Chapter 29 – No Pain

“Not hungry,” Xi Xun replied.

0329 tilted its head and seemed a little puzzled. Fortunately, there were still two unfinished coke chicken wings on the table. 0329 picked up the chopsticks and directly picked a chicken wing up and fed them to the host.

And Xi Xun did not refuse.

This made 0329 even more determined that the host was not not hungry, but just wanted to leave the delicious food to itself. He didn’t have a good attitude towards itself before, maybe it was because he didn’t know itself well!

That’s right, if you encounter a stranger, you will also be on guard.

Thinking of this, 0329 suddenly hugged Xi Xun with emotion.

Xi Xun didn’t know what the little system’s sudden action was for. He raised his eyebrows, but did not refuse, and took advantage of the situation and hugged it, taking 0329 back to the bedroom.

The master bedroom was decorated in a very stylish and warm way.

0329 sat on the bed, blinked at the host, and said, “Host? There is still one chicken wing left, don’t you want to eat it?” Why did you suddenly come to the bedroom while eating?

“Stop eating.”

0329 nodded, then it would eat it as a midnight snack later!

Otherwise, what a waste ah.

And just when 0329 was still wandering and thinking about it, Xi Xun had already undressed and went to bed, looking like he was going to sleep.

0329 glanced at the host for a while, then crawled over.

Immediately afterward, Xi Xun felt that 0329 was poking himself, and Xi Xun slowly opened his eyes.

0329 looked at the host and said, “Host, are you going to sleep?”


“But it’s only eight o’clock now.” 0329 remembered that the rest time of humans was not so early.


“Oh.” 0329 nodded, and then said, “Then go to sleep, I’m going out.” After speaking, 0329 was about to jump out of bed and leave, but it was pulled back by the host before it could leave.

Xi Xun ordered coldly: “You sleep too.”

“But I have enough energy now, and I don’t want to sleep for the time being.” 0329 still wanted to go out and play with the little goldfish for a while. It liked the eyes of the little goldfish, they looked weird.

0329 had been doing tasks for so many years, and it rarely came into contact with living things.

Such as humans, such as animals, etc.

So it was very curious about everything in the human world.

Xi Xun stopped talking, he just stared at 0329 quietly. Xi Xun’s eyes gave people a strong sense of oppression. Although 0329 could not understand humans, it also felt a bit scared.

So after a short silence, it buried itself in the host’s chest in frustration, ready to sleep with the host.

‘Forget it, let’s go and have a look tomorrow.’

‘Anyway, the little goldfish can’t run.’

Seeing that 0329 had compromised, Xi Xun withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes. His hand caressed the little system in his arms, and the slightly bent knees represented Xi Xun’s good mood at this time.

“Zhuo,” Xi Xun suddenly said his name.

0329 didn’t react at first, because only the teacher and the senior brother called it this way, and the rest of the system called each other’s numbers. It took a minute for it to react instantly. It immediately got up and lay on the host’s chest and looked at him, and said, “Is the host calling me?”


0329 happily said, “What is the host calling me for?”

“I remember you said before that you can become a human form when you are full,” Xi Xun looked at it and said.

“Hmm!” 0329 nodded its little head.

“How long can it last?”

“It can only last up to two hours at a time! But the human form is too energy consuming and can’t be changed often, my injuries are not yet repaired, I have to repair them first.” When it came to this, 0329’s tone was very low.

It was not afraid of injury, after all, as a combat system, it had often been injured before. The previous battle was different from this time. If 0329 guessed correctly, even if he repaired it himself, he would leave a lot of mottled scars.

It was disfigured by 0178, which is the most uncomfortable point for 0329.

“Hurt?” Xi Xun frowned.


“What kind of injury?” Xi Xun asked.

0329 was a little confused, it remembered that it had told the host, especially when it first met him, it had said it several times. It seemed that the host’s memory was not very good, so 0329 patiently said it again.

But at this time, 0329 didn’t know that it was not because of Xi Xun’s poor memory.

But at that time, he didn’t care about 0329, so he didn’t listen carefully to what it said.

After listening to what happened to 0329, Xi Xun’s eyes sank slightly.

Especially when he remembered that the first time they met, he seemed to have kicked it. Listening to 0329 now, it was seriously injured at that time. Xi Xun’s eyelashes were partly closed, this was generally a sign that Xi Xun was in a slightly unpleasant mood.

Although he himself didn’t know why he was unhappy.

“Does the injury still hurt now?”

“Systems don’t feel pain, but I’m much better now, almost 3% repaired!”


0329 looked at the host who was slightly distracted, it thought the host was tired, so it said sweetly: “Host, let’s rest.”



Because there were still points on hand, Xi Xun could temporarily stop killing zombies. So Xi Xun and 0329 spent the past few days in the villa. 0329 was either playing with the little goldfish every day or making bamboo dragonflies for the host.

As for Xi Xun?

He would sit on the swing every day and watch 0329 play. He didn’t look bored at all. People who didn’t know might think that the end of the world did not come when they saw this scene.

Because Xi Xun and 0329 didn’t live like they were in the end times.

Both relaxed and natural.

Just like before the end of the world, simple and warm.

Until the points ran out. If he didn’t have any points, he naturally had to kill zombies, otherwise, there was no way to feed the small system, so Xi Xun decided to go out. 0329 also did not go out for a few days, hearing this, it was also very excited.

Although only seven or eight days had passed, there were already tens of thousands more survivors in the entire safe zone.

Everyone was in a mess, with unease and panic on their faces.

Because the safe zone would give bonus points for killing zombies, so many zombies around died, which also let the safe zone expand a bit outside, but it was still very crowded.

Xi Xun’s car was waiting in line at the exit.

“Host, let’s stop by and look for snacks again?” 0329 proposed.

“Want to eat?” Xi Xun looked at the small system and asked.


Xi Xun did not answer, but only touched 0329, which was regarded as acquiescence.

It took half an hour before Xi Xun’s car finally went out.

It’s just that as soon as they went out, a woman appeared in front of Xi Xun’s car waving her arms, as if she wanted Xi Xun to stop and take her. And this person was none other than Song Qing.

After not seeing her for a while, Song Qing became more beautiful than before, even if she was in a mess and her face was still dirty. But instead of making her look dirty, she had a kind of fragile beauty.

This kind of fragility could stimulate people’s desire to protect, especially for men.

If a normal person saw her, they would definitely stop subconsciously.

But she misjudged Xi Xun.

Xi Xun was not a normal person, he was completely at odds with the word good person.

So he didn’t stop at all, as if there was no one in front of the car. If Song Qing hadn’t avoided at the last critical moment, she might have been hit directly.

Even if she didn’t die at that time, she would be crippled.

Song Qing’s face turned pale, and at the same time, she was a little embarrassed and angry. Because she really didn’t expect Xi Xun to be so cruel! She thought Xi Xun would stop in the end, just like the plot of the male and female protagonists in the novel, there would be a turning point at the last second.

After all, if the heroine died, how could the story continue?

But Xi Xun really didn’t stop!

It was as if she was just an ordinary passerby, even if she was killed, she deserved it.

This thought made Song Qing’s face a little distorted.

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