Chapter 28 – Is the host not hungry?

All kinds of food had been bought, and the next step was naturally to return to its new home with the host!

Not to mention, the new home was particularly beautiful.

In addition to its small pond, a small pavilion, a rockery, etc., there was also a swing and a small grove for cooling off. Looking at it from a distance, it gave people a sense of amazement, and there was a kind of tranquility like living in seclusion in the forest.

This was just one of the villas in the villa area.

The decoration design of each villa here was actually different. They were all designed and fully furnished by famous designers. If the end of the world didn’t come, this high-end villa suburban community would probably become a symbol of nobility.

It’s a pity that the end of the world came without warning.

0329 liked the decoration layout of this villa very much, whether it was outside or inside.

Xi Xun was not as excited as 0329.

He casually put all the food such as small ribs in the refrigerator and then inserted the point card in. The villa was instantly powered on, Xi Xun picked up the remote control to turn on the air conditioner, and then went upstairs to take a shower.

After so many times of rebirth, in fact, Xi Xun lived here every time.

But it’s not this villa.

He used to live in another slightly cold and depressing villa. According to Xi Xun’s previous personality, he would still live in the villa he prefers. Because there was no messy superfluous decoration, there were no ponds and fish in the ponds.

Xi Xun didn’t like that there were strange things in his territory.

Even a domestic goldfish.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes, 0329 just took a fancy to this building.

At this time, 0329 naturally didn’t know what the host was thinking. It lay on the edge of the small pond and watched the little goldfish for a long time, thinking about whether to fish it out and cook fish for the host to eat.

The little goldfish did not notice the danger and continued to swim slowly.

In the end, 0329 decided to make pork ribs first. It wanted to eat sweet and sour ribs for a long time!

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When Xi Xun came out after taking a shower, what he saw was the scene of 0329 in the human form working seriously in the kitchen.

0329 even put on a piggy apron neatly.

This was completely inconsistent with its serious and cold face, and the contrast made 0329 very cute.

Xi Xun casually pulled over a dining chair and sat down to look at the small system.

“Host!” When 0329 finished cooking the small ribs and brought them out, he found that the host had been sitting in the dining room quietly waiting for itself.

At this time, 0329 had already prepared today’s dinner.

Not only did it prepare the original sweet and sour pork ribs, it also made cola chicken wings and rice. 0329 brought it up one by one, then picked up a piece and handed it to the host, looking expectantly: “Host, see if it’s delicious!”

Xi Xun looked at the small ribs in front of him and opened his mouth slightly and took a bite.

“How is it?”

“Not bad.” It was really good.

For some reason, only the food made by the system tasted delicious. If it was other food, whether it was made by Xi Xun or made by others, there was only one taste in Xi Xun’s mouth.

It was the taste of decay and mold, which was extremely disgusting.

However, Xi Xun had long been accustomed to that taste, and even if he encountered this delicious food, he could restrain it. Although desire would keep clamoring, Xi Xun never gave in to his own desires.

He didn’t like to be controlled, by desire in particular.

Seeing that the host really liked it, 0329 suddenly bent its eyes, although nothing could be seen from its eyes that only had a faint blue light.

0329 changed back to its original body and prepared to eat.

Cola chicken wings were the best, but there were not many. 0329 only made six. It knew that the host ate a lot, so it was planning to eat two by itself and the host could eat four.

0329 was trying very hard to control its food intake.

It decided to eat more rice if it was hungry, and just now, it made a little more rice.

It’s just that the planning was easy but it was difficult to implement.

While eating, 0329 glanced at the ribs and chicken wings on the plate, its eyes glued to it. But it couldn’t eat anymore, so 0329 had to reluctantly withdraw its gaze.

“Do you eat bones, too?” Xi Xun found that the small system hadn’t spit out bones.

0329 nodded, it was very hungry. Although the bones were not converted into energy much, and it was a bit difficult to digest, it could be eaten after all. 0329 didn’t want to waste it.

Xi Xun frowned.

He stretched out his hand slightly and said to 0329: “Spit it out.”

For a moment, 0329 looked at the host, and then silently spit out the bone into the palm of the host. 0329’s food was very clean as if it was deboned by a machine, there was no meat on it.

It could be seen how much 0329 liked the small ribs cooked by itself.

Xi Xun put the remaining small ribs in front of 0329, and said calmly: “Eat.”

0329 froze for a while.

It looked at the host carefully, and then hesitated: “But that belongs to the host.”

“It’s okay.”

Seeing that the host really didn’t seem to be unhappy, 0329 immediately happily picked up the rest of the small ribs and started eating them. And during this time, Xi Xun kept squinting down at the little system.

After 0329 ate three bowls of rice and a plate of small ribs, 0329 had a little burp.

“Host, I’m full!”


“Hmm!” After speaking, 0329 looked at the host, blinked suspiciously, and said, “Host, you just had a few bites, aren’t you hungry?”

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