Chapter 24 – I like the host so much

It may be that 0329’s gaze was too hot. Xi Xun turned to look at 0329, only to find that the little system had opened its eyes and was staring at him for some time.

0329’s eyes did not blink and looked at the host body curiously.

But at this moment, the host suddenly stopped undressing and only took off his upper clothes. This made 0329 a little confused, it looked at the host in puzzlement and said, “Host?”

That puzzled little look seemed to be saying, ‘Why don’t you take it off?’

0329 still wanted to continue watching.

Although they, systems, could change into human forms, the system body was still a bit different from the human body, so it wanted to know what the human body was like.

“What are you looking at me for?” Xi Xun narrowed his eyes and asked.

0329 tilted its head.

It pondered for a while and said honestly, “I want to see what the differences are between the host’s body and mine.”

“Oh? What does your body look like?” Xi Xun raised his eyebrows and asked.

Hearing this, 0329 thought that the host was also curious about his body, so he transformed into a human form, and a form without clothes.

“Mine is not good-looking, the host’s is good-looking,” 0329 said enviously.

It really thought so!

Because the human form of 0329 was not like a real human. It only had a body and limbs, and it was still translucent, so there was nothing to look at. In short, 0329 didn’t like it very much.

Xi Xun looked at 0329’s body, but his eyes flashed slightly.

“Host, can I take a look at yours?” 0329 changed back to the original system body and said with a look of expectation.


0329 was taken aback, then said blankly: “Why?”

“There is no reason.”

After that, Xi Xun took the clothes and went to the bathroom to wash, which made 0329 a little lost, because it was really curious and wanted to see what the human body looked like.

But now it seemed that there was no such opportunity.

When Xi Xun came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, 0329 was already sleeping with a pillow, its small mouth still smacked. In the mist, 0329 seemed to feel that the host was back. 0329, who felt the host’s breath, hugged Xi Xun directly, and then muttered: “I like the host so much.”

Xi Xun’s fingers suddenly paused.

At this time, 0329 was already buried in Xi Xun’s arms. Xi Xun looked at 0329 in his arms for a while, and finally withdrew his gaze and lay down to sleep.


Two days later, Xi Xun and 0329 finally reached the safe zone of City B.

Father Chen’s family naturally followed Xi Xun’s car.

Similar to what was imagined, there were many vehicles entering and leaving outside the safe zone. The walls were very high. Although it could be seen that they were made in a short time, the quality was not sloppy.

There were many soldiers with guns stationed at the gate of the safe zone. Every vehicle that entered needed to be checked for bites before it could be let in, and the management was very strict.

But fortunately, there was no need to hand in any food to enter the safe zone.

This made Father Chen’s family breathe a sigh of relief.

Xi Xun drove slowly into the safe zone. He was very clean, and he looked very good, so after a brief inspection, Xi Xun’s car was let in.

Looks couldn’t deceive anyone.

Especially people who were bitten by zombies, even if they didn’t become zombies in a short time, they would sweat like rain and their lips would turn purple.

And Xi Xun and 0329 looked healthy and couldn’t be more healthy.

But Father Chen’s family went in with much more trouble.

Chen Bing was okay, but the frail Mother Chen and the injured Lin Jun were detained in the isolation room for observation, and they would not be released until they passed 24 hours without being a zombie.

But these had nothing to do with Xi Xun.

He drove into the safe zone with 0329. 0329 was already very curious about the human world, and it was still the legendary post-apocalyptic world, so it kept looking out the car window.

At this time, the streets were full of people sitting on the ground and resting.

If it weren’t for someone who commanded the order, it would be difficult for even a car to drive in on the street.

Because the entire security zone was densely populated with people.

“Host, where are we sleeping today? Are we still sleeping in the car?” 0329 asked Xi Xun.


“Then what do we eat, do we eat boiled noodles?” 0329 said again.


0329 tilted its head, it looked at the host who was driving lazily with one hand, and after thinking for a while, it looked out the window again.

This safe zone was actually not too big.

There were three residential building communities and one villa community. It would be fine if it was tens of thousands of people, but now there were at least hundreds of thousands of people in the safe zone, and they were unable to walk freely.

Xi Xun took 0329 into the mission hall.

Yes, there was already a mission hall now, and the country’s response to the end times was still very quick.

There were various tasks in it, such as killing zombies.

In addition to this, there was the housing problem.

One of the residential areas here was an unfinished house that had not yet been built, and it could also be lived in, but it must not be well lived in. Even so, it took three hundred points to check-in.

The points were exchanged for the killed zombies.

One zombie was equivalent to two points. As for how to prove that you killed a zombie, just take off the zombie’s two eyes to redeem it. The eyes of the zombie were different from normal people, and this was to avoid some people killing normal people in exchange for points.

Generally, two points could be exchanged for one steamed bun.

Barely enough for one person to consume in a day.

Xi Xun took 0329 around, and finally, he set his sights on the row of single-family villas. He asked 0329: “Which one do you want to live in? Do you like this?”

0329 nodded its head like a chick pecking rice, it liked this one!

As a single-family villa, its price was naturally not cheap, and one would need 3,500 points to buy it.

In other words, you have to kill 1,750 zombies.

Generally, only a team of at least 50 or 60 people could complete this kind of high-intensity task, so more than 90% of this villa area was empty.

“Then host, are you going to kill zombies?”


“When is it?” 0329 asked curiously while opening a pack of potato chips.


“Then can we choose the one in the middle? It has a small pond, I like it so much,” 0329 asked expectantly.


“What? Why?” 0329 asked, puzzled.

“There is no reason.”

0329 suddenly lowered its head in frustration. When 0329 returned to the car and was about to comfort itself with a ham sadly, it heard the host suddenly speak.

“Have you contracted other hosts?”

0329 shook its head, it didn’t know what the host asked this for.

It was a combat system and didn’t contract with hosts.

The sound of Xi Xun’s fingers clasping the car window suddenly became lighter, and he said indifferently: “Very good, I don’t like half-hearted systems, understand?”

Hearing this, 0329 nodded quickly, indicating that it was an innocent system.

Xi Xun looked at the small system that was looking at him obediently, suddenly raised his hand to pick it up and put it on his lap, looked down at it, and said, “Also, do you have any other names besides this number?”


“What’s your name?”


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Zhuó – meaning Turbid, Muddy, Dirty, Filthy

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