hours.

Xi Xun never came back.

Several cars stopped nearby to rest, 0329 looked at them curiously.

This should be a convoy, about a dozen people.

After looking at it for a while, 0329 retracted its gaze without interest. It was already evening at this time, and 0329 began to be a little anxious. Fortunately, at this moment, 0329 heard familiar footsteps!

Xi Xun opened the car door and 0329 immediately hugged him.

“Host, you are finally back!”

Xi Xun paused slightly, and then he slowly hugged the little white ball.

“Host, are you not hurt?”


At this moment, a voice came from the back: “That, I put the things here.”

When 0329 looked back, it found that it was from an eighteen or nineteen-year-old boy.

The young man was quite handsome, and beside him was a pretty girl with a ponytail. The girl was about the same age as him, and it seemed that they were a small couple.

They met Xi Xun by chance when they were also killing zombies.

Xu Lei was a physical education student. Although he was slightly clumsy in killing zombies, he had a lot of strength. It just so happened that Xi Xun didn’t like to gouge zombie eyes since it was too dirty, so Xu Lei and his girlfriend got the job.

And Xu Lei was excited when he heard that there was such a good thing.

He had been out for a day, but he only managed to kill one zombie, and he was almost scratched while doing so.

Now he didn’t have to risk killing zombies, he could get the reward of one eye per five zombies, Xu Lei naturally agreed. Originally, Xu Lei wanted his girlfriend to wait for him by the side, he was afraid that his girlfriend would be afraid of this.

But the girl was determined to be with her boyfriend.

Although it was really scary to dig zombie’s eyes, the girl didn’t want her boyfriend to bear everything alone. She couldn’t help much by killing zombies with a little strength, but she could still do this!

So Xu Lei and his girlfriend dug zombie eyes together.

It was disgusting at first, but there was no such feeling of nausea later, because they couldn’t lift their tired hands anymore.

They couldn’t even keep up with Xi Xun’s speed in killing zombies.

Inside this big bag were all zombie eyes, a total of 800 zombie eyes. Four hundred of them were dug by Xi Xun’s own hands, because their speed was too slow, Xi Xun didn’t want to delay for too long, so he did it himself.

The main reason was that he had been out for too long.

Xu Lei and his girlfriend were also paid for a total of 20 eyes, which meant that they could finally have a good meal and take a break when they returned to the base.

At this moment, the other convoy resting on the side stared at Xi Xun’s side, or at his big bag of zombie’s eyes.

But this convoy was a temporary convoy, and people were not united.

So although there were not many people on Xi Xun’s side, they still didn’t dare to act rashly.

Xu Lei took his girlfriend to the side and sat down to eat something.

He brought his girlfriend here on a motorcycle because he didn’t have a car and couldn’t drive.

When 0329 saw them eating, it remembered that the host hadn’t eaten yet.

So 0329 hurriedly took out the meat buns that it had brought out in the morning, handed them to the host, and said, “Host, eat quickly.”

The meat buns were made by 0329 itself. The skin of the buns was very soft, and the meat was also very fragrant to eat. Even if 0329 kept the meat buns in the small refrigerator, it didn’t affect the taste much.

Xi Xun didn’t take the meat buns first.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, he first picked up 0329 and put it on his lap, then took the meat buns and took a bite.

“Is it delicious?” 0329 asked expectantly.


When the others saw the meat buns in Xi Xun’s hand, they couldn’t help swallowing.

“This kind person, can you give us one?” A couple in their fifties came over with a pregnant woman, but the stomach looked a little weird.

These people belonged to that convoy.

Xi Xun didn’t even lift his eyelids.

Upon seeing this, the couple hurriedly continued: “My daughter-in-law is pregnant, please give us one.”

This scene made anyone look a little unbearable.

But Xi Xun still didn’t have any expression, he only gave a faint word: “Get lost.”

The faces of the couple changed, including the pregnant woman. The middle-aged couple originally wanted to make trouble, but when they saw Xi Xun’s cold eyes, they were shocked. The intuition of danger made them subconsciously a little scared and they all retreated.

But they didn’t stop, but went to the young couple and asked in the same way.

Xu Lei and his girlfriend didn’t have much food either.

But seeing that the other party was pregnant, they hesitated for a long time and gave it.

The middle-aged couple thanked them again and again, and Xu Lei and his girlfriend said ‘you’re welcome’ awkwardly.

But the scene that happened afterward made Xu Lei dumbfounded.

An hour or two later, the middle-aged couple came over again with their pregnant daughter-in-law and said, “Young man, little girl, you have such a good heart, can you lend us this motorcycle? Our car is out of gas.”

“This… this is not good, we have to go back too.”

The middle-aged couple’s complexion suddenly changed, and they said sharply: “Didn’t you see that my daughter-in-law is pregnant?! You want to kill pregnant a woman?! Young people nowadays are really getting more and more selfish and vicious!”

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