Chapter 27 – I think so

The house was already there and the next step was to buy some food.

Xi Xun took 0329 to the supermarket.

0329 was held by the host, and it looked around curiously. There were a lot of people in the supermarket, but only the cheap area had the most people, and the fresh area had very few people.

Mainly because people couldn’t afford it, especially meat.

For example, a catty of small ribs required 50 points, a catty of pork required 35 points, and beef and mutton were the same prices as small ribs. Now many people couldn’t even afford to eat and naturally couldn’t afford these, so there were no other customers in this area except Xi Xun and 0329.

“Host, shall we buy some of this?” 0329 pointed to the freezer.

Seeing that 0329’s saliva was about to flow out, Xi Xun responded casually, and then put the catty of small ribs that 0329 liked into the shopping cart.

0329’s eyes lit up suddenly.

It boasted happily to the host: “Host, I’ll go back and make you sweet and sour pork ribs! If you buy other meat, I will make you meat buns to eat, I can do all of these! I searched my small storage two days ago and found a recipe. That was the recipe given to me by the food system next door. It said it was very delicious!”

Xi Xun seemed to smile and said, “Okay.”

0329 giggled happily and then continued to look at the other ingredients.

Xi Xun wasn’t stingy with these things.

No matter what ingredients 0329 wanted, he bought them, he still had 350 points left. Even if it was all spent, just kill some zombies again later.

However, 0329 was still very much practical, and it did not pick too expensive things.

After all, you still have to live afterward, you can’t spend all the points at once. So this time, in addition to the catty of small ribs, 0329 also bought a catty of pork and a bag of chicken wings.

The price of the chicken wings was the same as pork, and it was still acceptable.

Then 0329 chose a small bag of rice, as well as some vegetables, such as potatoes.

It was determined to show its cooking skills to the host!

Xi Xun also let it go.

0329 was thinking while looking at the two rows of ingredients in the front, Xi Xun followed slowly behind, until 0329 finished picking all the ingredients, Xi Xun raised his eyebrows and said, “No more?”

0329 nodded solemnly, ‘these are enough.’

Xi Xun nodded.

Then he picked up 0329 and was ready to check out.

But when Xi Xun passed by the ice cream freezer, Xi Xun bought a chocolate ice cream for the small system. Because 0329 actually glanced at the ice cream freezer several times when it was just shopping, but in the end, it reluctantly retracted its gaze.

0329 looked at the ice cream in front of it, it was taken aback and was a little surprised.

“Eat it,” Xi Xun said.

0329 was immediately moved because the host not only bought it ice cream but also bought a bucket of ice cream. The price of ice cream was 1 point, and the bucket of ice cream was slightly more expensive, 3 points.

But even so, no normal person would waste points on it.

“Hello, a total of 210 points,” the staff said.

Xi Xun gave the card to the other party, and after the other party finished drawing, he handed it to Xi Xun. Xi Xun put it in his pocket at will, then left the supermarket with the system in one hand and things in the other.

0329 hasn’t spoken since Xi Xun bought ice cream for it. Xi Xun thought something was wrong with the small system, but when he looked at it, he found that 0329 was staring at him in a daze.

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes when he saw this, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

0329 recovered a little, it lowered its voice and said, “Host.”

“Hmm?” Xi Xun also cooperated with 0329.

“Host, you must be a real angel, right?”

Xi Xun’s eyebrows moved slightly, he looked at the small system, and then whispered, “Oh? What do you think?”

“I think so,” 0329 said seriously.

Xi Xun chuckled softly, that smile was different from the previous smile, and it had a weird meaning. He stroked 0329 slightly, but a trace of darkness flashed across his eyes.

0329 was still distracted, until Xi Xun reminded it that the ice cream would melt if it didn’t eat it, 0329 recovered in annoyance.

It almost forgot this!

It was noon at this time, and summer was already very hot. Not to mention the inability to have an electric fan, people were forced to be exposed to the sun. Many people couldn’t stand this exposure, so when they saw a child still eating ice cream in the end times, 0329 instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

But most people dared not have other thoughts.

A man who was not afraid of death originally wanted to come up because he saw Xi Xun still holding a bag of supplies similar to food in his hand. But at that moment, he was glanced at by Xi Xun, and that look made the man stiff as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. An inexplicable fear enveloped him in an instant, making him tremble and unable to move.

Until Xi Xun had already left, the man was still trembling in place.

Even the pants were soaked in urine.

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