Chapter 26 – Who’s better?

Under the warm moonlight, one person sat on the grass and carefully fed the other person. This scene was very beautiful, like a good picture scroll, and people couldn’t bear to disturb it.

“Host, are you full?” 0329 looked at the noodles and asked.


“I haven’t eaten yet, can I eat the rest?” 0329 said a little embarrassed.


After getting the host’s consent, 0329 was immediately very happy. There was only one-fifth of the noodles left in the bowl. 0329 had long been greedy, but he just dared not say it.

But when 0329 was about to eat by itself, Xi Xun spoke, and he said, “Come here.”

“Host?” 0329 looked at Xi Xun puzzledly.

Xi Xun took the bowl over, then motioned to 0329 to come over, saying he would feed it.

0329 was flattered.

It quickly turned into a small ball waiting to be fed.

Xi Xun’s hand paused for a while, he looked at the little white ball in front of him, and said indifferently: “Out of power again?”

0329 nodded.

Xi Xun didn’t say anything. He put 0329 on his lap to feed, and while feeding, he said, “How many days till you can transform into a human form again?”

“If I eat well every day, once every two or three days at the earliest,” 0329 thought.


Xi Xun fed the rest of the noodles to 0329. After 0329 finished eating, it became a little sleepy. It hugged the host and began to sleep. 0329 was a system, as long as it was turned off and dormant, it couldn’t wake up, and it couldn’t hear the outside world.

Xi Xun glanced at the small system in his arms.

He put 0329 back in the car, and then put all the other things 0329 put on the lawn in.

Then Xi Xun himself got in the car and prepared to go to sleep.

It was just that before going to bed, Xi Xun picked up the 0329 he had just put in the co-pilot and put it in his arms again, and then completely closed his eyes to sleep.

The next day.

Because it was summer, the eyes of the three hundred zombies killed by Xi Xun last night must be exchanged for points as quickly as possible, otherwise, they would rot soon. So early in the morning, Xi Xun drove back to the safe area and exchanged six hundred eyes.

The security zone gave Xi Xun a point card.

Only those with more than 50 points would be issued a card, but it was still far short of the target of 3,500 points. Of course, this was only in the eyes of others.

Because it was very difficult for most people to kill one or two zombies.

Not to mention digging their eyes.

“Host, do we have to continue?” 0329 asked.


It’s just that this time Xi Xun didn’t leave the safe area directly, but suddenly stopped Father Chen in a low voice before leaving. At that time, Father Chen was about to sign up to build a wall, planning to work for a day in exchange for a steamed bun, when he ran into Xi Xun and his brother.

Originally, Father Chen was a bit doubtful, but after hearing Xi Xun’s words, he was stunned.

Xi Xun meant to borrow their car.

In other words, Xi Xun planned to kill the zombies, but he didn’t like the zombies’ eyes soiling his car, so he had to use Father Chen’s car to transport it back to the safe area. If Father Chen was willing, then he would be paid with two zombies.

In other words, Father Chen was given four points without doing anything.

This was naturally a great surprise for the Chen family! Because this was equivalent to receiving two steamed buns for free, if Father Chen killed a few more zombies by the way, then a dozen points would not be a problem.

So, in the end, Father Chen agreed with great excitement.

Xi Xun expected that Father Chen would agree, so he was not surprised.

Father Chen took Lin Jun with him.

However, at the beginning, it was said to transport the eyes of the zombies, but later it became that Xi Xun killed the zombies in front, while Father Chen and Lin Jun took the eyes of the zombies in the back.

Because this speed was the fastest, and it didn’t dirty Xi Xun.

And Xi Xun’s reward was naturally very high, each person’s reward was five zombies. With this motivation, Father Chen and Lin Jun suddenly didn’t feel tired and disgusted!

They were becoming more and more motivated.

But human resources were limited. Even if they did it fast, they were digging the eyes of zombies after all. It’s good to be able to dig one or two hundred a day. You must know that their daggers are blunt. So later, when Father Chen tentatively asked Xi Xun if he could find a few more people to do it together, after Xi Xun agreed, Father Chen hurriedly went to find it.

Among them was the couple who exchanged eggs with 0329 before.

They had to raise children, and one steamed bun a day was simply not enough, so the husband hurriedly came when he heard about this opportunity.

“He’s amazing,” a man sighed.

Yes, Xi Xun was really strong, he himself killed 500 zombies a day without blinking. That arrow seemed alive in his hand, and it could kill several zombies in an instant.

It was daunting and terrifying.

Yesterday, Xi Xun killed 800 zombies at once, and there was no way to transport them back if he killed more, so Xi Xun stopped. The people in the safe zone thought it was done by a team, so it was not surprising, but what they didn’t know was that Xi Xun killed all these zombies by himself.

This young man was really a bit scary.

But they were all relying on Xi Xun to make a living now, so even if they were afraid, they were firmly clutching this opportunity.

In just four days, Xi Xun killed more than two thousand zombies.

Two thousand zombies could be exchanged for four thousand points, so Xi Xun’s 3,500 target points were completed.

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Xi Xun directly exchanged 3,500 points for a villa without blinking.

0329 still liked the one with the small pond very much.

Now, it was very familiar with the host, so 0329 still fought for it a little bit, and said, “Host, can we take the one with the small pond? There’s a small pavilion there! There’s also a rockery and a fountain, it’s very cool.”

Xi Xun did not speak.

0329 didn’t see from his expression that Xi Xun felt impatient, so it tentatively tugged at the corner of his clothes.

Xi Xun finally reacted a little bit.

He looked at 0329 meaningfully and said, “Like it?”

“Hmm!” 0329 nodded frantically.

Xi Xun nodded and said, “Okay, then this one.”

0329 immediately hugged Xi Xun and rubbed hard, and said, “Host, you are so good! I like you so much!”

“Oh? Then who’s better, me or your senior brother?”

“Both are good,” 0329 obediently said.

Xi Xun also smiled, he faintly withdrew the card, and said to the staff: “Change to the one next to it.”

0329 was stunned for a while.

It was in a daze for a moment, and then hurriedly said, “Host, host!”

But Xi Xun was still unmoved.

It wasn’t until 0329 finally thought of something later that it hurriedly said: “It’s the host who is the best!”

Xi Xun then glanced at 0329, who was holding the corner of his clothes.

In the end, Xi Xun naturally changed back to the villa with a small pond. The corners of the staff’s mouth twitched, but now it is the end of the world, and you can’t offend people casually in the end of the world, or you will be killed, so he patiently changed Xi Xun’s villa back.

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