Chapter 25 – Host, I’ll feed you

“Zhuo?” Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed slightly when he heard the name.

0329 nodded obediently.

“Why did you choose this word?” This name obviously didn’t match the character of the small system in front of him.

“I don’t know, the teacher gave it to me,” 0329 blinked.


“Hmm!” 0329 continued: “My teacher is the master of the main system! The teacher only accepted two students, the first one is my senior brother, 0320. Senior brother is very strong. He is now the judge system and will be the main system in the future, and the other one is me.”

“Oh? Is that the senior brother you often talk about?” Xi Xun said in an undiscerning mood.

“No, it’s not.” 0329 shook his head.

After pondering for a while, 0329 didn’t know how to explain its senior brother to the host, because strictly speaking it had two senior brothers. Just when 0329 felt that it was better to start from the beginning so that the host could understand, Xi Xun seemed to see 0329’s thoughts, and said coldly: “Don’t talk about your senior brother, I’m not interested in your senior brother.”

0329 had some regrets.

He thought his senior brother was very interesting, and if the host knew his brother, he would like it as much as itself!

Looking at the dejected 0329, Xi Xun suddenly raised his head, stared at 0329, and said word by word: “It seems that you seem to like your senior brother very much?”

0329 nodded its head like a chicken pecking rice.

Xi Xun’s eyes suddenly became cold, the coldness was so terrifying that anyone here would probably have a cold shiver.

But 0329 was a system, it couldn’t feel this atmosphere.

0329 continued to talk: “Senior brother was very kind to me, and he often coaxed me to play when I was young. When I was young, my senior brother taught me earnestly that small systems could not eat snacks, so I gave all the daily distributed snacks to my senior brother. Senior brother said it would help me keep it until I grow to 100 million years old, and then give it back to me.”

Xi Xun: “……”

Seeing that the host didn’t speak, 0329 just looked at himself in silence, a little unclear, so he said, “What’s the matter? Host?”

“It’s nothing,” Xi Xun said lightly.

It seemed that this small system and its senior brother were not in that kind of relationship. Thinking of this, Xi Xun’s fingers suddenly paused, what was he thinking about? What did this have to do with him?

Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and then withdrew his eyes with disinterest.

0329 didn’t know what the host was thinking again.

It blinked curiously and then continued to eat potato chips.

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After that, Xi Xun was ready to take 0329 and leave the safe zone. Because there were too many people in the safe zone, he didn’t like being crowded with so many people.

0329 naturally had no opinion.

It sat in the car and ate its own potato chips, and from time to time, it would feed the host a bite. The picture could be said to be extremely harmonious.

The car slowly drove out of the safety zone.

0329 stuck out its head and looked outside. At this time, many people were building walls so that the barrier in the safe zone could be made stronger. Among these people were old and young, men and women. This was also a kind of job given to people who couldn’t kill zombies in the safe zone.

If you really can’t kill the zombies, you can use physical strength in exchange for food. You will get two points for such a day of work, which is a steamed bun. Although it was small, at least there was hope of living.

But if you want to live a little better, you still have to kill zombies.

0329 watched for a while.

After about half an hour, it was finally Xi Xun’s car’s turn, and after taking a note handed by the safety zone, Xi Xun drove out directly.

“Host, where are we going?” 0329 raised his head and asked.

“Go east.”

There was a hospital in the east direction, and the residential buildings were also densely built, which was the place with the most zombies. The most important thing was that there were so many zombies in this place, even a convoy of 100 people dared not come here to kill zombies.

That’s why Xi Xun chose this place because it would be cleaner.

0329 nodded.

Xi Xun’s ability to act was very strong, if he said go, he would go straight away.

0329 watched the scenery outside in Xi Xun’s arms, and would let its little hands out of the window to feel the wind from time to time.

“Take it back,” Xi Xun ordered coldly.

“It’s okay host! Even if it’s broken, I can grow it back.” The system’s body-reshaping ability was very fast. 0329 thought the host was worried about itself, so it explained.

“Didn’t you hear me?” Xi Xun said coldly.

Seeing that the host’s expression was cold, 0329 had to take it back silently.

Xi Xun glanced down at 0329, and saw that it was sullen and didn’t say anything, but continued to drive.

At this time, Xi Xun did not notice that the moment he looked down at 0329, someone from another car was also looking at him, but he hurriedly left at that moment, for fear that Xi Xun would find out.

This side.

Xi Xun arrived at his destination soon. He parked his car under a big tree, because it was already night and the sky was gradually dimming.

“You wait here,” Xi Xun said.

“Oh.” 0329 nodded, indicating that it would wait here.

Xi Xun said ‘hmm’ and left.

Looking at the host’s back, 0329 felt a little sad for a while. It didn’t know if it was its illusion, it always felt that the host had been a bit different in the past two days, and his attitude was worse than before.

Did it do something wrong?

After thinking about it for a long time, 0329 couldn’t remember, and in the end, it had to blame itself for eating too much.

‘Let’s eat less next time,’ 0329 thought secretly.

Xi Xun came back three hours later.

When he came back, 0329 was sitting on the grass holding a picture book. This was given to it by Chen Bing before, and 0329 read it with relish. It had also prepared supper, and it was instant noodles.

0329 had been sensing the footsteps of the host.

When it sensed that the host was coming back soon, it hurried down and cracked two eggs.

As for itself, just eat one or two bites.

“Host!” 0329 greeted the host as soon as it saw him coming back.

Xi Xun picked up 0329 and didn’t let it touch him.

Because he was a bit dirty now.

0329 was very lost, it was now convinced that the host hated itself. This made 0329 very uneasy, because it had only been contracted with its host for ten days, and it had not yet fully recovered itself, so if it was abandoned by its host, then it would die.

So, 0329 quickly brought the noodles over and handed them to the host, and said, “Host, I put two eggs for you!”


Xi Xun was just about to take the bowl of noodles but was avoided by 0329. 0329 looked at Xi Xun and said seriously: “Host, you are really working too hard to support me, let me feed you! You take a good rest.”

Xi Xun’s eyes narrowed suddenly.

But the body of 0329 was too small, feeding him was really inconvenient, so 0329 hesitated for a moment and turned into a human form and sat face to face with Xi Xun, so that it could feed the host.

In fact, the human form of 0329 was very good-looking, especially the short silver hair and dark blue eyes.

“Host, okay.” 0329 carefully blew the noodles and fed them to the host.

Xi Xun looked at 0329 for a while, no one knew what he was thinking at the moment, he just stared at 0329.

Only after a long time did he avert his eyes and eat the noodles.

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